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The Red Sari book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. A transfixing novel about the Nehru-Gandhi family, told through the s. The Red Sari (El sari rojo), which is a dramatized version of Sonia Gandhi's life, ran into some "Controversial Sonia Gandhi book 'Red Sari' now out in India". The Red Sari: A Dramatized Biography of Sonia Gandhi [Javier Moro] on The Red Sari: A Novel and millions of other books are available for site Kindle.

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She is the daughter of a humble family near Turin; he comes from the most powerful lineage in India. It is the beginning of a love story that not even death can end. In the name of love, Maino leaves her past to blend in with her expansive new country, India, which worships twenty million gods, speaks eight hundred languages, and votes for five hundred political parties. Her courage, integrity, and devotion will turn her into a revered and beloved figure. Sonia Gandhi simply cannot believe that the man she loves is dead, and she will no longer feel his caresses or the warmth of his kisses. She will never again see that sweet smile that one day swept her off her feet. It has all been so quick, so brutal and so unexpected that she still cannot take it in. Her husband was killed in a terrorist attack two days ago. His name was Rajiv Gandhi; he has been Prime Minister, and he was about to be Prime Minister again, according to the polls, if his electoral campaign had not been cut short in such a tragic way. He was 46 years old. Today the capital of India is preparing to say farewell to the remains of this illustrious son of the nation.

For The Red Sari is essentially a B-grade novel. A book that the Congress may have done well to ignore—it would have sunk without a trace. The Red Sari: Roli Books, pages, My guess is that Moro meant it to be exactly this: an easy read on one of the most powerful politicians of India, who happens to be of foreign origin.

The English translation is poor, with many typos. I suspect the original in Spanish is gripping, like a novel. If you are a reader looking for a factual biography of Gandhi, this is certainly not the book.

But if you like pulp novels, pick it up. When Rajiv took her hand as they were walking in the shade of the ancient walls of the cathedral, Sonia had no strength to pull it back. And then it happens. Somewhere around the Eemergency, the author takes a marked turn From then on, anyone named Gandhi is a saint and the rest are the vultures waiting to tear India to shreds.

From Menaka described as loud, scheming and viscous to Morarji Desai Orthodox conservative urine-drinking Hindu , no one is spared. Its about here that Sonia beings to acquire a sort of divine grace, and the whole family is shown to be the best thing that ever happened, and could happen to India. The author manages to sugar coat Indira's worst years Emergency, Operation Blue Star and the subsequent riots of are quickly swept under the carpet.

At this point, the book begins to sound like one long eulogy to the sacrifices of the Gandhi family, their trials and tribulations and their "sense of duty" to protect the country from "Hindu extremists like the RSS and the BJP".

The author reserves nearly all of his venom for the Hindus, and soon goes from labelling RSS as extremist Hindus to all Hindus as extremists and vile. The current Prime Minister Narendra Modi, finds a place of prominence as "her bitterest rival". In ?? Modi was the chief minister of Gujarat then! The same curiosity that felt towards the languages felt towards the culture and the spirit of the people who spoke them.

The world was definitively greater than the small Orbassano, plasters trabajitos widened the horizon to him. Little by little, its dream of being stewardess went transforming into the one of being professor of languages or, better still, interpreter in some international organism like the United Nations.

Like good mountain dweller, Stefano was authoritarian and rigid, but not as obstinate as not to realize necessity of his daughters. It was catched in a common dilemma the people of its generation: But they were not arranged to that her daughter went of au to pair to live with any family in a city any. They chose Cambridge, cradles of one of the most prestigious universities and colleges. In the age in which she was Sonia, it was more worth to surround it by the best possible atmosphere… She thanked for it embracing to him and kissing to him like when she was small, looking for the tickle of her moustache.

The 7 of January of , took leave of their sisters and gave a strong push to Stalin, the old dog that had been its companion of games during all its childhood. Their parents accompanied it until the airport by Milan, to one oretta of distance.

