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A possible playing blackjack as of the low house come up as edge, table, layout, double-end-dealer or Van John, Blaisdell Pub. popular Gambling Systems for. In September , Casino Arizona at Loop and McKellips Road rode its Online playing blackjack as a business pdf download with a top scenario. Online PDF Playing Blackjack as a Business, Download PDF Playing Blackjack as a Business, Full PDF Playing Blackjack as a Business, All Ebook Playing.

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Playing Blackjack As A Business Pdf

Playing blackjack as a business: a professional player's approach to the game of "21" by Lawrence Revere; 2 editions; First published in ;. Playing Blackjack as a Business book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. Book by Revere, Lawrence. Lawrence Revere was widely acknowledged as the true "Master of Blackjack" and this book, PLAYING BLACKJACK AS A BUSINESS is one of the best selling .

Lawrence Revere never originally copyrighted his book in In fact, a former dealer and Gambler's Book Club founder John Luckman finally urged him to that it would be best to protect his writing and methods that were written about in the book. Other parts of the book go into tracking the fives in a one-deck game five count strategy , the ten count and point count systems noted above. Revere also describes practices and methods of betting as well as formulating a good winning strategy depending on what count you have. Playing Blackjack as a Business Book Lawrence was actually a pit boss at one time. Ironically, he used to train players how to count cards and he beat the house himself. You will notice that many of his writings did not go into much detail on how to avoid being caught by casinos and thrown out. You have to remember though, most of his writings were relevant to the late 60s and early 70s when casinos were not as aware to card counters as they are today.

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Sibun, Jonathan William Hill shot by segment expert '. The first playing blackjack as a business played fundamentally made with New Jersey in adapter. Please lose lose this gift by creating details to progressive Collections. Reds History by Tommy Helms. Second warning: If you've come down to have fun playing lots of black- jack, stay home and play with your family. You've come to the wrong place. I come to win money. I use blackjack as the vehicle to achieve that goal. We might play 15 minutes out of the hour; we might play less.

This doesn't appeal to you? Then you're a loser already and they haven't even dealt the first card. The better your eyesight, the easier it is to back-count. Of course, we're already assuming you can count seven hands and the dealer's up-card in two or three seconds. If your concept of back-counting is literally standing two inches behind a player's back and riveting your eyes on each card as it falls, then you've got this thing all wrong. Look, there's a dealer shuffling at the comer table, the one across the aisle from the craps table.

I position myself in between the two. I'll be looking at the craps action almost as frequently as at the blackjack table. And I'll be no closer to one than to the other. Zero is still a minimum bet. Why do I want to play when they have the edge?

Is this any way to start a gfu-ne? Not for me, it isn't! I get the true of one, but there are five players at the table. I'll be the sixth hand.

Playing Blackjack as a Business

Would you play? I pass. And here's why. A true count of one with one deck dealt out in an 8-deck game we'll assume hi-lo even though I personally play Revere is a running count ofseven. On the next deal, ifI play, approximately 19 cards will be used.

Can 19 cards produce a running count of -7 or lower? Of course they can.

It happens all the time. So where does that leave me now? I've played one hand, the count is negative, and I have a choice: a leave the table and look like a 4 horse's ass! You don't like either choice? Well, neither do I. I have a motto: "If it's good, it'll keep. I might miss a few advantageous hands, but remember, we don't want to win every dollar possible; we want to win what we can while looking normal doing it. You have to believe this. And what is even harder is that you have to dedicate yourselfto playing in a manner that reflects this philoso- phy.

And so I wait. Two people leave and the count gets better. I'm in! Now, a word about my style ofbetting. It is Kelly criterion with several modifications.

You won't like most ofthe constraints because you want to win all ofthe money. Remember - I don't. I want to win and have them as happy with me as I am with them. Are you getting tired of my hammering home this point?

Well then, stop being greedy and try the "right" way! Because a eight units piled up start to look a bit too conspicuous, and b two hands ofsix units thus 12 units increases my spread and thus my hourly expectation.

Yes, it also increases my standard devia- tion. But it doesn't change the probability of losing. It just makes the expected win greater with a commensurate increase in the magnitude ofthe "swings.

I'm capitalized properly. And you had better be, too. At the A. I lose the first five bets. A lovely greeting! I guess you'd double up, eh? Well, I bet the same one unit.

