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shloka related Sanskrit Documents in Devanagari script Format: pdf सार्थश्लोकसङ्ग्रहः | Collection of Commonly Recited Shlokas with Meanings. श्रीमद्भगवद्गीता Shlokas (PDF) fill in the below form and you will be able to download all the Srimadbhagavadgeeta slokas for free. PDF | 50 minutes read | Subhashitas or Subhashitani refer to Sanskrit shlokas that provide in few words or lines guidelines for human conduct.

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Those of us who chose Sanskrit as an optional subject in school, can relate to the drill of memorizing shlokas along with their translation. At that. Introduction. Sanskrit Literature [Kavayas, Natakas(dramas), Epics, Puranas, Shatakas as well as the Vedas and Upanishads etc.] has given much importance to. This App (दैनिक श्लोक) has a list of Sloka / Shloka with Audio which can be chanted during/before/after various daily activities. The Daily Sloka / Shloka are.

Necessary Software It is not necessary to install any fonts in order to view the Sanskrit texts. All files on this site are in the PDF format. If you do not already have it on your computer you can download a copy for free from Adobe. If you want to listen to audio recordings and do not have Real Player, then you can download a free copy of Real Player don't bother downloading the fancy player; you don't need it. Accuracy All texts have been carefully proof-read.

Introduction There is in Sanskrit a whole body of literature that is based on a play with the language. This is not great literature or inspired poetry, but more in the nature of linguistic acrobatics. These writings are often obtuse and not easy to understand because they require a great mastery over all the complex grammatical structures. Several great poets, including Kalidasa, Bhartrihari, Magha and Sriharsha have made use of the adhamakavyas, sometimes even in their major works, in a spirit of playful indulgence.

There are instances where entire epics have been written in this style. These are known as chitrakavyas and are part of the alankarashastra, or Sanskrit rhetorics. Some of the creations border on the unbelievable and would perhaps be impossible in any other language. Here we will look briefly at a few examples to enjoy their flavor and taste.

Varnachitras The varnachitras are shlokas written with certain constraints on the use of consonants. He is the king Maya, the repository of the blessings that can destroy the foes. You, being the dispeller of sins, have come on this land.

25 Sanskrit Shlokas That Help Understand The Deeper Meaning Of Life

O Lord, do remember me. These are variations of what are known as palindromes in English—words or sentences that remain the same even in their mirror images. Here we have a verse in Sanskrit where each line is a palindrome; that is, it does not change when read forward or backward. The shloka therefore has an axis of symmetry at the center. This is a very great army, and the shouting of frightened people is heard. It has slain its enemies.

Therefore, the second line is the same as the first line but in reverse. Here is one from a poem where in each shloka the first line describes Rama and the second line Krishna. The striking feature is that the second line is always the reverse of the first line. Our last example in this category is exceptionally beautiful.

It is based on a well-known problem in mathematics. The challenge is to place a knight in one corner of the chessboard and to cover all 64 squares with the knight, without landing on any square twice. Published in: Full Name Comment goes here. Are you sure you want to Yes No. Alana Vaughan I recovered from bulimia.

You can too! Gayle Mayo Which food is best for weight loss? Show More. Jigar Patel , full time anesthetist at u. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Sanskrit subhashitas with english meaning 1. Agni fire , Rna runa-loan , shatru enemy , if remain even in small trace shesham will grow again punah punah pravardheta , so finish them completely tatah sheshamna karayet.

There are three jewels in this earth. They are water, food and Subhaashita!! But theFools call the pieces of rocks as Jewels! Subhaashitaa are nothing but the collectionof vast experiences of people or in other words wise sayings.

There is no official coronation RaajyaBhishekh ceremony held to declare that lion isthe king of jungle. He becomes king by his own attributes and heroism Parakram.

When it cathes fire in forest, wind is there to assist it. Samewind destroys a small lamp sa eva deep nashayay. The above Subhaashita is verymuch applicable from the national point of view. One will support you if you arepowerful or else the same will destroy you. So the only alternative with us is tobecome a mighty and powerful nation in the world.

A crooked mans Durjan Knowledge Vidya is used by him only for thearguments ViVaad , his Wealth Dhanam results in him becomming an egoistic Madaaya person and his Power Shakthi is used just to trouble others Paripidaanaaya.

