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The following was taken from an interview with Torkom Saraydarian in. by Leon Fermanian. Q: How do you conceive of the ideas you write about? T: I write . We dedicate this Spiritual University to Torkom Saraydarian. He was a humble servant of the. Teaching who labored tirelessly to help uplift all humanity. Torkom Saraydarian ( - ) dedicated his entire life to the service of mankind. He was a renowned scholar of comparative religions, philoso- phies, and.

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Battling Dark Forces_ a Guide t - Torkom Saraydarian - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Help Guide on Dark Magic and. Author of Legend of Shamballa, Symphony of the Zodiac, Thought and the Glory of Thinking, Challenge for Discipleship, The Hidden Glory of. Torkom Saraydarian has books on Goodreads with ratings. Torkom Saraydarian's most popular book is The Science of Meditation.

Torkom Saraydarian — In esoteric literature, obsession and possession are very clearly defined. Medical literature recognizes only obsession, not possession, because most orthodox scientists have not yet accepted the concept of possession. What is obsession and how does it occur? Obsession is a phenomenon in which your physical, emotional, and mental bodies are controlled by outside or inside forces other than yourself. When you are obsessed, you do things you are not supposed to do. For example, being obsessed is like abandoning your car on the side of the road and someone jumps in it and drives it away. This 'someone' has different goals and directions than you; he controls your car. Any time a human being loses control over his mind, emotions, body, he is either obsessed or possessed. For example, if you tell your body to do certain things and the body does not obey, there may be many medical reasons for this, but from the esoteric viewpoint, your nerve centers are controlled by an obsessing entity or by an obsessing thought, event, or image. A human being's success, beauty, prosperity, and creativity depend on his ability to have full power over his mechanism. Whenever you lose power over your mechanism, you are in danger because someone or something else is controlling you. They obsess your body and make your body function according to the way the habits want.

All these are the evils we are facing today. Someone must warn about these plagues. Must Read Books

A nations advancement runs parallel to the victory it gains over evil, over dark forces, over obsession and possession. Many professionals are facing cases of obsession and possession, and they do not understand what is going on.

There are many cases of multiple personalities with difficult complications; the present medical profession considers them to be physical or psychological problems. The medical profession does not believe that evil entities exist and that they can possess people.

Many people at the time of Jesus believed so. Jesus confronted them and, in many cases, cleaned people from these malignant entities. This book is an expos on evil. As much as possible, it is for your guidance.

A Teacher's Tale Once my Teacher told me that all that exists in the world, in society, in our mind, and in politics is there for a reason, and that life cannot proceed without things existing that we both hate and love. This was a very shocking statement for me, and it stayed in one of the corners of my mind until I slowly digested it. It took me years to control my criticism, pride, superiority, and superficiality and to understand the roles of all that exists in the Divine Plan.

Teacher, I said one day, what about all those activities which are against virtues, spiritual principles, health, and happiness? He answered, Dont you see that it is because of these things that we develop virtues, spiritual principles, health, and happiness and make breakthroughs from plane to plane?

That is how merit is created. Are such destructive activities going to be with us forever? Yes, he said, but in other forms, until one day they will become conscious promoters of your progress and the conflict will create breakthroughs and actions toward the highest.

Let me make this clear for you. There are many forces and conditions in the world which seem to act against our progress. We have so-called involutionary forces which run toward materialization, fragmentation, separatism, disintegration, and so on. These forces are not dark forces or evil. They act under the Laws of Nature.

Actually, they are in all forms on all planes. If our consciousness chooses to follow them, we create friction between the evolutionary forces and the involutionary forces in us, in society, and in Nature.

We bring pain and suffering to ourselves because our inner essence now is evolutionary and it tries to make all our physical, etheric, astral, and mental atoms be in line with evolutionary forces.

Then we have dark forces, so-called, or the evil lodge. Then we have karma. All these are different factors. Dark forces or evil can use the involutionary forces to fulfill their plans, but they are not involutionary forces in reality.

Is there any difference between dark forces and evil forces? Dark forces are those who work for evil purposes behind the veil, subjectively and in secret. Evil forces are those who work generally in the open, in all fields of human endeavor. They work often through mediums, hypnotists, channels, crime, violence, murder, exploitation, hatred, wars, and so on.

