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Are you looking for a PDF reader for iPad to read PDF files? Now there are dozens of developers offering PDF readers for free. You can directly. Looking for a best pdf reader for iPad or iPhone that can handle Also Read: Best Free Open Source PDF Editors for Windows and Mac. Our favorite PDF reader apps for Android and iOS will help you read those important documents on the go.

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Pdf Reader Ipad Free

A good PDF reader for iPad will be a literal game changer. Adobe. Price: Free. Best Feature: The Adobe name. Adobe has been in the PDF. Free; Offers In-App downloads Adobe Acrobat Reader is the free global standard for reliably Even drag and drop between apps on iPad. Adobe Acrobat Reader is the free global standard for reliably viewing, signing, and Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

A majority of ebooks online exist in the PDF format, and businesses also prefer their documents in this file format. The reason why PDF format has excelled as compared to other file formats is the fact that it is compatible with different platforms. A document in pdf format is often viewed as it is intended as formatting remains intact. Many people use an iPad for reading ebooks. You would need a pdf reader app to view, annotate and edit your pdf documents. The real problem arises when you have to choose the best pdf reader for iPad and iPhone from the vast range of options available in the App Store. Different pdf reader apps come with different set of features and choosing the best out of them according to your reading habits can be a task. Here, we have amassed a list of 10 best pdf reader apps for iPad and iPhone along with their important features, so that you can easily choose the best app for yourself. In fact, Adobe developed the PDF format in the year With this app, you can read and annotate files on your iPhone and iPad. However, you cannot edit the text of the PDF. Options are available for a single page or continuous page scrolling to choose from according to your convenience.

The app is fairly good.

The Best PDF Reader for iPad: The Ultimate List

The free version lets you do most of the basics and you need a subscription for many of the more advanced features. The pricing structure is a little convoluted, but this is one of the most functional PDF reader apps available. CamScanner is one of the better business PDF readers. This is great for digitizing documents for email or just in general. Additionally, it has faxing, sharing, collaboration features, advanced editing, password protection support, syncing, and much more.

The free version comes with basic features. The subscription unlocks everything.

DocuScan is a simple PDF app. This is perfect for business people who need to save receipts or documents that need to be sent elsewhere to fill it out. All of its features work well for reading books, magazines, comics, manga, guidebooks, and other such things in PDF format.

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There are options for text appearance, page turning animations, and more. The free version has a few limitations with library size and online translations. Foxit is one of the most popular PDF readers around. It works well for both business and e-book use.

The basic features include various editing features, support for multiple file formats on top of PDF, support for Slide Over and Split View, and document scanning. The subscription is a tad pricey, though. Yep, we have some other great PDF readers here! Linux is a challenging operating system sometimes.

It has the potential to do so much, but finding great stuff for it can take a bit of time and effort. That's especially true when it comes productivity …. PDF is a powerful file type. Many businesses, education centers, and plenty of other industries use them extensively.

They are also rather difficult to deal with. Chances are that you're here to find an app …. It features most of the basic stuff like PDF annotation, form filling and signing features, text to speech, and page management.

It also supports syncing, Touch ID support, iCloud support, cloud storage and network storage support, and tons of other stuff. Perhaps its most unique feature is support for Bluetooth pedals, which works best for musicians during live performances. Google Drive. Google Drive is great for a ton of things. It also handles PDFs quite well.

Basic Google Drive accounts get 15GB of free storage. Otherwise, the app and all of its features are entirely free. KyBook 2 is an e-book reader app with PDF support.

The app also includes cloud support including iCloud , various customization features, a speed reading feature, audio book support, and even translation. This is obviously geared more for reading than business use.

However, it has every ebook reading feature that you would want and more. The free version still works pretty well too. Tiny Scanner. Tiny Scanner is a super simple PDF scanner app. It lets you scan documents, receipts, forms, and what have you into PDF format for easier storage and sharing.

For example, in PDFpen you rename a document by double-tapping the file name, yet — even as a long-time user of the app — I often forget that shortcut every time I want to rename a document. PDF Expert tries to avoid taps and buttons where it can by clearly labeling things where needed and tailoring the gestures intuitively based on the view the user has chosen in the app.

Like everything else in PDF Expert, moving files around is extremely quick and easy.

Best PDF Reader for iPad

Side note: Dragging a PDF file on top of another creates a folder, which is shown via the files changing into a folder icon nice touch , but we would love to be able to toggle this action into a merging action. Dragging one PDF file onto another to merge the two together would be a better use for this action; after all, folders can always be created by tapping the new folder icon.

When you do find yourself tapping the Select button, be prepared to smile if working with PDFs is a large part of your life, as it is for me. As expected, tapping this button allows you to select multiple files to act on. However, it also opens up a new set of options in the sidebar, including:. Not all of these features are unique to PDF Expert, but it was the only app we tested with all of the features together in one app.

The most elusive to other apps are the tagging, zipping, and merging features. Even at that, many other apps simply did not perform these actions as easily as PDF Expert does. Not to mention, some of these tasks are even easier in PDF Expert on the iPad than they are in some desktop applications for the Mac.

Though specialized apps do exist for this specific task, we are trying to find a good all-in-one PDF solution. In both cases, PDF Expert handled the task quickly and without hiccups. While viewing a document, tap either one from the top-hand toolbar to select that mode. When it comes to annotations, PDF Expert has always had the most feature-rich highlighting engine in our testing. Offering very opaque coloring and dark colors makes it one of the few apps tested that allow you to easily redact lines of text using a black highlight, but do note that you need to flatten the PDF if you want it to remain redacted when shared.

This is something the NSA should probably look into.

Creation of those annotations is also a simple task. The small nature of the note bubble can make for rather tricky placement with a finger.

The Best PDF Reader for iPad: The Ultimate List

On the plus side, the note text is rendered in Helvetica and not Marker Felt. PDF Expert also boasts solid signature support, but we wish that we could insert a signature without the tap to hold gesture, which is hard, if not impossible, to do while holding the device with one hand.

It is odd that clicking the signature icon in the toolbar is not how you insert a signature, but rather how you create signatures, making it a confusing icon to have persistent in the toolbar. It used to be that you could only stow one signature in PDF Expert. Now you can insert any signature you like, whenever you like. Yes, you read that right: Doing so unlocks the following features:. PDF Expert allows you to switch between vertical and horizontal scrolling modes, both of which perform admirably.

Top 8 Free PDF Readers for iPad

Prior to the 6. Thankfully, that issue has since been resolved and vertical scrolling now performs exactly the way you want it to. Another welcome update is the ability to zoom out past the width of the page in landscape mode.

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