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A comprehensive financial dictionary with over terms and counting. Brought to you by the web's largest investor resource, Investopedia. Items 1 - of Includes the most comprehensive investing dictionary on the web as well as articles and tutorials on nearly any aspect of the market. Items 1 - of Listing page of all of Investopedia\'s financial terms that begin with the letter a.

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Investopedia Dictionary Pdf

Items 1 - of Listing page of all of Investopedia's financial terms within stocks. to its main meaning; students can find this in any dictionary. ▻ Wiki: a suitable for local conditions; A combination of the .. You can use Investopedia with Lingoes dictionary (not up-to-date but ready to use with many terms). Download at Lingoes -- free dictionary and full text.

Economic Risk What it is: Economic risk is the chance that macroeconomic conditions like exchange rates, government regulation, or political stability will affect an investment , usually one in a foreign country. Aside from the business risk associated with making the plant profitable, Company XYZ is exposed to economic risk. The political environment could shift quickly, perhaps prompting the Congolese government to seize the plant or significantly change laws that affect Company XYZ's ability to operate the plant. Likewise, hyperinflation could make it impossible to pay workers, or exchange rate circumstances could make it unprofitable to move profits out of the country. Why it Matters: Economic risk is one reason international investing carries more risk than domestic investing. Shareholders and bondholders often bear the economic risk undertaken by international companies like Company XYZ. Investors who download and sell foreign government bonds are also exposed. Economic risk may also add opportunity for investors. Foreign bonds , for example, allow investors to participate indirectly in the foreign exchange markets and the interest rate environments of different countries. But the foreign regulatory authorities may impose different requirements on the types, sizes, timing, credit quality , disclosures, and underwriting of bonds issued in their countries. Economic risk can be mitigated by opting for international mutual funds because they provide instant diversification , often investing in a variety of countries, instruments, currencies, or international industries.

Unlike the first version in which all the definitions were taken from one source which is the website Investopedia. Working on this glossary, we went through many authoritative glossaries to pick up the useful contemporary words for the readers of this issue on matter.

We equipped our glossary with equivalents of the Arabic terms in both English and French. The glossary contains also concise definitions in English to give our readers an insight on what each term means, without forgetting the source of the Arabic term and the source of its definition.

We are sure that our glossary will be helpful for people who need to attend or indeed give presentations concerning issues related with money and banking.

Financial Acronyms Terms | Investopedia

It will enable students to read or write articles related to this issue in a much more natural and appropriate way. CGAP-Glossary- http: Retrieved from the Investopedia. Retrieved from the internet Investopedia. Bankers' banks exist for the sole purpose of servicing the charter banks that founded them. Also called Retrieved from the bearer draft.

English-to-Arabic- Investopedia. Investopedia by Mona Joreige capitaux. Financial Terms Investopedia. Retrieved from moratorium dette http: Retrieved from the http: This is the Retrieved from travail http: The value of Retrieved from fiduciaire fiat money is derived http: Financial statements for businesses Retrieved from the usually include: Funding by a government or organization that is repetitive, rather than a one-time grant.

IMF Glossary 2. A http: A term used to describe a price of IMF Glossary commodity or futures contracts that is gradually Retrieved from http: A futures market that is slowly advancing in prices.

Economic Risk

A ratio comparing the value of a position protected via a hedge with the size of the entire IMF Glossary Ratio de position itself.

A ratio comparing the http: Retrieved from http: Junior debt is usually an Retrieved from the unsecured form of debt, internet meaning there is no collateral behind the debt. Retrieved from payement http: Retrieved from The law of one price is http: Retrieved from the investopedia. The entrepreneurial motivation is one of the most important factors which accelerates the pace of economic development by bringing the people to undertake risk bearing activities.

In many of the developing countries a lot of attention is being paid to the development of entrepreneurship because it is not the proprietary quality of any caste and community. The entrepreneurship is usually understood with reference to individual business.

Entrepreneurship has rightly been identified with the individual, as success of enterprise depends upon imagination, vision, innovativeness and risk taking. The production is possible due to the cooperation of the various factors of production, popularly known as land, labour, capital, market, management and of course entrepreneurship. The entrepreneurship is a risktaking factor, which is responsible for the end result in the form of profit or loss.

The economic activity with a profit motive can only be generated by promoting an attitude towards entrepreneurship.

The renewed interest in the development of entrepreneurship to take up new venture should emphasize on the integrated approach. The developments of entrepreneurship will optimize the use of the unexploited resources, generate self-employment and a self sufficient economy.

The young entrepreneur should be motivated to come out with determination to do something of their own and also to contribute to the national income and wealth in the economy. If the country wants to achieve the growth at the grass root level, through social justice and the crimination of poverty, it will have to provide institutional support and structural changes in organization of financial institutions to promote entrepreneurship development.

Industrial development in any region is the outcome of purposeful human activity and entrepreneurial thrust. David Melelland emphasized the importance of achievement motivation as the basis of entrepreneurial personality and a cause of economic and social development through entrepreneurship by fulfilling the following needs such as 1 Need for power 2 Need for affiliation and 3 Need for achievement.

Entrepreneurship is vibrant assertion of the facts that individual can be developed, then outlook can be changed and their ideas can be converted into action though on organized and systematic program for entrepreneurs. It was also felt that systematic training can be given a better output and attracting people for taking up business venture can change economic scenario.

Basic objective in developing entrepreneurship and multiplying them in the society has been to enable the society to generate productive human resource, mobilize and sustain the same in subsequent process of development. The spontaneity and continuity of the process would depend on the kind of people that can be prompted and groomed in the entrepreneurial career.

Socilogists, Psychologists and economists have all attempted to give a clear picture of the entrepreneur. Sociologists analyze the characteristic of entrepreneurs in terms of caste, family, social value and migration. Psychologists on the other hand attempt to isolate entrepreneurs from general population on various personality trials such as need for achievement, creativity, propensity to take risk, independence leadership etc.

Economists, lighted situational characteristics such as occupational backgrounds access to capital business and technological experience and managerial skills with economic gains considered as characteristic of entrepreneur.

As entrepreneur by implication is one who ventures out, who prefers change as a means of growth and it the process is prepared to take a calculated risk while taking risks he is aware of the possibilities, success as well as the consequence of failure.

It is a purposeful activity includes in initiation, promotion and distribution of wealth and service.

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An entrepreneur is a critical factor in economic development and an integral part of the socio-economic transformation. It is a risk taking activity and challenging tasks, needs utmost devotion, total commitment and greater sincerity with fullest involvement for his personal growth and personality. The entrepreneurial career is not a one day job nor it is bed of roses. Prosperity and success never come easily.

It takes time and needs hard work. Systematic planning and business acumen to be successful entrepreneur. Therefore, before choosing this path one should be very careful in knowing about his own self.

Financial Acronyms Terms

This introspection process helps him in knowing about himself. Every person has his own potentiality and resource.

How he looks in to this aspect. If the person cans understand or identify his inner traits then it help him choosing the right path for which he should look into his beliefs, faith values etc.

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