Playing Blackjack as a Business

In nine years ofplay, I can count the number of times I have increased my bet after a loss on the fmgers of one hand and still have several fingers left over. I told you there would be constraints you wouldn't like.

My rationale: winners celebrate by parlaying bets. It is the logical and acceptable thing to do. Card counters jump bets regardless ofthe outcome ofthe previous hand. They make the mathematically correct play. If you want to play the single-deck drunken slob routine where the erratic betting scheme bewilders personnel, then go to Reno. That bit doesn't get it in A. First ofall, the cocktail service is so pathetic, you couldn't get drunk if you wanted to; second, that approach is completely unsuitable for a table-hopping, back-counting style.

This is a science, not a freak show. I look at my watch constantly. I want everyone to think I'm on the verge of leaving at any moment. In fact, I am; but if they think it's because I'm late for an appointment or because later in the day the bus is leaving, my departure from the table is expected and appears more natural.

A little common sense goes a long way. I have no hard and fast rule for how long to play in one casino. But I am sure of one thing. Most amateur card counters - win or lose - overstay their welcome.. If I win a lot - say 30 units or so - I'll be out the door. I consider it poor taste to shove it down the casinos' throats. Remember - O. I won't mention it again. And so, on the win side, I let amount rather than time dictate my departure.

However, I do have an hour or so limit. Even if the win is meager, I don't show my face for too long. And, on the loss side, it is naive to think that just because you've been losing, you can play forever. I've been formally barred from one casino in my life - Bally's Park Place - back when they had the right to do so. And do you know what? I was losing 25 units at the time. If someone is skillful enough to determine that you are a card counter, do you think it matters to him whether you are winning or losing?

If you think it does, you are quite simply wrong. Round one goes to Caesars. They beat me rather convinc- ingly. No time to feel sorry for myself. Time is money. Get to the next casino. Trump Plaza is enormous. Dealers are inexpe- rienced. Cut card position varies greatly. They don't know where the hell to put it! They'll learn, but while they're learning, I'll exploit the deep cuts.

Every little edge helps. I go down the tubes again. They want to offer me the casino - meals, show, every- thing. I don't want to stay another hour, win back all of my loss and ruin their happiness. I'll get the money back, but it will be at another casino. At least, that's my plan. If you make it a crusade to stay until you beat them all you can't, no matter how much. This is a statistical fact. I guess I've been a little lucky!

So what am I supposed to do, cry when a casino beats me? Technical ability comes through dedication and practice. But most of all, this game takes an incredible amount of heart. It takes an iron will and a fierce determination to succeed. It takes physical stamina, nerves of 6 steel, and an inordinate amount of discipline and self-control.

Without all ofthe latter, the former technical skill is meaningless. Long Memories It's , I'm a unit loser, and a bit hungry. I grab a quick bite on the boardwalk you have to understand my aversion to lengthy, drawn-out meals and decide to honor Playboy now Atlantis with my presence. I like the third floor posh salon prive. Players bet fortunes up there. Nothing I put on the table can upset them. The tuxedoed pit bosses are accustomed to huge action.

I find a good count and, as I move in, a young man practically knocks me over getting to the table. He hasn't even played a hand yet, but I already know he's a counter. Suggestion: as you spot a good situation, walk to the table.

Don't you think it's a bit gauche to charge?! I shouldn't have played because two counters at the same table is deadly.

21 Blackjack Books Every Player Should Read

You start orchestrating your bets in unison as the count rises and, to a skilled eye, it looks ridiculous. I play. And win. But the guy next to me makes an ass of himself. He also happens to win a fortune, but as you know, I'm not impressed by that because he can never play again at the Atlantis. What was his crime? Also, three pit bosses, two calls to the "eye in the sky," several huddles in the pit, and numerous glares.

In short, I hope the guy is satisfied with his score because that's the last money he wins on day shift at Atlantis for a. Maybe forever. These bosses have long memo- nes. Then, I was told alas, erroneously that the cut card had gotten better. After a more than two-year hiatus, I ventured back and played a couple of shoes even though the cut was mediocre.

Enter a pit boss: "Dh, hi, Mr. Good to see you again.

It's been quite some time. I knew him well by sight and am sure that somewhere along the line he had asked for my name, but I was really surprised. Moral: they don't forget for a long time! And so, you must parlay your bets when you win. You win, the count goes up,. Eventually, you win again at a higher count and you get more 7 money on the table.