But generally people do not see the difference between them. The evil forces take their inspiration and energy from the dark forces. Dark forces have very ancient origins and they have centers established in etheric, physical, astral, even in the Cosmic Astral Plane. Evil forces have their agents, ancient or contemporary.

Most of the evil forces are generated from our humanity in this Round. Do you mean that dark forces try to slow or prevent evolutionary progress? There are dark forces and evil forces that exist side by side. What about all the damage that they do to people? They damage and destroy only the damageable, destructible part of a person or a nation but cannot touch the indestructible part of a person or a nation.

Dont people fall victim to these dark forces? Only those who were already victims of their inertia. The dark forces may eventually quicken their light. Are the dark forces conscious about what they do? It does not matter for us. They may be conscious or unconscious, but our duty is to keep going into light, learning how to overcome them. If we overcome them, dont we prevent them from doing what they are doing?

Yes, on one level. On the next level they will meet us in another form. Do you mean that we must not fight against corruption, hatred, separatism, totalitarianism, drugs, prostitution, and black arts? They are there to make us fight with them, to develop more potentials within us. But they will be there for a long time to keep us going toward the highest. You mean that it will be a long time before we will be released from them? There will be times that we will be above their traps, but they will follow us until we unite with the One Self.

The higher we go, the better they may serve us. Can we save them too? Yes, we can, if we follow the evolutionary path. Can we justify those who are in evil, destructive, harmful activities?

Not at all. We neither justify nor condemn them but analyze them to see why they are, how they are, what they are, then to see how we can advance and progress in order to overcome the harm they do and to help them to be of assistance on a higher level. Our intention will be to lead them into the evolutionary path.

The evil ones are the agents of dark forces and they act under their command. But they can change their position to this or that side. Remember that the dark lodge thinks the White Lodge is its enemy, but the White Lodge is not an enemy to any side.

They see what the evil lodge is and what their role is, and accordingly they take their attitude toward them. Does this mean that the evil lodge has less intelligence than the White Lodge?

I can say that both have intelligence, but the evil lodge uses its intelligence in self-interest. The White Lodge uses its intelligence in the interest of all. But the White Lodge has the advantage over them as the White Lodge has more love and more conscious contact with the Purpose of God than the black lodge. Does the White Lodge affect them? Yes, it does, without using their ways and means or methods. Why does the White Lodge want to influence them?

They want to influence them to increase their sensitivity to the Will of God and make them consciously change their ways. Can you clarify the difference between involutionary process, forces of destruction, dark forces, and the evil lodge? The involutionary process is continuously going on when spirit is proceeding toward materialization, objectification, toward form. This is a natural process. It is a natural process that matter is proceeding toward spirit, through the process of spiritualization.

There is nothing evil or good in it. Force is produced when spirit becomes matter, and energy is produced when matter becomes spirit. Actually, these two processes work together under the Universal Plan to create living forms. Forces of destruction originate from a very high source.

Sometimes this source is called Shiva, Father, Destroyer. It has many agents in all planes. Its duty is to destroy a form when its cycle is over.

That form can be a man, a tree, a bird, a group, a nation, an ideology, and so on. The destructive force cooperates with the creative force and both act under a Higher Purpose. Dark forces are different from forces of involution and forces of destruction, but they use these forces to act against the Will of the Creator, against the Purpose, and against the Plan.

They have their own purpose to stop evolution and to disintegrate forms and unifications. Thus, many forms that are destroyed and put into disintegration are not caused by the forces of destruction but by the dark forces using destructive methods or using forces of destruction on their own behalf. The origin of dark forces can be traced to the moon chain and to the fourth globe of our chain. The evil lodge is formed by dark forces and those humans who for ages followed the dark forces and eventually lost their Solar Angel or sold their soul to the dark lodge.

They use the involutionary forces and forces of destruction, and obey the will of dark forces in order to create all those thoughts, emotions, and activities which hinder the progress of humanity to prevent the unfoldment of divine potentials in man and which lead them to pain and suffering, increasing their vices, hatred, and so on. The evil lodge is anchored on the earth, is organized better than any other organization, and keeps the world boiling in hatred, revenge, materialism, separatism, totalitarianism, ugliness, greed, and destruction.

