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Paula Hawkins La Ragazza Del Treno Epub

La ragazza del treno (romanzo) - The Girl on the Train (ebook) by Paula Hawkins - Wall VK. SINOPSIS: Rachel takes the same commuter train. Hawkins-PDF-EPub-Mobi-Gratuito. La Ragazza Nuova - [Free] La Ragazza Nuova [EPUB] [PDF] Una scena del film: Titolo Pickwick La ragazza del treno di Paula Hawkins, La.

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Gal One: Book 4 stars Film 3. Book 4 stars Film 3 stars Gal Three: Book 3 stars Film 4 stars Gal Four: What I liked - Emily Blunt gave a 3 star decent performance There was some really cool art and some beautiful brief cinematography Saving Grace: Officer Riley played by Allison Janney was awesome. She had the right amount of wit and chutzpah for the role. She shone in her brief moments.

Plus I love the way she is aging Am I glad I saw it? Am I glad I read the book?

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Hell No!! Original review September 26, This book makes Gone Girl look like a masterpiece!!! At six percent I was very pleasantly surprised. At eighty-seven percent I wanted to tear my hair out on the ludicrousness and ridiculousness of this book. Recipe for this disaster - you start with three of the most unlikable women ever Sorry for the rant but this book is a bloody train wreck and how it won the awards and accolades it has is beyond me.

I apologize Ms. Not only should I not have not gotten on this stupid train but I should have ran away instead. Here is a funny little Youtube compilation where my review has a little cameo role: D https: Bloody Awful: Feb 02, Joanne Harris rated it liked it. This was a perfectly decent, well-crafted thriller, which I happened not to like very much, for reasons that have little to do with its craft or its quality.

This sometimes happens, and it doesn't mean that others won't enjoy it. The plot is fast-moving and with some real surprises. The portrayal of alcoholism is great although I would have liked it to go further into the more visceral details, rather than skimming the surface of the theme. However and yes, I know it's trivial, but the title This was a perfectly decent, well-crafted thriller, which I happened not to like very much, for reasons that have little to do with its craft or its quality.

However and yes, I know it's trivial, but the title. I'm getting tired of these vaguely infantilizing titles that refer to mature women as "girls" although, to be honest, none of the female characters seemed at all mature to me. The multiple-person narration was nicely-handled, except that all three narrators sounded the same, to the extent of noticing the same things and recording them in the exact same register and vocabulary.

And although I have no problem enjoying books with unsympathetic characters, I found the women in this book not only unsympathetic, but really rather dull, relying on the "damaged woman" trope for interest, rather than investing the characters with anything more tangible. I was hoping for something new.

Not this time, I'm afraid. View all 33 comments. Jan 12, Alejandro rated it really liked it Shelves: All aboard!!! Why is that sign on the railroad of this review? Oh, no, but certainly the motto of that iconic TV series is a good advice to anyone who dares to aboard this train of thought in this very particular journey to the minds of three women that you may think that they are quite different, but Okay, enough misleading malevolent mirth In this story you will have three voices in your head An alcoholic woman who failed in marriage.

A pretentious woman who succeed in cheating. A married woman who who succeed in pretention. All of them are unlikely protagonists, hardly role models, sinners paying for their own faults, broken dolls in the middle of a railroad where fate is the train. They did their mistakes, but your own mistake can be to trust them Gone Girl meets Elizabeth is Missing And also, there are two movies that came to my mind, no wonder, from the master of suspense, Alfred Hitchcock who I have no doubt that if he would be still alive, he would adapt into a film this novel So, if you are fair familiarized with all those mentioned stories, you can quite well expect lots of trains, losses of memory, missing women, vouyerisms and misleadings Why did I laughed this time?

And what could be life without those wonderful unexpected twists? View all 66 comments. Looking into the window, if you're having free time, free imagination you'll see too much. Rachel , Anna , Megan "aka: Feeling unsuccessful, missing something.. All have their share of fear.. And most of All, Rachel. Drunk, messy, ranty and obsessed Rachel. Nosy Rachel, with her wild imagination that makes her get into what's not her business. But then, at a point the Train start getting speed, and a disappearance makes life harder to everyone..

Everyone become a Suspect. Most of all, again , Rachel.

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Drunk Rachel who doesn't remember a thing I really loved though it was a bit slow, too much pages where nothing big happens but "Rattattattt Rattattattt Rattattattt" I felt sleepy sometimes AND yet sometimes it jolt.. It has a way getting into your mind. Specially , again, Rachel. And you can see a resemble of Rachel in every character.

Anna, Megan , Scott did sneak into their partners' emails and messages. Just like Rachel did. Megan, Anna did feel the empty of their life, though they got everything.. Just like Rachel.. It's not the ending, it's Shocking YES but you can guess it by the final third of the novel. The very crafty drawing of the characters Specially Rachel , is the most that made me feel sorry for her, even connected to her.

I feel the writing was really good despite any flows I felt. View all 59 comments. Jan 17, Elizabeth rated it liked it Shelves: This is the perfect weekend read. I settled into the story and spent most of Sunday a dark and stormy afternoon reading away. Public Drunkenness.

Unreliable Narrators. Treat Yo Self. View all 17 comments. I had heard that it was "the next Gone Girl", and I can completely understand where that comparison comes from. Later in the book, a couple of the characters actually reminded me very strongly of Nick and Amy, which kind of just seemed like too much.

