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Oracle Insights: Tales of the Oak Table. Authors. Mogens Nørgaard; James Morle ; Dave Download book PDF. Chapters Table of contents (11 chapters); About. Encapsulates the knowledge and experience of some of the foremost experts in Oracle development, the vast majority of whom are also. Cary Millsap is the former vice president of Oracle's System Performance Group and the cofounder of Hotsos (, a company dedicated to.

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Oracle Insights Tales Of The Oak Table Pdf

Oracle Insights: Tales of the Oak Table Dave Ensor, Tim Gorman, Kyle Hailey, Anjo Cary Millsap, James Morle, Mogens Nørgaard, David Ruthven Free PDF. Oracle Insights: Tales of the Oak Table. Author: Mogens Norgaard. Language: English. Format: PDF. Pages: Published: See the book cover. Busy Birdies By John Schindel And Steven Holt pdf. Download. Books on leaderships are plentiful, º Oracle Insights: Tales of the Oak Table º.

Hotsos provides performance-improvement tools for Oracle environments and also delivers training in the form of clinics and the very successful Hotsos symposiums. Anjo Kolk worked for over 16 years at Oracle and now runs Oraperf. Connor McDonald has worked with Oracle since the early s, cutting his teeth on Oracle versions 6. Over the past 11 years, Connor has worked with systems in Australia, the U. He has come to realize that although the systems and methodologies around the world are very diverse, there tend to be two common themes in the development of systems running on Oracle: either to steer away from the Oracle-specific functions or to use them in a haphazard or less-than-optimal fashion. Tim Gorman began his information technology career in as a C programmer on UNIX and VMS systems, working on medical and financial systems as an application developer, systems programmer, and systems administrator. He joined Oracle Corporation in as a consultant, then became an independent consultant in , and has worked for SageLogix since

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Start watching. Oracle Insights: Tales of the Oak Table presents 11 world-renowned industry specialists proffering their own highly experienced views, input, and insights on Oracle—where it's been, where it's going, how and how not to use it successfully, the software and techniques that theyve introduced to help people achieve their goals, and some frightening tales of what can happen when fundamental design principles are ignored.

Oracle insights tales of the oak table pdf download

The collaborating authors have solved many of the worst Oracle performance problems in the world, and they've each saved at least one doomed flagship project. Over many years, they've been sharing their unique knowledge with each other at conferences, around the OakTable, and in coffee shops, restaurants, and bars on five continents.

Now they want to share their key insights with you. Jonathan is also renowned throughout the world for his tutorials and seminars about the Oracle database engine and how to make best use of it.

Read Oracle Insights: Tales of the Oak Table PDF Free

Having visited 42 countries at last count, his exceptional ability has earned him an O1 visa from the United States, allowing him to do consultancy and lecture work there. He also writes regularly for the UKOUG magazine, and occasionally for other publications around the world.

In the limited amount of time he has leftover, Jonathan also publishes high-tech Oracle articles on his blog at jonathanlewis. Gaja Vaidyanatha has more than 12 years of technical expertise, with over 11 years of industry experience working with Oracle systems.

His key areas of interest include performance architectures, scalable storage solutions, highly available systems, and system performance management for data warehouses and transactional systems.

He has presented many papers at various regional, national, and international Oracle conferences, and is the coauthor of Oracle Performance Tuning from Oracle Press. With 15 years of experience in professional computing, James Morle has been personally responsible for the architecture and implementation of some of the world's largest and most complex business systems, including a 3-node Oracle Parallel Server configuration that services 3, online users.

The most memorable part of the book for me was the Oracle war stories described in the book, and how to overcome the problems. While the book lacked many of the Oracle war stories from the earlier title, the rest of the contents were interesting enough that I recently bought a second copy of the book.

Oracle Insights: Tales of the Oak Table

His books are excellent, highly detailed, and include a number of test cases which allow the reader to understand concepts, while reproducing the output using their databases. The test cases also offer a method to determine if something was true in Oracle 9i R1 or in 10g R1 is no longer true in 11g R2.

Alapati www. The book is quite literally a dictionary for Oracle — just about any task that needs to be completed is described very well in this book.

There are, however, a couple errors in the book. At the time I felt that no book could be purchased which exceeded the depth, accuracy, nor easy of locating information as was contained in these two books.

Things change. Great book, but a little too much theory.

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