The Red Sari: A Novel by Javier Moro

The fog in the morning took step to a sunny and cold day. Sonia struggled between the excitation to travel single for the first time and the fear to the stranger. It had eighteen years and the life ahead. A life that neither in its preposterous dreams the more had been able to imagine. The Lennox Cook School was one of the best and more expensive schools of languages of Cambridge, located in a pretty street a little separated from the center. It presumed to have had famous writer E.

Foster between his professors of Literature, although in those years was too greater and she was only going sporadically to give some to char it. By the price of the matriculation, the school was also in charge to look for an English family each student who asked for it, so that she could live like payment guest.

Compared with the one of Turin, the climate of Cambridge seemed to him to depressing Sonia: In addition it was a penetrating cold because, to save, the radiators of the house stayed most of the day dull. For its surprise, the one of its room worked only with currencies. It had thought that to live in an English family it would be like doing it with any Italian family, where everything shared.

But that was to not know the local customs. To be payment guest was a business more and, like so, everything was entered. It discovered horrified that it had to pay every time that it wanted to occur a bath and that was going to leave expensive to maintain the level to him of daily hygiene to which she was customary. But the worse thing was the meals. It had never eaten col boiled neither meat with jam nor tortilla of potatoes accompanied by… potatoes. To rise in the morning and to be as opposed to one toasted with tomato sauce haricot beans cut the appetite to him.

To this the difficulty was added that it had to express itself: In fact, it knew less English of which one had imagined. At the outset, it thought that never it would be accustomed. Its timidity constituted an obstacle to be related. It avoided to see itself with other Italians because it was there for studying and does not stop to amuse itself.

The first days it was dedicated to discover the city. The gothic church of the King's College and the full river of trays with tourists were two of their favourite places. When coming out of class it used to ramble by the streets of the center. That fleeting contact with its country was like a balsam. It felt as much nostalgia, threw as much of less to his, that when returning to its fourth frozen one the soul on the feet fell to him.

Pero so that demons will have felt like to me to come to study thus to a site? By very timid that was, it was impossible not to make friends to the eighteen years in a place like Cambridge, where one of each five inhabitants was student. Those that had printed to the city that cosmopolitan, amused and simultaneously interesting atmosphere, by that are they Cambridge was world-wide well-known, and many were like Sonia, is to say foreign without family nor friends.

The others were needed an a. He was a German boy who spoke to him for the first time of a restaurant where he ate decently. Christian von Stieglitz was a Right student of the International in the Christ's College, a high boy, good looking, with eyes of blue an intense one and watched she itched. English means average German, spoke several languages, although it felt predilection by Italian and the French. Thus it went as it knew Sonia, and it convinced it so that it proved the only place in Cambridge where one ate decently.

He was not very expensive, and it was not either far from the school. The Varsity was well-known for being the oldest restaurant of the city and was boasted to have had as I illustrate companions at table to prince Faisal and the Duke of Edimburgo at its time of students.

Ten years before Greek Cypriot had been bought by a family and since then she offered Mediterranean plates to its numerous customer, who included as much professors as students. One was in an old building of brick facade seen painted of target with two great windows cuadritos in the superior floor. It was announced by a discreet label of black letters.

It was a local Straits and from the large windows that they gave to the street were possible to be seen the buildings of the Emmanuel College, another institution with much wall-plate where it had studied very same Mr. Harvard, and that served to him as inspiration to found the university that takes its name near Are enough. For Sonia it was an authentic revelation, and a consolation for its poor stomach. He was nearest the homemade food that had proven since it had arrived at the city.

So soon it was become fond of to mezze, the appetizers that they included to wet bread in tarama, a cream done with huevas of fish and lemon, the thorns of meat roasted to the coal grill or the specialty of the house, the lamb to the furnace that melted in the mouth as if he was mantequilla. In addition it liked the atmosphere. More of once it had to be crossed a personage who cojeaba little at that time and always went loaded of books.

