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I hid in my room, the only place to avoid the chattering of our full house, trying to . When I thought of it that way, the Selection seemed like a rope, something. The first book in the captivating, #1 New York Times bestselling Selection series! The opportunity to escape a rigid caste system, live in a palace, and compete for the heart of gorgeous Prince Maxon. Then America meets Prince Maxon—and realizes that the life she’s always. From School Library Journal Gr 9 UpThe series comes to a conclusion with this installment. The first three volumes, The Selection, The Elite, and. The One.

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Would that ever work? I know you're constantly worried about the demands you will face as queen, but it's time you see the needs of others. And what an ending it was! I cannot wait for the next book. View all 37 comments. I'm enthralled, yet confused, with this cover.

View all 15 comments. My blog: You can lead and still love flowers. Most importantly, you can be queen and still be a bride. It was not a bad book but I just couldn't like it as much as I did The Selection. Even at the best parts it couldn't live up to the previous books and I mainly blame the narrator for that. Eadlyn had a lot of potential but unfortunately she failed My blog: Eadlyn had a lot of potential but unfortunately she failed my expectations.

From the first moment I thought she was selfish, whiny and quite heartless. Meanwhile I thought she'll redeem herself later on. No such luck. Eadlyn continued to complain about having way too much work to do and having the weight of the world on her shoulder. At the same time she left all decisions to Maxon, which was fine because he was the king after all, but then why wouldn't she stop bitching about the amount of pressure she was under?

Allegedly she had to learn a lot and she didn't understand maths I was still hoping for great character development but I never got it. Eadlyn did change throughout the novel but the biggest change happened at the very end. It wasn't only unrealistic but rushed too. It felt wrong to me that something so drastic had to happen to make Eadlyn realise how wrong she was. The romance was predictable and bored me to no end. From the very first moment we met the guys it was obvious who'll have a chance with Eadlyn.

What I hated the most about this was how patronizing she was to all of them, besides the one guy who'd have really deserved it. Jeez, I don't understand either, can you help me out here? I never thought it's possible to have 35 guys and not be interested in any of them, but that's how I felt while reading The Heir. I'd go as far that I don't think I like any of these guys. I feel like I don't know anything about them besides their names and a few non-important things.

I get that it must be hard on the author to introduce us to so many new characters but at least one or two guys could have got more attention. While it is obvious which guys Eadlyn prefers at the moment I don't see myself shipping them in the next book. What I liked in America and Maxon was always their banter and cute scenes, so far none of these happened here. I feel like these guys are either batshit afraid of Eadlyn or don't care about her at all.

I wanted a guy to tell Eadlyn when she's wrong and tell her to go screw herself when she put him in an awkward situation.

Did this happen? Also, don't look for chemistry between the characters, there's none. There were so many supporting characters besides the guys, and I felt like even Cass forgot about them once in a while.

Josie was made to look sort of important in the beginning but then she was completely forgotten, as I'm sure she is in there. Ahren and Eadlyn's younger brothers were casually mentioned here and there and appeared to eat but not much than that. I was surprised to see that I didn't like Marlee at all. Eadlyn's maid appeared at the right times for Eadlyn to hurt her feelings but at least she did told her what a little bitch she was.

Have I mentioned before that Eadlyn can't take critic to crazy levels. Whenever someone said something to her that she didn't like she became mad as hell and hated on the said person.

Eadlyn's lovely words to her maid: I pretty much loved Ahren and thought he was unbelievably cute with Camille his girlfriend. Also, he was a great brother, who Eadlyn should have appreciated more. She never once asked Ahren what was up with him, meanwhile she expected him to not only listen to her whining but agree with her all the time.

There really were many amazing and emotional parts. Unfortunately, none of them could been thanked to Eadlyn. Maxon was as sweet as ever and America seems like a nice queen. This part: Ahren and I gave up trying to fight each other before we could really talk. As for me, my hatred toward Eadlyn was the thing that ruined the book for me, thus I can't give it more than three stars, even though that breaks my heart because, as you could have seen in my review of the original trilogy, I love The Selection.

