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Read StarCraft: Ghost--Spectres by Nate Kenyon for free with a 30 day free trial. Read unlimited* books and audiobooks on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android. It looks like you are running an ad-blocking script. We've got good news for you! We at The-Eye do not believe in advertisements, thus we do not have any. StarCraft: Ghost--Spectres by Nate Kenyon - Dominion ghosts epitomize the height of terran evolution and physical conditioning. Augmented by technologies .

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Download PDF Starcraft Ghost Spectres eBook starcraft ghost spectres Dominion ghosts epitomize the height of terran evolution and physical conditioning. StarCraft: Ghost: Spectres Nate Kenyon ebook. Page: Publisher: Pocket Star Format: pdf. ISBN: StarCraft: Ghost--Spectres by Nate. StarCraft: Ghost--Spectres [Nate Kenyon] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Dominion ghosts epitomize the height of terran evolution and.

About The Book Dominion ghosts epitomize the height of terran evolution and physical conditioning. Augmented by technologies that harness their innate psionic potential, these lethal operatives use telepathy and other superhuman powers to isolate and destroy the enemies of the Dominion. But when the hunters become the hunted and ghosts start disappearing without a trace, even the most dangerous human soldiers in the Koprulu sector have something to fear Enter Nova Terra, a ghost of unparalleled ability. On orders fromEmperor Arcturus Mengsk, Nova embarks on a secret mission to find her missing comrades. As her investigation leads down a maze of dark corridors, painful memories of her pre-ghost years begin to surface. Soon, Nova learns that there might be a connection between the missing agents and her past, a discovery that will pit her against both the shadows ofher youth and a terrifying new breed of psionic warrior: spectres. This is the story that StarCraft fans have been waiting for—a pulse-pounding adventure based on the never-released StarCraft: Ghost tactical-action console game. His second, The Reach, also a Stoker Award finalist, received a starred review from Publishers Weekly and was recently optioned for film. Publisher: Pocket Star September Length: pages.

He exhibited great confidence that he could destroy the Confederacy. The Confederacy avoided action against the zerg and even arrested the Colonial Militia forces. Mengsk quickly found himself in demand as the only force there willing to face the zerg. He believed secret Confederate military technology was concealed inside.

Within Raynor discovered zerg being imprisoned, but Mengsk had seen Confederate experiments with zerg before. Meanwhile the Sons of Korhal struck against various symbolic targets on Tarsonis , such as the Palombo Valley plant operated by Old Family patriarch Constantino Terra through the use of inside agents.

Mengsk broadcast video messages after each such attack. Mengsk's next destination was Antiga Prime , where the colonists were ready to begin open revolt against the Confederacy. However, the Confederates, aware of this as well, stationed a large detachment of Alpha Squadron troops there to suppress the nascent revolt.

Alpha Squadron's General Edmund Duke was unable to respond to this event because his flagship, the Norad II , was attacked by the zerg in high orbit over Antiga Prime; it crash-landed in a position surrounded by the zerg. Mengsk was determined to rescue Duke, over the objections of Raynor and Kerrigan.

He sent Raynor and his troops to save Duke, whom he convinced to join him by offering him a position in his cabinet.

StarCraft: Ghost--Spectres by Nate Kenyon - Read Online

The Confederates discovered Mengsk's position and send a large Delta Squadron strike force, which established a base camp within his defensive perimeter, [21] along with a massive Army and Colonial Fleet blockade. Sarah Kerrigan infiltrated the Delta Squadron base camp and activated the device; however, she expressed doubts about unleashing the zerg against anybody, even the Confederates. Soon, the zerg homed in on the signal, breaking the blockade and allowing the Sons of Korhal and allies to escape.

Sometime afterward the protoss arrived, wiping out all life on the surface of the planet. In the aftermath of Antiga Prime, Kerrigan attempted to dissuade Mengsk from further use of the psi emitter by convincing him to focus his efforts on liberating new upgraded goliath models from the Confederacy on G's moon.