It developed investigations on cosmology in the university and years later its name would give the return to the world. Stephen Hawking was called and also he was assiduous of the Varsity. Another personage who went there would jump to the world-wide fame, but for other reasons. Sonia had paid attention to him several times because she occupied, next to a group of bullangueros students, a long table next to hers. He was not as scandalous as the others, was reserved, more amiable more.

It had great black eyes simultaneously and a wonderful, innocent and amazing smile. After the habitual interchange of greetings and jokes, the European said to him: They moved in the old blue Volskwagen of Christian, whose ceiling seemed perforated of smallpox. The person in charge of it had been Rajiv, that had given two returns of bell a day in which had left to give a return.

To lead era one of its passions. As they did not have money to take it to a factory of plate and painting, to fix had it to put within the vehicle and to straighten the ceiling to kicks. By the others, the Escarabajo was the dream of all student because it supposed to have means of deprived transport to leave the routine and to discover the country at will. The stroll to Ely did not have anything of extraordinary, nevertheless he was most special of those than Rajiv and Sonia made together in all their life.

The one that never would forget. It was behind schedule without rain, and seemed that the sun rays caressed the moss of the walls and illuminated the black and shining slate tile roofs by the humidity. Christian, who knew it well, did of cicerone and she showed the prettiest and romantic corners to them, like a magician removing prodigies from its chistera. She was a behind schedule calm one, in that Rajiv and Sonia spoke little, letting itself rock by a fullness feeling that seemed to exceed to them.

He was something immediate. I never saw two beings connect of that form, and for always. Can the love arise almost from a so instantaneous, insolent way? When Rajiv took the hand to him while they took a walk in the shade of the very old walls of the cathedral, Sonia did not have forces to retire it.

It thought about doing it, but it did not do it. That warm and smooth hand transmitted a security to him and, so that not to say it? As if all its life had been waiting for that surrounding contact. It could not retire it, although its conscience indicated to him that it had to do it. In the following days, it tried to fight against that feeling that put the heart to him to galope and that it caused certain anxiety to him because was uncontrollable.

One insisted on dominating it, in not letting itself consume by that fire that the smile of Rajiv had ignited in its interior. Did not have to be contained, to disguise the feelings, to put the pretendientes on approval? But everything what it assumed that had to do starred against that smile, that glance of aterciopelados eyes, that tender voice that became broken because Rajiv was almost as timid as she.

Rajiv did not insist, remained planted there, without knowing how what expensive to put nor what to do with its hands, like a shameful boy who does not know how how to fit a refusal. It was not the prototype of the Italian pretendiente, rather on the contrary. He was a little patoso with the girls, but that, instead of diminishing it, increased its enchantment.

Rajiv lacked malicia and vulgarity; the verborrea was not his. He was a serious boy, and its smile seemed frank. But for Sonia always the doubt existed… And if it wants to take advantage of me? During one season she decided not to go more to the Varsity not to fall in the temptation to find it again it. Better take drastic measure. But then its life returned to be as gray as before, a life without flavor… nor color.

That attraction towards that boy, will be not to be single? How can be an authentic feeling, if we have almost not spoken? How can be wanted what it is not known? All these questions were crowded in their mind while it tried to be convinced that no, it could not be, his imagination him was playing bad a last one, did not feel anything by that boy. Soon, at moments of lucidity, account occurred of which he had to be very different from her in everything. It was of another country… And of what country!

Neither of Europe nor of the United States, but of a distant and exotic place del that she did not know anything almost… A Indian, nothing less! Of other race, with skin a little sallow and which surely it professed another religion, that would have been bred with other customs, almost medieval… Would be a madness to enamor to me with somebody thus! Was not the full world of histories of Indians or African strained by European who once obtain them and they take them countries to its, they finish of slaves?

It saw itself suddenly like the fleeting whim of an Eastern prince, or something of the sort. Then for a moment one forgot everything and it returned to be she herself, a lost Italian student in Cambridge, wishing that the vacations arrived to return to house and to end the vertigo of the solitude and the uncertainty that, without knowing it, was turning it adult.

