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Javelin PDF readers provide all the core functionality needed for viewing standard PDF files and PDF files encrypted using our free Drumlin Publisher software. Drumlin PDF Secure Conversion and Administration Software Please see the Javelin downloads page for Javelin PDF reader software downloads. PDF Publishing Service: Drumlin provides a fully integrated secure PDF distribution system for publishers, academics, market research.

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Drumlin Pdf Reader

Javelin PDF Reader is a full functionality PDF reader for Windows, OSX, iOS ( iPAD and iPhone) and Android OS, with support for Digital Rights Management ( DRM) using encoded and encrypted PDF files in Drumlin's DRMX and DRMZ formats. Second Drumlin is provided as a combined free reader and secure publisher in one, so there are no up-front software costs. This software allows many controls. Download Drumlin Read and protect PDF files. Drumlin is a PDF reader similar to Adobe Reader that also allows you to encrypt and protect your files.

DRM or. DRMX - not. DRMZ files though. To authorize a DRMX file when prompted, see the authorization section, below. With the Drumlin Reader software use the Tools menu, Language option, to select your preferred language e. French, German, Spanish, etc. Open any. PDF or secured. PDF this will have the additional extension,.

If you wish to publish such files so that they can only be viewed by selected pre-registered Drumlin users you will need to use the UserLists facility described later in this document. In the standard setup available on the free service we provide when a user tries to open a DRMX file they are prompted for an authorization code.

If they enter a valid code which is checked on a DRM server via the Internet then a new. DRM file is created and saved on their PC — this.

In the Enterprise setup see further, Enterprise edition section, below there is a second option for these fully secured files which does not require end-user authorization.

In this case the user selects the File menu, Download Any document they select from the list and download is saved in the same manner as described above, i. DRM file on their PC. Once again, this file is personal to that user and cannot be read on any other PC. This is the strongest security we provide and does not require the user to have pre- registered with the Drumlin service.

DRMX Authorization codes can be requested from us in blocks e. Likewise, with the Enterprise edition, Download documents option, users typically may download the file once, but they can be enabled for multiple downloads. DRM or. DRMX formats. If you register your copy of the Drumlin software you can publish secure PDF documents yourself. Try looking at the properties of this document, WelcomeV4. You can re- open this document via the File or Help menus at any time.

The Help menu also provides a link to the Online Help information. You are now ready to use the Drumlin software to read and print secured PDF documents. This process can be carried out using the free Drumlin software and service. DRM and. Essentially this means that when you receive or download a. DRMX document it will include controls that determine whether you can simply view the document possibly for a certain period or number of occasions , or whether you can also print it, copy it etc.

Details of how to do this yourself are provided later in this document. To view a. PDF file or a. DRM file simply open the file with the Drumlin program. Registration In order to view some protected documents, and if you wish to become a publisher of such documents, your copy of the Drumlin reader must be registered.

This requires a connection to the Internet, so please ensure a connection is available before you start.

Javelin PDF Reader Downloads | Drumlin Security

Your registration details will be emailed to you, and to enable continued use of the software you must respond to the email otherwise your software will expire after a period.

The licensing terms can be viewed at any time via the Help menu, About option and on the website. To view a fully secured. DRM document on another computer a separate copy of the Drumlin reader must be installed on that computer e.

If the. DRM file has been generated by authorizing a. You will need to copy the.

Javelin PDF Reader Enhanced Features

DRM file, which is then readable on your PC this file cannot be authorized again without a new code from the publisher, nor can it be copied to and viewed on another computer once authorized. You must be connected to the Internet when authorizing files. If all is OK the file will be unlocked and saved, and then opened for you to view:.

Downloadable files Enterprise edition only Drumlin V4. This is both very secure and extremely simple for end users, but does require storing the encrypted PDFs on the Enterprise server in the Drumlin SQL database see further, Enterprise edition section, below. As an end user all you do is select the File menu, Download Document The Download document menu item on the File menu is only displayed if your Drumlin software has been set to have this facility enabled, either by central server control or by the entry in your settings.

Navigation and document display Drumlin includes several facilities to aid fast navigation around PDF files. If a PDF includes a document structure section e. Other basic functions are also provided via the in-context right mouse button click:. So, to select text press the icon shown below, then drag a rectangle over the area to be selected. The highlighted area is the text that will be selected. The in-context menu right mouse click now includes the Copy and Select items.

Clipboard and screen capture operations Drumlin automatically restricts the use of the Windows clipboard, print screen and screen capture programs for certain documents. The restrictions apply to encrypted Drumlin documents which have a.

