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Straight from the heart -- real-life couples share inspiring, edifying stories of Mars and Venus in maroc-evasion.infons of readers have learned about relationships. love by first recognizing in great detail how men and women are different. .. tend to go back in time, where by observing life on Mars and Venus --beforethe. Mars Venus Dating is a companion book to Men Are from Mars, Women Are . The first step toward creating the love life you want is to take responsibility for.

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Mars And Venus In Love Pdf

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus wisdom and power to adjust your approach Women particularly feel a warmth, a love, while Men Are from Mars. Straight from the heart -- real-life couples share inspiring, edifying stories of Mars and Venus in maroc-evasion.infons of readers have learned about relationships from. Download Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus free in PDF & EPUB Julie, and Lauren, for their continued love and appreciation.

Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Natnael Betemariam. This book is dedicated with deepest love and affection to my soul mate and wife, Bonnie Gray. Her radiant love continues to bring out the best in me. Attraction 34 4 Stage Two: Uncertainty 46 5 Stage Three: Exclusivity 65 6 Stage Four: Intimacy 90 7 Stage Five: Parts of this book are directly in- spired by the beginning of our relationship when we moved through the five stages of dating. I thank our three daughters, Shannon, Juliet, and Lauren, for their continued love and for their insight and brilliant feedback regarding many of the ideas in this book. A special thanks to Shannon for managing my office while I wrote this book. I thank the following family members and friends for their suggestions and valuable feedback to the ideas in this book: I thank my agent, Patti Breitman, who has always been there at every step of this book, and I thank my international agent, Linda Michaels, for getting my books published around the world in over forty languages.

As a man, John thinks that an appropriate way to show love and consideration is to offer solutions to Mary. He tells her to resign from work and look for a new one, which she likes.

Mary is sad because John does not understand her. She does not want him to solve her problems; she just needed him to listen to her so she would feel better. A woman is rarely looking for solutions when she tells someone about her problems. Just listen and care for her. It is instinctive for a woman to offer advice when she sees someone in trouble, but men do not want advice unless they ask for it. But women just want someone to listen and pay attention. Even when we have the best intention, we can do the wrong thing.

When confronting a problem, give your partner what he needs and not what you would like him to give you if he were in his place. Men And Women Attribute Different Meanings To Words As they think differently, often the impression we have is that men and women speak two different languages. Although they use the same words, they do not always attach the same meaning to them. Men are literal and direct when they speak; they keep things hidden until it is absolutely necessary to speak.

Women, on the other hand , are expressive and dramatic; when they feel something, they speak immediately. Often this creates misunderstandings that can turn into hurt feelings and discussions. If you take the time to translate what your partner wanted to say before you react, you can avoid communication problems that hurt relationships. She probably did not want to accuse him of anything. Can you take me out? He can listen patiently and respond in a way that makes her feel understood, recognizing her feelings and understanding what she needs.

But that can make John angry. He will value her confidence and maybe then decide to talk about her problem. Look for the meaning behind what your partner says. It is also wise to remember that what you say can be misinterpreted. From the moment you begin to listen and translate, you can try to speak more directly, and your partner will understand better. Men and women are guided by different things, and it is easy for a relationship to get off the rails if no one understands these motivations.

Men are mainly motivated when they feel they are useful. John wants to know that Mary needs what he can give and that she values it. Women are motivated when they feel loved. Mary needs to know that she is loved and respected by John. When he feels valued, he puts the needs of Mary above his own. But if he begins to doubt that she values him, his instincts will dominate him, and he cares for himself in the first place.

So if Mary does not express her gratitude for the things he does to please her, he will simply stop doing them. She believes that when she does things for John, he will do it for her too. But even if Maria feels that John does not take care of her, she will continue to take care of him — except that now she will begin to resent him. To counter this, when John does things for Mary, she needs to show gratitude by acknowledging what he did and thanking.

That will motivate you to continue and to do even more. When Mary needs something, it is important that she feels confident that John will take care of it. This balance allows both to build a healthy and strong relationship in which both fulfill their emotional needs. Work to achieve this balance in your relationship with your partner and develop stronger links. It is difficult for a man to understand these emotional fluctuations, and this may cause them to believe that they have done something wrong to provoke this displeasure or annoyance.

