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The Project Gutenberg EBook of The Finished Mystery by. Charles Taze Russell. This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and. Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg. The Finished Mystery is referenced in modern publications of Jehovah's Witnesses as being a landmark book. Best viewed in PDF format.

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The Finished Mystery Pdf

The Path of the Jast is as the Shining Light,. Which Shineth More and More. Unto the Perfect Day." SERIES VII. The Finished Mystery. "The Winepress of God's. so a few months ago, a friend sent me an actual copy of finished mystery which was published in (not a pdf download the actual book). i. "Preferono b y draw w wark & be located ad Moral Salmaa". Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page Page Page Page

Charles T. After his death in many Bible Students did not want to support the new leadership, they wanted to stay frozen in time with only Russell's teachings. See JW. As a group, the board of directors had not been consulted. Rutherford followed the same policy. Charles Taze Russell had written six volumes of Millennial Dawn, or Studies in the Scriptures, but often spoke about writing a seventh volume. Woodworth and George H. Containing largely the thinking and comments of C. That significant day was July I was the nearest one to the phone, so I answered it. Brother Rutherford was on the other end. Then it started!. Headed by. All this lasted for about five hours.

Russell had elected them as directors for life but the law stipulated that directors must be elected by the vote of the shareholders each year. However, Rutherford, Pierson and Van Amburgh were directors because they had been elected to the office of president, vice-president and secretary-treasurer. The fact that they were elected as officials made them members of the board.

Since the four opposers were not legally elected they had no legal authority to act for the Society; and since the attitude they had displayed showed they were not qualified, it was a simple procedure for Rutherford to appoint other directors for the existing vacancies until the next legal election.

The climax came in July of only six months after Rutherford had been elected president. He had arranged to produce the seventh volume of Studies in the Scriptures. Russell had written the first six.

The Finished Mystery - Charles Taze Russell, Clayton J. Woodworth, George H. Fisher - Google книги

The seventh, called The Finished Mystery, was really a compilation of material from notes and writings of Russell and was issued as a posthumous work of Russell's. Since, according to the bylaws, the president of the Society was also manager of the Society's affairs, Rutherford had not consulted the board of directors and the four who thought they were members raised vehement objections.

As a result, their opposition to the policy and work of the Society became so bitter that it was impossible to maintain unity at headquarters as long as they remained.

They were asked to leave the Bethel home or get in line with the work. They chose to leave. However, it was not Rutherford's wish to ignore them altogether.

He gave them every opportunity to manifest a spirit of cooperation and even offered them the position of traveling representatives of the Society, but they refused. Finally, they completely withdrew themselves from association with the Society and started an organization of their own.

Fisher, sought approval from the Executive Committee to produce a book about the prophecies of the books of Revelation and Ezekiel based primarily on Russell's writings. Work on the book, The Finished Mystery, which was labeled as the posthumous seventh volume of Russell's Studies in the Scriptures, proceeded without the knowledge of the full Board of Directors and Editorial Committee and was released by Rutherford to headquarters staff on July 17, , the day he announced the appointment of the four replacement directors.

Although denounced by Rutherford's opponents, the book was an immediate best-seller, and was translated into six languages and serialized in The Watch Tower. Expecting God's Kingdom to establish rule on earth and for the saints to be raised to heaven in , Rutherford wrote in January of that year: "The Christian looks for the year to bring the full consummation of the church's hopes.

The campaign attracted the attention of governments and on February 12, the book was banned by the Canadian government for what a Winnipeg newspaper described as "seditious and antiwar statements" On February 24 in Los Angeles Rutherford gave a talk entitled "The World Has Ended—Millions Now Living May Never Die" subsequent talks in the series were renamed, "Millions Now Living Will Never Die" in which he attacked the clergy, declaring: "As a class, according to the Scriptures, the clergymen are the most reprehensible men on earth for the great war that is now afflicting mankind.

Warrants were issued for the arrest of Rutherford and seven other Watch Tower directors and officers on charges of sedition under the Espionage Act. On June 21 seven of them, including Rutherford, were sentenced to 20 years' imprisonment.