When secured documents are opened the Drumlin reader disables the Windows clipboard and the Windows Print Screen facilities. If, in addition, the Disable Screen Capture option has been selected when the document was published then Drumlin also checks for the existence of screen capture programs that may be running actively, or passively in the background.

If Drumlin considers that such a program might be running it issues a warning message asking you to close the program in question before continuing. To close such programs, select the program if it is open and running and use its Exit option to close it. Some capture programs install an icon on the Windows toolbar and may not exit when the program is closed see example, below. If this is the case, then select the icon in question, right click on it, and select Exit to close the program fully.

If Drumlin still detects a running capture program, and you have not been able to exit these in the way described, check the documentation for the program concerned to see how it should be closed. If all else fails you can run the Task Manager e. Users should contact Drumlin info drumlinsecurity.

Toolbar and menu facilities The standard Drumlin reader toolbar is shown below. The numbers below the toolbar refer to the descriptions that follow in the table provided. Many of the functions displayed are also provided via menu items additional facilities may be provided via the File, View and other menus, depending on the version and setup of the Drumlin software you have installed:. Printing may be limited to a certain number of copies or pages File Print 3 Email a Drumlin readable file: Then use the Choose Program This will re-assign PDFs to the selected program.

If you have any problems with this facility please refer to the online FAQ page for more information. English, German and French language files plus a number of others are provided with the initial installation. Select your preferred language via the Tools menu, Language option. Additional languages may be downloaded via the Tools menu, Download language files option. To use the Drumlin publishing facility you must first register your copy of the Drumlin software.

Then select the menu option, File and Publish… to view the publishing screen, as illustrated below. Note that Enterprise service customers may use exactly the same facilities, or if they are storing the secured PDF files within the Drumlin SQL database they will use a separate utility program to upload PDFs into the database, ready for authorized end users to download.

DRM file on your computer in the directory you have selected, with the same name but with a.

You can now open and view this file with your Drumlin reader. Note that you cannot print it, and once you have opened and closed it the specified number of times, it can no longer be viewed — indeed, even if you try re-creating it or copying it from elsewhere you will find that it cannot be opened.

Note that basic DRMs can be read by unregistered users, but for all other secured files the user must be registered so it is not necessary to tick the Must be registered option in general. In the case of the Print options, the following usage applies:. Set to -1 for unlimited printing. Set to a number, e. This option only applies if Print is not set to 0. It specifies the number of pages that may be printed overall i. It permits printing to network printing devices as well as locally connected devices.

Details of the authorization process are provided below. Some features of the main Drumlin reader are not implemented in the Javelin reader: these include text selection and file open passwords.

Javelin for Windows does include other features not found in Drumlin - for example, scalable printing and Adobe-style full screen mode. Additional features will be added over time and documented in this online manual and the release notes. Also, note that if a version 5 DRMX has been converted to a version 5 "Click and Go" exe file, the new file generated should also be an exe.

Javelin will not open a new format DRMX file if an existing V5 exe has been authorized on that computer. If necessary this can be resolved by changing the name of the source PDF, republishing it with Drumlin V6, and then this file will have a new Document ID DocID and will thus be recognized by Javelin as a valid file that can be authorized and opened.

Each of these cases is described below: A If a Javelin file e. If the exe file was provided together with a file called You must have an active internet connection at this point because the code is checked against our server to ensure it is valid. If all is OK the file is opened for viewing, and the process typically does not have to be repeated on subsequent occasions.

If the exe was provided without a. Once authorized a document remains accessible on the target PC and disk where it has been authorized, but copies will not be usable if a copy is made and transferred to another device.

Javelin PDF Reader

In some instances e. B If two files are provided, Javelin.

DRMX as the file to read. The first time this is done the authorization process described in A takes place, and thereafter the file is available for viewing.

The user can also double-click the.

Drumlin PDF Reader/Publisher 2.100 Download

DRMX or. DRMZ file to open the file in Javelin i. Off-line authorization is also possible for some documents. You can use notes as reminders to come back to for more study. You can also use notes to write down questions you may have about the material you are studying.

Adding a Note To place a note in a document, tap the Note icon in the toolbar, highlighted in red in the screenshot below, and then tap the location in the document where you wish to place the note.

Enter a title for your note, then type the text of your note. When you are finished, tap Save. After you save your note, the Note dialog will close and a small highlight containing the note title will remain visible in the document.

You can re-open the note by tapping this highlight. Bookmarks You can place a bookmark on any page by navigating to the desired page and tapping the bookmark icon in the toolbar, highlighted in red below.

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