However, in fact, these emotional changes are completely normal for women. Women need this to clean themselves emotionally over time and to make them feel happy and healthy. It is important that men know this natural process and that they have the patience to offer support.

This kind of intimate discussion is completely inap- propriate and it ends up making the man more ambivalent. A woman should not behave with a man as if she is exclusive or intimate if he is still working through issues with other women.

And she should not mistakenly believe that if she listens sympathetically to him, he will become convinced she is the one for him. When a woman makes the mistake of dating a man and be- having as if she is in an exclusive, intimate relationship, when in truth the man is seeing other women, then it will be very difficult for the man to ever become clear and recognize her as his soul mate.

Even the wrong person becomes the right person to help us self-correct and move on. Through making sure that you relate appropriately to the stage of the relationship you are in, your chances of eventually finding the right person for you go up dramatically. The time you spend in any relationship is not a loss if you learn from it and complete it in a positive way.

Each time you follow your heart and then plainly recognize that someone is not right for you, then you are definitely one step closer to finding the right person for you.

Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

Some people worry that this is a problem, when really it is a sign of greater wisdom in young couples. They are waiting to get married. They are wanting to first get a sense of who they are, what they can do, what they want to do, and where they are going before decid- ing to make a marriage commitment. It is wise to first know yourself before trying to share yourself in a marriage. When people get married before feeling autonomous, they run the risk of being too dependent on each other for love.

They do not get the opportunity to experience sufficient inde- pendence to discover how they can be fulfilled without having a partner to depend on. Instead of taking a few more years to fully release their dependence on their parents and become dependent on themselves, they shift from their parents to a partner for love and support.

By rushing into an intimate rela- tionship, they can miss the opportunity to discover the inner confidence, self-assuredness, and autonomy necessary to make a marriage work. Just as living separately from our parents is an important part of growing up, living separately from the opposite sex is equally important. Finding fulfillment through living alone or sharing a dwelling with friends of the same sex provides a strong foundation for eventually being able to share a life with someone of the opposite sex.

When we are not fulfilled through our work and friendships, then we are attracted to someone who can fill us up rather than someone we can share with. Instead of coming together to overflow, we come together primarily to fill up. With this un- derstanding it becomes clear that being fulfilled as a single person is the basis of finding the right person and being suc- cessful in marriage.

If a couple are in doubt, then—particularly if they are in their twenties—they should go slowly. The sad truth is that many married couples are soul mates but they do not know it. The process of dating and preparing to get married was in some way missed, and as a result they never really find their soul connection. This is not to say that once married they cannot find it, but it is much easier to find by thoroughly going through the five stages of dating. Ultimately, taking the time to really get to know someone is the secret of success.

Moving through the five stages ensures that you get an opportunity to fully know someone and experience the best of that person before getting married. Certainly it is possible to be lucky and just get married right away to someone without going through all the stages, but for most people, to know they are with the right person and to ensure that after they get married the passion will be sustained, it is extremely useful to move through each of the five stages before getting married.

If you have perfected all the dating skills presented in this book, it does not mean that you can take any relationship through the five stages of dating and get married and live happily ever after. But by applying these insights you will gain the ability to recognize and find the right person for you and assist that person in recognizing you.

Attraction A lthough feelings of attraction are automatic, in order to sustain attraction in a personal relationship we must also be skillful in presenting ourselves in ways that are not just appealing to the other sex but supportive as well. The blending together of male and female must be done in gradual stages.

In stage one, quite often it is the anticipation that we can get what we need or want from a relationship with a potential partner that tends to sustain attraction. Without a clear message that we can get what we need, the attraction will disappear.

Without an understanding of the cus- toms and manners on Venus, a man can put his best foot for- ward and unknowingly turn a date off. When a man is interested in a woman, quite automatically he treats her the way he would want to be treated.

In many cases, that is not what a woman will appreciate. While trying to impress her he inadvertently turns her off. To various de- grees, most men are simply clueless when it comes to under- standing women. Without an understanding of the customs and manners on Venus, a man can put his best foot forward and unknowingly turn a date off. For example, instead of taking the time to listen and get to know his date, a man talks about himself or his theories about life.