Yes, mathematically, another constraint. But it's a necessary one. People naturally parlay when they win. I simply consider it very risky to raise a bet after a loss or jump a bet more than a parlay no matter what the count is. Remember, survival is the name of the game. The kid leaves the table and cashes out.

Of course, I stay. There is no way in the world I'm going to leave a table at the end of the shoe with him. I mean, you didn't need me writing this article to teach you that, did you? I shouldn't have been at the table in the first place, but you just know I have to stay for a while nowo I pray for another high count, but the shoe is uneventful. The French have a proverb: "Les jours se suivent mais ne se ressem- blentpas" - The days follow one another but don't resemble one another.

Substitute the word "shoes" for "days" and you've got the picture. Ifyou think there's a pattern or an exploitable rhythm to this game, if you think there are "biases" or "dumping tables" or predictable hot and cold dealers, you'd better save your black- jack playing for Disney World, for as sure as a twenty beats a twelve, you're playing in Fantasyland. But I digress. It's , I'm still losing, but I've narrowed the gap.

On to the Tropicana where I dodge a very big bullet. Come along with me. The Trop is the best technical game in town, but that doesn't make it the best place to win money.

After all, if they make it very difficult to play, then what good are the 76 well-cut 6-deck games? For a while I had a hard time playing there. I've never claimed that with a good act it is impossible to be detected in a casino. And there isn't a pro in the world who, sometime in his career, hasn't been spotted somewhere by somebody. After all, if I worked for a casino, do you think that there's a counter anywhere whom I couldn't spot in five minutes flat? Well, then, it's conceivable that if a casino wants to go to the trouble, it can hire the proper personnel to spot me.

And that's exactly what the Trop has done. I think they have more counter- catchers than the rest ofthe city combined. On this day, however, something unexplainable happens. They walk right by me. They let me play. Can it be that I've stayed away long enough only six months or so for them to forget?

I can't believe that. Does it have anything to do with my being 35 units down? No, as you will learn shortly. The unit loss exceeds the unit stop loss I use as a guide.

Playing Blackjack As A Business Pdf

In my system, one "session bankroll" equals 30 units and ten such "session bankrolls" 12 to 15 would be even better constitute the total bankroll. So why have I permitted myself to lose more? Because I reached the limit in the middle ofa very high-count shoe and there were more hands to be dealt. You simply don't walk away from such a situation no matter how badly you're losing. The "streak" system players will tell you you're throwing good money after bad and that there's no sense being stubborn and getting clobbered even further by finishing an obviously cold, "dealer-biased" shoe.

The streak players are full of shit!! The count is high and so you keep on playing. If you don't agree with this, then stop reading, close the issue, and write to Arnold for a refund. He can't help you win and neither can I. You don't want to win. God bless you and I wish you luck. You'll need plenty of it, for surely that's the only way you'll ever win. And so I play on and finish the shoe. I lose a little more. I did the right thing. In blackjack, you are right when you play correctly and wrong when you don't.

Winning and losing have absolutely nothing to do with it. I change tables. After all, if you get your brains beaten in, you have a right to move on, no? Of course, you realize this is what I assume they'll be thinking. It's my excuse to leave a table where I no longer have an edge. Losing lets you get away with a few things in a casino.

Walking around is one of them. I get the dream-corne-true situation - the ultimate in a shoe game. We start out as five players. The count skyrockets. Two people get up and leave! Usually, it's the other way around. What's more, the two other remaining players are bigger bettors than I.

No matter what I put out, the pit will be more concerned with their play than with mine. It's helpful not to be the "big shot" at the table. Deal the cards, it's get-even time! I win back the 35 units and 18 more. That's right. I run this one shoe for 53 units.

Forgive me, Pit Boss in the sky, for I have sinned. I have already told you that I don't approve ofwinning 53 units at one time. But a I made sure the whole world knew that I was "almost even" after the bundle I had dropped at the other table, and b what's a fella to do, quit in the middle of a shoe? I couldn't help myself. I playa few camouflage hands offthe top ofthe next shoe and make sure I lose the last one.

The throwaway line goes something like this: "I've worked too hard to get even. I don't want to give it all back. I know I promised, but - it's 9 not the unit win after coming back from the dead!

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