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Ngu Phap Tieng Anh - Mai Lan Huong - pdf. Huong Nguyen. o m z. c c o n. u h o y n q u e m y k. d a ww w o m z. c c o n. u h o y n q u e m y k. d a ww w o m z. m. o. n y. o h. a d. w w w. m e k y. u q. c. z o c u. n. m o. n y. o h. a d. w w w. m e k y. u q. c. z o c u. n. m o. n y. o h. a d. w w w. m e k y. u q. c. z o c u. n. m o. n. Ngu Phap Tieng Anh - Mai Lan Huong - TOEIC BOOK maroc-evasion.info - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online.

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Ebook Ng? Phap Ti?ng Anh Mai Lan Huong

Mua sch TOEIC photo gi r, cht lng. Hotline: o m z. c c o n. u h o y n q u e m y k.d a w w w Website: maroc-evasion.info Mua sch TOEIC photo gi . Ngu Phap Tieng Anh - Mai Lan Huong - maroc-evasion.info Report. Post on Jan 6 Views. Category. Apr 2, Ebook Các dạng bài tập Anh văn, đã tổng hợp và hệ thống kiến thức Tiếng Anh - Ngoại Ngữ Nội dung Text: Bài tập tiếng anh lớp 9 Mai Lan Hương Ebook Ngữ pháp tiếng Anh trắc nghiệm: Phần 1 - Mai Lan Hương.

Choose the best sentence that can be made from the words given. Family rules are im portant, teaching children values and respect for them selves and others. Family rules are im portant which teach children values and respect for themselves and others. It is family rules are im portant because they teach children values and respect for themselves and others. Family rules are important. They teach children values and respect for themselves and others.

Find the mistake and correct it ex Are Do they have there orange your Does Do mom drink coffee Amy dances your dad John a Do go to church every day? Does 12 the every day? The bears are riding a bike They The tiger is jumping It Are the horses running?

Yes, they aren't Are the elephants dancing? Is she reading a book now? C Look, choose and write What is everyone doing now? Are they playing soccer? Yes, he is fly read? Yes, they are Yes, she is E Let's have fun! I am unhappy. W hat is his full name? Is he a new student? W here is he from? Who is he living with? W hat is his address? How far is it from his house to school? How does he go to school?

Why is he unhappy? Vit cu vi cc t gi , dng th tng lai n future simple tense: Vit rt gn nu c th. Will you go to the party tonight? What will you do tonight? Sp xp cc cu thnh on hi thoi hp l. W hen will she come back? Can I speak to Trang? This is 38 Shes out at the moment. Who is calling? Please tell her call again at five. I ll tell her. Dng cc t cho sn trong khung hon tt on hi thoi. This is 8 I ts me, Phong.

Yes, I will. Ill 8 you tomorrow. Vit ngy thng. They come will come here tomorrow morning. Mai brush back tomorrow. She have. Lan in v ite. Alex often watch V. Vit cu ph nh v nghi vn. He will call again a t five oclock. He w ont call again a t five o clock. Will he call again at five o clock? I play games in the afternoon. Hon tt Hoa Mr. Tan Hoa Mr. Good morning, Mr Tan.

Bài tập tiếng anh 7 có đáp án - Mai Lan Hương

Pham Thi Hoa. Im I will be 14 on my next birthday. My date of birth is on June eighth. I live w ith my uncle and aunt. T hank you. Chn t, cm t hoc cu thch hp in vo ch trng. Should b. Shall c. Can d. Will 2. H er birthday is Friday. Auerust 20th. Will b. Are d. Shall 4. W hen c. W hat d. W hats your a. She always comes to class on time. She is never for class. The party will about three hours. Would you like a cup of tea? Yes, please. I like, too. Youre welcome. Cho th hoc dng thch hp ca ng t trong ngoc.

She call I them every week. UNIT 2: Nga lives in the city w ith her parents and two brothers. She lives at 14 Nguyen Tri Phuong Street. H er telephone num ber is 38 On her next birthday, July 1st, Nga will be She will have a small party for her birthday. She will invite some b est friends to h er house. They will eat pizza, fried chicken, cake and they will drink Coke. They will have a lot of fun.

