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download The 3 Mistakes Of My Life (Marathi) (Paperback) online at best price in India on Snapdeal. More Literature & Fiction Books From Books. In Same Price. The Three Mistakes Of My Life (Marathi) Paperback Books- download The Three Mistakes Of My Life (Marathi) Books online at lowest price with Rating & Reviews . 7 results for Books: Marathi Books: Chetan Bhagat. The Girl in Room ( Marathi). 20 March The Three Mistakes of My Life. by Chetan Bhagat.

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3 Mistakes Of My Life Book In Marathi

The 3 Mistakes Of My Life - Chetan Bhagat - The 3 Mistakes Of My Life Marathi Book download online | The 3 Mistakes Of My Life by Chetan Bhagat | IBD Distributor. Free download of Three Mistakes of My Life by Chetan Bhagat. Available in PDF, ePub and Kindle. Read, write reviews and more. All his books are translated into Marathi specifically for the Marathi readers are mistakes of my life marathi site, the three mistakes of my life marathi download.

Plot[ edit ] This book follows the story of two friends separated by their ambitions and passions yet connected by their love for the same girl. While Gopal, who has experienced the harsh realities of life due to poverty aspires to become rich, his friend Raghav is a boy from a well-off family who desires to "revolutionize" India by fighting corruption. Aarti and Gopal have been childhoeep but platonic relationship. As teenagers, Gopal pushes Aarti for more, but she later reveals that she was not ready for anything. Gopal moves to another city Kota , to join reputed coaching classes to help with his ranking. Raghav becomes a celebrity in the town after he passes the Indian Institute of Technology entrance exam. Aarti falls for Raghav during Gopal's absence.

Be it the films he starred in or the films he made, there was a unique style to everything he did.

Now, the yesteryear star has written a book that talks about his journey, the mistakes he made and what made him Sanjay Khan. The actor is in Pune to launch his book, The Best Mistakes Of My Life, and in a candid chat, has shared details about the book and more.

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Writing this book was a huge responsibility, as he had to narrate factual stories. I delved very deep, back into my life and visited all those areas of my interaction, action and existence.

Fortunately, I could catch the aroma of it all and place it for the world to see. So, did his family make any special requests or cuts in it? My wife Zarine and kids were very encouraging.

I live in a democratic and secular house. They told me that I should write the facts.

They are aware of my knack for storytelling and narration, so they stood by me firmly. That helps everyone accomplish more, and faster, than they ever could alone. This principle changed my life.

Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich (pdf) and book changed my life. But was he a fraud?

My problem with the mastermind principle was that, although I had run masterminds as a coach with my mentor, I had never started my own and had nobody in my life who would want to start one with me. I decided to send a few cold emails to some bloggers I followed and asked if they wanted to start a mastermind group with me.

A few others joined us. We began meeting virtually every week to help each other grow our online businesses. More than six years later, each of us has achieved more success than we could have ever dreamed.

The second way Think and Grow Rich changed my life was more directly related to my business. I really connected with how Napoleon Hill learned from successful people of the early s. Because of that, I decided to model Eventual Millionaire after Think and Grow Rich, interviewing the most successful people in the world to discover the secrets to their success.

The lessons I learned from those interviews further shaped my business and personal life, and helped countless readers, listeners, and clients of mine, too.

Three Mistakes of My Life

Needless to say, Think and Grow Rich was a big influence on me. But Was Napoleon Hill a Fraud? Professionally, it says he was a fraud, and con-artist, and suggests almost everything he claimed he did was a lie. Even after all the growth I experienced since I read Think and Grow Rich and started my mastermind, I started wondering whether I had been scammed because it was a well-researched article on a reputable site.

Best of Chetan Bhagat (8 books)

I decided to share the article with some friends and asked for their thoughts. So, is it True? And Does it Matter? I was surprised when I read the article, to say the least.

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