I know The Selection got a lot of attack for being anti-feminist but I wouldn't call this book completely feminist either. While Eadlyn was right in that no woman needs a man to be a queen, both literally and rhetorically speaking, no woman should make a man feel like shit and less than her somehow. Feminists, as far as I know, are fighting for equality. I believe forcefully that a woman is nowhere less than a man BUT men are no less than women either and should never be treated as such.

What Eadlyn did was disgusting and horrible and I can not like her for standing up for women this way. The story idea: I can't believe that this is really happening. I bet it will be about Maxon and America's kid because seriously: The Heir.

I can't freaking control myself. And May 5th isn't that much far away I guess. Wait it's still 9 months, nine freaking months away! But I'm still like: This better be freaking amazing or else Sep 07, Angela rated it did not like it. I'm a little disappointed in this edition to The Selection Series.

I don't know what I was truly expecting when I picked this up but this wasn't it. This probably wont be one of the longest reviews, but that's because I don't have much to say. Overall I don't even feel like this edition needed to be written because it really didn't add anything that wasn't already there.

Eadlyn the heir to the throne and our leading lady, is a total bitch.

The Heir (The Selection, #4) by Kiera Cass

I know a lot of people will say " oh well she has he Sigh. I know a lot of people will say " oh well she has her reasons ", but I disagree. She was malicious at times for no real reason. Being a brat doesn't make you a strong women. It takes more courage to stay delicate in a world that cruel. And yeah, I've read snotty characters before and loved them and this just wasn't the case for Eady. Her constant complaining got to be far to much for me to ever feel a connect with her.

One of the contestants even tells her shes a stubborn self-centered brat and I think he nailed it. View all 26 comments. Aug 15, Lani marked it as to-read Shelves: Edit Let me get this straight, So this: Plus this: Equals this: But then this: Meets this: Woooow at least it's not from America's point of view View all 30 comments. I'm sad that I can't honestly give this 5 stars.

It's sitting in between a 4.

I actually enjoyed Eadlyn. Sure she was a brat, but she was kind of starting to realize that and trying to grow out of it. I loved that the family played a big role in this book. Loved seeing Maxon obviously and even America.

I also enjoyed that there's not really a clear front runner for her selection and there's quite a few guys that I think it could be. However, my biggest issue comes with the end. It was so rushed. The main focus had been the selection process and then all of a sudden it wasn't? I just didn't see where the turn of events came from. I know there's still another book to come but I felt this one was very introductory, not much happened, and there were too many loose ends.

I still enjoyed it but not as much as the previous books. View 2 comments. Aug 20, Yonaily rated it did not like it Shelves: I was going to be queen, and a queen could be many things.

I have no problem with female characters having an ego. Everyone can have one, right? You can be awesome, and I'll be cool with that. What I hate - what I can't stand , is a person who treats others like shit for no reason, and this beautiful princess named Eadlyn managed to get on my nerves every damn second of my read. Bratty, spoiled and immature doesn't begin to cover it. Quotes a tomar en cu I was going to be queen, and a queen could be many things. Quotes a tomar en cuenta: Neena was acutely attuned to my needs and much more agreeable to be around , so I kept her on.

I also admired her eye for fashion. Maybe I could be as beloved as my father. My favorite tiara? The one I was wearing? It was only my favorite because Josie bent my first favorite and lost two stones out of the second.

She wasn't even supposed to touch them. Beside her, Kile was reading a book. Because, clearly, everything going on in our country and home was too boring for him. What an ingrate. Do you need a translator as well? I gave my reflection a once-over and reminded myself that he was trying to win me over, not the other way around.

If I came in sweet and gentle, no one would take me seriously. If I had kindly tapped people on the shoulder and hugged them on their way out, would Holden have admired me less? Cuando los encuentre les aviso. Los personajes de la historia -Los suitors - son simplemente caras bonitas que ni siquiera sirven para adornar la historia.

