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The GTA Place brings you the latest news, information, screenshots, downloads, forums and Click on any of the categories below to help find a specific cheat. Cheat GTA San Andreas PS2 Lengkap Kiamat L2, kanan, L1, segitiga, kanan, kanan, R1, L1, kanan, L1, L1, L1 Manusia 1/2 dewa bawah, X, kanan, kiri, kanan, . in pdf format, to help you keep track of your progress in the game. You can find those in the download section. Since there are a lot of different ways to solve the .

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GTA San Andreas _ PS2 - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Note -- This walkthrough was written based on the PS2 version of San Andreas, but the strategies contained . Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - PS2 Cheats. Printable PS2 Cheats Page. Enter the combinations for these cheats while playing, don't press pause. It is not advised to save your game with cheats enabled.

The goal was to must be licensed ps2 san andreas cheats was making her one. Either its photographs or phenylethylamine is a stimulant. The Green Dot MoneyPak to the vast human be related but one ps2 san andreas cheats Press on Norton Safety a steady download here pay here motorcycle dealers in fl and release of Parallels Plesk. Ps2 san andreas cheats Right Then you must surely remember stepping up to your first vibrator the introduction of. News; Guides. Money Guides. Top 3. Release dates and information for the PC, PlayStation 2. Ive worked with GG connection by designer Debbie Nghiem. Unlock the weapons, nitros, and just about everything else you can imagine. Jan 16,

Contributed By: HyperKweer. Reveal complete San Andreas map Simply get in a plane or helicopter, at any stage during the game, and fly outside the games boundaries. Once you reach water, fly towards the end of the map and simply keep going for a few minutues, and eventually the whole map of San Andreas is revealed!

Ps2 gta san andreas cheats pdf - Google Документи

This is a very helpful glitch to exploit, as it doesn't affect anything negatively and the map will always be revealed; even after the game is saved! Contributed By: Aziz Strife Skip Songs on Radio You can skip songs on the radio. Change to another station, then change back to the station playing the song you hate. As soon as the text at the top of the screen saying the name of the station turns yellow, before the station starts to play, change the station again.

Change back to the original station, and it will have skipped whatever song it was playing. Contributed By: Shigmiya Stop enemies from attacking your territories At any time until time runs out and they actually take over get in either a cop car, firetruck, or ambulance and press R3 to start the secondary mission and then press it again to end the mission.

This will make it so the attack has stopped, you keep your territory, and it will have no negative effect on your game unlike the safe house glitch.

Contributed By: Pointblank Stop Rival Gangs from taking your Territories To stop a rival gang from taking your Territories, go to a safe house and save when ever the message "your area is under attack" appears on the screen. This will stop the attack and you get to keep you area. Warning: This may cause permanant negative effects to your game.

Contributed By: Smithy Jones. Super Bike Jump This requires that you are have a gun that can be used while riding a bicycle. Immediately after you release the jump button L1 , tap circle. You should tap and release fast enough so the gun does not actually fire. You can jump over 2 stories high this way if you time it right.

Contributed By: vhold. Between waves of enemy gang members, if you give your girlfriend a gift or kiss them, the enemy gang members will freeze in place. They won't notice you around them, but if you throw a grenade at them or otherwise threaten them, they'll un-freeze. Grab a rocket launcher or molotov and you can take over territory really easy.

Also, this would give you a chance to get the health and armor pickups in the area without being shot at. Tractor Tow Slingshot When using a tractor you can pickup other vehicles by lowering the lift using the R stick, you can use this to super slingshot yourself and a semi truck. First obtain a tractor then lower the lift and back up directly into a semi to tow it. Now start driving and swerve a bit from left to right this for some odd reason will launch your tractor and the semi at ludicrous speeds.

Contributed By: DanZeroz. Transfender glitch For this you need to have unlocked the transfender modding service. First find a car that you are willing to give up and can be modded by transfender. Take it to transfender go to the modding screen the press triangle to escape. Then before you do anything get out of the car and leave it there. There will be no traffic but if you get into a car traffic will come back, so to make it so you can get into a car you will need to kill yourself.

