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Download free PDF File Reader for your Android phone or tablet, file size: MB, was updated /21/02 Requirements:android: Ice Cream. Download free Best PDF Reader for your Android phone or tablet, file size: MB, was updated /21/09 Requirements:android: Ice Cream. App Name: PDF Reader Developer: Ivan Ivanenko App Version: APK Size: MB (10,, bytes) OS Requirements: Android and above.

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Pdf Reader For Android Kitkat

download pdf reader android, pdf reader android, pdf reader android M. Rate this App. Keep PDF Reader updated with the Uptodown APP. The PDF is a powerful file type, but a pain to work with. In this list, we'll take a look at the best PDF reader apps for Android to help make it easier. Whether you're working on your own or collaborating with a team, PDF Viewer maximizes productivity, allowing you to view, search, and annotate PDF.

As such, PDF readers are commonplace on the PC, with most folks having at least one program that can handle viewing them. But what if you want to view a PDF file on your Android device? Of course, sorting the wheat from the chaff can be frustrating and time consuming. Continue reading as we break down some of the best PDF reader apps for Android. Adobe Reader is light and very capable, offering annotating and form filling. The app is free but does offer in-app downloads. As a result, if you need additional features like exporting to different file types, expect to open up your wallet. AnDoc comes in both free and paid varieties, with the free version being ad-supported.

It can also scan physical documents into PDF files on your phone. It has a variety of features to improve the scanning process which helps make some clean, crisp documents. You can annotate PDFs, share with anyone, or even fax it for a nominal fee.

The paid route brings additional features such as 10GB of cloud space, some editing features, and more. The free version should do well enough for simple stuff, though. That part of the app is free. There are also a few subscription plans. Frankly, you don't really need to worry about subscriptions unless you do stuff like this professionally. It works well as an ebook reader too. The app features support for devices, individual PDF layout customization options, text selection, annotations, highlighting, and some other useful stuff as well.

That makes it a decent option for both productivity and recreation.

However, if push comes to shove, we would recommend this as an ebook reader first and only as a productivity tool if you really don't need a ton of features. It's one of the oldest PDF reader apps, but the developer keeps it current.

The app can fill out PDF documents, annotate, and has some extra view features. On the e-book and multimedia side, it comes with support for audio, video, and animated GIFs along with EPUB support in case you have more than one type of ebook.

It's rare to find a PDF Reader that works well for both business and recreational use. It also has a flat cost with no subscriptions. We liked that. Updated 15 best Android apps of ! It comes with a variety of features to help sharpen and clean the scan as much as possible before finalizing anything.

PDF Reader

You can then use any PDF reader app to view it yourself. Most of the features, and all of the important ones, are available in the free version. Both boast all-in-one solutions for PDF use. It features an organization system to keep your PDF files in line. It's a good all-around option when you factor in the reading features as well.

It's mostly for business use whereas ezPDF is more for pleasure reading, but it works great for reading too. You can download a variety of books from the store and read them wherever.

It can also read PDF files. There is no business use here — this is just for pleasure reading. The books become a part of your library like any other book. It's a great way to consolidate a large collection behind a service that lets you download more books. The app is free but you can spend money on the books in the store, obviously.

That's not a bad one for super basic use cases. It seems to change dramatically every time we update this list.

Adobe Reader for Mobile Download - TechSpot

These days, the app bills itself as an all-in-one e-book reader. It also features a modern design, a night and day mode for easier reading at night, and more. You can even listen to books using Text-To-Speech if you really want to. The app is a bit buggier than most others on this list, but it's also completely free with advertising. It goes by the boring name PDF Reader and also works pretty well.

Adobe Reader APK

It does all of your usual file browser stuff. That includes browsing files, opening various types of files, dealing with archives, and support for most types of media sources. What makes this one special is its support all types of stuff via plugins.

It has support for ebook formats along with PDF. It's not the most elegant solution for ebook reading, but it's a good way to kill several birds with one stone. The PDF add-on and all of the other add-ons are free. Updated 10 best cloud storage services and apps for Android! It has a boatload of features like theming support, tons of visual options, auto-scroll, intelligent paragraphs, dual page mode for landscape , and more.

It has the occasional rough edge, but it's among the best options for those who read books in PDF format. It can do a lot of things.

There is support for documents including from Microsoft Office , spreadsheets, presentations, and even PDF files. Another app that eschews features in favor of simplicity, Google PDF Reader features a search function, text selection and printing.

It is super simple but is completely free. These two popular mobile office suites also have PDF compatibility baked right in. If you need a full office suite in addition to a PDF reader, check these two out.

Do you use any of these Android PDF readers? If so, what are your opinions? Do you use one we failed to mention? Let us know in the comments! Skip to content. Is this article useful? Yes No. Comments 1. Facebook Tweet. One comment Mahmud. Nov 2, at 2:

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