But the memory of that smile did not disappear with the mere will to erase it, as if it was enough with pushing a button to issue orders to the heart. The smile of Rajiv was strained by the mysteries of its mind and, in a confusion, it returned to occupy a central place in its imagination.

Era the refinement of its modales and their way to express itself what it arrived to him at the heart? Era its composure of Eastern prince? Rajiv spoke with the best English accent, as if its life in Cambridge had lived all. He was courteous and galante, a little to the old one, qualities that they were scarce between the other students. Christian, who knew him or several months ago, finished finding out that del was grandson that outside prime minister of India, and that is something that it impresses, or at least urges on the curiosity almost as much as the fact that Rajiv had not mentioned it before.

Who asked to him, Rajiv explained that its last name did not have relation some with the one of the Mahatma Gandhi, but abstained to communicate its kinship with Nehru.

Indeed which it enjoyed more in England it was of the tranquillity that it provided to him to live on anonymous way. All its life in India had been the grandson of the first governor of independent India, an icon venerated by million people. Now that could be he himself, it wanted to enjoy it to the maximum.

The reasons why there is a big fuss over 'The Red Sari', Sonia Gandhi's fictionalised biography

In spite of being the one who was, it did not have money to leave. It had wanted to invite it to one of the little nocturnal clubs where live music could be listened and that was called Them Badly Fleurs du, but the budget did not reach to him after as much.

First they used to have much money and they wasted it, but the Indians were all in the last ones. The reason was due to the restriction imposed by the Indian government to its citizens to limit the currency download, not being able to change more than pounds whenever they went on a trip.

It was necessary to leave by day, and the distractions were very simple: Sonia finished that with the certainty that behind schedule Rajiv really wanted it. It gave until pain to see so enamored it and so impotent to express its feelings.

They had that day not taken the bicycles because it rained, so that it accompanied it walking to his house, a good stretch, because she lived more near the center. So they were become absorbed in thought in its conversation that was lost by the desert city while it opened his heart to him.

It confessed that it enchanted to him to live in England because here felt frees by first time in its life. It told him that from boy it had lived escorted by guards on security in the house of the Nueva center Delhi where his grandfathers exerted of prime minister. It told much him that it displeased to him to be recognized like son of the family to whom it belonged, because it clipped its movements and their freedom, because it never knew who were really their friends, since people approached to him with second intentions by her proximity the power.

It spoke to him of the so placentera sensation that it experienced the first time that lead old Volkswagen de Christian and who made him feel frees like never before. Also it spoke of the death of its father, happened four years to him back.

Of the one of its grandfathers the previous year, that hurt to him still more because it loved like a another father to him. Rajiv spoke to him of a whole little, mixing it everything, overturning in disorder memories with desires, nostalgias with hopes, yearnings with grief.

Sonia understood that, more there of the nationality or race difference, that boy belonged to a world to which she never had had access, not even mere knowledge. More than the fact of being of India, which separated to him more of him was the orbit in which it turned, so far from the life of middle-class of an Italian of Orbassano like the Earth of the moon.

Everything separated to them, and for that reason nevertheless, and perhaps same, the mutual attraction era still more fort. It was not India, she was not English, he was not identifiable in any step of the social hierarchy. It told its passion him by the photography, by musicians of jazz like Stan Getz, Zoot Sims and Jimmy Smith, although also it appreciated to the Beatles and Beethoven. But its authentic passion was to fly, and had arisen to the fourteen years, the day in which his grandfathers Nehru took to give a return to him in glider: I enlisted for always.

Now it had desire to prove the flight with motor and played with the idea to become pilot. To Sonia, this boy opened the doors to him of a unknown world and that shone as the stars in the firmament. It spoke with total naturalness, and it was not conceited don't mention it because it did not need it.

Walking next to him, it seemed suddenly to him that those streets were not those of always, that were in another much more pretty city that the one that had known until then. Rajiv made dream, removed it from its shell, it made forget him itself and nostalgia that had felt until then.

