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The Vampire Diaries: Digital Comic is a series of comic books published by DC comics. The anthology series features the stories by B. Clay Moore, Colleen. Elena, Stefan and Damon make their comics debut in a new collection that includes digital chapters # of their THE VAMPIRE DIARIES Book Type. Comic Book Elena, Stefan and Damon make their comics debut in a new series based on the hit CW television show! Series: THE VAMPIRE DIARIES

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Vampire Diaries Comic Book

The Vampire Diaries Vol. 1 book. Read 24 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Elena, Stefan and Damon make their comics debut in a new. Elena, Stefan and Damon make their comics debut in a new series based on the hit CW television The Awakening / The Struggle (Vampire Diaries, Books ). No recent wiki edits to this page. Digital series. Collected in The Vampire Diaries. Expand full wiki summary. 39 issues in this volume Add Issue Reverse sort.

But in this case, the comic is being released while the TV show is still on the air. So although the comic can't tough the future of the Diaries universe, the comic will be tapping into the series' still-unknown past. With characters that have lived as long as years, The Vampire Diaries still has a lot of unexplored territory, despite its frequent flashbacks to key settings from history. For comic book writers like Colleen Doran and B. Clay Moore, that means there are scores of story possibilities in the past of the Diaries universe that can be explored in the new comic book. And what was Mystic Falls like when there weren't any Salvatore brothers around to spice things up?

Is it because it takes the vampire mythology, but then makes it part of this much larger supernatural tapestry, with all kinds of monsters and witches and even powerful rings and tattoos and such? Is it these various branches they have to the story that keeps it interesting and supplies you with room to tell more stories? Moore: Yeah, I think the show has done a fantastic job of building its mythology as it goes along.

I had never read the novels, so my experience is strictly with the show. But it's all really accessible to viewers. It does add all kinds of different avenues, and the way they weave everything together is always interesting, as it relates to the characters.

And also, in terms of the show itself, I think the characters are all strongly written. And frankly, the cast, I think, is terrific on the show. Without a really engaging cast bringing these characters to life, it wouldn't be so appealing. So it makes it easier as a writer when you've got writers on the show and actors on the show that bring these characters to vividly to life.

Yeah, those are the appeals to me — the mythology that goes beyond what, at first glance might seem like a show about a love triangle. It's really about this larger world that exists, that they've done a really good job of bringing to life.

DC To Publish “Vampire Diaries” Comic

Doran: Also, hot dudes. Moore: Yeah, hot dudes. There are hot dudes. Doran: [Laughs. I mean, we've got everything. We can go anywhere. There are so many fun things to play with as a storyteller.

I never get bored with it.

You never know where they're going to go. And they're fearless!

Vampire Diaries (2013) comic books

The writers on this show! There are characters that you love for two episodes, and they'll bump them off. You just never know who's going to download it. It is crack. It keeps me engaged. I keep coming back, week after week after week. And I do marathons. I never get bored with the show. I never know where they're going to go. Clay and I both hope we're going to be able to bring a little bit more richness to that experience with some of the stories we tell in the comics.

We can do things, in some ways, that they can't do in the show. The television show is always going to be purely limited by budget. But if we want to draw the invasion of Normandy, you know? We can do that! So I'm hoping we'll be able to time warp and jump around and do some elaborate things. Nrama: Can you tease some of the time periods you know you're going to be visiting in the weekly issues?

Doran: The Civil War, definitely. Moore: World War II. Nrama: And how long are the stories? Do they continue? It wasn't my favorite vampire book nor series, but they were both interesting in their own ways and such, specially when it came to the vampi Check out more of my reviews at Boricuan Bookworms! It wasn't my favorite vampire book nor series, but they were both interesting in their own ways and such, specially when it came to the vampire myths.

No sparkle nonsense or weird stuff we see in vampires nowadays. When I read the tiny description in Netgalley, I honestly expected a graphic novel of either the first novel or the series, which would have been really interesting to read about, maybe even more than series because at one point it became a bit boring for me.

But this graphic novel was nothing of that. I blame myself for not reading correctly, but also the description because at first it seemed it was about something else entirely.

The Vampire Diaries: Digital Comic | The Vampire Diaries Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Or I simply just read it wrong. So sue me. Instead I am met with a collection of short stories from different times, like before Damon met Elena, while they're together, Stephan in some town trying to be away from Damon, these two then siding against an ancient vampire, etc. While I haven't watched the whole series, I know a lot of the stuff that happened and this was simply very confusing, like side stories that had no relevance whatsoever to what was happening.