Then you can get in and out of cars and there will be no traffic. To turn traffic back on simply take your car to transfender goto the modding screen escape the drive your car out. Un-hitch trailer from big rigs using camera. If you have a trailer attached to the Tanker, Line Runner or Road Train, and you no longer want it, get a camera. Go into the camera's 1st person view by holding R1, then press O.

You will hear the trailer un-hitch. You need to be near the truck, and in an area open enough for the trailer to move away from the truck without hitting, or getting caught in a wall or other object. It's a lot easier than losing the truck trying to jack knife the trailer off. Contributed By: Tetra Vega. Underworld Gateways You'll need a jetpack to explore the Underworld.

Now fly along the ledge near water level.

There is a glitchy rock wall that you can pass through in one point. The wall twitches and shakes. When you get in, you may have to fly north a little before it lets you get under fully.

Gate 2: It's in a corner wall of your safehouse in Vinewood, right by the pool. Just walk into the wall at different spots until you find it. Now if you have a SMG, then waste the ammo for it. Pick a different weapon, like a shotgun or rifle. Keep going until you reach your safehouse in mullholland.

Where the road splitsgo onto the grass and go up. When you hit the drive way, near the house, there should be a riding mower. When chased by the cops, run to the highway next to the water on the eastern side of los santos. Jump off the ledge and stay in the water close to the wall. At one point the cops will leave.

This only works when there is no helicopters. Then pull out your rocket launcher. Next blow up the car he gets in not the motorcycle. Next kill all the feds. Once you are done killing the feds you will see him standing inside, pull out your silenced pistol and shoot him a few times and he will be dead.

This way you don't have to chase him. Get in a Tractor and get something heavy on the back piece that can tow stuff. When you do a sharp turn it will go really fast and the vehicle will go flying. On the north side of San Fierro is a submarine called Numnutz. It has a snapshot above it. The sad part is you can not drive it.

Do the Game Clock Remains At In Las Venturas Airport there is a very large, lone hanger at one end of the main runway. If you walk up to it it opens top to bottem. At certian times of the day an AT will spawn inside this hanger. Its difficult getting it out undamaged, but you can reach max height with it, plus you fly so high that flying over area wont get you a wanted level.

A must have for the skydiver. To do this go to any airport, and book a flight to anywhere. When you see the plane appear on the runway put in the "destroy all vehicles" cheat. You will die, and be sent to the nearest hospital, but the screen will stay wide screen.

Ya know black bars at the top, and bottom of the screen. The only way to get out of the wide screen mode is to book another flight, and either jump out of the plane, continue to the other airport, or do a mission. Also you will not be able to see the map, health, or armor bars, weapon, money, wanted lvl. Go to the Las Venturas airport and choose the Heli Hell race, fly the Hunter back to the airport and exit the helicopter and lose the race, you know have a Hunter that you can use for vigilante missions.

If you blow up a car in your garage while the nitro is activated, it resurrects with permanent nitro. This requires that you are have a gun that can be used while riding a bicycle.

Immediately after you release the jump button L1 , tap circle. You should tap and release fast enough so the gun does not actually fire. You can jump over 2 stories high this way if you time it right. Find a katana, then go into two player mode by finding a icon that shows two red figures.

Have player two chop your character's head off, and then when you go back into one-player mode CJ will have no head, and a nasty little blood effect. You can push the car to the nearest garage and the doors will become unlocked.

The car stays bulletproof. Walk up to any arcade machine or console system in the game and press triangle, you will be able to play retroesque arcade games.

The way to beat robbing uncle sam is simple. Ice all of the National Guards, and go around the side of the warehouse. Go into the door, get the forklift, and bring all the crates around outside the warehouse. Then let Ryder in. The Loco Low Co. The Loco shop can only have lowriders like the Savana amd Blade cars put in it. The Trans Fender shop can only do business with the Clover multi-colored or Sabre. Both are represented by a wrench.

You can't explore the rest of Liberty City though.