That night when leaving it in his house it declared itself to him to his a little clumsy way, saying to him that she was the first girl whom it had really liked, and that it hoped that she was the unique one. It said it with as much candor that was difficult not to believe to him.

But even so, Sonia continued fighting to clear it to it of the mind, because she was stubborn and because its heart oscillated like a pendulum, torn between the reason and desire.

Prey of an eddy of contradictory feelings, felt vertigo as if it was a precipice in front of, titubeando, with fear to fall. What pinto I in the world of that boy? What I have who to see with a mimado boy to whom his famous grandfathers took a walk in glider? So that I let myself dazzle? Sonia boasted itself to have the Earth feet, and she had them. But the more it was obsessed, the more distant was with him, and that apparent coldness was for him a still greater incentive to seduce it.

The reality was that it thought about him day and night, as if had become its own breath. When it was not with him, it looked for the company of the girls of its class with the single aim to speak of him and his captivating enchantment.

Does not have like the love to learn a language well! But he was exhausting to always live to the con, a little while to question that attraction that filled it of hope and, later, of doubts and fears. Tired of that swing that took it to the melancholy of the euphoria, a day let fight and it giveave in its arms, when still the music of Gerry resounded in its ears Mulligan from the interior of a bar of the concurred Sydney Street.

The strolls by the river in a tray that took he like an authentic gondolero behind colleges, the views from the stop of the church of St. Mary that enjoyed seated in the turf and eating a sandwich, the scent of the parks after rain… Most anodyne it received an unexpected relief. Cambridge was suddenly the most romantic city of the world, and no longer it wanted to be in no other place to enjoy the present.

The present also was to travel in the Volkswagen Escarabajo that Rajiv ended up downloading to its friend by a handful of pounds. They crossed the English countryside, they visited London and they enjoyed a freedom that then seemed not to have aim. When the windshield was broken to them, they continued using the car but surrounded in blankets.

Rajiv lived like any English student, working in its vacations to obtain extra money.

He had been ice cream salesman, another year had worked in the harvesting of the fruit, having loaded trucks or making the turn at night in a bakery. In Sonia it found a perfect ally. It was enemy of the estridencias and the extravagances and aspired to which there was well-known, to a calm and stable life without frights nor scares.

If Sonia perceived the so great difference that she separated to him of him, also saw the points that they had in common. Both were of timid nature and they did not look for protagonism of any type. Neither the honeys of the success nor the notoriety called the attention to them, rather on the contrary, was something of which the more it was worth to flee.

Both had a very similar concept of the familiar life, perhaps because in her respective cultures the family is the supreme value. Rajiv lacked political ambition, it liked the technical questions and the manual activities.


It confessed to him that if it had delivered the attack to enter in the Trinity College, had been to please its grandfathers, who had studied there and who lodged the illusion of which one of its grandsons followed its steps.

But now that had died Nehru, Rajiv was thinking seriously about leaving the Trinity College and dedicating themselves to its true vocation, to be airplane pilot. It still did not know how to say it to it to its mother. What yes it knew to say by letter to Indira, in March of , month and means to him after the encounter in the Varsity, is that it had known Sonia: You always ask to me on the girls who I know and if there is some attracts to me specially.

Then now I say to you that I have known a girl very special. Still I have not requested it, but she is the girl with whom I want to marry. It wanted to adjust the passion of its son. To the aim and the end, only it was twenty years old. But in its following letter, Rajiv confessed to him: Like so, it had the intention to make an official trip to London at the end of year and it would like to take advantage of that opportunity to know it.

To Sonia a knot in the stomach when finding out the news was done to him. As far as telling it his, he was totally incapable to arm itself of the necessary value. It did not want nor to imagine which would be the reaction of its father… But the news of the arrival of Indira made forget the present for a moment him. Of soon it had a feeling nubarrones in the horizon of its happiness. They returned the fears and it was wondered what future it had in that romance. He was too pretty to last.