He thinks this will impress her, and because she keeps asking questions, he thinks this is what she wants. When she does get a chance to talk, he mistakenly assumes she is asking for his advice and begins offering solutions to her problems or answers to her questions.

Without even knowing why or how, he begins to turn her off. Larry brought Phoebe to a restaurant for their first official date. I happened to be sitting next to them at another table. I observed that throughout the whole dinner Larry did all the talking. He spoke like a professor to his class. It was a sad sight. When Phoebe would occasionally say something, instead of drawing her more into the conversation, Larry very quickly started expounding again.

It was easy to tell that he really liked what he was saying, but it was also easy to see that Phoebe was being polite but felt bored and left out. What could have been a delightful evening was a disappoint- ment for both. They never connected because Larry did all the talking.

If Larry had understood Venusians, he would have asked Phoebe more questions to draw her out. If Phoebe had under- stood Martians, she would have just interrupted and talked more instead of continuing to politely listen and ask questions.

In some ways he is like a bull in a china shop, oblivious of the effect he is having. This small insight can make a world of difference. A man wonders if he should ask a woman for her number or not. He wonders how to get it.

He wonders if she is attracted to him. Women have said in my seminars that even if they are not at first attracted to a man, his interest makes him more attractive.

If he takes the risk of asking for her number or asking her out, she is in- clined to say yes just because he took the risk. It makes her feel special and she feels flattered. When a man can do all of the above without being dependent on getting anything else other than the pleasure of getting to know her, this makes him even more attractive.

If she has to care too much about his needs, if she has to be overly sensitive not to hurt his feelings, then he becomes less attractive. When she is free not to worry about him, but simply enjoy the fact that he cares about her, then she becomes more attracted to him.

The understanding of how we are different gives a man that power. A woman often mistakenly assumes that if a man is the right man for her, he will know what she wants and will automatically consider her needs and do the things she does to show that he cares. For example, a woman will make the mistake of demonstrat- ing her interest by asking a man a lot of questions. As he talks she continues to listen patiently.

She assumes that if she listens with great interest, he will be more interested in her. This is true on Venus, but not true on Mars. The more a man talks, the more interested he becomes in what he is talking about.

For a man to become more interested in a woman, she needs to do more of the talking and authentically share herself in a positive manner.

And how a woman talks can make a world of difference. On Venus, when two friends get together they enjoy the opportun- ity to share freely the mishaps, frustrations, disappointments, and complaints of the week. It is a sign of trust, goodwill, and friendship. On Venus, friends enjoy the opportunity to share freely the mishaps, frustrations, disappointments, and complaints of the week. A man can easily get the wrong impression. Just as a woman is attracted to a man who shows interest in her, a man is attracted to a woman who clearly can be pleased.

When she appears to be difficult to please, he may easily become turned off. A man is attracted to a woman who clearly can be pleased. To create the ideal opportunity to experience the best a man has to offer and for a man to experience her best, a woman needs to be careful to share the positive side of her life and avoid dwelling on negative experiences. Conversation should be light, not heavy, focused on current events in the world and in their lives, but discussed in a positive manner.

This does not imply in any way that she should be fake. Authenticity is what makes anyone most attractive. Everyone has a positive and negative side, everyone has ups and downs, and everyone has a needy side and an autonomous side. Put- ting her best foot forward means sharing her most positive side, her up side, and her autonomous side.

Later on she can share the other part. It is just a matter of timing. To make the best impression and to get to know someone most effectively, it is important that we first get a chance to know the positive side.

In the first three stages of dating—at- traction, uncertainty, and exclusivity—it is best to focus on putting forth our best self. After getting to know our best sides, then in stage four, intimacy, we are ready to deal with the less positive sides of who we are. After getting to know our best sides, we are ready to deal with the less positive sides of who we are.

Then, when we experience the challenges that come up in any relationship, we are much more capable of being accepting and understanding. Too much intimacy, too quickly, can cause women to become needy and men to pull away.

