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First published in , The Robert Collier Letter Book is by far the top book on writing sales letters. But it goes beyond that. As every great copywriter knows. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. The author of over a dozen books, Robert Collier was decades ahead of his time in writing down ways for man to improve. The Robert Collier Letter Book book. Read 13 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. A book for the business man who already knows the th.

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The Robert Collier Letter Book

Collier sums it up as follows: Robert would always sprinkle testimonials towards the. The Robert Collier Letter Book - Pages·· MB· Downloads. ROBERT COLLIER. Sixth Edition or 1, times, and you have. The Robert Collier Letter Book by Robert Collier, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

His specialty was selling books; he believed that anyone who could sell books by writing letters or advertising could sell anything. The appeal of the Harvard Classics was to be able to get a classical education without having to attend college. He also wrote advertising for O. Henry's books, including the beloved Gift of the Magi, and H. Wells' The Outline of History. Collier also wrote successful sales letters and advertising for items like luggage, rain coats, overcoats and hosiery. The appeals and techniques he used are just as effective today as when he employed them many years ago. Knowledgeable copywriters have considered The Robert Collier Letter Book to be an invaluable reference to have at their fingertips to create "salesmanship in print. He said that a successful sales letter should read like a letter written to your best friend about an exciting discovery you have made that he or she should benefit from, too. When the book went out of print, some students of advertising, including me, paid exorbitant sums to get their hands on this invaluable material. Now the Collier family is republishing this treasured volume in softbound and hardbound editions at very reasonable prices.

He sold anything from books to fragrance to briefcases to coats. Almost every time he would mention that this the last chance to get a low price, or something is super limited in availability or the promotion is simply out of this world with a solid reasoning behind why that is. Every single product offered could be sent back for a complete refund. Basically try it before you download it. The inner conversation of the prospect and primary motives help decide on which angle to take.

Much more on this as we move ahead. The reader was always told to take action immediately. Robert would always sprinkle testimonials towards the end of the letter. His most brilliant move was to use people who lived in the same town.

These were not always direct endorsements and did not always turn out well. For example: Bob Baker in your town has bought the same bag and loves it. Free examinations and trials work well as an add-on. Catch-phrases that go before or after the headline to help gain interest. They are very similar to click-bait titles used by the media to get you to click over to their content.

Build pictures with words. Skip the firstlys and secondlys and thirdlys unless you want to put the reader to sleep.

After you grab their attention, the next job is to make them visualize your idea so clearly that they can see it as the missing piece that completes the puzzle. The secret is to take something familiar that the reader already understands, begin adding a point of interest here and there and building until the entire picture is complete.

Most sales are lost because the writer does not know how to do this. If you want to describe your offering, weave it into the story. Insert a fear that he will lose something worthwhile if he does not do as you say. Be definitive and specific. Goes into the last paragraph.

It has two parts. First part persuades and shows the gain he will get by ordering along with the penalty for delay. Second is where you tell him exactly what he needs to do next. Emphasize the guarantee and minimize the cost. Let the irate father pursue with a shot-gun and a high powered car. Throw in a smash-up, a heroic rescue and a nip-and-tuck finish — and you have the ideal situation dear to tabloid readers.

His advice to the writers was to go to each wedding with in mind, find as many dramatic elements in the situation as possible, and write a story around that. Think of everything you would like to have it do for you. Work out the ultimate ideal, then write a letter that stresse3s every desirable point of that ideal product. Then go over it and cross out every descriptive phrase and adjective that cannot honestly be applied to your product.

You will be surprised at how much is still left. More than enough to create an image in the mind of the customer that will push him towards ordering. Do not exaggerate — or he will refuse to believe in it and kick the whole structure over disgustedly, like a child trying to build with blocks a house that will not come out right.

But keep it attractive. Keep it desirable — more desirable far than the money or the time or the trouble it takes to build it.

Do not make the mistake of giving all of the features and benefits of the product. Find the one point that will carry the sale and hang and build your copy around that. The best speakers and performers are the ones who can get you riled up. Stir up the emotions. Tabloids outsell newspapers although if you surveyed the nation… no one ever reads them.

Robert gives an example of religion. For that, you need to arouse an emotion in the reader. It may have everything else, but if it lacks that faculty of arousing the right feeling, you might as well throw it away. It will never make you money. The only reason why we appeal to reason is so that after the download the downloader can justify it to himself and his friends or family.

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Have you ever caught yourself in the vicious social loop. You check your, email, FB, Twitter, Instagram and then start again and again. We all love new things.

It gives us that quick high and is the reason why social media can become so addictive. Give it a personal twist or show its relation to his business and you have his interest. Your best bet is to study who you are selling to and present first the side of the story that will interest him most. For landing pages I use a service called Hot Jar. It has a free version and apart from the heat maps you can see where on the page the visitors drop off. The best way to accomplish this is to join the mental conversation the prospect is having.

Insert a piece of news that will grab his attention and bring that back by showing how your offer can help or solve whatever issue is on his mind. This will divert their minds from their current affairs or to do list and make them susceptible to act out of emotion and make an impulse download.

That will help them feel that they made the right decision from the start. That is the real life question which confronts you, and will haunt you every day till you solve it.

The Robert Collier Letter Book

The Proof: when it makes sense to do so, offer facts or testimonials which give objective evidence of the truth of what you're saying. The Hook: make the offer time-sensitive or limited in some way to spur immediate action, otherwise they will feel inclined to set your letter aside 5. The Close: tell the reader exactly what they need to do and how to do it, making it easy to close the sale The book goes into a great amount of detail on each of these principles.

The best thing is that the author doesn't just keep these concepts abstract; he offers literally dozens of examples of letters that he's written - using these principles - that have sold thousands or millions of dollars. Ultimately, this is where the real value of this book is. As you read the dozens and dozens of examples that Robert Collier has put into this book, you will start to see the pattern of what he's doing and how he's applying the principles.

What is most fascinating about this is that the same principles apply, regardless of what type of product is being sold. Collier gives examples of how to write copy for selling books, socks, jackets, bags, magazine subscriptions, and more.

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By showing these examples he proves his point that, to paraphrase, copywriting is not about WHAT you're selling, it's about the IDEA behind what is being sold.

You sell ideas, not products. New Releases. The Robert Collier Letter Book.

Description The author of over a dozen books, Robert Collier was decades ahead of his time in writing down ways for man to improve his lot in life.

He wrote "Secret of the Ages" during an active and successful life developed upon basic ideas which opened up new vistas of living for countless multitudes of people. Brought up to be a priest, he worked as a mining engineer, an advertising executive and a prolific writer and publisher. The Robert Collier Letter Book earned Robert Collier the distinction of being one of the greatest marketing minds in history. Robert Collier sales letters were successful because he wrote to his readers' needs.

As an expert in marketing, his sales savvy and writing expertise placed hundreds of millions of dollars in his clients' pockets.

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