The party will sta rt at five oclock and finish at eight. W hat's Nga address? W hats her telephone num ber? How old is she now? W hats her date of b irth? Will she have a big party foi her birthday?

Who will she invite? W hat will they eat and drink? How long will the party last?

Da vo cc d kin ca on vn trn, hy hon tt thip mi sinh nht ca Nga gi cho Hoa. I hope you will come and join the fun.

Love, N ga Dng cc t cho sn trong khung hon t't cc cu. The book is on the table. The armchairs arent far from the television. There are a sink, a tub and a shower the bathroom. The film is very interesting.

What lovely girls! The boy is very intelligent. The m ilk is fresh. Those students are naughty. The trip is very exciting. The cakes are delicious. The weather is very terribleThe view is lovely. The kitchen is very modern. W here does M inh live? How m any rooms are there in his apartm ent? W hat things are there in the bathroom? Is there a gas cooker in the lptchen? Is M inhs bedroom big? Does M inh like his apartm ent? Dng cc t cho sn trong khung hon tt cc cu.

Chi teaches children in a school. She is ateacher. Gary takes care of peoples teeth. Lam and Huong paint pictures. Hoas father works on a farm. She plays the piano. He tre a ts sick people. Jan e w rites articles for a newspaper. My brother repairs m achines and equipment. Nouns danh ft v Adjectives tnh tj. The girl is very beautiful. The w eather is very awful. The meal is very delicious. The boy is very clever. The pictures are very colorful. The dress is very expensive.

The m ilk is sour. Hon t't cc cu sau, dng hnh thc so snh hn ca cc tnh t trong ngoc. Hon tt cc cu sau, dng hnh thc so snh nht ca cc tnh t trong ngoc. My nam e is Nam. My big sister is a painter.

She works in an a rt studio in town. My youngest sister is Vy. She is pretty and she sings like an angel. I really 8 my family. Nam lives in a large comfortable house in the country.

There are five people in his family. His father is a doctor. His m other is a teacher. Ngoc is his elder sister. His youngest sister sings beautifully. Chn t hoc cm t thch hp in vo ch trng. I live 12 T ran Hung Dao Street. W hat b. W hat an 2. S arah looks after patients in hospital. She is a a. Are there lam ps on the wall? You look in th a t dress. Its the a. W hats your color? The picture is the clock.

Would you like some fruit juice? Id love some. I like it.

T hats all right. Not a t all. Cho dng hoc th ng ca ng trong ngoc1. Please tell her I call.

H a Noi is bigger th an Hue. H er m other works hard num ber This apartm ent is the newest V. Hon ta't cc cu sau9dng hnh thc so snh ca cc tnh t trong ngoc. The first one is a big apartm ent.

It has a bright living room, two bedrooms and a large, modern kitchen. W hat does Mr. Robinson do? W hat is he looking for? W hich is the cheapest apartm ent? W hich is the m ost expensive? Describe the m ost suitable apartm ent for Mr. Robinsons family? Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others.

Chn t c phn gch dipht m khc cc t khc. Chn t thch hp in vo chhg. T ran Van An. Supply the correct form or tense of the verb in brackets. ICho dng hoc th ng ca ng t trong ngocJ 1. Make question for the underlined words. His telephone num ber is 38 Its about two kilom eters from my house to the movie theater. I will go camping next Sunday. H er date of b irth is on August She will be fourteen on her next birthday. My father is an engineer.

John is talking to Nhat. Match the item in column A with the vi mc ct B. W hat a lovely house! Lets see a movie. An watches TV every night.

Would you like a sandwich? How are you today? Can I speak to Mr Johnson? So do I. No, thanks. Im full. Good idea! Hes out. Not too bad. Supply the correct form of the word in brackets. Cho dng ng ca t trong ngocJ 1. Then answer the questions. Trung is a student in class 7A. His full name is Pham Quoc Trung. He is 13 years old now, but he will be 14 next Monday, August 15th.