Just as men have a tendency to rush into physical intimacy, women make the mistake of rushing into complete emotional intimacy. To put her best foot forward, a woman makes the mistake of treating a man the way she would want to be treated. She eagerly re- sponds to his attentiveness by being overly interested in him.

She responds to his consideration by being overly considerate of him; when he is of assistance to her she immediately wants to return the favor instead of just smiling and saying thank you.

She has already given him what he most wants. She has given him the opportunity to know her, please her, and connect with her. A woman needs to re- member that she is the special one. The anticipation of more is very important to keep him interested. If he feels completely satisfied, then there is no distance for him to continue traveling to pursue her.

Distance not only makes the heart grow fonder but gives a man the opportunity to pursue. Without movement and the opportunity for more, a man can easily lose the interest necessary to move through all five stages of dating. When a woman feels attracted to a man, her feelings are very different. She gets excited because she anticipates that he could make her happy, and that in turn makes her feel really good. It brings the best out in her and makes her want to give to him.

A woman becomes excited because she anticipates receiving what she needs and then freely giving in return. A man be- comes excited because he feels he can be successful in winning her over. When she is happy, he takes credit. Her fulfillment makes him most happy. His success in fulfilling her makes her most happy.

This tendency shows up most clearly when a man takes a wo- man on a special date. When he picks her up, she is beautifully dressed and looks great. He takes notice and tells her so. She is pleased. After she is com- fortably seated, he closes the door. She smiles and thanks him. Then he walks around to his side of the car to get in. What does she do? Does she reach across to unlock his door or let him unlock his door as well? Although this seems like the fair and loving thing to do, it is not.

It is over-giving, it compromises her position, and it prevents the excitement of anticipation and romance from building in a man and in her as well. Some women argue that it would be selfish not to reach over to his side of the car and return the gesture.

Quite often these are the single women in the audience and not the married ones. Now, certainly, if there is an unlock button on her side of the car, it could be okay to find it and push it, but to twist her body and reach way over, particularly when she is all dressed up, is neither graceful nor receptive. The whole point of the dating ritual is for the man to do little things to show his interest and caring and for the woman to receive him and take some time to discover how interested she is.

If she is going to reach over and unlock the door, then why would he have bothered to escort her to the car door in the first place? He is trying to be a gentleman and do something nice. She should let him be successful and gracefully receive and benefit from his gift. Instead, if she just happily waits, appreciating his attentiveness to her, there is a greater opportunity for the attraction to grow.

He may think, Humph, I unlocked her door. He may even be momentarily distant and aloof. Even more important, when he looks over and sees that she is gracious, happy, and fulfilled, he takes credit. Now he starts to feel a little proud: Yes, I opened the car door, I am taking her on a date, and she is pleased. As his positive feelings come up, the grumbles go away and his attraction and respect for her go up. A man hungers for the opportunity to make a woman happy. It fulfills him to make her happy.

Her happiness is his happiness. This, however, is not the way women are. A woman is not primarily fulfilled by making a man happy. A woman needs to feel she is getting what she needs in a relationship. When she is getting her needs met, then and only then is his happiness hers. When men feel good about themselves, they are most motiv- ated to please a woman. Although he may feel very autonomous and independent, he begins to feel empty.

He is missing something. That something is satisfied through fulfilling a woman or making her happy. A woman need never feel obligated to please a man.

By giving him the opportunity to please her more, she allows a man to be most fulfilled. This concept is hard for women to understand, because when a woman feels autonomous and independent, instead of feeling a need to care for someone, she feels the need for someone to care for her. When she feels empty and hungers for a relation- ship, she has already spent most of herself giving to others. Romance for her is the opportunity to relax and let someone else take charge of her needs.

When she feels empty, she feels a need to receive. A simple smile and a thank you from the man she was giving to would not be enough. She feels, This is the man of my dreams; he is the one for me; he is perfect for me.

It is as though she falls under a spell. In this state she responds to him as if she were already getting everything she could ever want. She is lovingly responsive and receptive to whatever he does. The excitement certainly brings out the best in her and makes her very attractive, but it can also prevent him from continuing to feel a strong attraction for her. When a woman falls in love, she may feel as if she is already getting everything she could ever want.