Y no hay tal cosa como una trama. View all 28 comments. Apr 02, Kai rated it liked it Shelves: This 4th instalment is really cheesy. Kiera Cass gushed over America's and Maxon's happily ever after relationship. We get it, they are perfect for each other, soul mates, etc. The protagonist is a strong female character and I like that she kicks ass. This sequel has a strong feminist message. But apart from that, she is still self-centered and sometimes pretty vain.

The guys all look the same to me, to be honest. But I think my favourite is Henri. He is so incredibly cute and adorable. I believe that part 4 and 5 of this series are absolutely unnecessary. The plot was weak and the characters one-dimensional. But I can't deny that it was a fun and quick read. Find more of my books on Instagram View all 9 comments. WTF did I just read? I was so excited to finally get my hands on The Heir!!

I couldn't wait to finally meet Eadlyn Schreave and the rest of Maxon and America's sexy babies. Ahahaaha, I understand why readers disliked Eadlyn Schreave throughout the whole book. She's the Queen of Bitchiness! I was very disappointed. It was mostly Eadlyn struggling with a pompous ego and indecisiveness as she was continuously rude to the boys; and Maxon's and America's terrible parenting skills as they used their daughter as a diversion to solve their country's problems.

I just couldn't get myself to want to know what would happen next. It didn't interest me. I didn't even care who would win Eadlyn's heart. It will probably be I just wanted to get it over with and finish the book. Although I am not expectant of the next Selection book to be published, I will read it because Kiera Cass wrote it.

View all 12 comments. I'm loving Eadlyn's character development so far! Can't wait for the next one! View all 7 comments. May 19, Elena rated it did not like it. This isn't for anyone to get offended by okay. If you loved this book and you think this one is better than the rest, okay, good for you. I don't mean to rant about everything and Eadlyn the whole time but this book just wasn't for me. I'm sorry if you get offended.

If you think you will get offended by reading a review or just seeing some negative things about his, please don't proceed. If you do wish to proceed at your own risk, please don't attack me or anything. This is Goodreads, and what I like about this community is how everyone has different opinions about books and can share them to others. I don't think this will be the best or worst review. There's some that I've read that are actually worse than this one, and some that defend everything and make sure others try to change their thoughts about it.

I give them my applaudes! But I am someone who enjoys reviewing books in her own thoughts and opinions and if that is something you don't like, please do not continue. You can be brave and still be feminine. Why did I choose that quote?

Because this review will mostly focus on one name: I've heard much about The Selection series and to start off, I wasn't the biggest fan of the first book. The One was my favorite and in my opinion, and like others, it should've been the last book in the series. Everything made sense and came to an end in that one.

Sure there were times where the words kids or children were mentioned, but even with that, it could've been left with us questioning the book after. I mean, a lot of us actually did. What would the funeral for the King and Queen be like? How would America and Maxon's kids look like? Would Celeste have a glamorous funeral? Will Aspen and Lucy get married? What will happen with Marlee? Will The Selection continue or will everything completely change in this book?

Having part of those questions answered, I now come to wishing Kiera never published this book and The Crown. In my opinion, this is a different series. It's like a spin-off I suppose.

But having my opinion reach a better level, I just wish it ended with The One. The ending was the one we were looking for since the first book. It started off with America entering The Selection when she didn't want to.

Then we get to the part where she meets Prince Maxon, they start talking and gushing over each other. Second book comes around. King Clarkson does not like America and wants her eliminated because she is stubborn and not who he wishes to see in his palace.

In his opinion, she is nothing like the other girls and is someone not worthy of Maxon's care. Coming to their journey in The One, Maxon finds out about her relationship with Aspen, Celeste and America become friends only ending up being their friendly moment together, and Kriss was about to be chosen until the shooting happened again. Maxon is taken to the hospital, the King and Queen die leaving everything to the charge of the Heir who is obviously Maxon and as to the happily ever after, Maxon and America get married.