But this does not mean that they are the victors. The White Lodge is slow in organizing its ranks, but time is with them, and eventually the dark forces and evil will see the uselessness of all their efforts. Does the White Lodge, or those who are on the arc of evolution, use the dark lodge or evil lodge?

Yes, they may use them against the very army of the dark or evil forces or to reveal to humanity the real face of the evil. Also, the White Lodge learns their tactics and uses them to awaken them from their illusions. Do you think that the intention of the evolutionary and involutionary forces is to annihilate each other? They represent matter and spirit and they cannot exist without each other as long as there is manvantara, manifestation, creation.

They work in the manvantara upon the principle of duality. Of course duality will one day cease to be. But the important function in the existence of evil forces is that they come to existence by the misthinking and misaction of those self- interested people who, age after age, built a group of their own to manipulate mankind to create friction. The karma of such people will be awful, as it will lead to the annihilation of their individuality.

Let me tell you that the White Lodge is the flowering result of the activities of evolutionary forces. They are the flowers and fruits of the Tree of Evolution.

Also, the dark forces and evil germinate and come into being through the forces of involution, when human beings changed their course from involution to evolution. Can you give me an example of how dark forces differ from the evil lodge? The evil lodge is composed of those who are sensitive to the dark forces for their own transient interest. For example, dark forces intend to capture a city, but evil forces join them to slaughter the people in the city.

Evil forces in some way make dark forces succeed in doing their job. Evil forces are the product of karma. They may eventually pay their karma and, with strenuous effort, side themselves with the White Forces. Evil forces sometimes see that their efforts are defeating their own success. Is there any philosophical way to explain the involutionary forces? As I said, they use the involutionary fires and matter.

They go toward substance. They become vehicles. We each have involutionary forces in us. As long as we are confined in a vehicle, no matter how high-level it is, they are involutionary workers. They are in the process of materialization and fragmentation or separation. Dark forces destroy, limit, and try to prevent you from radiating and becoming one. Evil forces create pain, suffering, and destruction when it is not in the Plan.

There is conscious destruction and there is deliberate destruction, which is not controlled by the Will of the Logos, Planetary, Solar, or Cosmic. Both dark forces and White Forces try to gain evil forces and make them work for their behalf. To make it more clear for you, there is a difference between darkness and dark forces. What is darkness? Darkness has various meanings. For example, it means impenetrable, unrealized, absolute, an existence that does not exist for our senses and consciousness.

It also refers to the substantiation of light, when the spirit proceeds toward the involutionary arc to become matter. Darkness is not evil in a philosophical sense. It is the beginning of spirit. Darkness turns into dark forces under evil influences. Evil works against the spirit because spirit reveals it, but evil uses the matter or the involutionary process to hinder its God-destined task. Are we supposed to fight against evil? Yes, if we know for sure that it is evil.

We must try not to follow evil or not be trapped by it. Any fight against evil creates new evil if we use its methods. Does this mean that we let the evil increase? No, instead of direct confrontation with evil, using the same weapons it uses, we must try to expose its ways and means and let people realize and not become trapped in them.

Do the dark forces have close connections with evil? Of course.

The dark forces give every opportunity to evil to work against human evolution, against human development, because what evil forces want is to perpetuate the slavery of people on the involutionary arc. They are associates in this labor. Is Cosmic chaos related to dark forces and evil? Cosmic chaos is when the evolutionary forces and involutionary forces are mixing together like hot and cold water in a waterfall, or when the evolutionary forces are in process of construction, as for example in the formation of a galaxy.

The involutionary forces present the chaotic side of it until the White Forces gain the battle and the first shape of the galaxy comes into being. But even in this process, evil can interfere and delay the Galactic or any Construction, causing unnoticed difficulties. Do the evil and dark forces have a center from which they are controlled? We are told that evil is concentrated in the Cosmic Astral Plane and their victims are everywhere in this world, in all prominent places, even under the disguise of White Forces.

Would it be possible one day to get rid of them? We are told that Great Forces in Shamballa are fighting against them. As far as dark forces are concerned, their power will decrease round after round and chain after chain, when the evolutionary forces will increase in their progress. Eventually, the involutionary forces will turn into conscious coworkers with the evolutionary forces.