Some helped to give some kind of depth to certain characters or accentuate their behaviors, but over all, it felt useless. I liked the drawing variety and different styles from very detailed life-like to cartoon and so on. The two characters I liked the most in those stories were Damon and Katherine, together or apart. Damon for being evil and cocky, Katherine for her angry vampire and seductress tactics that let me know more about her. The rest? However, I think this is a perfect addition to all hardcore fans of The Vampire Diaries.

The rest who is ignorant or a newbie like me, let's stick to L. Smith's books and the TV series. Nov 24, Aparajitabasu rated it it was amazing Shelves: Vampires, Werewolves, Witches and the ever present humans, and viewers of all ages have fallen in love with this popular show.

Containing 39 stories, filling in the blanks between the stories shown on the show. Be it Stefan's experience on the war front. Instances of Damon disrupting Stefan's life before he came to Mystic Falls before the start of the show. Jeremy's spirit encounters at camp with Bonnie's ghost hanging around.

A glimpse of the other side with the Bennet witches.

Other books: NEMI COMIC BOOK

Sheila Bennet's first meeting with Stefan and many more. This volume is a treasure full of stories and all brilliantly represented. Brooding Stefan. Damon's dry humor. Elena's rather rampant impulsiveness, Caroline's sass and of course Bonnie's magic.

Every detail and of course Bonnie's magic. Every detail is illustrated to our hearts's content. The art is also very well done accentuating the actor who play them on screen. Although one of the stories is actually a bit more cartoonish but barring that Vol. Aug 04, Annette rated it it was ok. Deze graphic novel stond al heel lang in de kast.

Ik heb hem gekocht de allereerste keer dat ik naar de comic con ging en ben er sindsdien gewoon niet aan toegekomen. Maar ik had al een boek gelezen vandaag, het is warm, de kermis vult mijn hele kamer met geluid, dus het klonk als het perfecte boek om mezelf een half uurtje mee te vermaken.

Helaas had ik veel hogere verwachtingen van deze graphic novel dan deze kon waarmaken. Allereerst had ik wat problemen met de stijl en lay out. Het was niet a Deze graphic novel stond al heel lang in de kast.

Het was niet altijd duidelijk wanneer een verhaal ophield en een nieuw verhaal begon. De verhalen hadden daarnaast helemaal niks met elkaar te maken, waardoor de context volledig verloren ging en bij vlagen niet helemaal duidelijk was wat de situatie was. Daarnaast was de tekenstijl niet consequent. Sommige frames leken wel op de acteurs, andere weer helemaal niet. De verhalen waren ook niet echt boeiend.

Het was allemaal een beetje flauw, niet echt creatief en het leek ook bij vlagen niet in de lore te passen, zoals Julie Plec die gemaakt heeft. De karakters waren ongelooflijk vlak en de verhalen hadden 0,0 diepgang. Ach ja, ik kan hem in elk geval afstrepen van mijn nog te lezen lijst. En ik kan weer een boek toevoegen aan mijn aantal gelezen boeken van !

Op naar het volgende boek, een boek dat me hopelijk wel bevalt! Mar 20, Aimee rated it liked it Shelves: This was better than I was expecting. I like that there were short stories because when I was getting bored with a story it wasn't long until it ended. And I especially liked that I didn't have to actually put up with Elena for long. I prefer Katherine! My local library doesn't have a copy of the second graphic novel but that's okay.

I only picked this up to see if it was like the tv s This was better than I was expecting.

The Vampire Diaries DC Digital Comic: First Issue “Vervain: Part 1” Available NOW!

I only picked this up to see if it was like the tv show. I didn't read the synopsis at all. So I was glad to find original stories. Nov 03, Tera rated it really liked it Shelves: Overall the stories were really well done and add to the book and the TV show.

Admittedly a few were not as interesting to me though. The graphics were typical if not amazingly well done. Great source of extra information for those who are fans of either the books and or the show.

Apr 26, Alice Rachel rated it liked it. I liked the drawings in this book but the stories go all over the place without a logical order. Some of the scenes were hard to follow as it was impossible to tell from the drawings what what going on or because the story was moving along too erratically.

Jan 11, Tessa Vanden broeck rated it liked it. Leuk extraatje bij de tv-serie. In the present day, Damon met Julian in Mystic Grill. Damon said that Julian doesn't need to destroy vervain in Mystic Falls, since now it's much easier to find it. Julian says that if they don't do the spell soon, he will die in the next seven days. Three days later he arrives to the Salvatore Boarding House with a dead waitress. Julian looks much older then he did three days ago.

He casts a spell to trap Damon in the house. Stefan rings with the brass bells in front of him, driving Julian crazy.

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