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Books Download Spud Learning to Fly [PDF, Kindle] by John van de Ruit Online Full Collection "Click Visit button" to access full FREE ebook. PDF | 2+ hours read | The article identifies salient features of Van de Ruit's novels “Spud: a South African author John van de Ruit's Spud: a wickedly1 funny. Spud pdf (ePUB) book. The first edition of this novel was published in January 1st , and was written by John van de Ruit. The book was.

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Spud John Van De Ruit Pdf

Get Free Read & Download Files Spud 1 John Van De Ruit PDF. SPUD 1 JOHN VAN DE RUIT. Download: Spud 1 John Van De Ruit. SPUD 1 JOHN VAN DE. august , woking, uk spud - learning to fly by john van de ruit wins to fly john van de ruit page 1. p pdf,husqvarna r rx f fx. Thank you very much for reading spud john van de ruit. As you may know, people have search hundreds times for their chosen readings like this spud john van.

The protagonist. Possessing a dry sense of humour and acid wit, Spud often writes of his discontent for his life, due to the major embarrassment he gets from having deranged parents, a senile grandmother and being part of one of the most notorious gangs in the school. Frequent topics of complaint are his spudness, his low self-esteem and various personal matters, such as his shaky relationship with his girlfriend, Mermaid. Being surrounded by madness often makes him question his own sanity. Spud also writes of his acting aspirations, and has two major school plays — Oliver! Despite his pessimism regarding his looks and spudness, his biggest surprise is the number of girls he attracts — by the final book, he has attracted the attention of at least six girls. Due to his parents' difficult financial situation, he got into the school through a scholarship. He is known for having a public affair with Eve, the drama teacher and wife of his housemaster, and his exceptionally brutal ways. He is described as being very muscular and has black hair. In his third year, he starts to become a kinder and much more protective person, and is often seen to threaten the second years with punishment if they make any attempts at initiating the first years. Charlie 'Mad Dog' Hooper — A fierce and ruthless thug-like boy so named because of his hunting habits.

At the end of his third year, he becomes Head of House which Rambo says he had deliberately avoided due to the responsibilities required. Sidney "Fatty" Smitherson-Scott — an obese boy who eats almost anything once an old rugby boot and is one of Spud's friends in the series. He is also an eating champion and local celebrity, having won several eating competitions. Although he starts to diet extensively while in a relationship with Penny, she eventually breaks up with him, and he reverts to his gluttonous ways.

He is forced to leave the school, fairly early on after it emerges that his dad has been breaking the law. Spud develops an intense dislike of him, both because he is rude, arrogant and unfriendly, and because he is replacing Gecko, which Spud sees as a personal affront to him.

The cat, very much like Vern, exhibits traits of madness. Garth Garlic — a Malawian student who replaces Mad Dog. Spud often writes of the insufferable Garlic's incessant talking specifically about Malawi , and how he persists with it even after being advised by Spud to keep quiet Spud claims he has ' verbal diarrhea '. Nevertheless, Spud finds him becoming a friend. She is described as being very beautiful with blonde hair and big green eyes, hence her nickname.

In the first book Spud writes of her growing depression after her father moves out. She is very fickle and has little respect for Spud's heart, twice breaking up with him on Valentine's Day - the first time after having won a beauty competition and finding a more attractive boyfriend, and the second time to become a born-again Christian and establish a close relationship with a year-old cricket umpire named Gavin.

These events are a frequent topic that Spud writes about in his diary, and although it appears that he lacks the self-esteem to confront her about this, he eventually finds the strength in the third book, firmly telling her that "I don't think we can be friends anymore," although this incident brings her out in tears.

Despite these breakups, she continues to hold feelings for him, and he frequently writes of their strained interaction. Their relationship eventually reignites permanently after she breaks up with Gavin in Exit, Pursued by a Bear, and she becomes Spud's date to Matric Dance. Despite their continued relationship, her poor alcohol tolerance prevents them from engaging in intimacy, which becomes a source of frustration to Spud.

Amanda - Spud's second love. She is two years older than Spud and was cast in a leading role in the play Oliver!. Spud is enamoured by her, repeatedly describing her resemblance to actress Julia Roberts , but expresses his guilt over this, as he still loves Debbie. Spud is bemused when she refers to him as her "boy toy" in the second book, due to her being in a relationship with a second-year varsity boy.

She invites him to go on vacation with her during summer holidays, but his mother does not allow him. Spud writes that she has called him a 'coward,' and a 'mother lover' for this. While at a social at Saint Joan's, Spud discovers that she is head girl of her house, and he is summoned to visit her. There, she kisses him, much to his surprise.

Later, while he and the other cast members of A Midsummer Night's Dream at Wrexham College in Pietermaritzburg , she sends him a painting, painted by her father, of her in the nude, which astonishes the head teacher overseeing Spud's group.

