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Michael Jordan is a retired basketball player, known for being the 'NBA' champion on six occasions. This biography provides detailed. Michael Jeffrey Jordan (born February 17, ) is a professional American basketball player, Olympic athlete, businessperson and actor. Considered one of the best basketball players ever, he dominated the sport from the mids to the late s. Jordan led the Chicago Bulls to. Michael Jordan (MJ) is considered the greatest basketball player of all time. Michael Jordan also became one of the most marketed sportsmen, with lucrative .

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Michael Jordan Biography Pdf

Michael Jordan is one of the most recognizable professional athletes ever, but many people do not know much about him. Michael Jordan is the most decorated . This film captures the real-life story of Michael Jordan, the world's most spectacular athlete and most recognizable person. Michael Jordan's story includes his. to read the biography On the Court with Michael Jordan by Matt Christopher. Show students the cover of the book. Point out that the cover has a photo that.

The exhaustive narrative of Jordan's basketball career is written with appropriate awe. But what makes this portrayal especially worthwhile is everything else. The most comprehensive attempt yet made to explain the factors that have gone into producing the most famous basketball player and marketing phenom in the history of world sports I don't know how it would be possible to write a more complete biography of him. This is the ultimate study of Michael Jordan, and I know you will be as captivated as I was.

One of the strengths of this biography is that it functions as an orienting text for students who are unfamiliar with the athletic feats and personal trials of Michael Jordan. Perhaps the major strength of this book is the detail with which Porter constructs Michael Jordan's narrative, focusing primarily on pivotal moments in his athletic career.

These include winning three consecutive NBA Championships on two separate occasions, six NBA Finals and five regular season most valuable player awards, nine regular season scoring titles 30, points , and two Olympic Gold Medals to name a few.

Porter utilizes the recollections of franchise owners, teammates, and opponents, giving the reader an intimate glimpse of Jordan's journey.

Michael Jordan Roland Lazenby PDF The Life by royanmexono - Issuu

This text targets high school students; however, it is unclear if the author intended this text for ninth and tenth graders or eleventh and twelfth graders who possess the intellectual maturity to critically engage social issues within sport.

There are a few ways in which the text could be bolstered that would be both challenging and accessible to mature high school students.

First, the text might be strengthened by adding historical context that gestures toward the external factors that turned Jordan into a global iconoclast. This would have been a wonderful opportunity to introduce the concept of globalization and unpack significance of an African American being used to appeal to global markets—endorsing some of America's most notable transnational organizations such as Nike and McDonalds.

The text could be strengthened further by avoiding depictions of Jordan's athletic prowess as racially natural. Sport scholars have cautioned their colleagues within and outside of the field of sport studies against describing the abilities of minority athletes, specifically black athletes, as "natural" because it reinforces the stereotype of their being physically adept, but intellectually inferior and lazy.

Porter does an excellent job of creating a picture of Jordan's unrelenting work ethic, but at times minimizes this by describing his ability as a basketball player as "innate". For example, Porter noted, "His athletic ability, quickness, offensive creativity, enthusiasm and innate athletic intelligence" was observed by Dean Smith p. On another occasion the author noted, Phil Jackson limited Jordan's ability to "play instinctively and conflicting with his pure, reactive style" p.

These examples highlight an important oversight because the purpose of the Greenwood Biographies series is to challenge high school students.

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There are details bound to surprise even the most die-hard Bulls fan. The dream of the non-fiction writer is to condemn future books on the same subject to irrelevance.

It's possible Lazenby has achieved this lofty goal: A great work for any sports enthusiast and B-ball fan to read about one of the best that ever came to the game. The Life , lives up to its hype.

Michael Jordan

His stuff is must read. Lazenby is "the Michael Jordan of writing about Michael Jordan. Jordan appeared to fly through the air; Lazenby makes time fly as readers immerse themselves in an extraordinarily competitive life.

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Michael Jordan : a biography

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