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Language: Arabic Size: MB. Download: Holy Quran Standard Edition 2. Language: Arabic Size: MB. Download: Holy Quran Big Edition. Language. The Holy Quran - Arabic PDF - القرآن الكريم المصحف الشريف مكتوب كاملاً بخط الرسم العثماني (حفص). Downlaod the Quran in Arabic PDF file. Click here to download. Note: Download Arabic Quran in Standard format & Big Font format. Quran (PDF).

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Printing the Holy Quran Size: MB Direct Link: Holy Quran Big Edition. Language: Arabic. Source: King Fahd . 16 Solah Surah (Arabic) - Large Quran, Books, Prayers, Livros,. Visit Sex Education (Jinsi Maloomat) Guide Book in Urdu Free Pdf Books, Guide Book. Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page

Role of Islam in Politics Many across the predominantly Muslim countries surveyed want Islam to have a major influence in politics. Most in Pakistan, Jordan and Egypt believe their laws should strictly follow the Quran, while majorities or pluralities in Tunisia and Turkey say their laws should at least adhere to the values and principles of Islam. Views in Lebanon are divided along sectarian lines. The sentiment that religion is influential in politics has increased substantially in Egypt over the past year. Meanwhile, respondents in Tunisia, Turkey and Lebanon are less likely to endorse a dominant role for Islam. Only about two-in-ten in each country believe laws should be based strictly on the Quran. Rather, a majority in Tunisia and a plurality in Turkey say the law should follow the values and principles of Islam but not strictly follow the teachings of the Quran. Among the Lebanese, attitudes vary greatly by religious group. Younger people are less likely to endorse a strict role for the Quran in Egypt and Lebanon.

May Allah reward everyone involved. Jezakallhu Kair," Br. Ali Ciski "AlTafsir.

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