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I did not read any of the books when they were released. Sadly, I was not into reading when Kiera published her first one. That follows a sad story from me. Moving on, we come to a book where the main focus and its plot is about Princess Eadlyn Schreave, the Heir to the throne. Can we take a minute and just admire her?

Oh wait, there is nothing to admire about her! After finally owning the Heir, I was actually glad I would finally meet these upcoming characters and learn their stories, only ending up wasting my time by reading about a spoiled, rude princess.

I get it, she's a princess. She gets what she wants right? That's just royalty and how rich people live right? They get what they want when they want. Well, Eadlyn certainly does.

Sometimes having the urge to put this book down and leave it as a DNF book, I forced myself to continue on reading just to see if my thoughts and opinions would change and also because I own The Crown so I kind of need to read this one to understand the final and 5th book right?

But instead, I regret downloading The Crown and wishing I never wasted 3 hours with this book. There weren't any changes. Eadlyn was still a bitch, rude, foolish, stubborn and still very spoiled.

The Selection

She is supposed to be a princess! Now, tell me, is this really how a princess, being the daughter from a gorgeous man that cared for his kingdom when he was only a prince, for his family, his soon-to-be-wife, his people, his country, himself, and being a daughter of a woman that never though she'd become queen, cared for her family the most, didn't want to compete in a competition with other girls over a guy she didn't care for at first because she preferred to stay with her family and make sure they'd be taken care for , is supposed to act?

You can go now. I mean, yeah there's more to it but that's some of the main points. I hope to prove myself worthy or your hand more and more each day. And how will you do that today? My father used to be a Two.

I expected her to be like America, maybe even better and have a different character to play but no! She was the most boring, ignorant, selfish and had no interest in personalities. Being the royal princess she is, she was someone I consider to be the most awful person to read about. You have a horrible attitude, being a princess that thinks she has the strongest power in all of her country. You have so many fucking tiaras yet you cry over one that is taken by a 15 year-old. You think you're making things right when you're making everything worse.

You think everyone should love you because of who you are. She thought she was queen already and that's what made me hate her more. Well, I guess that's how I took them. Here are 3 examples: I knew they loved me, of course.

I was going to be their queen. One half of a set of twins. The heir to the throne. One of the most powerful people in the world. The biggest distraction in the country. Yes her people definitely love her! She was saying that when she was with the Selected, standing like the perfect princess she thinks she is with her head high and making sure her tiara wasn't falling until people threw tomatoes and eggs at her. She said she was strong and didn't need to be rescued yet she went crying to her parents and wished everything was over.

Hale and Henri even protected her I've never been so upset with a book. In The Selection, all books had their own improvements. She isn't queen yet so like calm the fuck down and take a seat in your precious rich seat! Also, another thing that bothered me from Eadlyn is how the text made it seem like she wanted her own mother to fucking die! The Heir, according to Google means: Now, that that's clarified, what I said about her wanting to become queen might just make sense.

But if it doesn't, let me make it easier to understand. Eadlyn keeps saying "she will be queen soon" or "the people love me because I'm gonna be queen soon" or just "I was going to be their queen. If Eadlyn wants to be queen so bad already, why doesn't she just become queen? Oh right because she's just a princess and her mother is currently alive and ruling the kingdom with her husband who is also alive and the King.

Because heir obviously means taking the title of the ruler after they are dead that's actually in my words but whatever and since Eadlyn keeps telling herself she will queen very soon so that is why she needs to improve her life, in my opinion, she makes it sound like she wants her own mother to be dead already so she can rule and have the kingdom for herself. It's like she wants to rule the whole place and not bother caring what is happening with the country!

She makes it seem like her life is so stressful and hard to live in and wishing to be in someone else's shoes. She makes it seem like nobody else has their life to worry about. I'm sorry but her telling herself she is the heir to the throne just makes it seem like she wants America to die. What the fuck!? Now, I think I'm done ranting. Wait I don't know if that's considered ranting actually. Anyways, can I just move on to the actual review now and add things I did not like.