She feels so satisfied by his presence that she begins to think, He is so wonderful. What can I do to be worthy of him? How can I earn this love? What should I do for him? How can I make sure he likes me? How can I be most attractive to him? These kinds of thoughts then lead to action. As she proceeds to pursue him, he becomes less interested in her. A wise woman approaches the situation differently. Even if she does fall in love, she is careful to remember that even though it feels as if she were in an exclusive relationship with her ideal partner, she is not.

Even if he has the potential to be the man of her dreams, he is not yet. She needs to remember that they are in stage one. He is not even exclusive with her stage three , nor does she really know him stage four , and they definitely are not engaged to be married stage five.

It is vitally important for a woman to remember what stage their relationship is in and respond appropriately to that stage. Having a clear awareness of the stages of dating helps us to keep this balanced perspective. Uncertainty W hen someone is more special to us than others, we automatically move into stage two, uncertainty.

When we begin to feel that we would really like to get to know someone and have an exclusive relationship, it is quite natural suddenly to shift and not feel so sure. For some that shift is like an earth- quake and for others it is a mild tremor.

Sometimes the size of the shift or the suddenness with which it occurs is a signal that this person has good potential. We could actually be dating our soul mate, but in stage two of dating we may not know it. Whether the person is wrong or right, in stage two the experience is uncertainty.

Unfortu- nately, many singles do not recognize this as a necessary stage and mistakenly assume that if they are not certain, this must not be the right person for them. They think that if they have found the right person, the gates of heaven should open and bells should ring. When a man moves into stage two, he can easily make the mistake of thinking, If I am not sure, then I should keep looking around and testing.

Looking around and dating many women may be fine for stage one, but in stage two this tendency is counterproductive. This is the time for a man to temporarily stop dating others and to start focusing his attention on his special partner. Stage one is a time to meet and get to know a variety of people; stage two is the time to focus on one.

This is the time to make a de- cision to give the relationship a chance. For a man, other women may begin to seem more appealing. Men tend to have a visual picture of their perfect mate, but very rarely is that picture ever correct. Not until he begins to experience real bonding with a woman in a way that makes him feel successful will the power of that pic- ture weaken and be replaced by a real person.

As long as a man has not experienced the reality of making a woman happy, he will compare her with a fantasy picture. He may begin to question his feelings: The spell is broken when his heart opens and he feels a special connection with his partner. This process takes time, even if he is with the right person. As long as a man has not experienced the reality of making a woman happy, he will hold a fantasy picture. To dig deeper he needs to ask himself these questions: When, over time, a man discovers an affirmative answer to each of these questions, then he is ready to move on to an ex- clusive relationship.

In reality he may have the ability, but because he misinterprets the way she thinks and feels he reaches a faulty conclusion. Oh, I love swimming pools.

He mistakenly assumes that because the thought of a mansion and a swimming pool makes her happy, he will have to provide it all for her to be happy. At this point, he starts to think that she may be the wrong person for him to pursue. In stage two, it is very important for the man to do little things for the woman so he can repeatedly test and experience the idea that he has the power to make her happy.

A man bonds with a woman through being successful in providing for her happiness, comfort, and fulfillment. His doubts are dispelled not primarily by what she does for him, but by how she responds to what he does for her. Traditionally, this is why men have been the ones who provide on a date. The man gives and the woman graciously receives.

She also gets to taste how it feels to receive his support. In this way, he bonds with her and she bonds with him. In the next stage, exclusivity, after they have bonded, she can begin sharing the expenses and doing little things for him as well, but on a romantic date he should be the main provider. Without an understanding of these stages, a man sometimes gets stuck in uncertainty. Instead of testing to see if he can make a woman happy and win her over, he begins to question whether she can give him what he wants.

When a man focuses on what he wants, he is sure to miss the perfect woman for him. While a man tends to question whether he wants to pursue a relationship, a woman tends to question where the relationship is going. Quite often, she senses the man pulling away. To find reassurance, she makes one of two common mistakes. Either she starts asking questions about the relationship, or she may try to win him over.

