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The Animated Book of Mormon lets your family see Ammon's service, hear the for them to more deeply understand the life-changing principles of each story. Animated Stories from the Book of Mormon (known as Animated Book of Mormon and The Keystone Series by Living Scriptures) is an animated video series. With Brian Nissen, Geoffrey Bennett, Ray Porter, Beverly Rowland. An animated TV series based on the Book of Mormon stories from Nephi's journey to America .

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Animated Book Of Mormon Stories

To the Reader. These Book of Mormon stories have been written espe- cially for you. The stories are taken from a book that is sacred because it came from. Videos of illustrations depicting stories and lessons found in the Book of Mormon. 25th Anniversary Animated Stories of the Book of Mormon! Like new condition, plays flawlessly, and includes -Mormon and Moroni. -The Tree of Life.

Book of mormon animated stories for preschoolers Videos of illustrations depicting stories and lessons found in the Book of Mormon. Early this year, my wife and I decided to switch to Book of Mormon Stories. The pictures, simplified language, and short chapters hold their attention and the books do a great job of handling complex scenes in a childfriendly manner without being overlysimplified. Aug 23, Reading the Book of Mormon can be difficult for children to understand and visualize. The Animated Book of Mormon lets your family see Ammons service, hear the Saviors voice, and feel Abinidis testimony, opening the door for them to more deeply understand the lifechanging principles of each story. These colorful pages with over 20 stories make it simple, interactive and keep little ones engaged! The Book of Mormon For Young Readers finally explained it so that I was able to untangle my brain and get the story straight!

Book of Mormon Stories Come Alive in Updated Videos

Will you tell us about how you came to create these animated films? When talking about our animated films we have to mention our first ten years. As time went on with that dissatisfaction we finally decided to create a whole new library of dramatized productions. We worked on seven series for 10 years, and they are still products loved by people.

Little did we know that the process of developing these dramatizations was preparing us for creating the animated movies.

In , we realized people were turning toward downloading videos, and it was difficult to figure out how to get into that because the production cost was over 70 times that of the dramatizations. Cleon Skousen , who passed away five years ago.

So he sent them to me. After we started working with them to sell the Hanna-Barbera products we found that the Latter-day Saints really liked them, but I felt the biblical accuracy was poor, just like before with the dramatized tapes we first licensed. I remember telling Joe Barbera, the head of Hanna-Barbera, that it could be done better than this. We know a little more about this than you do. We were deflated; there was no way we could make that work.

I figured that they were the only company we could use, so we thought the idea was dead.

So I got a hold of Rick Rich and we set up a meeting. But after meeting with Joe Barbera and hearing his proposal, it was worth a try. The meeting with Rick left us with enormous questions about how a former Disney Producer with budgets in the tens of millions could meet our budgets in the hundreds of thousands.

In the end a lucky thing happened on our way to the airport.

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In his dream he saw a tree with fruit that would make you happy. Various groups of people either partake of the fruit, get lost on their way to the tree, or mock those who partake of the fruit.

The Lord instructs Nephi to build a ship and reveals to Nephi the design and method for making the ship. Laman and Lemuel mock Nephi for attempting to build a ship.

Animated Book of Mormon

Lehi and his family set off in the ship for the promised land. Laman and Lemuel become angry and tie Nephi up with ropes. A storm arises and does not subside until Laman and Lemuel untie Nephi. Lehi and his family arrive in the promised land. The Lord commands Nephi to keep a record.

After Lehi dies, Laman and Lemuel rebel and their families separate themselves from those who follow Nephi. Nephi dies, and his brother Jacob becomes the leader.

A wicked man named Sherem tells people not to believe in Christ. Jacob speaks with Sherem, ands after a sign from God, Sherem repents and tells the people to believe in Christ.

The Animated Book of Mormon

Jacob's son Enos prays all day and into the night, and his sins are forgiven. He prays for the Nephites and the Lamanites.

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Enos spends the rest of his life serving God and teaching people the gospel. King Benjamin addresses his people and prophesies about the life of Jesus Christ. The people believe his teachings and covenant to keep the commandments. King Benjamin's son Mosiah is appointed to be the next king. Home Video Audio Images Social.

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