Maybe some things I did like as well? Wait there um, there wasn't anything I actually liked so that's checked off. None of the guys really bothered me. They actually seemed interested in Eadlyn, not really realizing her real life and how stuck up she really is. As to the guys she eliminated, well, I don't blame her. Especially the sweaty one, the one who immediately first asked when he gets payed, and the one that just looked at her breasts right away. She's princess I know she must show some cleavage blah blah blah but like, he could've properly introduced himself like everyone else did and not introduce himself by locking his eyes with her breast like nooo man no.

Believe me, it upsets me giving this book a 1-star rating when I had both high doubts but good expectations for it. I have heard that her character development grows and changes into someone better and even someone who was actually not expected in the final installment! I own The Crown and can't wait to start it because I do have hopes for it.

Most are for Eadlyn but I also want her to choose the right guy. Please don't tell me who she chose, thank you! Like I said before, this was a disappointment for me. And believe me, I hate writing negative reviews and rating books a low star, but even if I re-read it, and even after I read The Crown, I don't think much or even anything will change.

Instead, depending on how The Crown goes, this book might just decrease. Depends if more is learned and discovered and if more developments happen. A change might happen but it won't be positive. The book was found just plain boring. Everything was boring. The plot was boring. The characters were boring. The dates were boring. None of the characters had developments as well. Maybe they did but I just didn't see them.

The romance was nothing like in The Selection. Here, it felt awkward. In the beginning, the dates didn't feel like real and actual dates. The dates didn't feel right for any of the Selected. I don't need to be rescued. As final and overall thoughts, The Heir was nothing like The Selection. Any really! She eliminated contestants right away even when she didn't get to meet them!

Nothing felt right and nothing caught my attention. Besides wishing to punch Eadlyn at times, nothing else was found. View all 10 comments.

Sep 18, Carol [Goodreads Addict] rated it it was amazing Shelves: I, like so many others, thought this series was going to end with the final book of the trilogy. I was happily surprised when I learned the series would be continued. I have been addicted to these books from the beginning and I loved this new book.

Eadlyn was born first so she is the first in line to the throne, The Heir. She is now eighteen years old and has a tremendous amount of responsibility on her shoulders while preparing for the time when she will become Queen.

The country, even though the caste system has been abolished, is in unrest. There is still much post-caste discrimination and the people are unhappy and blame the royals.

While trying to find a solution, Maxon and America convince Eadlyn that she needs to have her own selection. But as you get to know her, I think she is just extremely introverted.

She rarely leaves the castle and has been raised for nothing other than to be the future Queen. She has built an emotional wall around herself and the last thing she is interested in is getting married. Not now and maybe not ever. But she loves her parents and will do as they wish. The heir to a throne. Never just daughter. Never just girl. But it broke my heart to see the way she struggled with her identity.

And she thought she knew going in how she would handle the selection. How she would handle the men. But I think the surprise was on her. Can she really keep herself from growing to care at least for some of these men? I already have my own favorite and there were definitely a couple of sighs and maybe even a swoon escaping me as she interacted with him.

But there are also a couple of other strong possibilities. One of them might even be a scandal waiting to happen! My one complaint is that this ends in a cliffhanger.

There were a couple of shocking incidents at the end but I also liked the changes I was seeing in Eadlyn. Will Maxon find a solution to please the people of his kingdom? Will Eadlyn fall in love and choose a husband? View all 32 comments. Oct 13, Aj the Ravenous Reader rated it liked it Shelves: But a closer look at the series provided me with the realization that Kiera Cass is one of the bravest authors out there.

