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'For I the Lord thy God am a jealous God, and visit the sins of the fathers upon the children unto The Sins of the Fath The Collected Short Stories - Jeffrey. Sons of Fortune. Home · Sons of Fortune Author: Macdonald Malcolm Sons of Fortune. Read more · Archer, Jeffrey - Sons Of Fortune · Read more · Sons. Archer, Jeffrey - Sons Of Fortune. Home · Archer, Jeffrey - Sons Of Fortune Author: Archer Jeffrey Sons Of Fortune. Read more · Sons of Fortune · Read more.

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hadn't needed to explain the meaning of fortune hunters . my son?" "Of course you can, Mrs. Davenport," replied Miss Nichol, rising quickly from her chair. View Sons of Fortune - Jeffrey from COMP MI at Boston College . SONS of fortune by Jeffrey Archer ALSO BY JEFFREY ARCHER NOVELS Not. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Veteran novelist and British politician Archer (Kane Sons of Fortune - Kindle edition by Jeffrey Archer. Download it.

Sons of Fortune talks about twin brothers who got parted in a cinematic consequence and grown up without knowing the existence of each other. In late s in Hartford , Connecticut a set of twins who are separated at birth by a millionaire couple's nurse, after the millionaire couple's child - born the same day - dies of cot death in the hospital and she secretly switches Peter for the dead Fletcher Davenport. Nat Cartwright goes to home with his parents, a school teacher and an insurance salesman. But his twin brother is to begin days as Fletcher Andrew Davenport according to chapter 2 , the only son of a multi millionaire and his society wife. Both complete their graduation.

Through clues in the book regarding their place alongside the mayor and who called heads, one can deduct that the winner is Fletcher.

In the end, Fletcher definitely wins and becomes the governor as before the toss, Fletcher was to the left of the mayor. After the toss, the mayor picks up the coin and "turned" and then congratulated the man who was now to his right Fletcher.

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Also Fletcher always said heads, so at that time too he must be the one who said heads. Jeffrey Archer also confirmed in Twitter that it was Fletcher. Chapter 31 starts by saying Fletcher always liked to call heads. Several aspects of the plot, as well as specific incidents such as the toss of the coin, also occur in a previous book he wrote - First Among Equals , which is a power struggle between four politicians for the prime ministership of the UK.

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Sons of Fortune

Not the ideal start for any romance. The next recorded meeting, according to the best man, was when they both arrived at their elementary school.

Few boys tried a second time. At the end of their first year, Susan and M ichael were jointly awarded the class prize.

Their teacher considered it the best course of action if she hoped to prevent another ice-cream incident. The rivalry continued unabated through junior and senior high Until they departed for different universities, M ichael to Connecticut State and Susan to Georgetown. For the next four years, they both worked hard at avoiding each other. The biggest surprise was not that M ichael accepted the invitation, but that he turned up. They chatted like old friends, and Susan was surprised at how disappointed she felt when a classmate from Georgetown joined them and started flirting with M ichael.

Susan enjoyed the film, even though it was her second time, and wondered if M ichael would put an arm around her shoulder when Spencer Tracey kissed Katharine Hepburn. That was when they had their first row, well, disagreement. M ichael admitted that he was going to vote for Thomas Dewey in November, while Susan made it clear that she wanted the incumbent Democrat, Harry Truman, to remain in the White House. The waiter placed the ice cream in front of Susan.

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She stared down at it. M ichael admitted to his mother over breakfast that morning it had been love at first sight.

Both had landed jobs within days of leaving college, M ichael as a trainee with the Hartford Life Insurance Co. Greenwood told them in the sixth month that it was going to be twins he was doubly delighted. Susan continued teaching until her eighth month, which happily coincided with the Easter vacation.

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She arrived at the hospital on the twenty-eighth day of the ninth month carrying a small suitcase. M ichael left work early and joined her a few minutes later, with the news that he had been promoted to account executive. Greenwood suggested to M ichael that he wait outside during the delivery, as with twins there just might be complications.

M ichael paced up and down the long corridor. Whenever he reached the portrait of Josiah Preston hanging on the far wall, he turned and retraced his steps. The green-clad figure walked slowly toward him before removing his mask. M ichael tried to fathom the expression on his face. In his profession it was an advantage to be able to decipher expressions and second-guess thoughts, because when it came to selling life insurance you needed to anticipate any anxieties a potential client might have.

However, when it came to this life insurance policy, the doctor gave nothing away. Cartwright, you have two healthy sons. For the next hour, the parents took turns cuddling them, until Dr. Greenwood suggested that perhaps mother and babies should be allowed to rest. She was placing name tags around their tiny wrists. When he opened the door, he was pleased to find that Susan was fast asleep. He kissed her gently on the forehead. M ichael left her, walked down the corridor and stepped into the elevator to find Dr.

Greenwood had exchanged his green scrubs for a sports jacket and gray flannels. Cartwright, to check on your wife and see how the twins are doing. Not that I anticipate any problems. Greenwood smiled, and would have left the hospital and driven home had he not spotted an elegant lady coming through the swing doors. He walked quickly across to join Ruth Davenport. M ichael Cartwright glanced back to see the doctor holding open the elevator doors for two women, one heavily pregnant.

An anxious look had replaced Dr. He strolled across to his car, trying to think about what needed to be done next, still unable to remove the broad grin from his face. The first thing he must do was phone his parents Greenwood, for professional reasons, would not have put it quite so bluntly, although after two miscarriages in as many years, he could not advise his patient to risk becoming pregnant again.

Robert Davenport, on the other hand, was not bound by the same professional etiquette and when he learned that his wife was expecting for a third time, he had been characteristically blunt.

He simply issued an ultimatum: Robert Davenport assumed his firstborn would be a boy. But Ruth had to settle for the consolation prize when she succeeded her father as chairman of St. Although some of the older fraternity at St. In fact, Ruth was beginning to doubt if she would ever fall in love. Until she met Robert. This time Ruth did fall in love, with a man who was neither overwhelmed nor overawed by the Preston name or the Preston millions.

In fact when Ruth suggested that perhaps she should become M rs. However, even this quickly began to look like a passing cloud in an otherwise clear blue sky, when she became pregnant again eleven months later.

Ruth had been chairing a board meeting of the Hospital Trust when the contractions began, so she only needed to take the elevator up two floors to allow Dr. Greenwood to carry out the necessary check-up.

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