Mars and Venus in Love: Inspiring and Heartfelt Stories of Relationships That Work

Both of these approaches can push him away or prevent him from feeling confident that he is the right guy for her. During the attraction stage he was coming on so strong, and now he is not. These are some common reactions. Unfortunately, all of these questions lure her in the wrong direction; she begins to pursue him. For a woman, the stage of uncertainty should be a time to reflect on what she is getting from the man, not on what she could get.

This is a time for the woman to stay open to his fu- ture advances, but more important, it is a time to fill up her life with the support of friends. This is a time to test whether he is really the right person for an exclusive relationship.

If he pulls away, she should gracefully allow him take his distance. A woman needs to re- member that men are like rubber bands. They pull away. After he springs back a few times, he will have the certainty that she is the one with whom he would like to pursue a steady or exclus- ive relationship. By giving the man the space to pull away and then once again become more interested, a woman also gets to know if this man is the one with whom she would like to have an ex- clusive relationship.

If she can fill up her life with the support of friends and family and she still misses him, it is a good sign. When a woman says no to his advances, he must be careful to pursue gently and respectfully. Persistence is good, but it must be done in a nondemanding manner.

Trying to make her feel guilty for not spending more time with him can be a real turnoff. As a result, she can build a wall of resistance that prevents her from discovering that she may want to have an exclusive, steady relationship with him.

The wise woman waits for him to pursue her. Yet there is a time for a woman to call. It is foolish to wait passively.

A wise woman can create the opportunity for a man to pursue her. In- stead she can casually let him know that all is well.

She can call just to say hi, to thank him for something, or to ask a question that he has some expertise about. The worst thing she can do is to call him and interrogate him about his feelings about her and the relationship. The worst thing a woman can do is to call a man and interrogate him about his feelings about her and the relationship.

Sometimes when a man is in stage two he temporarily forgets about a woman. Two days, two weeks, or even two months can pass by in a flash, and then suddenly he remembers how much he likes a woman. He thinks about calling but anticipates that he will be scolded or rejected for taking so long to call. So he decides to not call and moves on. This then frees him to consider pursu- ing her again. Just as time slows down for women in uncertainty, time can speed up for a man.

This is not really the case at all. She has received so much that she feels obligated to return the favor. She hopes that by responding in a sexual manner and fulfilling his desires, she will regain his interest. By giving more of herself than she is ready to give, however, she can actually sabotage a relationship. More is not always better. If she has not been used to feeling pursued and romanced, then she may feel even more obligated. This basic understanding is crucial, and women today are missing it.

Quite often a woman feels that she is not giving enough in return, and then she feels obligated to give more. When she senses that the man wants more, instead of just being flattered by his desires, she sabotages the dating ritual by feeling the pressure of obligation and giving in to being more physically intimate than is appropriate to their relation- ship. Instead of letting him continue to please her, she shifts to trying to please him.

Inevitably her position is compromised and he loses interest. How Sharon Felt Obligated Sharon described it this way: He listened to everything I said. He was such a gentleman. I loved everything he said.

He was interesting and funny. We had such a good time. Then, after an evening of passion, everything stopped. She thought they were soul mates destined to get married, but Kevin was just in stage one, attrac- tion.

He was still dating other women as well. His intense attentiveness had meant to her that he must have been her soul mate. The truth is that they had only known each other for a few days. The real reason I feel hurt is that we had sex and then he rejected me. After all, he was giving her what she wanted; it seemed only fair for her to return the favor. But was he really giving her everything she wanted?

Sharon wanted to get married. Was he giving her that? When a man gives me all of what I want then I will give him all of what he wants. Until my wedding night, I am remembering that I am not yet mar- ried. She could just be more discerning in how far to go sexually. It can slowly increase over time. By reaching this conclusion, Sharon was able to complete her relationship with Kevin. She now clearly saw how she had set herself up to feel hurt.

She forgave Kevin and wished him well. This lifted her spirits and she went back to dating with a new approach.

Instead of giving up dating men, she gave up feeling obligated. She had a good time flirting a lot and dating until the right guy came along.