Are you kidding me? While is there anyone who would want a field trip to Panem? I thought so! Was I annoyed at Eadlyn? Oh boy! I was! Did I think this series is going to be a trilogy? Oh boy, I did! Was I pissed? Yes I was. But guess who was so excited at the knowledge of a fourth book? And guess who is restlessly waiting for the fifth book? View all 44 comments. Aug 26, Sophia Sardothien rated it liked it. But for her daughter, HA! She's just spoiled and mean, for that I have zero tolerance on it.

In addition, the plot was extremely dull Nothing happens. Nevertheless as much as I dislike this book, I would still be reading the next one. For some reasons this quote annoyed me, if it happened in Throne of official rating 2. For some reasons this quote annoyed me, if it happened in Throne of Glass or any other YA books I would have love this. No one was more bitchy than me.

View all 25 comments. Sep 16, Vanessa J. The first thing you need to know is how unfair life is for Eadlyn. Her parents just disolved the law that said that the male firstborn was going to be the king, and so, now if the firstborn is a girl, she can be queen.

How unfortunate! But things get worse for our little princess: Even after gorgeous king Maxon eliminated the castes, the people seem to be difficult to please. So, what is our amazing queen and king's solution to it all? Another Selection! This time, though, it's for the purpose of finding a husband for Eadlyn.

The sole decision of making a Selection was really stupid. I mean, really, what the hell?

However, the stupidness of the book in general is not what made me try to tear my hair. No — it was Eadlyn. Oh my sweet baby Jesus, how I hated her! First, she believes herself to be the oh-so-perfect model of hygiene. He was in desperate need of a cut and a shave, and his shirt was too big for him. What the serious fuck? Here's what I have to say: I don't know who I am more embarrased of: Me for reading this book, or Eadlyn for being so ridiculous.

If you couldn't guess, by that point, I already wanted to DNF this, but I contained myself from doing so because I couldn't believe how hilariously bad this book was.

I wanted to see how much the ridiculousness could last. It was present until the very end. You know how much I hate reading romance.

No matter how romantic he thought this was, all I could think of were the thirty-five loud, obnoxious, weird-smelling boys who were about to invade my home. Nothing about that sounded magical. That, again, turns out to be bullshit, because some chapters after, she's making out with one of the boys. I could have let that pass because I really don't care if she's in love or not , but later, she shames this girl: Then again, Josie thought everything existed for her.

And the idea that she was so important that her marriage would need to be arranged on her behalf was comical. She could marry anyone off the street and no one would care one way or the other. Why does she say that? Because that Josie was excited at the prospect of having 35 hot boys in her house. She could have left it at that, but it's no enough for her: She has to humiliate her too. She's not only obnoxious to everyone who lives with her, though.

She's like that with the selected boys too: I caught three different spelling mistakes on this one. The thing is, this girl thinks she's too perfect for anyone.

She doesn't think anyone is worth her, when it's really the opposite: She is not worth anyone. Like, I couldn't She thinks she's the most perfect person in the world, but I never really thought I passed for a queen, but you You and Dad brought peace to the country. She hasn't done anything! Eadlyn is also a narrow-minded bitch who cannot accept that someone likes something she doesn't: Definitely seen better.

It just means you have bad taste. I have work to do! How self-centered can you possibly be? Do you even hear yourself when you talk, Eadlyn? She's the one who cannot stop thinking about herself and she's calling everyone else like that?

She can't even see that she's the sef-centered one? Like, it has even less that the original trilogy. We never know why people are rioting, we never know how people are adapting to the elimination of the caste system Yes, we know some of their names, but their personalities? Isn't that, like, essential? I mean, doesn't our sweet and lovely MC have to fall in love with one of them?

How can she do that if she doesn't know them? Cass, however, is considerate, and gives us something to make up for that: A cliffhanger. As if it wasn't enough with 4 books without counting prequels and such But if I look back, I had fun at how utterly stupid and ridiculous this book was, so Looooool, no. I can't even believe I said that — not even as a joke.

