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Dragon magazine Basic Information Publisher Wizards of the Coast Editor Steve Dragon issue was released in PDF format only in October of Dragon # (4e) - Table of contents: EditorialThe Seven StylesClass Acts: The Assassin - Secrets of the NinjaClass Acts: Watermarked PDF. Class Acts Runepriest Dragon - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online.

The extent to which we tie content to a given theme will vary month to month; sometimes it might be just three or four articles, and other times like this month the theme might carry the bulk of the content. The themes we choose are ultimately informed by what you send us. Which brings us to the topic at hand. The submission window is now open! Until the window closes on November 30, , we are accept- ing article proposals for Dragon and Dungeon. First, be sure to check out our submission guidelines. We promise to reply to your email proposal no later than 60 days after the window closes, although chances are good that youll hear back from us before then. We reply to email submissions in the order in which we receive them, and its okay to send mul- tiple proposals in a single email; in fact, we prefer to receive proposals in batches. However, we judge each pitch on its own merits, so volume is less important than quality. Greg Bilsland and I are the first line of defense when it comes to proposals. Its our job and plea- sure to sift through the submissions inbox in search of gems. We pull out the shiny ones and set up meetings with the staff to discuss them. After each of these meetings, Greg or I condense the groups feedback into rejection letters boo!

Written communication in Shou Chiang is as much a work of art as it is a learned discipline. Presses that employ movable type exist, but they are used only for technical texts, such as those cre- ated by bureaucrats.

For important declarations or works of verse, calligraphy is a must, and so it has become one of the most respected skills a native of Kara-Tur can have. A readers reaction to a writ- ten message is greatly influenced by the beauty of the writing, and a capable poet who has superior artistic skills can defeat a more eloquent poet in calligraphic competitions.

Calligraphy in Kara-Tur is not only the art of writ- ing beautiful ideograms. Although precise brush strokes are an essential part of calligraphy, the true master must decide which color to use, how much to dilute the ink, how fast to move the brush, and which paper to employ. All these factors depend on the intended use of the writing. Masters in calligra- phy use red ink only for important scrolls, because the color symbolizes the red lightning that struck the cliffs of Tanghai.

A master scribe often becomes lost in the act, letting the words of the Celestial Heaven flow from the body and onto the writing surface. Mastery of calligraphic techniques enables a runepriest of Kara-Tur to reach enlightenment, which in turn affects all aspects of the runepriests life, from personal behavior to combat prowess.

This mastery forms the basis of a runepriests magic. Honoring his teachings, runepriests seek out the most beautiful of ancient works of art, especially written art forms, and they try to create ideograms that are not only perfectly reproduced, but that ref lect the emotions of the scribe. A Wrathful Hammer runepriest often carries a red tetsubo greatclub or maul, and his or her armor is lacquered in deep crimson. Wrathful Hammer runepriests have earned a reputation as boisterous hunters of the supernatu- ral, traveling the countryside in search of evil spirits to banish and evil humanoids to beat.

Some hope to inspire the commoners with their prowess, and others see each new threat as another rung in the ladder toward the Celestial Heaven.

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The immortal associated with the Wrathful Hammer shan zi is Chan Cheng, mighty lord of heroes and patron of war, martial arts, combat, and bravery. Runepriests of the Wrathful Hammer sculpt enormous stone shrines or forge huge metal bells decorated with the words of the Path of Enlighten- ment. Emulating this patron, runepriests seek out legends of brave heroes to inspire the common folk and carve these heroes into stone markers that will last for eternity.

Kara-Turs runepriests are an educated lot. Unlike other runepriests, who seek out divine runes for the power they impart, shan zi are devoted to words that shape the lives of nearly all people in their land. Being immersed in the teachings of the Path of Enlightenment, runepriests of Kara-Tur find it hard to be as unceremonious toward the source of their power as their foreign counterparts. If you want to ref lect this devotion, you should try to create a character trained in the skills that ref lect the teachings of the Path of Enlightenment: Diplo- macy, History, Insight, and Religion which every runepriest already receives.

A shan zi should not have training in Bluff and should follow a lawful good alignment. Skill powers based on Diplomacy, History, and Insight are also good choices, showing a deeper understanding of the past and a more harmo- nious nature. Although you gain no mechanical penalty for disregarding these guidelines, they present an inter- esting roleplaying challenge for those willing to ref lect the philosophies of Kara-Tur.

A shan zi should not have training in Bluff and should follow a lawful good alignment. Skill powers based on Diplomacy, History, and Insight are also good choices, showing a deeper understanding of the past and a more harmo- nious nature. Although you gain no mechanical penalty for disregarding these guidelines, they present an inter- esting roleplaying challenge for those willing to ref lect the philosophies of Kara-Tur.

Runic Artistry Although most shan zi in Kara-Tur follow the two major traditions of rune magic, Defiant Word and Wrathful Hammer, a sizable minority practices the tradition of the Serene Blade.

Serene Blade: You gain proficiency with all one-handed and two-handed military heavy blades. While you are not wearing heavy armor, you can use your Wisdom modifier in place of your Dexter- ity or Intelligence modifier to determine your AC.

Once per round immediately after an enemy deals damage to you with an attack, you gain temporary hit points equal to your Wisdom modifier. The inscriptions of Tanghai are as follows: F Honor that which has gone before you, because the past is eternal. F Honor and respect your elders and the ances- tors. Show honor in word, thought, and deed.

F Speak not false words, nor engage in false acts, because these are not righteous. Be obedient to your lord. F Engage in no base activity, nor commit murder, because to strike another in the name of anger is not righteous.