Mengsk approved the operation, and the goliath models were incorporated into the Sons of Korhal. Not long after the operation Raynor and Kerrigan began to be romantically involved, a union Mengsk vocally disapproved of.

As the Sons of Korhal grew ever stronger, Confederate official Tamsen Cauley came to believe Mengsk would win the war. Tamsen sent the War Pigs , a team of outlaws, to assassinate Arcturus Mengsk. They struck in February [25] as Mengsk personally led his troops on Atticus Minor , a planet the Sons of Korhal had captured from the Confederacy but had fallen under threat from the zerg. The War Pigs hoped to use the chaos of the zerg invasion to kill Mengsk but were driven away by the zerg themselves.


His plan failed, Cauley tried a new tactic—ingratiating himself to Mengsk. In order to win the conflict against the Confederacy, Mengsk had to strike against Tarsonis. While Tarsonis had been invaded in the past, it had never fallen. Fortunately for Mengsk, Duke had defended Tarsonis in over thirty major battles and so knew its defenses inside and out.

Duke's plan was to assault the central of the three primary orbital platforms, causing enough of a ruckus to allow a small force to break through the planetary defenses. He would use the psi emitters to summon the zerg. Customers who bought this product also downloadd Mengsk did not inform Kerrigan or Raynor of this part of the plan.

While successful, causing the destruction of the Confederacy , it alienated both Kerrigan and Raynor. However, Kerrigan remained loyal and followed his next set of orders Kerrigan knew that the protoss were there to exterminate all life on Tarsonis , not just the zerg, so she agreed to follow the orders. She and her strike force defeated the protoss but, as a wave of zerg advanced on her position, were abandoned as Mengsk ordered the immediate disengagement of the Korhal fleet from the Tarsonian system, despite Raynor's protest.

Following the loss of Kerrigan, Raynor and his men left the Sons of Korhal and formed their own rebel group, Raynor's Raiders. Some etiopathogenetic aspects of chronic prostatitis: mycoplasmas, coryneform bacteria and oxidative stress!

Arcturus Mengsk! They took Liberty with them, but not before a brawl with General Duke. Mengsk offered a media position to Liberty, but was rebuffed. Before leaving with Mengsk, Duke successfully activated the Ion cannon , a powerful piece of technology, and Tarsonis' primary defensive weapon, which would shoot down Raynor's forces if they attempted to leave.

Raynor was forced to destroy the Ion cannon in order to escape. The successful destruction of Tarsonis caused the fall of the Confederacy. Most Confederate survivors joined the Sons of Korhal, [33] including the remaining Confederate squadrons, which were forcefully conscripted, giving the Dominion military supremacy.

With Duke by his side, he was unopposed by any of the major terran militias within the Sector. Mengsk received a psionic call from Kerrigan on Char. Having reinforced the armies of the Dominion by forcefully conscripting the remaining warriors of the defunct Terran Confederacy, Mengsk set out to fortify the various worlds under his care.

StarCraft: Evolution: A StarCraft Novel por Timothy Zahn

Meanwhile Mengsk also tried to bring to justice a terran criminal, Alan Schezar. As the final battle concluded on Aiur and the zerg reeled in disarray throughout the sector, Mengsk was left to wonder what ever became of Kerrigan. Mengsk still did not trust General Duke, despite his oaths, so he sent him and his Alpha Squadron on a seemingly unimportant mission to the world of Bhekar Ro , whose colonists sought his help.

The mission ended in disaster for Duke. Not long after the battle, Mengsk sent a drop pod containing a zerg drone to the mining world of Shi. He had learnt that Old Family heirs had taken refuge there during the war, and was willing to use the zerg to eliminate them.

