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7 SECRETS OF SHIVA BY DEVDUTT PATTANAIK PDF. If you are looking for a ebook by Devdutt Pattanaik 7 Secrets Of Shiva in pdf form, then you have. 7 Secrets Of Shiva - PDF eBooks Free Download. 1 Pages devdutt pattanaik 7 secrets of shiva Qigong The Secret of Youth PDF EBook Download-FREE. Seven Secrets of Shiva - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Seven secrets of Shiva, Devdutt Pattanaik, Westland, , X.

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7 Secrets Of Shiva By Devdutt Pattanaik Pdf

7 Secrets of Shiva. Shiva_Cover_New. Smeared His name is Shiva. Locked in his stories, symbols and rituals are the secrets of our ancestors. This book attempts to unlock seven. download FROM: Infibeam . Devdutt Pattanaik. Assign a Menu. Download PDF 7 Secrets of Shiva: The Hindu Trinity Series, PDF Book Details Author: Devdutt Pattanaik Pages: Publisher: Audible Studios. 7-Secrets-of-Shiva. erebusoverkill. Views. 2 years ago. Shiva, · Brahma, · Ganesha, · Shakti, · Goddess, · Parvati, · Murugan, · Prakriti, · Ravana, · Hence.

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Are you sure you want to Yes No. Be the first to like this. When she tries to climb back, he cuts off her fingers. As she struggles to get back in with her mutilated hands, he cuts her arms too.

So she sinks to the bottom of the ocean, her dismembered limbs transforming into fish, seals, whales, and all of the other sea mammals. Egyp tian mythology: Adya then sought to unite with the three male gods.


Brahma refused as he saw Adya as his mother; Adya cursed him that there will be no temples in his honour. Adya found Vishnu too shifty and shrewd, so she turned to the rather stern Shiva who, advised by Vishnu, agreed to be her lover provided she gave him her third eye. She did, and he used it to release a missile of fire that set her aflame and turned her into ash.

Also from the ash came the grama-devis, goddesses of every human settlement. Egyptian mythology acknowledges a time before gender.

Then Seth killed Osiris and declared himself king, until Isis gave birth to Horus and contested his claim. In these stories from around the world, the male deities compete for the female prize.

So the males have to compete for the female. This selection of only the best males creates anxiety amongst the not-so-good males and translates into the fear of invalidation in the human species.

7 Secrets Of Shiva Books

To cope with this fear of invalidation, social structures such as marriage laws and inheritance rights come into being, often at the cost of the female.

Stone Age Venus from Europe Sacred ram from Mesopotamia As human society learnt to domesticate animals and plants, trade and build cities, we see a gradual shift in social laws, deterioration in the status o women, and rejection of Goddess-worship in favour of God-worship. After thousands of years as hunter-gatherers, humans learned to tame and breed animals. These pastoral communities valued all the cows but realised they do not need all the bulls to maintain numbers.

Many bulls could be castrated and turned into beasts of burden, pulling carts and ploughs. Could this apply to human society too? Not all males were necessary for reproduction. That a tribe needed women, not men, for its survival manifests in Stone Age art where we find an obsession with fat fertile female forms, or images of bejewelled women with their genitals exposed, while men are either reduced to the phallus or worshipped as the alpha bull, ram or goat.

This is the same reason why, in the Bronze Age, we find images of groups of women worshipped alongside a single male. Similar thoughts gave rise to the Yogini shrines found across India with just one male, the Bhairava, and the practice of Kanya Puja, which involves worshipping a group of young girls accompanied by a single boy in north India during vasant navaratri or spring festival of the Goddess.

In such female-dominated cultures, the male could not refuse the woman: Any man who forced himself upon a woman was killed: But there were always men eager to kill rivals and take their place as lovers: Greek mythology tells the story of Adonis, the boy-lover of Aphrodite, goddess of love, who is killed by the more virile and jealous Mars, god of war. These tales hark back to a pre-patriarchal, matriarchal, society. To ensure that the dominant males did not have exclusive and eternal rights to women, the ritual of killing the chosen males at regular intervals emerged.

The chosen one came to her during the sowing season and he was sacrificed at harvest season. The woman had no say in the matter. She could choose her lover, but her choice was fatal.

Seven Secrets of Shiva

The triumph of the dominant male was in fact a march to death. A more handsome, Page 46 and Shiva-linga and the directions In S Page 48 and In nature, animals have sex in the Page 50 and Kalamkari painting of Shiva and Par Page 52 and Cave wall carving of Shiva and Parv Page 54 and Kerala mural showing Shiva with Moh Page 56 and One day, Vishnu got the Devas and t Page 58 and Elephant cave wall carving showing Page 60 and As long as the lion is hungry, the Page 64 and Temple wall image from Belur, Karna Page 66 and Calendar art showing Shiva and Parv Page 68 and Photograph showing Ganesha being im Page 70 and Bengali image of Parvati as Durga a Page 72 and Statue of Ravana and the cowherd Po Page 74 and Page 78 and Temple wall image showing Kartikeya Page 80 and Murugan is visualised as a muscular Page 82 and Kanwariyas, who carry the holy wate Page 84 and Poster art of Khandoba, the guardia Page 86 and Rare temple of Kartikeya in north I Page 88 and Modern sculpture of Shiva as the lo Page 90 and Prakriti, and by doing so gives ris Page 92 and Stone carving of dancing Shiva from Page 94 and Poster art of Shiva as Nataraja The Page 96 and South Indian painting of Shiva Ekap Page 98 and Chola bronze of Shiva as Nataraja W Page More magazines by this user.

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