The opposite is true for a good man sajjan. Crying Rodanam is the strength of a small child [Parents accede tothe childs demand due to the childs crying. Thus crying is the strength of a child as itcan get what it desires by crying! Not expressing the views is the strength of anunintillegent person! Thieves get away with their crimesby their art of telling the untruth.

Lets identify our strengths!! Horse Ashwam? Only the baby goat AjaaPutram is sacrificed during any ritual.

Conclusion is that even God does not protect the weak!! In all the 18 Puranas Shri. Vyaasa Maharshi has told only two gospels: Doing favourto others is Punya and troubling others is Paapa Sin!! Starting from Himalayas and extending upto Indu sarovaram Indian Ocean is the nation created by God which is known as Hindusthan. Himalayan rangesincluding Hindukush parvat on Western side and the ranges extending upto NorthMyanmar Brahmadesh on the Eastern side formed the Northern Boundary ofancient Hindusthan.

This land extended upto the Indian Ocean on the Southern side. This is the sacred land where God took Birth from time to time and recreated andestablished the social structure.

All the people over the earth Pruthiwyam Sarvamanavaha should take lessons aboutliving and building their characters from the ancestors Rishis and Saints Agrajanmanaha who took birth in this land, Nation. Etaddesh prasootasya The Hindu culture and heritage is the greatest of its kind in this world and has powerto lead and show right path to the whole world. Consideration like "he is mine or he is anothers" occur only to the narrow mindedpersons.

To the broad-minded persons the whole world is a family. Every moment one should learn, from every bit one should earn. Speed is the glory of Horse Ashwa. The majestic walk is the glory of elephant Gaja Being wise Chatur is an asset to women Naarya and always being engaged insome work Udyogo suits the man. Hunger, Thirst Trut and desire Aasha are like mans three wives. Until he is alivethese three will never leave him or go else where.

There is no letter which is not a mantra which cant be used in mantra , there is noroot, which cant form some medicine, there is no person who is absolutely useless.

But persons who can identify their utility and put them in proper usage are rare. The word "dharma" is derived from verb "dharaNa". Hence if something is able to hold people together, no doubt it is dharma.

Eating or things needed for survival , sleep, fear from somebody and sex life forreproduction , these habits are common between human beings and animals. It is "dharma" which isadditional important quality of man, without which he is same as an animal. O Maitreyi! Man is not loved by his wife because he is husband, but because of theAtma Soul in him. Telling truth is recommended, but more than that, tell those things which are ininterest of all.

According to me nArada here thing which is beneficial to largecommunity, is truth. There is no kingdom nor any king! No criminal nor any judge to give the penalty to thecriminal!!

All the people protect each other by the virtue of Dharma. This is a varnanof an Aadarsha samaj!!

A samaj which is a live samaj in which each and everyindividual lives completely up to his responsibility!! Only a samaj which will be madeup of such ideal individuals can realise the above subhaashita!! One example is worth mentioning. If the number of social service organisations suchas orphanages, child care centres etc. Infact such institutions will come up because the relativesor neighbours may have failed to do their Dharma!! Bhishmacharya is generallytelling dharmaraja about hou good his rule should be.

To my knowledge ekshwakuwas the first king any body can correct me if im wrong. Lakshman, This Golden Lanka does not allure me. Mother and Motherland is dearerto me even than heaven. It is very appropriate to remember theshloka on the occasion of Vijayadashami. Over six thousand years ago, after the greatVictory over Ravana, on the day of Vijayadashami, Lord Shree Ram tells Lakshmanathat He was not interested in the wealth of Lanka and did never want to rule Lanka.

He would rather go back to His Motherland. Later Vibheeshana was made the king ofLanka. Enmity ends with death. Now he rAvaNa is mine as he is yours. This reflects our sanskriti. As rAvaNa was dead, his brother bibhishan was hesitating for cremation. According tohim rAvaNas body was not worthy of proper treatment. A intelligent buddhiman man spends his time in the research and studies ofliterature Kaavya and philosophy Shastras like Veda Shastra, dharma shastraetc.

Or in other words the said subjects are means of his entertainment He getssatisfaction due to the studies of kaavya and philosophy. In contrast a unintelligent Murkha man gets satisfaction in bad habits like sleep Laziness , quarrel or some type of addiction.

Tatparya Conclusion: May be according to him a buddhiman is a person whoinvests his time in order to get some thing valuable and long lasting!! A book says: Protect me from oil Oily products which leave a mark on the page ;Protect me from water; Also protect me from the loose binding; And after doing all thisplease do not hand me over to a Murkha unintelligent person!! Donating somethingmore suites the hand than the bangles. Like wise the body of a sajjan person more suites by doing favours on others paropkar than application of sandalwoods cream to itself.