When they became exclusive, she practiced having sex without going all the way. Eventually they got married, but this time she waited until she was ready to be fully physically intimate. But by clearly realizing that she is under no obligation, she can begin to freely flirt with men and enjoy receiving what men can offer. She can feel her needs without feeling obligated. The more receptive and responsive she becomes, the more attractive she will be to the kind of man who will want to marry her.

By clearly realizing that she is under no obligation, a woman can begin to freely flirt with men and enjoy receiving what men can offer. She senses his desires and wants him not to get the wrong idea. The problem with this approach is that he will get the idea that she is not receptive at all and lose interest. Most men do not expect a woman to be physically intimate; they just hope to get lucky. This is insulting not only to him but to herself as well.

If she feels that a man is trying to download her sexual favors, then why go out with him at all? While most men only hope to get lucky, there are some who expect it.

They have had sex with women who are just looking for a good time, and so they expect this from all women. They expect it because they see it on TV, in the movies, and in magazines, and they assume that all women are just as fast as men.

Nothing could be further from the truth. By clearly understanding the wisdom of going slowly and moving through the five stages of dating, both men and woman will enjoy the dating process more and eventually find true love. When a man is used to fast women and then he meets a woman who wants to go slowly, it is normal for him to grumble a bit. If, however, there is more than just physical chemistry between them, he will respect her wishes and go slowly.

Instead of refusing to be receptive to all his advances, a wo- man should just politely and firmly say no to the sexual part if she is not yet ready. If he can respect her, then he is worthy of her.

If he cannot and stays annoyed, then he is just not ready to be in a serious relationship and she does herself and him a favor by rejecting him. All he really needs is to feel successful in fulfilling her and to hope that one day it might happen. This is as far as I go for now.

Men need physical intimacy in order to open up and feel their love and desire, and to feel committed. This is a very important insight, because to avoid intercourse, many woman will not be physically affec- tionate or sexual at all.

For a woman to feel comfortable being physically intimate, she needs to share a clear picture of how far she wants to go, and she must get a clear message from the man that he will respect what she wants. It can be very uncomfortable or difficult for a woman to say no to a man when she is in the heat of arousal.

To facilitate clear conversation with a man about sex, baseball can provide some helpful examples. Getting on First Base There are basically four degrees of sexual or physical intim- acy.

As in the game of baseball, each degree can be likened to getting onto another base. Getting on first base has to do with kissing and affection. At first, people casually or unintention- ally touch. Then he holds her hand, puts his arm around her, or gives her a kiss. Gradually their kissing becomes more lengthy and passionate. As they get to know each other, he feels very comfortable putting his arm around her and holding hands in private and in public.

In private they may spend hours cuddled up together or passionately kissing and pressing their bodies together. Although there is a lot of passion, they purposefully restrict the stimulation to lots of kissing, cuddling, embracing, and rolling around and alternately lying on each other. In this stage they begin to stimulate their more erogenous zones.

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There are basically three zones of exploration. The first zone is from the neck and shoulders up, plus arms, hands, and feet. The second is from the waist up and the third is from the waist down. Second base includes exploration in zones one and two. Slowly they will begin to explore and touch each other. At first this exploration is done with clothes on, then with less clothing on, and then with nothing on. Each individual act of love gets one point, regardless of magnitude.

Men, on the other hand, assign small acts, small expenditures, fewer points. Larger blocks of points 20, 30, 40 points, etc. To a woman, the emotional stroke delivered by sincere attention is inseparable from the act. The different perception of expenditure can lead to conflict when the man thinks his work has earned him, say, 20 points and deserves corresponding recognition, while the woman has assigned him only 1 point and recognizes him accordingly.

The man tends to think he can do one Big Thing for her scoring 50 points and not do much else, assuming he has "banked" points and can afford to "coast. Instead, the woman would rather have many little things done for her on a regular basis, because women like to think their men are thinking of them and care for them more constantly.

Gray clarifies how these two perceptions of "strokes" cause conflict. He encourages talking about these issues openly. Another major idea put forth in Gray's book regards the difference in the way the genders react to stress.

Gray states when male tolerance to stressful situations is exceeded, they withdraw temporarily, "retreating into their cave", so to speak.

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