Although he considers asking her to be his Matric Dance date, Spud appears to have severed all ties with her in Exit, Pursued by a Bear, after learning she had slept with Rambo on New Year's Eve, although he holds no ill feeling towards Rambo. Christine - a girl slightly older than Spud who is something of a slut, and who seems to have taken a shine to Spud. When she acts in the school's production of Oliver! Despite this, Spud is disgusted and slightly disturbed by her - this is exacerbated when, while at a party at her house with Gecko with whom she formed a relationship in order to get close to Spud , she lures him into her bedroom and forcibly tries to get him to have sex with her.

Based on his writings, Spud is the only boy in the entire series who turns down her advances, despite her persistence, suggesting he may be the only boy in the series she has genuine feelings for. She continues to make advances on Spud when he goes to the Matric dance with Mermaid Christine had gone with Boggo. He first describes Brenda as "looking slightly Spanish," and says of Penny "She had that look about her that she might be stunningly beautiful in five years time. He later reverts to his gluttonous ways after the two eventually break up in Exit, Pursued by a Bear.

Brenda, Penny's best friend, has an obvious crush on Spud, but he has no interest in her at all. After the social, she continues to stalk him through many letters and telephone calls, which he ignores, having been freaked out by her mildly disturbing personality and perverse sense of humour.

Leanne - an attractive girl Spud briefly hooks up with at a hotel while holidaying with his parents.

Although they don't meet again, Spud remembers his time with her fondly, and it gives him enough of a confidence boost to get back together with the Mermaid, and to ensure he keeps her. He is also said to have a lisp, as seen when he attempts to pronounce Fatty's real name he promptly gives him his nickname. He leaves the school at the end of The Madness Continues. Julian - A very camp Matric prefect whose favourite hobby is photographing the behinds of all the first years when they are beaten by Sparerib.

Spud's Head Chorister. He is also very sensitive around Spud. He leaves the school midway through The Madness Continues. Bert - Julian's sidekick and implied boyfriend.

Spud books by John van de Ruit

Leonard Pike - Spud's and the Crazy Eight's nemesis. He is often seen to be bullying most of the students, and often members of the Crazy Eight. He enjoys flashing himself to the members of the Crazy Eight, but this is often written off as being part of his behaviour. However, it is suggested that he has a homosexual crush on Spud, as he makes a sexual advance towards him at the end of the first book.

He shows up in Learning to Fly and is made a prefect, much to the horror of the group, as they cannot do anything without getting into trouble because of him.

After he is de-prefected midway through the year, he suspects Spud ratted on him for his possession of illicit items Spud was actually doing some work for Viking. In his very final appearance, he corners Spud at the cricket nets and, to Spud's shock, proceeds to passionately kiss him, confirming that he has a crush on him.

As Spud recovers from this turn of events, Pike walks away, with his last words to Spud simply being "Something to remember me by.

Geoff Lawson - A friend of Spud's in a different house. He went to his farm on various occasions throughout the books. Grant "Earthworm" Edwards - Spud's prefect, and slave master, although he is usually very kind.

Befriends Spud, mostly due to his interest in literature, and his sharing a name with John Milton , one of his favourite poets. Mr John Riley Crispo - The elderly history teacher.

Spud Series by John van de Ruit

Spud reminds Crispo of himself when he was young and takes a likeness to him. He does not teach the history syllabus as he is supposed to, but rather recounts his experiences in The Second World War. After he dies, Spud sings at his funeral. Mrs Wilson, Eve - Drama teacher. Plays Nancy the prostitute in the school play Oliver! She cheats on her husband with Rambo. So nicknamed because "Eve came from Adam's sparerib.

Referred to by Spud as "resident school Hitler," in second book.

Spud Series

He replaces Sparerib as housemaster of Spud's house in Learning to Fly. The same book gives his first name as Victor. Mr Glockenshpeel, The Glock - Headmaster.

It details Spud's second year of boarding school and trip to England paid by Wombat, his crazy grandmother. In June , the third book in the Spud series was released. Titled Spud - Learning to Fly. This book details Spud's third year at a school based on Michaelhouse , where he is now back at school and Pike returns for Post-Matric years and is a prefect. Pike being made a prefect means the Crazy Eight are vulnerable and cannot do anything without getting in trouble.

The fourth and final book in the series, detailing Spud's Matric year , was released August , under the title "Spud -Exit, Pursued by a Bear. After commercial success in South Africa it won the Booksellers award , the United States saw a release of this book It is now available in North America. The film was a massive success in South Africa, topping the box office, despite the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — Part 1 at the same time. Following the success of the first film, production of a sequel, Spud: The Madness Continues , was confirmed in May , for a July shoot.

Spud-The Madness Continues

It was released in In , a third film, Spud 3: Learning to Fly , was released on 28 November. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article relies too much on references to primary sources.

Please improve this by adding secondary or tertiary sources. January Learn how and when to remove this template message. Main article: Spud film.

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