Amongst languages, language of gods girvANbharati - Sanskrit is sweet, in thatpoetry is beautyful and still in that subhAshit. For a generous person, money or wealth is insignificant is equivalent to grass. For abrave person, death has no value or it is no cause of worry.

For a selfless virakta person, his family is insignificant. And for a person who has no desires nispRha , this world is of no interest. Ruler ship and learning is not comparable any time. King gets respect from his owncountry where as learned person gets it from everywhere. One should avoid friendship or warm relationship with wicked person.

Here the poet describes the supremacy of Subhashitas. On this earth theRASA implied meaning of subhashitas is so sweet that the grapes felt ashamed ofits sweetness and crestfallen.

It is improper to start digging the well after the house has caught fire! We should bepro-active i. Only one person dies due to the poison; By the weapons too only one living creaturecan die. But due to the incorrect decisions by the king, the king himself, the wholenation and its citizens can die!! The learned and the intelligent readers can derive the significance of the abovesubhaashita and understand its implications by looking back at our history, even inthe past 50 years.

No need to mention specifically the sufferings caused to theKashmiri pandits in the Kashmir valley as the result of the decisions that were made!!!

The people who bow down to the Sun perform SUryanamaskArs everyday, povertydoes not arise intheir lives for thousands of births. The people who are punctual intheir duties like Sun, never become poor. Greatness is not by birth, greatness is decided by qualities of a person. As it increases from milk to curd to ghee. By giving an example of a lion the subhashitkAra here wants to emphasize that thedesire and capabilities should be added by the efforts and hard work to achieve thegoal!

It looks odd if teeth, hair, nails, and men are not at their proper place. Knowing this,wise man never leaves his place occupation. Doing something else is not desirable. Great men too remain alike in both thegood and bad times. There is no achievement like peace the word tapa might be used here to emphasizethe efforts required to keep your mind peaceful. All Upanishads are like cows, Gopalnandana Shrikrishna is their keeper.

IntelligentPartha Arjun is the calf who enjoys the milk and splendid GeetAmRit is the milk ofthese cows. Geeta is the precise summary of all Upanishadas. It is said that, if one dilutes milk with water, and gives to swan, swan is able to extractmilk and drink it. This subhashit is trying to explain that the external appearance does not make aperson great but his qualities. It also explains that wise people precisely know what isuseful and what is not. Crow is black, cuckoo bird is also black.

What is the difference between crow andcuckoo bird? But When spring arrives crow is crow and cuckoo bird is cuckoo bird. With the advent of spring, cuckoo bird starts singing with its sweet voice, but crowdoes not have this ability. This subhashit is exactly in lines with the previoussubhashit.

Only the difference is that I am bahuvrihi theone whose guardians are people and on the contrary you are Shashthipurush theguardian of people i. This shlok is from the conversation between Mahamantri Vidur and Dhritarashtra inMahabharat.

Vidur says, Your Majesty, always good speaking people can be easilyfound. But a person speaking bitter truth and one who listens to him are bothdifficult to find. Never believe a wicked person even if he is talking in your favor. When it comes to comparison between a serpent and a wicked person, it is theserpent who is the better of the two.

Because, a sperpent bites occasionally veryseldom. But, the wicked person stings causes pain at every step always.

Its better to have one good Gunvaan is the exact word! The darkness is expelledby one single moon and not by the group of stars!! At the tip of the hand fingers , is the abode of Goddess Lakshmi; in the center of thehand the palm stays Goddess Sarasvati.

At the base of the hand wrist , there is LordVishnu. We write by holding the pen in our fingers andpalm. All the work that we can do, is because of the wrists Vishnu is the Lord of theUniverse who governs its functioning. So, on waking up in the morning, one shouldhave a "darshan" of his hands. Knowledge Vidya is the real wealth, in a foreign land, So is Cleverness, at toughtimes.

Righteousness Dharma is the only wealth that can download Heaven Par-lok.

Download Gita in Sanskrit in Large Font - PDF Drive

Verily, Good Conduct Sheel is the wealth everywhere and at all the times! It cannot be stolen by thieves, Nor can it be taken away by kings. It cannot be dividedamong brothers and It does not cause a load on your shoulders. If spent, It indeedalways keeps growing. The wealth of knowledge is the most superior wealth of all! As a person with dirty cloth does not hesitate to sit anywhere, a person whosecharacter is spoiled, will not hesitate to do bad.

