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Gunahon Ka Devta. Topics. Collectionopensource. Hindi Novel By Dharamvir Bharti. IdentifierGunahonKaDevta. Identifier-arkark://. GUNAHON KA DEVTA - HINDI - DHARAMVEER BHARTI. Identifier GunahonKaDevta-Hindi-DharamveerBharti. Identifier-arkark://. You are about to download Gunaho Ka Devta Hindi book pdf for free – Don't forget to like us on facebook & share with your friends to keep us motivated to add.

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Gunaho Ka Devta Ebook

You are about to download the selected Gunaho Ka Devta pdf for free – Don't forget to like us on facebook & share with your friends to keep us. Gunahon Ka Devta (Hindi Novel) - गुनाहों का देवता (उपन्यास) ebook by Nadi Ke Dweep (Hindi Novel) - नदी के द्वीप ebook by Agyeya, अज्ञेय. Gunahon ka Devta, Dharamveer Bharti, pdf, download, free hindi Here you can download complete pdf or e-book of Free Hindi Books of.

Overview[ edit ] Romance and love which a young heart cherishes are present in this novel with their various shades and colour. It is primarily the story of "non expressive love and romance between two characters Chandar and Sudha The portraying of characters is beautiful, particularly the female protagonist of novel, Sudha touches the heart. In the novels foreword, the author says, "While writing this novel I experienced the feeling one has during depressing moments when he prays ferevently, with full faith It appears as if the very same prayer has been ingrained in my heart and I am still repeating it The plot is simple and devoid of any distracting thrilling moments.

It is a story set in Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh in the s. Sudha is the daughter of Dr Shukla and Chander is his student.

गुनाहों का देवता

Nor does the language sound stilted even though Chander is prone to intense self-reflection and being privy to a lovestruck Romeo can get quite painful to read if not written about deftly—probably a large part of the credit for a readable story goes to the translator, Poonam Saxena. Time well spent.

I am posting excerpts of an email interview conducted with Poonam Saxena earlier this week. You say it is still in print and selling well.

Gunaho ka devta in hindi pdf free download

Who is the publisher? I have two copies with me.


One is a 20th reprint hardcover that was first published by Bharatiya Jnanpith in Then I have a paperback copy also printed by Bharatiya Jnanpith in which is the 70th reprint. Does it not make him similar to the young authors we have today, who commercially success — Ravinder Singh, Durjoy Dutta etc? In Hindi and Urdu writing, many authors did finish very successful works when they were very young. My translation is not literal.

Gunaho Ka Devta by Dharmveer Bharti Hindi Book PDF - Hindi Books Pdf Download for Free

The idea was to be true to the characters, emotions and feelings in the book and to make it work as a novel in English. Plus it uses pure Awadhi for a couple of characters adding to the authenticity.

Loved these! I was blessed to have awesome buddies making it a vibrant discussion : Highly recommended for Hindi readers.

Frankly speaking I am scared to do injustice to the language. This has been my first serious attempt with Hindi literature. I am overwhelmed and in complete awe with the writing.

The simple story is conveyed in a subtle intense style. After reading this book, I feel a shooting pain inside the heart. It grows with time. This book has a hypnotizing power.

The way it explores various shades of love has mesmerized me completely. Consideri What a shame that I can't write review of this book in Hindi! Considering that this book was written in and one can totally relate to it after six and a half decades depicts the brilliance of this book.