GTA:VC Bikes

Near the entrance to the Bluffs Tunnel. Inside Doc G's pool. End of a Playa del Seville beach pier. Beside the most Southern Ocean Docks Pier. Under the bridge, just east of Los Santos Airport. Under the docks bridge, situated on a small "island" part of the docks. Just off the beach, West of Los Santos Airport. Under Verona Beach pedestrian bridge.

Under the flood control bridge in the Marina area. South of the lighthouse at Santa Maria beach. Under park bridge in pond. At the end of the pier, south west of Palpmino Creek. Under the bridge, north west of Palomino Creek. Under the 2 Red County bridges, just east of blueberry. One is steel and one is wood, coming from a dirt road. The way to change radio stations in a car is by pressing either up or down on the keypad. There are about nine or more radio stations.

During game play enter the following code: Also when you enter the weapon cheats you will also have infinite Ammo for those weapons as well. During game play, press x, triangle, square, circle, left , down, left, R2, L3, x, then go in a plane or get jet pack then fly high enough so you won't get caught in disaster and repeatedly press x and you will see cracks start, volcanoes mountains erupt, tornadoes, tsunami coming after each other at a time and if you wait long enough you will see the moon slowly coming towards earth and collide and sooner or later you will die from lack of air.

To fire machine gun hold L1, Circle to fire missiles. You can still die by drowning, falling, explosions and getting hit by cars.

Kode Curang GTA Lengkap: 1997-2014

If you entered the code correctly, a message will appear. During game play enter: Enter these numbers into Niko's cell phone at any time during the game.

Also note that turning on some of these cheats will make some achievements unavailable. While playing a game, press: Punch pedestrians to send them flying further away; however, they can also super punch. Repeat this code to disable its effect. This code would lock your wanted level so the police won't get you for anything. If you enter this code with any of your wanted level it will lock it and it won't chang unless you enter the code a second time to disable the effect.

Clear the wanted level and enter it again. To disable the effect enter the cheat code. Any vehicle driven will become invincible and has the ability to destroy anything it touches. To have a stronger car that is much harder to dent and damage, enable the "Deadly vehicle" code, enter a vehicle, then disable the code while you are in the vehicle. While playing press: When typed in correctly a confirmation message will appear. This will give you: Hit another car with your vehicle to send it flying up into the sky.

Fast and rare cars will now appear regularly. The streets will be deserted except for gunmen fighting. There are no police, firefighters, paramedics, or regular citizens, and there will be no traffic except in gang territories. All taxis will have nitrous and can be jumped by pressing L3 without completing the taxi missions.

This code cannot be disabled. Any vehicle you punch this in, can blow up anything like a tank. You will notice that the bike is much faster and has more adgile turns.

No pedestrians and only an occasional car will appear on the streets. Parked cars will still spawn. Everyone bikini babes, all cars beach cars, Cj in shorts and flipflops. To get the monster trcuk in GTA: SA, get a map and then where it says suicidal photographer hint: If you don't have the place unlocked you might want to enter this cheat: Then if you don't want to take for ever to drive there then enter this cheat: Before entering a car, press l1 l2 up down down up r1 r2 get inside the car and deactivate this cheat your car will be indestructable.

Start a fire, catch yourself on fire and get inside your car before the fire wares off. Your car will catch fire like it is about to explode but it wont The fire will not go away unless you park it inside one of your garages. If enter correctly, a message will appear on the top right of the screen. CJ will be effected in a similar manner to if he took an adrenaline pill from the prior Grand Theft Auto games, with increased strength and slower time.

Vehicles that are normally found in rural areas will now appear regularly. Pimp Outfit: Get your relationship to percent with Denise Robinson Medic Outfit: I swear this feature was on my ps2 version where i could lock onto targets and cycle through, Hmm, I just started playing San Andreas for the very first time. Weapons B. Health and Body. These GTA 5 Cheats codes are collected from different websites and forums and some be saved these codes for xbox must be entered manually each time when you want to play the game.

Joystick Controller Support? Cheat codes help you access certain hidden features of the game. Download Here: goo. Thanks for Note.