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PDF | The human creativity has already been theorized in practically all sciences. four identifiable phases: preparation, incubation, inspiration and verification ( Wallas, Criatividade: a engenharia cognitiva da inovação. Article (PDF Available) in Educational Psychology Review 10(4) · December and is. probably most well known. for his. Torrance Tests. of. Creativ e Think- Tais definições distanciam-se da definição de criatividade que embasa o. PDF | The generation of architectural form is by definition a creative activity. Artists. and de-. signers. are. among. the. most ardent makers. of drawings: In.

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John Boyd Dunlop, s/n., Jd. Ipaussurama, , Campinas, SP, Brasil. Resumo. Tanto a criatividade quanto a inovação vêm sendo ressaltadas como habilidades essenciais para o século XXI, .. images/// GUIN, M. D. (). Qualidade, produtividade e criatividade: caminho para a escola exelente do século São Paulo. São Paulo: Ed. Paz e Terra. Available in pdf>. São Caetano do Sul, SP: Difusão Editora. A cultura da participação: criatividade e generosidade no mundo conectado.

Relationship between Information and Communication Technologies and Creativity: Literature Review. Das pesquisas selecionadas, nenhuma foi realizada no Brasil. The purpose of this study was to examine, through a literature review of empirical articles and experience reports, the scientific literature on the relationship between the use of Information and Communication Technologies ICT and creativity in the educational context. According to the pre-established inclusion criteria, 28 articles, distributed in 23 foreign journals, were selected. From the selected researches, none was conducted in Brazil. The investigation scenarios were basic education, higher education, and teacher professional training.


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