Rutherford feared his opponents would gain control of the Society in his absence. On January 2, learned he had been re-elected president at the Pittsburgh convention the day before, convincing him that God wanted him in the position.

In March the directors were released on bail after an appeals court ruled they had been wrongly convicted; in May the government announced that all charges had been dropped. He further pointed out that for some time prior to the completion of the Church He would be present, gathering out from Babylon and from the world the truly consecrated, and that during His presence "the Mystery of God" would be finished. Through St. John the Lord Jesus revealed the fact that the Church would be developed during seven distinct periods, or epochs; and that for each of these epochs Ho would have a special angel, or messenger, to serve the other members of the Body.

It follows, then, that the messenger to the last, or Laodicean, epoch would declare the Presence of the Lord and the time of the Harvest of the Gospel Age. The great Master laid special emphasis on the importance of the messenger to the seventh, or Laodicean, period of the Church, saying that such an one would be "a faithful and wise servant, whom his Lord would make ruler over all His Household, to give them meat in due season.

In the mind of every one who believes the Bible the evidence set forth in this volume will establish that fact beyond the question of a doubt.

In the light of Divine Prophecy, now being daily fulfilled and made clear to "the watchers," the following from the pen of Pastor Russell is further proof that he was sent of God to this generation. Long years before the beginning of the trouble now upon the nations he wrote: "The four exhibitions of the Lord, given to Elijah, represent, we believe, four manifestations in which the Lord is about to reveal Himself to mankind, the first three of which will prepare men for the final one, in which will come the desired blessing to all the families of the earth.

These are: " 1 The mighty winds rending the very rocks Blowing winds seem to be used in Scripture for wars.

The wars, whose dark clouds have threatened the civilized world so ominously for the past thirty years, have been miraculously hindered to give opportunity for 'sealing' the Lord's consecrated people in their foreheads intellectually with the Present Truth. We are therefore to expect that when these winds of war shall be let loose, lt will mean a cataclysm of warfare which shall divide kingdoms mountains — prefigured by the mighty wind shown to Elijah 1 Kings , which rent the rocks.

But God's Kingdom will not follow the epoch of war; the world will not thus be made ready for the Reign of Immanuel. No; a further lesson will be needed and will be given.

It is represented in " 2 An earthquake. Throughout the Scriptures an earthquake seems always to represent revolution; and lt is not unreasonable to expect that an era of general warfare would so arouse the lower classes of Europe and so discontent them with their lot and especially with the conditions which would follow such a war that revolution would be the next thing in order.

But, severe though those revolutionary experiences will be to the world, they are not sufficient to prepare men to hear the voice of God. It will require " 3 The fire from heaven — an epoch of Divine judgments and chastisements upon a maddened but unconverted world, wild in anarchy, as other Scriptures show us.

The results of their wars, revolutions and anarchy, in the failure of their schemes, will have a humbling effect, and will prepare mankind for God's revelation of Himself in " 4 The still small voice. Yes; He who spoke to the winds and the waves of the Sea of Galilee will, in due time, 'speak peace to the peoples.

July 1, , p And if, as we believe the Scriptures to teach, Gentile domination was provided for up to October, , it would seem but a reasonable interpretation that Divine power would not be exercised to their dethronement until after the time allotted for their reign had ended — October, Pastor Russell being the messenger to the Laodicean Church, and occupying the position of the Lord's special servant to give the Household of Faith meat in due season, it was to be expected that he would bring forth from the Lord's great "Storehouse" the needed spiritual food for the Church, in harmony with God's will.

These books have been properly designated "Keys to the Divine Plan of the Ages. Some have been able to use these "keys" more effectually than have others. The Scriptures show that the Seventh Volume must be published. Pastor Russell passed from the earth, and the Seventh Volume remained unpublished.

In his last moments he said, "Some one else can write the Seventh Volume. Whom, then, would the Lord have to write it? Pastor Russell was a man of unusual modesty. Great men usually are modest. In view of the facts stated, is it at all surprising that the Lord spared him the publication of the Seventh Volume?