In the past I thought that there was no difference between dark forces and evil. Yes, there are many factors and elements not yet explored and clarified due to the stage of human evolution. Darkness was taken as synonymous to evil. Darkness is a state in which our intellect is not yet able to penetrate. Darkness and light are the two faces of the same reality. Is there any connection between karma and evil forces? People think that every time pain and suffering and problems arise in their life they are attacked by evil, but this is not so.

Most of our difficulties, pain, and suffering are the result of our thinking, emotions, and actions. If we break the Laws of Love, Light, and Beauty, we suffer in order to see the cause of it. Evil has nothing to do with karma. But every suffering, pain, or problem is not necessarily the consequence of karmic debts. They could also be the result of evil attacks. When evil ones see that a new warrior is on the way to bring Light, Love, and Beauty, they attack him to prevent him from advancing into high positions, positions in which he can be effective.

The one way that a person can escape many such attacks is to remain pure, loyal to the laws of his country, and keep his imagination, thinking, and feeling in the light, charged with love and beauty. Evil forces even attack a person through his past mistakes, mistakes that he did in past lives, just to create delay or frustration in his life.

But on the other hand, when evil attacks an innocent one, the Hierarchy and his Solar Angel protect him as far as is possible. Usually, those who are under such attacks overcome the attackers, and they proceed on the way to victory and light with greater speed and triumph. Often they benefit from the attacks of evil and pass to higher positions and power. This is much clearer in my mind because in the past I was confused between dark forces, evil, matter, spirit, attacks, and so on.

That is true for most of us, but do not forget that, due to the level of development of people, the Teaching is given very slowly until people are able to see things clearly. First there are fairy tales, then stories, then science. Until people show the maturity in understanding deeper issues, there will always be confusion in using words and expressions.

For example, in the past the etheric body and the astral body were used synonymously. How does evil come into being?

Similar authors to follow

Evil is the result of various factors: human ignorance, disobedience to natural causes, self-interest, hatred, anger, and fear, especially fear, jealousy, and separatism. The list is long.

Evil starts like a small snowball. As it rolls, it becomes bigger and bigger. People carry their evil into the Subtle World and come back with similar tendencies, until eventually they join the evil army in the Cosmic Physical and Cosmic Astral Planes. Of course, some of the evil doers are saved before they fall into the pit. A few continue, encouraged by evil forces and their smart agents. As an army has its gradations, so too has the army of evil.

Each soldier follows strict disciplines. Can such an army continue to exist forever? They try to persist as long as they can, but eventually there are two choices.

Torkom Saraydarian

The first choice is to join the evolutionary forces. The second choice is to enter into the process of annihilation in which they lose their individuality and disintegrate into the forces of chaos.

But the most important step to take is to see if we are unconsciously serving evil or becoming its agent. A person must try to increase his harmlessness in all his mental, emotional, and physical activities and words and to purify his mind to be able to see the faintest traces of evil in himself. If we conquer evil within us, we conquer evil in the world. Karma vs. Dark Forces People think that a person cannot come under the attack of the dark forces if his karma is clean.

This seems very logical, but since karma is personal, national, and global, one is always under attack as he is a part of his own national and global karma. However, if a persons karma did not contribute to national or global karma and he was attacked innocently, his rewards will be great in the Subtle Worlds and in coming incarnations. There are two kinds of attacks.

The first kind of attack comes from people in the world who have dedicated their lives to evil. If these people are not directly connected to or serving in the army of dark forces, they cannot attack you if your karma is clean.

They can only damage you when you invite them to you by your own weakness and bad karma. The second kind of attack comes from agents of Cosmic evil. You must be a very influential person to attract such an attack. They attack only if you do not have the protection of Christ or the Hierarchy. Such a protection makes your aura invincible. To have such a protection, you must advance in your spiritual life and selfless service.

To have such a protection you must advance in your spiritual life and selfless service. There are also attacks which are accidental. An accident may occur when you are crossing certain currents and wandering unknowingly in forbidden territories. How can we discriminate between the payment of a karmic debt and an attack? The answer is that karmic payment makes you feel joyful, released, and free. It makes you renew your spiritual striving, become more dedicated and clean from your former vices.