He later had the UNN report that the heirs had died on Tarsonis. Arcturus Mengsk made his first official visit to Umoja six months after his inauguration. He was also there to see his son, Valerian. He took a fleet of Dominion vessels with him, but ambassador Ailin Pasteur demanded he leave the ships beyond the outer markers. Mengsk had to descend in an obsolete gun cutter.

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He took about twelve soldiers with him. They used jammers to cut off communication with the Dominion fleet and Protectorate military assistance, and outnumbered the defenders. The gun cutter itself was too heavily damage to fly, falling down the shaft of a landing platform. Mengsk planned on using the gun cutter's powerful communication equipment to call for help, and ordered Valerian and other people to safety, but Valerian insisted on accompanying him.

Together with Master Miyamoto , they fled down an underground path to the gun cutter. From this position of relative safety, they were able to hold off the attacking marines for some time.

StarCraft: Ghost--Spectres

However, Valerian was nearly killed by Captain Emillian , and only the sacrifice of Master Miyamoto gave him the upper hand — he shot her down.

Not just a lack of any terran thought patterns, which would have been strange enough, considering she was chasing someone. This felt artificial to her, a complete absence of anything at all—a vacuum. Her senses were on full alert, but for the life of her, she could not figure out why.

She had found nothing so far that would indicate a heavy enemy presence or anything that would pose a threat to her. As a ghost with a psi index of 6. Nothing but protoss and the zerg Queen of Blades could boast of psionic abilities greater than those of ghosts. And this was clearly not an alien operation. XN crossed the cavern to the far opening.

It was a natural fissure in the rock, roughly triangular and far older than the first two tunnels. She ducked inside, took a few tentative steps with the rifle up and ready, her own breathing heavy in her ears. The walls were no more than three meters apart, and she felt them closing in on her. The ceiling came to a point not far above her head, and she imagined the weight of the rock poised above her, many tons of it pressing down.

This was not like her at all. She was tensing up, sensing a trap, on full alert and on the edge of losing control, with no obvious reason for it. Her cloaking device was still on; even with advanced optics, nobody would be able to see her.

She took another few steps, trying to calm her breathing. Pull yourself together, girl. A meter farther in, the fissure began to expand again, the ceiling rising higher above her head, then took a jag to the left. The floor split with a hairline crack that quickly grew wide enough to swallow a man.

A faint blue-green glow drifted up from below, along with something else. At first she thought it was vespene gas, but the sensors could not get a reading on it.

It eddied around her feet like mist. XN let out a gasp, whirled, searching for a target, but saw nothing. The tunnel was empty and silent, the voice inside her head. The attack came out of nowhere, a stunning blow to the back of her neck that knocked her off balance, her rifle ripped from her grasp and skittering away across the rock floor.

Stars exploded across her vision as she went into a roll, instincts kicking in even as her mind began frantically trying to process who, or what, was after her, and how it had found her cloaked form.

She could not sense anything, could not hear any inner thoughts beyond what had just been fed to her, the normal internal terran chatter most telepaths endure on a daily basis completely absent.

She came to her feet in one fluid movement, sidearm already in her hand, and caught a glimpse of a shadowy, black-suited figure, gone before she had the chance to react; her roundhouse kick met nothing but air.

Panic rose up and she pushed it roughly away, her training at the Ghost Academy and her combat experience flooding back. Identify the enemy, locate a weakness, and exploit it.

This time she saw nothing at all before she was struck full in the face with what felt like a neosteel beam, her headgear wrenched away, blood filling her mouth as she gasped for air and staggered backward. Her head was ringing and the panic was a full-blown screeching mutalisk inside her now, and she turned and leapt over the faintly glowing rift in the floor to the other side, a sob catching in her throat as the mistlike gas washed over her.

Laughter followed her, echoing off the rock on all sides. Breathe deep, little ghost. And see the light. XN fumbled through the darkness, arms outstretched until she touched the wall, a metallic stench in her nostrils. It smelled like the blood that still dripped from her split upper lip.

