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Example covers; How to use the tool; Can I download Cover Creator and the cover I design in the tool? Edit a cover image or choose a new one; Book details . Get help publishing on site's Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), a fast, easy and free and publish their books worldwide on the Kindle and Kindle reading apps. Novel book covers do great when they send an emotional message . site Kindle Direct Publishing, JPEG or TIFF, 2, x 1, pixels | Ideal ratio of

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Kindle Book Covers

Most beautiful book-style Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite, and Kindle Voyage case covers. From Fintie, Etsy, Tuff-Luv, and Pad & Quill, among. Creating a compelling book cover is the last hurdle before literary success, Design Wizard makes it easy to create eye-catching Kindle ebook covers. Sorry if this been talked about before. I noticed the book covers are not showing on some of my books I am just seeing a generic image with the.

The cover image you upload will appear on your site detail page. Before you start creating your cover, make sure you have all rights necessary for the content of your cover image and that it complies with our Content Guidelines. When you publish or re-publish your eBook, we'll automatically add your cover image to the inside. Do not include your cover image in your manuscript file. A guide to publishing on site Want help designing an eye-catching, professional-looking cover? Try our Cover Creator tool.

This is a handcrafted vintage classic book cover, made from durable synthetic leather. For Kindle it might be a bit too small, although elastic corner straps make it possible to fit it in. For Kindle Voyage it might be, on the other side, a bit too large. Verso Prologue is one of the most beautiful book-style Kindle covers. You will be pleased with the classy look, supple feel, and impressive durability. Imported, PU leather case with classic book design.

The collection includes 26 classic designs. For your Kindle, please select Edition 1 cover size. A classic Verso cover from a Verso book-style series. These covers are beautifully made to make you feel like holding a real book. Plus it has an interior pocket to hold and organize documents. There are two more colors from Verso series available: Red, and Marbled Blue.

There is an elastic closure loop to keep the case closed while not using it.

Ergonomic design means that you will never have to take out your Kindle. All ports and buttons are easy to access.


Your new Kindle is completely protected from accidental knocks, dust and minor impacts. You can wake or put your device to sleep by opening or closing the cover. Available in Brown featured above , Black, Red, and Coffee. Available in eight colors, including Brown, Coffee, and Black.

Kindle Book Covers

Handmade in Minneapolis employing traditional bindery techniques. Covered in Spanish bonded leather cover.

Interior is lined with book bindery cloth in 3 colors to choose from: Brown, Navy, and Red. Size versions for Kindle 5-button and Kindle Paperwhite. The cover can fold over, allowing you to hold it easily in one hand while reading. RGB is the color mode native to the web and many color screen displays.

52 worst Kindle eBook covers ever: You have to see these shockers

Displayed at varying levels of intensity, these three colors create over 16 million colors. Look for this option in the File saving dialog of image editing programs like Photoshop. If a JPG opens fine inside a web browser, it's probably okay to use as a cover image. Make sure to save your image without color separation. This is usually a pre-press or color palette option.

Use your image editing program or image analysis tool some are available free online to verify that your image file doesn't have color separation.

When uploading your final cover file to KDP, you will see an error occur if there is an issue with color mode or size. Use color images whenever possible and relevant. Borders for white cover art Cover art with white or very light backgrounds can seem to disappear against the white background.

Try adding a narrow pixel border in medium gray to define the boundaries of the cover. How to upload your cover Go to your Bookshelf Click the ellipsis button " Product image placeholders If you don't have a product image, or choose not to upload one, we'll add a placeholder image to the site detail page for your eBook.

How To Create Kindle Book Covers - Design Wizard

It will contain the title of your book and the first contributor name you entered. It can take up to one week to see the placeholder image on your detail page.

Having a product image, even if it's only a placeholder, is a better customer experience than displaying a message that an image is not available. We encourage you to design and upload your own image to capture customer attention.

To replace the placeholder image with your own image: Go to your Bookshelf Find the eBook to which you want to add an image Click the ellipsis button " Did you change the title or author of your book and are unable to upload your own image? Contact us for help updating your placeholder image. We will delete the existing placeholder, which will trigger a new one to be generated within one week.

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