No longer it doubted its feelings; on the contrary, she was in favor crazy of Rajiv, never had known a fit similar, but it intuited that the so enormous difference that there was between its origins would finish making an impression on the relation, and could perhaps ruin it completely. Little which knew of India it had learned it of a friend who had described like a country distant and immense town to it of elephant and snake charmers and anchylosed by the poverty and the delay.

A country that lacked the most basic comforts, a country punished by an implacable climate, a dirty country where the cows stood out to their wide ones and more were respected than the members of chaste the more losses, really a difficult and exciting country… for an anthropologist or yogui, but it does not stop a girl who aspired to work in an international organism and to have a familiar life without problems. Where fitted Rajiv in that picture? The Nehru, had explained him that friend who was not either too much to the current, were of aristocratic origin, of Kashmir.

Of some way they dominated the society of its country, and until certain point they had been controlling the world-wide policy… To its side, what were the Maino? Paesani, was said to itself. What could contribute to Rajiv the daughter of a small Italian constructor of provinces? She was sure that the mother of Rajiv would become the same question, and that caused a great frustration to him.

No, that one was a pill that the good one of Stefano Maino was not going to swallow with taste, by very prime minister who had been the grandfathers. Its nature introvert prevented him to share its fears with Rajiv.

It did not want to break the happiness, that it could be as fragile as the finest crystal. With him it was of a full dulzura of reserve and the eyes with which it watched to him were loaded of questions. He was Indian, but in its gestures and their way to speak it saw to an English. He was distinguished and simultaneously one behaved with an amazing simplicity.

Sonia, in fact, experienced a strange and definitive change that led the blind acceptance, total, of which she could, because of Rajiv or thanks to him, to happen to him more ahead.

It felt that to the distant border of its own one to be everything it had been fixed beforehand by the destiny, before at least of that had been born. A week end Sonia knew Sanjay, the only brother of Rajiv, two years smaller, than it was making a course of learning in the house Rolls- Royce in Crewe, to three hours of way, and that it used to go to Cambridge to amuse itself from time to time. He was very handsome, like its brother, but with attractive a different one.

Sanjay had an oval face, heavier and sensual lips and entered incipientes. Like his brother, exhibited impeccable modales and spoke with smooth voice with a perfect British accent. Both were frugales in their habits. Sanjay ate little, but it spoke much of policy and they enchanted the parties to him. To Rajiv it liked neither to smoke nor to drink, did not interest anything to him the policy, rather it apostatized of that world and it preferred a calm supper with friends to a noisy celebration.

Sanjay was colder than its older brother, did not come off that sensation of calm calidez, good person who as much security gave Sonia. And their glances were different. His brother, however, had a distant glance, something makes insolent. One noticed to him the other way around very proud of being the one who was, that its brother. It was the wonderful year, perhaps happiest of its lives, if by happiness it is understood the almost total absence of preoccupations and problems.

But the course arrived at its aim, and the vacations of summer were going to interrupt idilio of Cambridge. In July , Rajiv and Sonia separated for the first time. Sonia returned to Italy. Chiquilla had arrived months back like one, now returned like a woman, with the firm idea to make its life with Rajiv. It did not know how nor when, but she was determined. It was a happy and disquieting goodbye at the same time because, although they were convinced that they would return to be, Sonia feared the reaction of its parents.

The future it was seeded of incognitos. It filled of satisfaction to realize to him much that had improved its English when they left works to him interpreter in the fairs of Turin. What differentiates, what soltura… At least, the signor Maino had not thrown the money.

It was the good news for its parents. No matter how much it tried it mentally, it did not leave to him. I have known somebody very special and I am wanted to marry with him… Pero how I am going to say that to them? When the moment arrived for facing it, it remained paralyzed. In that type of families, the contact between boys and girls strictly were watched and controlled.

