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The sailor, from the very nature of his craft, has a dependence u on rope and a consequent familiarity with knots that is demanded o no other workman. It follows . The Ashley Book of - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. The Ashley Book of Knots is an encyclopedia of knots written and illustrated by the American . Print/export. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version.

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Ashley Book Of Knots Pdf

THE ASHLEY BOOK OF KNOTS Aboard ship knotting had reached its flood early in the nineteenth century, and by mid-century, with the commencement of the. This is the definitive book on knots. Here are approximately different kinds, from simple hitches to “Marlingspike Seamanship.” Mr. Ashley. The Ashley Book of Knots [Clifford W. Ashley] on *FREE* shipping on a Kindle? Get your Kindle here, or download a FREE Kindle Reading App.

This is not the impossibly high standard of the idealist, it is a mere fact for the realist to face. Clifford Ashley took notes on knots for over 40 years of his life, and then labored for over 11 years to produce the most comprehensive reference of knots and ropework ever written. With almost knots, his work covers basically every type of hitch, bend, stopper knot, lashing, binding knot, and running knot that you can imagine, as well as decorative and fancy knots, trick and puzzle knots, sinnets, marlingspike, and 3-strand splices, among many, many others. This book is exhaustive, and a testament to a devotion and drive to produce something that would stand the test of time. In addition to showing you how to tie the knots, which were all painstakingly illustrated by the author, Ashley helps to explain the history and usage of the knots.

Join Date Apr Location St. Helens, Oregon Posts 1, Ashley's Book Of Knots in PDF I've had an old copy of this for years and use it a fair amount, even if just to poke through on a rainy night.

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I wouldn't be comfortable downloading it, but I'd certainly "bookmark" it. Ashley's Book Of Knots in PDF In fairness to the scanners, who are writers and should be aware of copyright law, many people who have an old book don't realize that it may still be in copyright.

Right now the bar in the US is somewhere in the s I believe. I've not written books but there are a few articles I've done floating around on the web without my permission. The "Bonanza" version is a cheaply made imitation of the earlier book and the pages fall out with much use. I think the earlier Doubleday? Join Date Jul Location N. Posts 6, Then you get to issues of yes, the author has been dead for 80 years, but the guy who wrote the preface to the third edition is still alive, and the illustrator has only been dead for I tend to bend the rules for books that are out of print, and are not likely to be reprinted.

Some Federal Court recently decided that the first song most of us learned, "Happy Birthday to You", is now out of copyright, so the waitstaff at chain restaurants can sing it to you when they bring your cupcake with a candle in it, without the chain paying royalties.

There are lots of folks out there with elastic ethics, as Phil Bolger described it. Disney etc. In this internet era, that is very hard to enforce. Of course the publishers of Ashley's Book Of Knots would claim that every copyright infringement costs them the full retail price of the latest edition, when really it is closer to the average price of the third or fourth edition on site. There are no easy answers, but please try to support living writers and designers. And the Binnacle-bats wore water-proof hats As they danced in the sounding sea.

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Ashley's Book Of Knots in PDF For those wringing their hands, consider that if I block Google from displaying my photos, my whole site, including non-photo tech articles, disappears from their search rankings That's a nice site y'got there, shame if no one could find it.

They want to sell advertising and everything they can "offer" a searcher draws people to view ads and therefore is paying content to them. Even when someone clicks on an image of mine in a search, they offer to show it without the bother of going to my site to see it.

My watermarks get stripped. How many images on Google can you find with watermarks? When people in foreign lands built whole sites with my images, Google duly linked to them and sold ads on them.

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How many of you use Google to search and therefore enable this behavior? I am alive as of now and some images are less than one year old. Far as I'm concerned Google is publishing them. I get images hotlinked in Facebook and Pinterest, but I can't see the pages they're on because I'm not a member. How many people here browse images on Facebook or Pinterest that are copyrighted and ignore that those sites have no display rights and deny copyright holders the right to check for infringement without joining their data-slurp?

While I'm no fan of Disney's lobbying to save Mickey, the millennial "what's yours is mine" crowd isn't any better, both are in it for the money.

Ashley Book of Knots by Clifford Ashley | Books

The producer of content is just the pawn. Ashley is no exception We have to wait till to download Speaking of the morality of downloading: I wouldn't own 2 of the books at once ,so no sales would be lost.


Of course the Law can't make such distinctions. This copy almost looks as though the pages were removed and scanned into the PDF assembly individually, but it is eminently readable.

Didn't go to the end Single pages were scanned I think ; maybe proof sheets? The pages are way whiter than my old book for sure. For example, the main entry for is in the chapter on binding knots but it is also listed as in a chapter on occupational knot usage. The Ashley Book of Knots was compiled and first published before the introduction of synthetic fiber ropes, during a time when natural fiber cordage - typically twisted, laid, or braided rope - was most commonly used. The commentary on some knots may fail to address their behavior when tied with modern synthetic fiber or kernmantle style ropes.

Ashley suffered a debilitating stroke the year after the book was published. Corrections submitted by the International Guild of Knot Tyers were incorporated in At least one knot, the Hunter's bend A , was added in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

It shows a sailor displaying a Tom fool's knot. Doubleday, p.

World Scientific Publishing, pp. Spring Knotting Matters. International Guild of Knot Tyers September , "The Ashley Book of Knots: Additionally, this IGKT posting contains many verifiable examples. Bight Loop Turn List of knots List of knot terminology. Chain sinnet Sheepshank. Hangman's Running bowline Running highwayman's hitch Tarbuck.

Lists of knots Related topics.

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