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Learn on your own . Keep control of your rights and set your own list prices. Set up your book in minutes, and it will appear on Kindle stores worldwide. site's Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is a fast, easy and free way for authors and to keep control and publish their books worldwide on the Kindle and Kindle reading apps. Keep control of your rights and set your own list prices. 3 Ways to Create & Save e-Books in Kindle Format . format to distribute on site, on your own website or free e-book and library sites.

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My Own Kindle Book

(I'll share my own promotion The email sequence promoting the book to my. I won't talk about picture books or books with footnotes, citations and I have, however, as of this date, published six of my own novels and a. site lets you upload a book to the Kindle store for free, so I guess that Even when reading my own writing (where I already know what is.

How much does it cost to publish with KDP? It's free to self-publish eBooks and paperbacks with Kindle Direct Publishing. I can't sign in. Sometimes multiple accounts are created if you visit site and accidentally indicate that you're a new customer when you sign in. This creates another account with the same email address and a different password. When signed in to one account, you won't be able to view or edit in the other account. To fix this, sign out of the current account and then sign back in again with the email and password associated with your KDP account. We recommend clearing any saved passwords from your browser before attempting to sign in again. Forgot the password for your KDP account? Click Forgot your password? This opens the "Password assistance" window. Enter the email address or mobile phone number associated with your KDP account.

They can charge more now, but you can still find people offering quality work at an absurdly cheap rate. I liked some of her covers so I decided to do business with her. One day and one revision later, I got a great cover that I am incredibly happy with. There was also a small transaction fee that fiverr charges, plus a tip that I left which also incurred a transaction fee.

24 things I learned self publishing 3 books in only 6 months

Money well spent. I make numerous, sometimes embarrassing mistakes. The person I picked was a friend who was editor of the school paper in high school, so she had experience and training with editing writing.

Pricing is pretty flexible. Make something up and find someone willing to go along. For a deep-dive into my pricing strategy, you can read this article: A no B.

Click Forgot your password? This opens the "Password assistance" window. Enter the email address or mobile phone number associated with your KDP account. Enter the characters as they are given in the challenge and click Continue. You'll receive an email from us with a link and instructions for resetting your password.

If you don't receive the email, check your junk mail folder for an email with the subject line "site. This opens the "Create new password" page. Enter your new password. Click Save changes and sign in. How do I create a paperback of my published eBook? We'll update your paperback details with the details you provided when you set up your eBook.

You can still edit these details. Like for eBooks, you can set separate prices and distribution options for each supported marketplace for your paperback. If you've already published your title as an eBook, we'll review your paperback to it meets to our content and quality guidelines. Learn more about the paperback submission process. Learn more about ISBNs. What about copyright?

Usually for fiction, the convention is to have indented paragraphs. You should choose one or the other. You can ignore the heuristic processing tab and move straight on to Page Setup. Set input profile to Default Input Profile. Set output profile to Kindle. Now we come to structure detection.

How to Self-Publish a Book on Amazon

This is where the correct use of headers is important. Assuming you have used the proper levels of heading Calibre will detect the structure automatically and you can leave these settings as is. You can ignore the stuff in the box about Xpath expressions. This is just Calibre telling itself what to look for.

If for any reason you need to adjust these things manually, you can click on the Magic Wand button and a sub-panel will appear. If you need to make manual adjustments to the setup of your menu you can use the drop down to make sure that the HTML tags in your documents produce the correct levels of heading in your table of contents i.

Calibre will do it automatically.

Primary Menu

I am just mentioning it here for the sake of completeness. A wheel icon will turn until the job is complete once it is done you should see this. Better yet if you click Path: You can preview this on Kindle Previewer or transfer it to your Kindle or the Kindle app on your smartphone or computer to see what it looks like. This is the actual file you will upload to site.

I realise all of these steps seem a little complex, the first time you do them but trust me, they soon become second nature. After a few attempts, you will be able to run through this whole procedure in a couple of minutes. This method also has the great advantage of letting you create EPUB files simply by changing the output format during the initial step with Calibre.

The world lost a great technical writer when you chose fiction. Hey, thanks for this! One of the good things about indie pub is you can always take the book down. I can hear the publishers and book formatting merchants screaming, drawing your face on a flag and burning it in the street already!

Thanks Sean. Thank you so much Bill. This is great! Is there perhaps a reason, that you show the conversion with calibre, other than it being open source? Hey Tim, Thanks! Scrivener does indeed have an excellent export function, which I have even used. They use Microsoft Word. This leaves me with two choices, the first of which is to import the document back into Scrivener once I have approved the changes. This is actually pretty easy on the Mac version but less so on the Windows version at the moment.

On the Mac, you can divide the document up on import at the Chapter headings, this function is not available on the Windows version. The alternative is to do what I do here and just load the edited document into Calibre.

In this series of posts I am trying to present the cheapest and easiest way to get books out there for the largest number of people. Since not everybody owns Scrivener or wants to use it, I think Calibre is the best alternative. I very strongly suspect that within the next couple of years all word processors will have an export to epub function which will make all of this largely irrelevant but at the moment this is how it is: Fantastic job, Bill!

Clear and easy to follow. I will follow your instruction later step by step and will release my first kindle ebook;! Hay Sir, This is just … absolute … well, you are my dream come true.

For three years I have been trying to get someone to publish my stories. Now, I am over the moon!

How to Create Review Copies of Your Books for Kindle

I will follow your instructions through once I have re-read the whole article. Problem is, my stories are 2 to 3 pages long. A4 Verdana font size 8 on Microsoft Word. I have about such stories. Maximum length I have ever written is 9 pages. I notice that there is a minimum pricing and I want to know, how many stories or pages should I be aiming for per book [I know you cannot dictate precisely but what would be reasonable? Once again, Many Thanks for your wise thinking and publishing this article.

May you continue to prosper.

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