She tried to explain herself: It did not know how to break the ice. I cannot understand it. It must be something very peculiar. It only does what the father says. Pier Luigi, who had seen it grow, had wanted that she was witness of his wedding. It was the great event of the summer in the district. A celebration with music and much drink in the bar, that was to overflow with people, so much as in the annual appointment that reunited to the neighbors ritually to see in the television the Festival of San Remo.

So and as had imagined, did not show it the minimum enthusiasm. They reacted with a total disdain, as if her daughter had been imprisoned of a fleeting attack of madness. There was nothing in that relation that they could like: And it had another important defect: For them, Sonia had drowned the restlessness to feel for the first time single in a foreign country falling in arms of first of turn.

Until the mailman it joked with the family because now it brought daily letters, all with letterhead of England, all for Sonia. Soon they were the sisters, who understood that Sonia really was enamored.

Of something had served to send it to the most expensive school of Cambridge! That he was the grandson of Nehru, who her Indira mother was in the government to Stefano left him indifferent, but Paola yes was sensible to it.

And the sisters also. They were already seen marching past backs of elephant in the gardens of some Indian palace.

For them, history had something of fairy tale ; an Eastern prince had fallen in love with his sister… He was exciting. The battle horse went the return to Cambridge. His father did not want that she returned.

The Red Sari

According to him, already it knew sufficient English. In fact, it wanted take drastic measure idilio of its daughter. Pero Sonia was pawned on obtaining its title, the Proficiency in English, and for it it needed a year more. As always, the influence of Paola was decisive. She and their husband knew perfectly that her daughter wanted to return because she was enamored, but Paola insisted on the importance from which she obtained a title.

Sonia stayed signs. It said to them that if did not want to help it, it was arranged to do like many girls who studied there English, would look for a work and one would become independent. To anybody it likes to face its parents, to Sonia still less because it did not go with its character of docile girl.

But it could plus the love. Their parents finished yielding, thinking that to be against to the romance of his daughter he would not do more than to exacerbar it. Better than it returns to England, thought. At least it would return with a title. They were sure that that history of love, that they saw like an eccentricity, would not hold the passage of time… The only thing that could make era advise to him: Sonia was so respectful with the familiar traditions, and so little she blankets of the confrontation, that promised to them to have them to the current of everything.

So that, from return to Cambridge and before the next arrival of Indira, that had shown desire to know it, he thought that it was better than their parents knew it. Rajiv, that was wishing to put itself in contact with the Maino, took advantage of the occasion to send a letter to them and to request permission to them so that the encounter between its daughter and Indira Gandhi took place.

A pasmados archiformal and very respectful letter that left the Maino, but what were going to do, to refuse to it? Stefano had not doubted nor a second to it, but her woman convinced to him so that she gave his authorization. They were arriving at City in the Volkswagen weakened of Rajiv when Sonia a panic attack entered to him. What I there am going to do? A torrent of questions, some serious ones, other trivial ones, acted hastily in their head: How is necessary to treat it? I will be dressed suitably?

What I must say to him? And if it despises to me? And if is aggressive it? Suddenly, to Sonia the world fell to him above. It seemed to him that the months last in company of Rajiv had been a dream that was on the verge of becoming pieces.

It thought that it was not prepared to know its mother. In addition, that encounter would mean to commit itself still more, and how could do it if their own parents had been so obstinate his idilio? Rajiv did not understand anything. Sonia was scared. It thought that perhaps his father was right and had arrived the moment for stepping on the brake, for calming themselves, for giving reverse gear … - Sonia, we have been, are hoping to us… - I feel It, I do not go, I cannot.

Sonia lost the stirrups, was incapable to control itself. The efforts of Rajiv to calm did not give it result, so that it had to call to his mother and to invent an excuse to cancel the appointment. They later posponed it for days, when Sonia had calmed itself. This time was promised itself to behave well, but it continued being a drink difficult to happen. The legs shook when it raised the steps to him of the residence of the ambassador of India, where stayed Indira and its friend of the soul, Pupul Jayakar, that had helped him to organize the tribute to Nehru.

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