This book is 1 star all the way. I still cannot swallow the fact that I read it without burning something. And now, as a price for all of you who read this entire review and are dying because of the headaches Eadlyn's quotes might have caused, have some cake: I'm swallowing my own words. Just look at my pre-review to see what I'm talking about. Wait, what? Is this a new Selection book? Well, you can guess I will not be reading this, since neither of the previous books captivated me. So this is yet another book on my lost-interest shelf.

And now, look at the cover!! Isn't it pretty? It's a fabulous cover. Still not going to read it. I'm not curious in the least. There's more. I have hope that this one will be good. This is so weird. I thought basically everything was settled. I guess not. I wasn't totally satisfied with The One, so these next two books better be good. I'm kinda torn between being happy, and being kinda annoyed.

A part of me feels this series is getting too long. And the other part of me hopes that this book will redeem the series. I wonder if America will be on it still, probably not. I'm sure they'll will be just as pretty as the others though. If I do do remember correctly, there was a ton of unnecessary drama, crying, and fits.

Oct 25, Laura rated it liked it Shelves: I just don't know what to think about this book. My thoughts are all over the place and even though I didn't hate the book, I didn't love it either.

The first half of the book was really hard for me to get through because Eadlyn whined the whole goddammit time and she was such a bitch.

Look, y'all can complain all you want about America being a child and indecisive but Eadlyn was way worse. Not only she acted like a little girl but she was also selfish and a brat and oh so blind and rude. I had a hard time liking her even when she got better in the second half of the story.

Plus, I was really concerned about what was happening to Maxon and then the thing with America. See, I'll go first with the things I did not like about the book. I didn't like how Maxon and America raised their children. And by that I mean that I particulary dislike how they never told them exactly what happened at their Selection. These people knew nothing about those events and I think that's why Eadlyn was the way she was and had all those walls.

First half of the book Eadlyn. She was a bitch. I didn't like how Cass wanted us to feel the bound between Eadlyn and Ahren when they had just a few scenes together, no flashbacks and no bounding time with the rest of their brothers.

There was just one scene view spoiler [after Jack's attack hide spoiler ] that was cute and warm but that was it. I did not like America in this book. See, I was expecting someone a bit brighter than this calm queen and I know she's older and wiser but still.

We're talking about America Singer over here. I did not like how the book ended because I do not like the idea of this story being longer. I really thought this was going to be a single book but it seems it's going to be another trilogy or a duology at least. What I did like was reading about The Selection process because I always wantes to know how someone would feel being in that position and The Prince wasn't that long to cover the Selection time whatsoever.

I loved Eadlyn's brothers. They all were cute and smart and funny and I just think they're so much fun to be around. Damn cute. I liked the problems in the country because they make sense and people are afraid and again: After a good time with Maxon being King and people loving him, they see this cold chick who's going to have the throne I would be upset too.

Let me tell you how surprised I was when I found out I liked the Selected. I care about some of those guys and I don't want them getting hurt. And like I said, Eadly got better. She started talking instead of demanding and she was more relaxed. The last chapter was a hell no to me because if America dies, I will not be happy and also because that's when I realised there was going to be a second book.

I don't know, I really enjoyed the second half of the book and I loved Kile a lot and Henri and Erik and I don't know what's going to happen in the next book but, even though I love Kile and Henri, I can't help but thinking about Erik and Eadlyn together.

This book nailed what a highly enjoyable sequel should be. I like this book as a whole. The only downside I found was Eadlyn's attitude. The whole story revolves in the Selection process where Eadlyn chooses a husband out of 35 gentlemen.

The best thing about the book is how you can never predict who among her suitors will win her heart, because you basically live in her POV. By the way, there are lots of guys you will be torn. This book, as a whole, lives up to my expectations. But to be honest, I like The Selection series far better than this book. Read in private. Already read. Report an error in the book. Related books All. Kiera Cass The Elite. Kiera Cass The One. Kiera Cass The Prince. John Green Looking for Alaska. Candace Bushnell The Carrie Diaries.

Other versions. Kiera Cass The Selection.

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