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Abstract— The purpose of this project is to find the vehicle where it is and also you can stop that particular vehicle by sending a entire system is. Request PDF on ResearchGate | Design & Development of a GSM Based Vehicle Theft Control System | This paper deals with the design & development of a. This paper deals with the design & development of a theft control system for an automobile, which is being used to prevent/control the theft of a vehicle.

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Gsm Based Vehicle Theft Control System Pdf

Abstract. This paper deals with the design & development of a theft control system for an automobile, which is being used to prevent / control the theft of a vehicle. At the same time, the amount of accident of vehicle's theft still remains high. So, one It controls GSM module and Motor through motor driver IC Ll32 and LCD. A jumper It is microcontroller based security system. . [2] .com/technical_references/pdfs/mechanical_engineering/ Development of GSM-Based Vehicle Anti-Theft System a GSM modem, a voiced-alarm module, a cellular phone and a remote control of the RKE system.

Skip to Main Content. A not-for-profit organization, IEEE is the world's largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. Use of this web site signifies your agreement to the terms and conditions. Personal Sign In. For IEEE to continue sending you helpful information on our products and services, please consent to our updated Privacy Policy. Email Address. Sign In. Access provided by: The developed system makes use of an embedded system based on GSM technology. An interfacing mobile is also connected to the microcontroller, which is in turn, connected to the engine.

The members of the Supervisory Committee are as follows: I also declare that it has not been previously or concurrently submitted for any other degree at UPM or other institutions.

This upward trend has started to increase rapidly and reaching an alarming proportions particularly in Europe and the rest of the world for the past few years. New guidelines driven by the insurance companies are being set for vehicle manufacturers to make their products more secure [I]. In Malaysia, many cases of vehicle theft have been reported.

The number is increasing every year. Nobody likes his or her car to get stolen. The insurance companies also feel the pressure as they have to pay the claims made by the customers. As a result, the insurance companies have to increase the insurance premium. The increas of the insurance premium also due to the lack of security system installed to the car.

The car manufacturers installed a minimum standard security system such as an alarm- based security system. However, this device is not effective enough. It does not have any pager system attached to it. The car thief takes only a few minutes to deactivate the security system. Furthermore, nobody will pay an attention when the car alarm goes off. Based on these reasons, it is proposed that a GSM-based vehicle anti-theft system development is designed and developed to improve the performance of the current vehicle security system.

When either the immobiliser or the alarm is activated, the proposed system will activate its voice-based alarm and at the same time send a signal to the user's cellular phone, informing the user the current status of the car.

The proposed system also allows the user to lock and unlock the car door remotely using the cellular phone. In order to achieve the objectives of the project, the following works were carried out.

Design and develop the hardware of the proposed system. Develop a control program of the proposed system. Design and develop voice-based car security alarm system. Conduct appropriate tests for the proposed system. It consists of introduction, problem statement and objectives of the project. This chapter reviews about the car theft, statistic of stolen vehicle, common methods used by thieves to steal cars and options to reduce car theft.

It also discusses the previous work used or conducted by other researchers related to the project. There are several factors contributing to this problem; The gap between the rich and the poor are getting bigger and higher.

Poverty increases everyday at an alarming rate and this will lead to dissatisfaction among people. The easiest way to get money is by committing crime and car theft is one of the crime which gives good return.

They, in general do not care about the consequences of the crimes. There are many forms of car theft.

The types of car theft vary considerably from one country to another, from straight forward unorganized theft for profit on the resale market to well organized groups of criminals stealing on demand for the export market to other countries.

This crime was done either by using common tools or brutal force. The locks on the car and current car security system provides little deterrent to a skilled car thief.

Another type of car theft, prevalent predominantly in the United Kingdom, is called "joy-riding" crime which is normally done by teenagers, for the sheer destructive pleasure of driving at high speed with complete disregard to the law, sometimes causing fatal injuries to innocent bystanders and even the criminals in the stolen cars as well.

Unlike a general-purpose computer, such as a personal computer, an embedded system performs one or a few predefined tasks, usually with very specific requirements.

Since the system is dedicated to specific tasks, design engineers can optimize it, reducing the size and cost of the product. Embedded systems are often mass-produced, benefiting from economies of scale.

Personal digital assistants PDAs or handheld computers are generally considered embedded devices because of the nature of their hardware design, even though they are more expandable in software terms. This line of definition continues to blur as devices expand. Physically, embedded systems ranges from portable devices such as digital watches and MP3 players, to large stationary installations like traffic lights, factory controllers, or the systems controlling nuclear power plants.

In terms of complexity embedded systems can range from very simple with a single microcontroller chip, to very complex with multiple units, peripherals and networks mounted inside a large chassis or enclosure. Consider a chemical plant. This concept developed from a mix of computer technology.

Development of GSM-Based Vehicle Anti-Theft System | Chukwuwezam Obanor -

However the new concept of electronic devices was evolved. It was built from discrete transistor logic and had a hard disk for main memory. They were called programmable controllers which later became a part of embedded systems. The first mass-produced embedded system was the Autonetics D guidance computer for the Minuteman missile released in However there were some disadvantages with the computer controls.

In the s. From sensors which measure temperatures.

They were: Flag for inappropriate content. The information is passed onto the central processing insurance system, where by sitting at a remote place, a particular number is dialed by them to the interfacing mobile that is with the hardware kit which is installed in the vehicle.

By reading the signals received by the mobile, one can control the ignition of the engine; say to lock it or to stop the engine immediately. Again it will come to the normal condition only after entering a secured password.

Gsm Based Vehicle Theft Control System

The main concept in this design is introducing the mobile communications into the embedded system. The entire designed unit is on a single chip. When the vehicle is stolen, owner of vehicle may inform to the central processing system, then they will stop the vehicle by just giving a ring to that secret number and with the help of SIM tracking knows the location of vehicle and informs to the local police or stops it from further movement.

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