Every one must have experienced this the first half I mean: But once somebodysplashes some of it on you, you are tension free. Similarly to save your character, you have to take care only at first time.

Parmeshwar God doesnt himself take a danda Stick in his hand to protectsomeone. But he gives the buddhi Intelligence to a person whose safety he wishes,to withstand any attack! One can recall many instances in the life of Shivaji Maharajwhere the above subAshita can be perfectly applied!

A person, who wants to get some work done from another person, praises him till thework is pending. As, once youcross a river, why will you need a boat?

This Subhashit describes, how selfish we arewhen dealing with others. Obviously not to be practiced. This message iscoveyed by giving the example of a thick rope that is used to bind an elephant.

A thickrope gains its strength due to its innumerous small threads that are binded together,which in turn has so much of strength as to hold an elephant. Small drops of watermakes the ocean also conveys the same meaning. YOumay nor be treated with same respect as always.

So she uses it for her daily rituals likeburning it to cook food etc. A snake is cruel and so is the wicked person. But a wicked person should be calledmore cruel than the snake because the snake can be calmed by some techniques Mantras , but the wicked person cannot be kept in control by any such techniques!

First line - Till the son is five years old one should pamper him. When he crosses fivetill he becomes 10 he should be spanked. Tadayet means to spank in reality thoseare the years when one needs to discipline him. However, when he turns 16, he should be treated like a friend.

Means he should feelthat he is grown up and his opinion matters, which can happen when he is treated likea friend. A fully filled water container will not create much noise as compared to the half filledone. When the containers are given some jirk the water inside it will also move andcreate some noise.

Similarly Vidvaan Intelligent people always remain calm andwill not have any mis-placed pride as opposed to the people who know very less butalways keep talking. Nothing is more surprising than this.

This is from Mahabharata, encounter of Yudhishthira with Gandharva. Gandharva 11 Inresponse to this, Dharmaraja gave this answer. Meaning Line 1There is only one bird Khag who has very high self esteem and self respect, Let thatthat Chataka that birds name live long life Chiranjeev Meaning line -2Line two explains why is he called Khagomani.

He would prefer to die because ofthirst but will ask for water only from God Indra Purandar. Means, he drinks only rainwater. He will never drink water from the pond or stored water.

Patanjali Yoga Sutra Sanskrit Shloka

Such high self respectand self esteem he has. In our context we can take it this way, if you want to ask some thing then ask thatgreatest almighty who is the supreme self and not anyone else. If we want to be likeChataka or if we want to learn something from this bird. In other words dont doYachana Yachana is like asking something from some one as u are in need to anyone but only to the greatest authority which is GOD.

This bird comes in many contexts in Marathi or Sanskrit. Peace, Peace.. In a house where fools are not honoured fools are not involved in decision making ,where there are enough stocks of food and things required in day to days life andwhere there is no conflict between husband and wife, there lakshmi prosperity comes by its own.

Just like a donkey which carries the sandal wood on its back doesnt know theimportance Or Value of the sandal wood but only knows Realises about someweight which is put on its back, in the same way many learned people who havestudied the Shaastras Sciences dont realise the true meaning of it and simply carrythe weight of the knowledge!

Deer follow deer, cows follow cows, horses follow horses like that fool people followfools, and wise people go after wise. Here the subhAshitkAra wants to emphasise that the person who does the daana One who donates- The act of giving the personal belongings always achieves thehigher place than the person who just does the sangraha collection without thedaana.

Subhashitkar is addressing Satyavikram in this Subhashit. It is kudharma.

Among the hundred people only one is brave. Among the thousands of them only one is a PanditAmong the ten thousands only one is a good orator,But the people who "give" daata - One who donates are very very rare. But the the other more imp.

But a"saras" good person, cultured person, gentleman will not leave his this property ofbeing good person in any condition. Subhashitkar is telling us to be a sarasa personalong with being sAkShara. Giving food to the hungry is a good deed Donation of the food is a very gooddonation - anna dAnam. But more than the above type of dAna, educating thepeople Teaching - vidya dAnam is more better type of dAna because by food oneshunger would be calmed down only for the time being.

But the knowledge attained ishelpful for whole of our life.