F Do honor and be fair to those you must rule, because under the eye of Heaven, they are your equals. F Know that all things are One under Heaven, even the lowliest of creatures. The Path of Enlightenment is the official state religion in Shou Lung, and lords throughout Kara- Tur have used these precepts as a justification for their own status and power.

Many runepriests, being devoted to the words of the Path, become guardians of these precepts, and they might turn against a ruler whom they do not consider righteous. This sort of zealotry has made the mandarins of Shou Lung and the daimyos of Kozakura and Wa wary of runepriests. Words of Bravery Runepriest Attack 3 You move your weapon as a brush, batting enemies aside and strengthening one of your comrades.

Each creature in the burst Attack: Strength vs. AC Hit: You and one ally within 5 squares of you can make a saving throw. Rune of Destruction: The first ally who hits the target before the end of your next turn can push the target up to a number of squares equal to your Wisdom modifier.

Rune of Protection: You and the ally each gain a power bonus to the saving throw equal to your Wisdom modifier. Level 6 Utility Power Moving your thumb quickly, you inscribe a merciful mantra upon thin air.

Words of Compassion Runepriest Utility 6 You write words that heal your ally with their inner warmth. You or one ally in the burst Effect: The target regains hit points equal to his or her healing surge value. Level 9 Daily Power Many who follow the Path of Enlightenment spread knowledge of righteousness but also teach about karma, which can be simply if incompletely described as the idea that one reaps what one sows.

With a wide arc of your weapon, you scribe words of karma upon your enemies, so they know that whatever violence they use will be visited upon them. Each enemy in the blast Attack: Will Hit: Half damage. The target takes 5 lightning damage whenever it uses an attack power save ends. Level 10 Utility Power You have mastered writing that brims with celestial power.

A few quick strokes on a strip of parchment can be more effective than a suit of armor. Protective Scroll Runepriest Utility 10 With masterful precision, you turn a small strip of parch- ment into a powerful ward. You spend a healing surge but regain no hit points. Instead, you create a palm-sized protective scroll that lasts until it is expended or until the end of your next extended rest. A creature carrying the scroll can use a minor action to expend the scroll and regain hit points equal to your healing surge value.

Level 13 Encounter Power You trace words of love and loyalty upon your weapon, stoking the f lames within your heart. These f lames burst as you strike your enemy, and their warmth is a salve to your allies. Words of Fiery Fidelity Runepriest Attack 13 Your determination to protect your allies burns your enemy and heals your comrades. One creature Attack: Fortitude Hit: The target takes ongoing 5 fire damage save ends. Each time the target takes this fire damage, your allies adjacent to it regain 5 hit points.

Both the ongoing fire damage and the regained hit points increase to Allies within 2 squares of the tar- get benefit from this effect. As you strike your foe, it sees the long lineage of champions that came before you.

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Words of Runepriest Attack 15 Ancestral Bravery Epic poems appear on your weapon, and shades of past he- roes lend you their strength. Such self less acts, in turn, bring these runepriests closer to their own enlightenment. Recognizing this truth, a few shan zi learn how to share their blessings with their comrades and allies, further pushing back the dark- ness so that the light of the Celestial Emperor can purge the world of ignorance and evil.

The following paragon path is available to any honorable runepriest who strives to become the consummate leader, acting through his or her allies to vanquish the opposition.

Dragon magazine 404

I am the Word that lights the Path. Runepriest, any nonevil alignment Level Cloud Step Your closeness to the Celestial Heaven gives you clar- ity unmatched by most mortals.

By focusing on the core of your being, you impart this clarity to your allies, and you can brief ly become a weightless cloud. Whenever you enter a new rune state, you can enter the rune state of the cloud step instead. While you are in this rune state, allies adjacent to you can shift up to 2 squares as a free action the first time they hit an enemy each turn.

You can end this rune state as a minor action to f ly up to a number of squares equal to your speed. Level Shared Enlightenment Action With quick movements of your weapon, you scribe a glowing rune upon a distant ally, sharing your divine blessings with that friend. When you spend an action point to use a runepriest attack power, you can choose for that attack to originate from the space of an ally within 5 squares of you, instead of originating from your space.

Celestial Lightning The Celestial Emperor sent red lightning to inspire mortals into seeking enlightenment. With a quick weave of your weapon, that same heavenly bolt comes to the aid of your ally. Celestial Lightning Enlightened Word Attack 11 You call upon the red lightning that carved the will of the Celestial Heaven upon the cliffs of Tanghai to punish those who threaten your comrade. Each enemy in the burst Attack: Until the end of your next turn, the attacks of the ally on whom the burst was centered deal lightning and radiant damage, in addition to their normal types.

Until the end of your next turn, the ally also gains a power bonus to damage rolls equal to your Strength modifier.

Until the end of your next turn, the ally also gains a power bonus to his or her healing surge value equal to your Strength modifier. Touch of Hope The symbol for hope is deceptively simple. Those who master it know that no matter how bleak the situa- tion, all will be well. You or one ally Effect: The target makes a saving throw against each effect on him or her that a save can end.

The target also regains hit points equal to his or her healing surge value and can stand up as a free action. Radiant Cloud Step By emptying yourself of all material concerns, you are not only capable of f lying, you also ignore most physi- cal threats and obstacles.

During the f light granted by the rune state of the cloud step, you are insubstantial and phasing. Words of Enlightened Word Attack 20 Celestial Heaven Your attack leaves your foe transfixed, as its life flashes be- fore its eyes. When your enemy shakes off this effect, it tries to repent by turning on its former ally.

The target makes a basic attack as a free action against one of its allies. Until the end of the encounter, your runepriest at- will attacks deal 5 extra lightning and radiant damage. New Feats The following two feats are available to characters who meet the prerequisites. Heavenly Halberdier You have learned how to use halberds and glaives, the traditional weapons of shan zi temple guardians.

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