I wanted to read something along the same vein as Gone Girl, but not an exact replica. This wasn't an exact replica, but there were enough similarities that it sort turned me off a teensy bit. All of the characters are horrible in some way, and you never really know who did what. There are sort of six main characters in this book three men and three women, one of whom goes missing and the synopsis tells us that view spoiler ["only one of them can be the killer!

So, um, thanks for the spoiler, synopsis. Now we not only know that the woman who went missing DIES, but also that one of the five others definitely did it. This may not seem like a big deal, but I feel like the author inserted some very specific clues that led me in that direction, and I was disappointed that it didn't end up being true.

I'll talk more about this in the liveshow at the end of the month, so make sure you read the book so we can discuss it in all of its spoilery glory! The book overall was a pretty slow read, and the main thing that kept me going was the knowledge that there was a big twist later on, which I didn't necessarily see coming, but I didn't find to be that shocking either.

The last 50 pages were the only ones that actually had me hooked, and I wish the entirety of the book had been more gripping, but I still thought it was pretty enjoyable, and I'm excited to talk about it at the end of the month! View all 15 comments. Apr 28, Kai rated it really liked it Shelves: Everybody was so messed up: And don't even get me started on their husbands. The unreliable narrator made this book so spectacularly intruiging.

Everybody could've done it. Everybody had a motive. None of them an alibi. I figured it out at some point, but kept telling myself that the author was just leading me on a false trail. But for once I was right. I think there was potential to make more of the story. She was there, she was drunk, she was acting weird and nobody had a suspicion that she could've killed Megan? I think it would've made this read even more exciting. The trailer looks like they've put more emphasis on sex and violence.

It seems to be even darker and colder than the novel. Let's see how it goes! Find more of my books on Instagram The novel debuted at No. In January it became the No. Many reviews referred to the book as "the next Gone Girl", referring to a popular psychological mystery with similar themes and use of unreliable narrators.

The story is a first-person narrative told from the point of view of three women: Rachel, Anna, and Megan. View all 12 comments. Oct 31, Emma Giordano rated it it was amazing.

I loved every single second of it. While I had gone into this story thinking it was going to be packed with suspenseful scenes, the mystery was really in the storytelling. Not only was it extremely thrilling and kept me intrigued the entire time, but I seriously appreciated how accurate the representation of alcoholism was. While the events of the story were not necessarily the most "realistic", the many of the characters felt real; like people who could actually exist, who had authentic thoughts and feelings I could see reflected in actual people.

It was a fantastic novel and I would highly highly recommend it. View all 6 comments. Mar 02, Debbie rated it liked it Shelves: Seems like this train took everyone to Gushland, but I got waylaid in Mediocre-ville. Comparing this book to Hitchcock is just laughable.

Okay, okay, it does start out with intrigue, as the girl, Rachel, sits on the train day after day, and obsessively peeks at a house where she can see a man and a woman moving around. She gives them names and imagines a perfect life and perfect marriage for them.

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This voyeurism is pretty cool. A great beginning. But I wish Rachel had stayed on the train.

In fact Seems like this train took everyone to Gushland, but I got waylaid in Mediocre-ville. In fact, I wish the train had been the setting for the whole book and that the plot had turned into something twisty about mysterious commuters.

Instead and in my mind, tragically , Rachel gets off the train. And then the story is all about Rachel getting drunk, Rachel calling her ex while drunk, Rachel trying to remember things that happened while drunk, Rachel pissing off her roommate while drunk, and Rachel being ashamed about being drunk.

And around and around. Yes, this gets really boring. I will say that despite this, the first-person voice drew me in. All three voices are articulate and make you feel all chummy with the narrator. The language has a good flow to it, and the book is easy to read and has a really nice tone. On the flip side, all three women speak in the exact same way; their voices are interchangeable. It seems amateurish. The plot is about a woman who goes missing.

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Rachel the drunken mess is a busybody who sticks her nose in and tries to find out what happened. The cast of characters includes her ex, his new wife, a therapist, and the fantasy couple Rachel saw from the train. I want to guess, and I want to have a chance of getting it right. The mystery is suddenly solved at the very end--all the suspense is saved up for those final 70 or so pages.

The reveal is satisfying, and for me is a surprise, but the read is definitely uneven. The final scenes are well-written and action-packed, but the majority of the book is sort of slow and repetitive.

Oh, and not only was the book not like Hitchcock, it most definitely was not like Gone Girl, a truly spectacular psychological thriller. Are you kidding me? How come I missed the train to Gushland? Rachel should have stayed on the damn train and I might have ended up in the same town as everyone else. Instead, as I said, Mediocre-ville for me. View all 60 comments. El hijo idiota de Gone Girl.

Sin embargo, conforme iba leyendo se iba volviendo lento y pesado. Daba vueltas alrededor de lo mismo y no avanzaba. Si ese recurso se usa algunas veces, no hay problema, pero en La chica del tren se usa siempre. En La chica del tren , sin embargo, hay muchas incoherencias. Y llegamos a la parte del final View all 27 comments. Aug 14, jessica rated it liked it. The Girl on the Train 1 1 May 20, The Girl on the Train 3 33 Mar 23, Readers also enjoyed.

Videos About This Book. More videos About Paula Hawkins. Paula Hawkins. Her new novel of psychological suspense, Into The Water, is coming May 2.

Books by Paula Hawkins. Trivia About The Girl on the T Quotes from The Girl on the T I'm starting to believe that there isn't anything you can do to fix it. That's what I've taken from the therapy sessions: Welcome back.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Books2Movies Club: Cover to Cover: The Girl on the Train. Unexpected plot twist - is any wonder like this? Around the Year i The Girl on the Train, by Paula Hawkins.

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