Therefore it is said that vidya dAna is the most important among various other typesof dAna. Also refer to the previous subAshit Kr. The branches of a tree with full of fruits bend towards the earth Due to the weight ofthe fruits. In the same way good people are also modest namra towards the otherpeople.

But the unwise people murkha are like a dry stick which never bends They do notshow respect for others. Here, subhAShitkAr comparing a wicked person with poisonous creatures.

The subhAshit is talking about the similarity of a coconut tree and a good person. The coconut tree remembers the very small amount of salty water which it hasdrunk in its early ages, and it carries very good tasty water on his head throughout itslife.

In the similar way good people do not forget even a very small favour upkAr done to them. Bad company does not induce changes bad habits in a good person.

During sagarmanthan Gods did not get satisfied with precious jewels ratna nor theyfell pray to the terror of the deadly poison. They did not rest until they did get amrit which was the aim of the sagarmanthan exercise. The people with patience goodqualities do not rest stop until they get the pre determined targetted result. By breaking the pots. In this Subhashit, Subhaashitkar is describingthose people, whose aim is just to become popular by any means.

If we look around inour society, we will find plenty of them. A few people are always engaged in these"ghaTam bhindyAt" types of activities and by that they earn fame, theyve got nothingelse to bank on. Obviously Subhaashitkar is asking us to check whether we are doinganything like that.

A big storm which uproots the strongest and the biggest trees, doesnt harm the smallgrass grown on the ground! If a big storm can uproot the huge tree then why cant ituproot a small grass from the ground?! Like wise the strong people who have good qualities will not trouble the poor whohave less might as compared to themselves. The other meaning of this subhAshitacan be taken as there should be dvandva Fight only between the parties of thematching capabilities.

Moon is a lamp in the evening. Sun is a lamp in the morning. And a good son is alamp of the whole kula kula is the group of people belonging to the sameancestors. Here the implied meaning of the lamp is the one which shows a correct path to us. Itscorrect meaning may be perhaps understood by the samskrit line "tamasomajyotirgamya" - i. Lead us from darkness to the Light.

Meaning of the subhAShita: One who is not able to earn vidyA does not pay attention to learning in first brahmashcharyAshrama. Even in current context this is applicable because we still can divide life in these fourashrams. This subhAShita says that we shall do right things in right phases of life. Not starting the work which is not in our capacity is the first sign of buddhi Intelligence?!

If we start the work then carrying that work to its logical conclusion isthe second sign of buddhi. In case of normal individuals the words follow the meaning. But in case of great sages Rishis the meaning follows their words! Normally a person thinks of the meaningfirst and then frames the sentence as per that meaning.

But in case of the great sageslike Vashishta, Vishwamitra the casually uttered words by them would obtain a verydeep meaning. This subhAshita gives us an insight in the intellectual level that wasobtained by our ancient sages.

People become intelligent to give the advice upadesh to others when they are indistress. But the people forget that same intelligence while they themselves are in thedifficulty. This a very nice subhAshita which many of us may have experienced personally! What we have to realise is that we have to put ourselves in the place of that personand then think. Like in english we use the phrase that you have put your foot in theothers shoe!! The non poisonous snake should also imitate like biting some one!

Only for the sakeof self-defence Regardless of whether the snake has Poisson or not the hissing ofsnake will create the terror in the others mind. There is one small story regarding this.

Once a poisonous snake used to bite manypeople passing by the way. When Shri. Shankaracharya came to know this headvised the snake not to bite people and trouble them.

After few months when Shri. Shankaracharya was passing by the same way he noticed that the snake had becomevery much weak and had many wounds. Why have you become like this? It replied,"Oh Master! You only had told me not to bite the people. So when people came toknow that I do not cause any harm they started pelting stones at me". Shankaracharya replied, "I had only told you not to bite the people.

But I didnt tell youthat you should stop hissing at the others!! Its perfectly like the nonpoisonous snake above!! He shouldhiss but should not cause any harm to others. Probably the resourceful people Gunvaan is the exact samskrit word have to takemany troubles while the unresourceful people live peacefully. Like a parrot lives in acage while a crow flies freely in the sky!! Those who have wealth of self-esteem, live long life. For those who dont have self-esteem, what is use of wealth and long life?

Subhashitkar here is trying to portrayimportance of self esteem in life. If one has it, he is as good as living long life. If aperson does not have it, then according to subhaashitkar, life and wealth he has, isuseless.

There is no sight such as knowledge - i. By knowledege vidya one can see whatcannot be seen by a naked eye.