Trungs house isn 't large but its very comfortable. It has a bright living room, two lovely bedrooms, a modern bathroom and a big kitchen. There is a small yard iri front of his house. Trungs m other grows flowers and plants in the yard. According to Trung, his house is the nicest.

W hat does Trung do? W hen is his birthday? W hat are th ere in the yard? Does Trung love his house? Vit cu vf cc t gf. Dng th hn ti tip din present progressive tense E x: W hat dowe have today, Minh? We have it from 7. I like M ath most. Its 7 interesting and im portant subject. Yes, I like M ath 8 ,. Hon t't cu vi t cho sn trong khung. The library opens at 7 am.

Ngu Phap Tieng Anh - Mai Lan Huong - TOEIC BOOK maroc-evasion.info

There are a lot of books, newspapers, magazines, e tc. W here are E nglish dictionaries?

About two kilom eters. W hat tim e does the library open? They read books. How far is it from your house to the library? M ath and science books. How long does it take to cycle from d. H arry Potter.

W here can you find a card index? About h a lf an hour. W hat do students do in the library? On the shelf on the right. W hat books are on the left? W hats your favorite book?

In the library , l. W here can I find the m ath books, please? Can I help you? Theyre on the racks in the middle.

Cho dng hoc th thch hp ca cc ng t trong ngoc hon chnh on vn. Does Nam s school have a large library? W hat are there in the library? Is the library only open in the morning? How far is it from Nam s house to the library? How often does Nam go to the library? W hat is Nam doing now? Chn t hoc cm t thch hp in vo ch tro'ng. M ath, History, English and Music. I like English most. Physics b. L iterature c. Home Economics d. H istory 4. Thanks for all your help!

I do like, c. Good job! T hats not bad. H urry up! He is learning play: It's a quarter past te n. We have Chem istry on W ednesday and Friday. My fam ily has lunch a t They are playing soccer in the stadium. Quang is studying M ath, 6. The children are going to the museum by bus.

The school library has about two thousand books.

Mai Lan Huong

You can find newspapers on the rack near the lib rarian s desk. Cho dng ng ca t trong Itgoc. Id like to go home, bore 8. Few students like him. I ts very interesting to know about schools in the USA. I th in k schools in V ietnam are a little different. V ietnam ese students usually w ear school uniform when they are at school.

Students have a m inute break after three periods. At break, m any students play games. Some go to the canteen and download something to eat or drink. Others talk together. Our school year lasts for nine months, from Septem ber to May.

Then we have a three-m onth summ er vacation. Please w rite soon and tell me about your summer vacation.

Your friend, Hoa 1. There is no school uniform in Viet Nam. Classes last from seven to a quarter past eleven. Students have a break after the second period. Most students play games at break. The school year begins in September. Summer vacation lasts for three months. Hon t't cu th hai sao cho n c ngha tng t vi cu th nht. W here do you live? The blue dress is cheaper th an the red one.

Nam is taller th an any students in his class. We have a break th a t lasts th irty minutes. W hen is your birthday? I ts difficult to find an apartm ent in H a Noi. Geography classes 6. Cho dng hoc th thch hp ca cc ng t trong ngoc. Hon t on vn vi nhng t cho sn trong khung. Today, Mai has four classes: English, Geography, Computer Science and Physics. She thinks Geography is difficult and so is English.

In Physics, she does some experiments. W hat school does Mai go to? Which grade is she in? How often does she go to school? W hat tim e do classes sta rt and end? How m any classes does Mai have today? W hat are they? Which subject does Mai like best? W hat does she th in k about Geography and English?

W hat does Mai do in Physics class? Sp xp cc danh t vo cc nhm thch hp. My father drinks coffee, never My father never drinks coffee. I go to the English club, often 2. They play catch at recess, usually 3. The school yard is noisy a t recess, always 4. He dont go swimming on the weekend, often 5. W here do you go on your holiday? Nam is late for school, never 7. Does she skip rope a t recess? You can drink a little coffee, sometimes 9. I am very hungry by lunchtime, usually IV- Vit cu vi cc t gi , dng th hin ti n present simple tense hoc hin t tip din present progressive tense Ex: What are they doing?