But the fact is, he did write it. This book may properly be said to be a posthumous publication of Pastor Russell.

Because to him the Lord gave the "key"; to him was given the privilege of making clear to the Church ln its last years the "Mystery of God"; to him was granted the privilege of bearing from the hands of the Lord to the Household of Faith "meat in due season" for the special development and sustenance of God's dear little ones. This service he has faithfully performed.

This book is chiefly a compilation of things which he wrote and which have been brought together in harmonious style by properly applying the symbols which he explained to the Church.

Fisher, of Scranton, Pa. For many years Brother Fisher has been consecrated to the Lord, a careful student of the Bible in the light of the Message brought from the Lord by the messenger to the Laodicean Church; and for some time he has made a careful and prayerful study of the Book of Ezekiel. Woodworth, also of Scranton, Pa. This Manual was published by this Society, and has proven a great blessing to the Household of Faith.

The preparation of that Manual required a critical examination of everything Pastor Russell had written; and thus Brother Woodworth was enabled to become more familiar, probably, than any one else with the explanation of the Scriptures which had been given by Brother Russell. In this manner the Lord seemed to have qualified him for some special work.

With the "key" which Brother Russell, as the Lord's servant, had placed in his hands, Brother Woodworth, by the Lord's grace, has been enabled to bring together everything that Brother Russell wrote on Revelation, and to explain and harmonize the other parts of that book with the Divine Plan; also, to treat similarly, the Song of Solomon.

Studies in the Scriptures, Volume 7: The Finished Mystery by C. T. Russell

It seemed pleasing to the Lord that Brothers C. Wood-worth and George H. While both residing in the same city, they have worked separate and apart from each other, not even comparing notes. The reader will be able to judge how fully the work of each harmonizes with that of the other and with the Divine Plan, thus giving further evidence of the Lord's direction in this matter.

Finished Mystery (1917)... The book that Jesus approved...

Asked why, then, it would be written, he replied, "It will probably be given to the Church in a time of direst need, for her comfort and encouragement.

The hour of fiery trial and great testings is upon God's people, and there is need for their comfort and encouragement. The Lord has promised "grace sufficient" and help for every time of need for those who love Him and come confidently unto Him.

We believe that as the Lord's dear children throughout the earth read the contents of this book and see how wonderfully He has shielded them from the storms of human passion and from the snares of the great Adversary; and that when they see that the unrighteous, wicked systems of Babylon are now crumbling under the mighty hand of God — which bespeaks the early deliverance of the last members of the Body from this vale of tears into the glorious light and liberty of the saints — that then they will be greatly comforted; that then they will take new courage and "gird up the loins of their mind, be sober and hope to the end for the grace that is to come unto them quickly;" that with exceeding joy they will lift up their heads, because the hour of deliverance is at hand!

We believe that every one who appreciates this volume will have a burning desire to grasp his weapon and go forth to the smiting of the Jordan, giving praise to the Lord for the privilege. Some will murmur and find fault with this book; some will grow angry, and some will join the persecutors.

But, we believe, every saint whose heart is filled with love for God and for His people will rejoice and give praise to the Lord for this further evidence of His blessed favor.

The publisher takes pleasure in presenting this, the Seventh Volume, to the remaining members of the Church, and to all who may read with profit to themselves and to the glory of the Lord Jesus and our Father.

As the Lord has sent forth the other six volumes, His blessing has accompanied each. Excellent condition overall with a little discoloration due to age. The Finished Mystery: Forgotten Books. Title The Finished Mystery. Though we have made best efforts - the books may have occasional errors that do not impede the reading experience. Format Paperback. ISBN Publisher BiblioLife.

Format Hardcover. A Publication of Jehovah's Witnesses. Proceeds go to the publisher. The Mystery Finished! Forgotten Bo Mystery Finished! The Negro Has a Soul by A.

Title Mystery Finished! The Negro Has a Soul. Author A.

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