Kath Toom? It had been so long since she had heard her real name, she could barely remember it. All ghosts were subjected to memory wipes after the academy, and again after every major mission, and they were trained to respond to their ghost ID as a rule.

She had gotten used to thinking of herself as a number. How was it possible that her attacker knew who she was? Breathe deep. In spite of herself, she did. Something began to worm its way into her mind, lighting her up from the inside. Her pulse quickened further, beads of sweat breaking out on her forehead.

Flashes stuttered before her eyes: She threw up her arms as if to ward off an attack and stumbled backward into the crevice in the floor behind her. She fell, screaming, into the abyss. An iron grip clutched her outstretched wrist, and a vicious jerk brought her up short.

She dangled, swinging gently, and the hand pulled her upward, over the lip of rock, until she lay panting on her stomach, quivering and broken. More laughter followed her, echoing off the rock on all sides. Then a hooded face leaned toward her in the faint glow.

Now go to sleep again, little ghost. A fist came crashing down, sending Agent XN, otherwise known as Kath Toom, deeper into blackness. Several members of the terrorist group were retained for interrogation. Emperor Mengsk issued a brief statement, calling the group impotent leftovers of a failed campaign and vowing to stamp out the last of the stranded UED presence scattered across the Dominion.

This marks the latest in a series of loosely organized and largely unsuccessful terrorist attacks on Terran Dominion locations.

While it is estimated that a handful of these UED cells remain active, they pose no real threat to citizens, and marines are closing in fast. Those with information on such cells are urged to contact their local authorities immediately.

She had grabbed a few minutes of uninterrupted sleep, but they were close now, and she wanted to be on the bridge before the target was in range. They were too unpredictable. She stretched, feeling the restlessness in her muscles. Her white and blue hostile environment suit clung to her like a second skin as she opened the door and emerged, blinking, into the lighted corridor.

A well-muscled marine coming the other way gave her a wide berth while looking her up and down. Private Godard. Then again, she was used to it. The effect she had on men was a curious mixture of lust and fear, and she never hesitated to use their discomfort to serve her purposes when necessary. She made her way through the tight, mazelike passages of the marine battlecruiser toward the bridge, passing the galley, where the smell of acrid coffee and mirafruit pies wafted over her and the gruff voices of marines shattered the momentary quiet.

A small group of them in full combat suits was sitting at a nearby table with a game of holocards, the splayed hands the men were playing hovering in the air in front of them as they swiped from the virtual deck and swore good-naturedly at each other. The entire ship was alive with the anticipation that comes with an impending battle, and the buzz of elevated thought patterns made her skin tingle. She reviewed her briefings one more time along the way.

It was unclear whether the ghost had been found, or whether the wrangler himself had survived the blast. Under other circumstances, she might have prepared for a relatively simple recovery and fact-finding mission.

But this was not the first ghost who had disappeared during the past few months, and that was more than unusual.

Neural inhibitors and regular mind wipes kept them loyal to the Dominion, even if they might have otherwise felt the urge to stray. That, combined with scattered reports of terrorist attacks on strategic Dominion strongholds by some kind of special forces unit with ghostlike abilities, made for some serious conspiracy theories.

Nova had her own reasons for embracing the blissful ignorance of her past that came with becoming a ghost. She fingered the well-worn slip of paper she kept tucked into her ghost suit.

As Nova neared the bridge, she expected to find them preparing for an orderly deployment to the surface of Altara. But even before she strode through the door, she felt the tension in the air. She felt something else too: The room fairly crackled with electricity, the attitude of those manning the bridge confirming what she already knew. An alien zerg mass was approaching, and quickly.

Nova, of course, knew better, but even she had to admit to a momentary pause when considering that something so utterly inhuman and bloodthirsty was nearby. They either devoured or absorbed the genetic blueprint of every life-form in their wake, with new and more dangerous versions cropping up as a result.

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About The Book. About The Author. Nate Kenyon.

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