They are playing catch. Do they often play catch? They usually do. American students take p art in different activities at recess. The energetic students often play basketball, but they never have tim e to play a whole game. They ju st practice scoring goals.

Many of the students listen to music. Sometimes they read or study at the same time. Future Tenses: Tt c cc th tng li ty ng cnh ca cu. Ex: He never goes home before he has finished his work. I often read a newspaper while I am waiting for the bus. We will go as SOI as you have finished your, work. It was raining hard when I got there.. The train had already left when I arrived at the station.

Please wait here until I come back. He has been studying English since ho came here. She said that she get married soon. Bill said that he lose his bicycle 20 4. She understood that we promise to go, 6. The boy knew that n hour have sixty minutes. I didnt know what time it be , so I turn on the radio. I wondered whether I lock the door or not. She says that she live in the country when she be a child. They hoped that they end soon. The teacher said that the shortest distance between two points be a straight line.

The student who answered the question be John. Mary have dinner when her friend called. John live in the same house since he left school. Shut all the windows before you go out.

You may begin when you be ready' : He is saving his money so that he take a long vacation. They have faund that the road be very lon I saw that I make a mistake. The teacher asked Bill why he not go to school! We find that we take wftmg way. I want to know how long she live here. I didnt know who help him. Do you hear what she just, say?

Did you hear what she Gust, say? They believed that the police capture the thief iXiOn. Did John say he call you again? She has thought that the work be easy. The students had thought that '.

Mrs Smith complains hat her r.

Bài tập tiếng anh lớp 9 Mai Lan Hương

Torn promised he rot do it again. II Choose the correct forms of the verbs in parentheses. He asked the guard what time the tram. He told me the morning that he is going' was going with us the following day. He says that he finished7 will finish the project by May. Britain; the weather is very varied. She didn't tell me Jhe reason why she didnt come' hadnt come to school the day before. Ill Supply the correct verb forms.

While she be l3 at university, Laura join 1'11 a university folk group and started singing. It was at this time that she write her famous song "The Price of Peace 1. One of the first novels in history of literature be lil written in England in Ht: bear in London in a rich family. When Daniel be a schooiboy, he begin 15 to write stories. Dofoe" visit 19 many countries and meet l!

That helped him much in his writings. She be '31 asked to go there because she can speak Japanese. For four years, she never have 1'11 the opportunity to use her Japanese until she goV r,: to Tokyo last month. As I ialreadv sell 14' my house and arrange 15' a new job, It is too late to change my mind. However; since then I hear '9 a lot. Mary have 1 1 to go to New York last week, but she almost miss the plane. Fortunately, she not live 16 very far from the airport so she liave 01 time to go back home to get the passport.

Rob Fellow come m from England. He come to Pans six months ago to leam French. He just takeP an exam If he passes, h move into the next class. He be excited today because his parents come '81 tomorrow to stay with him for a few days. Bear m in Scotland in , Alexander Bell become '21 interested very early in the methods of human communication.

He influence by his father and grandfather, who spend '4' years working with deaf peopland those with faulty speech. Bells father even goP so far as to develop a system of so-called "visible speech" for the deaf.

He use 6 sketches of the different positions of the lips and tongue. This science of visible speech form '7! While I walk 1 across the campus the other day, I meet 12 my old friend, John, whom I nt see since July Naturally we stop H! Jack London bear! He begin 2 his educa-' tion at the university of California, but not finish '2; it there, he write 1 a lot of adventure books.

He travel 13 much, and his experience it; his trips help him write many famous books. A: Tell us what happened to you yesterday? VV:; Last Sunday, Mrs Hay' drive ' alonsf a small counfry rod when she see , a man at the side of the roS'i He Wve 31 and pointing at his car. I tell '6 them to ciear off, and one of them iook l7 at me with big, ". In th distance he could just make out the shapes of the lead runners, get 1,1 further ahead every minute..

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