On the other hand, a dark attack creates fear and slavery in you. It excites your vices and leads you to confusion, anger, and hatred. It urges you to take actions against freedom, unity, and cooperation. It gives you depression and leads you either to apathy or to the service of the forces of evil. Karmic suffering transforms your life and clears your eyes to see your spiritual goal. Dark attacks pollute your body, feelings, and thinking. They make you lose your destination and resign from your spiritual striving.

But if you are a warrior equipped with spiritual powers, every time an attack comes you turn into a better warrior and learn better the tactics and goals of the dark forces. A warrior clearly recognizes an attack because it is always accompanied with malice, slander, treason, and crime, and it is usually covered with flattery or bribery.

It is possible that the attacks of astral evil may incapacitate a person who has no protection for a while, but in the meantime he learns a very precious lesson which he can use in future battles. It is necessary for disciples of the Forces of Light to belong to groups dedicated to the service of humanity. The group aura, protection, and understanding are precious assets in times of attack. It is also necessary to have a Teacher experienced in battle who can understand your situation and come to your assistance.

Past enemies meet us again in almost every life, and in every life a chance is given to us to change them into friends. This is why when you meet an enemy, remember that you met him because it is an opportunity to change rather than to continue the animosity. In our life we must try to increase friendship because it is through friendship that we can save money, time, energy, and matter and reach our destination sooner. Friends are like walls of protection; they are sources of experience and wisdom.

Friends are those who help you to be healthy, happy, prosperous, and more enlightened. How do you feel if you are under the influence of the dark forces? First of all, you feel as if someone else is operating your car and running your life. You notice that your mind is being operated by some mysterious force outside yourself.

This force thinks for you; it leads your mind toward certain directions. You feel that these are not your thoughts and not your directions. You feel as if your emotions are becoming automatic. You lose control of them and notice that certain emotions control you and your life. You notice that you sometimes talk without wanting to talk, or keep silent when you intended to say something. You notice at other times how you said certain things which you would never have normally said.

You see yourself making certain unconscious body movements and gestures which you did not intend to make. You even notice that your hands and feet are under the control of a mysterious force. Other signs are that you do, see, or think in contradictory ways, and you sometimes change your position from one camp to another. This eventually leads to insanity, a state in which you lose your bearings and your identity. You lose control over your urges, drives, glamors, illusions, and vanity and turn into a broken branch in the rapids of the river of life.

You fall into depression or rise to the summits of hilarity. You become pessimistic, suicidal, and hopeless or engage yourself in crime. All of these are signs that dark forces are possessing or obsessing you. Dark forces also have more modern ways to enslave humanity. Some of them are directed evil thoughts projected hot and cold waves the distribution of radioactive materials and wastes the creation of disturbances in certain areas around the electromagnetic sphere of the earth If people go unprotected, these new methods will result in the death of certain people who are dedicated to human welfare insanity on a mass scale, which will lead to increasing crime and bloodshed economic collapse all over the world due to the destruction of our food sources If the leaders of humanity stand alert and take countermeasures against such evil attacks, humanity can overcome the adversary and make a new breakthrough toward the future.

The countermeasures to be taken are not only scientific but also moral and spiritual. In eastern philosophy we read about the three gunas, which are called rhythm sattva , motion rajas , and inertia tamas.

We are told that evil stays away from those who bear the characteristics of rhythm, radioactivity, and liveliness. Motion has three directions: up, down, and around. Those who move toward higher dimensions of consciousness or toward spiritual virtues repel evil. I will continue running and running and running until my last breath.

He collected over 8, books, booklets and periodicals formed the TS library. He presented thousands of lectures, seminars, and workshops in the US and internationally. He wrote books, of which some have been translated into Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Greek, Armenian, Danish, Swedish, German, Yugoslavian, and Russian, as well as thousands of articles. He also created The Creative Trust with Gita to house his creative works and created meditation courses and spiritual training curricula.

TSG University curriculum was founded to promote his work. TSG continued to be run by Gita Saraydarian. TSG provides progressive ideas — defined as those ideas which are designed for the betterment of human relationships and for humanity as a whole, through which a person is empowered to make better life choices. The foundation claims that new education is found in new subject matter, not in new methods. It is designed to train the mind to think holistically.

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