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Hollow Earth Expedition RPG - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. is a pulp s role-playing game set in the. This adventure is designed as a short introduction for new players to Hollow Earth. Expedition and the Ubiquity system. It can also act as a starting point for an . Hollow Earth Expedition RPG - First we discovered that the Earth is round. I went there and compressed the HEX PDF from M down to an.

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Hollow Earth Expedition Rpg Pdf

Hollow Earth Expedition (HEX) is pulp-action RPG that takes place in the first three which had been released previously in PDF-only format. EARTH EXPEDITION; EGS) BY EXILE GAME STUDIO PDF . This book requires the Hollow Earth Expedition RPG (EGS) (HEX) Core Rulebook. Thread: Hollow Earth Expedition Free PDF for Valentine's Day The Secret Volcano Base: my intermittently updated RPG blog. Running.

The main feature of the system is its use of binary dice pool rolls to determine success. Under the default rules, each even number rolled counts as a success, while odd numbers count as nothing. Odd 'nothings' do not cancel out even 'successes', making dice rolling quick and simple. This binary system has also led to the development of special Ubiquity Dice, which are not detailed below. Game setting[ edit ] The surface world[ edit ] Hollow Earth Expedition is set in the s. On the surface, everything appears as it does in our real world history books, but if you dig a little deeper you encounter secret societies and villainous organizations, many of whom have a vested interest in the Hollow Earth. Two organizations are detailed in the main rulebook: the Terra Arcana and the Thule Society. Further organizations are listed in the first expansion, Secrets of the Surface World.

MacDonalds coalition government, on the other hand, collapsed, and Stanley Baldwin became Prime Minister once again, using radio as skillfully as Roosevelt in support of a much more restrained response to the crises of the day.

FREE Hollow Earth Expedition Scenario PDF

Germanys Chancellor Hitler looked ridiculous to many newsreel viewers, but his speeches made equally brilliant use of the radio, and he seemed to be charting a different way out of the depression. Only the most dedicated observers of the Asian scene were likely to notice the growing influence of a young Communist leader in China named Mao Zedong, but the ongoing 16 Its now , a year in which a great many surprises are in store for the world.

Gamers are a contentious group. We argue constantly over which ingredients to use in our rituals of shared invention and discovery. The truth is, the answer thats right for some doesnt have to be right for everyone. This is especially relevant when it comes to the use of history in adventure roleplaying.

Some gamers relish the nitty-gritty of historical detail.

It would genuinely bother them to play an adventure set in February and have Boulder Dam providing electricity, since historically its generators didnt go online until October. Others are doing pretty well if they remember that is after World War I and before World War II, and they dont much care about details as long as there are stylish suits and big bands around. In between these extremes are a whole range of possibilities. Theres no innately right answer, just what helps you have fun.

Before play, spend some time talking about this explicitly, giving everyone a chance to discuss expectations and identify potential trouble spots.

There are also some general considerations to keep in mind when thinking about using historical facts in play. Different people know different things You can go to an encyclopedia and learn things about that people living then didnt even know. It would be decades, for instance, before the Western world had good information about what Stalin was doing to his subjects, and Sun Yat Sen seemed much more important to the Republic of China than he does today.

This isnt just about the obvious matter of not knowing the future, though it does matter that people in couldnt be sure that Hitler would foil all attempts short of war to rein him in, that the U.

Its about the things going on in that werent reported, or were misunderstood, or otherwise escaped notice. Setting Of course, not everyone in a specific historical moment will agree upon whats happening.

Your character may well have privileged information.

Diplomats know things the public doesnt, as do scientists, historians, and others who work in specialized careers. Nor does that apply only to technical information: the players and fans of a sport, of a musical style, or of an artistic method all know things most people dont.

The people of one country often know something that others dont; fascist and communist crimes against humanity were no secret to their victims, its just that few people in the wider world listened when given the chance.

If theres a bit of period lore that youd really like to bring into play, just ask yourselfwhat sort of person knows this? Dates are just dates; lives have meaning There are many historical stories rich in dialogue that no real person would be likely to speak. Science fiction authors have a nickname for the sort of speech thats just an excuse for the author to deliver a lecture: thats an As you know, Bob moment.

As you know, Bob says the professor, and then he tells the characters things that are obvious to them. Monty Pythons Flying Circus once presented a historical drama featuring similar lectures and the flashing caption Some dialogue verified by Encyclopedia Britannica.

Hollow Earth Expedition

Fortunately, its not hard to avoid that trap. Real people, and interesting fictional ones, usually talk about events not in abstract recital, but by connecting them to personal meanings. A man celebrating his 40th birthday in might reminisce about signing up to fight in World War I just after his 18th birthday or his 21st, if hes American , while an American woman of the same age might identify her familys first store-bought radio and the election of the first woman to the U.

House of Representatives as more vivid in her memory than the escalation of tensions that brought the U. People often blur recollections together with things that may have happened a few years apart, joined under headings like when I was a kid or as I was growing up. They get things muddled and transposed, too. Even if you personally always keep chronologies in order, you must have noticed that many people dont, because its not the dates but the personal events that matter to them.

Judge the importance of things to your character and youll get a more vivid portrayal.

Quite apart from secrets and deliberate deceptions, peoples perceptions of past and present are shaped by concerns of different kinds. Take popular mythology and folklore, for instance, and look at how different eras have told the story of the American Revolution: whether it was God liberating the world through His chosen vessel among nations, a reactionary conspiracy to subvert and suppress genuine revolution, the inevitable product of purely material economic interactions, or something else.

People are usually very sincere in their views about whats happening and why, even when observers find it all very strange. Americans of the s were much less convinced than their descendants a few generations later that marketplaces could be the foundation of a lasting economy and society; they saw the escalating cycle of booms and busts since the American Civil War as quite possibly heralding the end of the capitalist era. Its like that with anything that hooks peoples attentions: they try to understand what it all adds up to, but sometimes the math goes awry, or there may well be more than one good answer.

Hollow Earth Expedition RPG

Fully as important as questions like What did your character witness, and what was just news from afar? Facts should enhance play, not detract from it For pulp adventure, a good basic rule of thumb is that if an extra historical detail opens up a new Harding possibility and lets a player say Yes!

Then I can do this cool thing! The original pulp stories were none too careful about every little detail, and neither are their latter-day successors in movies and comics.

Most fundamentally, the fact that theres a hollow earth should signal to everyone playing that this is not a game of strict historical realism. How much adjustment helps and when it starts to hurt peoples sense of characters and world is a personal matter, and theres no right amount for everyone.

Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. John Aynge Retired User Jun 30, A scenario with pregenerated characters that plays in about 2 hours. If you've played in the scenario let me know what you thought.

If you decide to run the scenario and want some tips feel free to ask. I apologize for any misspellings or grammatical errors. Last edited: Jun 30, Skywalker Back Off the Buddha!

Validated User. Nicely done. Thank you very much. We're amateurs but we have a lot of love for the game. John Aynge Retired User Jul 1, There is a second part for this adventure which is another 2 hour demo situation.

Hollow Earth Expedition - Wikipedia

This one leads the characters into the Hollow Earth, and the second one leads them out or strands them in the Hollow Earth. At Gen Con we will be running the third adventure which is a direct sequal to both of these, and it is: That will be a four hour adventure.

Argenon Registered User Validated User.

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Jul 1, Anxiously waiting for the "sequels"! Enchilada Luis Gruntmeir.