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Never Too Far - Abbi KB. 03_Forever_Too_Far_-_Abbi_Glines. epub. KB. Rush Too Far - Glines, KB. Get Free Read & Download Files Rush Too Far Abbi Glines PDF. RUSH TOO FAR ABBI GLINES. Download: Rush Too Far Abbi Glines. RUSH TOO FAR ABBI . rush too far by abbi glines rush too far by pdf. The Gold Rush: California Transformed. The World Rushed In. James Wilson Marshall, a moody and eccentric.

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Rosemary Beach and introduced the world to Rush and Blaire. Rosemary Beach PDF: Rosemary Beach - Abbi Glines |Serie Too Far, Serie Doing It Over. Rush Too Far By Abbi Glines - [PDF] [EPUB] Rush Too Far By Abbi Glines Pero sin embargo, para Rush Finlay de veinticuatro años, ella es la. Rush Too Far book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Fallen Too Far was Blaire's story. Now it's time for Rush to share.

Jul 20, Christy rated it really liked it I love Rush too much and wanted his pov. I loved getting inside his head and seeing what he was really thinking Note to readers- if you Eventually, someone did save me. By a girl. My angel. A beautiful, strong, fierce, loyal angel who entered my life in a pickup truck, carrying a gun. We all know and love Rush Finlay. No matter how much he may want her. The more he gets to know her, spends time with her, the more he wants. Rush was a man who was torn. Torn between his family, and the woman he was starting to fall for.

But no one saved me. No one saved us. We believed the lies. We held on to our hate. They say you reap what you sew. Because I should be burning in hell for my sins. But I do. Because eventually, someone did save me. Hell, more than anyone, it was my sister who needed saving. By a girl. She is an angel. My angel. A beautiful, strong, fierce, loyal angel who entered my life in a pickup truck, carrying a gun. There are so many places where I could start this story.

At the front door, as she watched, with tears streaming down her face, while my father came to take me away for the weekend, leaving her alone. Both of those things happened often, marking me forever. I hated to see her cry. Yet it was a part of my life.

We shared the same mother, but our fathers were different. Mine was a famous rocker, who brought me into his world of sex, drugs, and rock and roll every other weekend and for a month during the summers. He never forgot me. He never made excuses. He was always there. As imperfect as he was, Dean Finlay always showed up to get me. She was alone when I was gone, and even though I loved being with my dad, I hated knowing she needed me. I was her parent.

I was the one person she could trust to take care of her. It made me grow up quickly. When I asked my dad to bring her along, too, he would get this sad look on his face and shake his head. So Nan was left alone. I wanted to hate someone for that, but hating my mother was hard. She was my mom. I was a kid. He had his own family now. Nan had been to see them once.

She had forced Mom to take her to his house. She wanted to talk to him. See his face. She just knew he would love her. She had this fairy tale in her head that her father would realize she existed and swoop in and save her.

Give her the love she so desperately sought. His house had been smaller than ours. Much smaller. It was seven hours away in a small country town in Alabama. Nan had said it was perfect. Mom had called it pathetic. Not the small white picket fence that she described to me in detail. Or the basketball hoop outside and the bicycles leaning against the garage door. It had been the girl who opened the door. She had reminded Nan of a princess. Nan had never owned a pair of tennis shoes or been near dirt.

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The girl had smiled at her, and Nan had been momentarily enchanted. Pictures of this girl and another girl just like this one. And a man holding both their hands. He was smiling and laughing. He was their father. This was one of the two daughters he loved.

The one her mother kept telling her he knew about. All those things our mother had tried to tell her over the years that she had refused to believe suddenly fell into place.

She had been telling the truth. These two beautiful, angelic daughters and a wife who looked so much like them. Those photos on the wall had tortured Nan for years afterward.

Again, I wanted to hate my mother for taking her there. For shoving the truth in her face. At least when Nan had lived in her fairy tale, she had been happier, but her innocence was lost that day.

And my hate for her father and his family began to grow inside me. They had taken from my little sister the life she deserved, a father who could love her. Did I even affect him? It had been a while since a man had tried to openly seduce me the proper way.

Most guys wanted to party and then fuck. I was afraid it was probably the latter. If he was finished with me, I might fall on my knees and beg for a chance to please him.

I let him pull me from the car in a commanding yet gentle way that only made me hotter. He walked inside the casino and headed directly toward the tower my room was in. Was it over? I went over everything that had happened and what I had done. Had I been expected to do more? Had I made a mistake in the helicopter, opening my legs to him and allowing him to touch me and slap me? Every time I moaned at his punishment, he got more aggressive.

Nothing I could think of would warrant him being upset with me. I cut my eyes up to look at him. His firm jaw was tight, and the veins in his neck were bulging. That was sexy, too. Why did he have to be so big and strong and.

The elevator doors opened, and he pressed my floor number. I needed to say something. It was getting awkward now. When we had gotten off the helicopter, my legs had been wobbly and my breathing a little erratic from his touch. I turned to look up at him again, but before I could speak, he was in front of me, pressing me against the wall.

The heat from his body sent shivers over me, as he grabbed my waist and inhaled sharply. This was all I wanted. I reached up to grab his shoulders and hold on and opened my mouth to taste more. The peppermint freshness of his mouth was delicious, and I leaned in, trying to get more. Anything he was willing to give, I was going to take. The ding of the door came too soon, and he was moving me with his hand on my waist out into the hallway and toward my door. He took it from my hand and opened the door to my suite, then pulled me inside.

With one hand, he slammed the door closed, then picked me up and carried me to the sofa, where he sank down with me in his lap before grabbing my face and continuing to kiss me senseless. He seemed as hungry for me as I had been for him. His mouth trailed from mine to my ear and then focused on my neck. I arched to give him more access, loving the feel of his whiskers on my skin. Every touch sent tiny jolts through my body. Goddamn, I wanted to bend you over the seat and fuck you while the driver watched me pound your ass.

Who talked like that? Was he even serious? That was naughty and taboo. I liked the mental image in my head. His hand slid up my thigh until his fingers brushed my panties. My heart melted, and I leaned into him, opening my legs more so he could touch everything. All of me. My body had lost all function, and the sensation had taken me with it. Not caring about where I was or who saw or heard me.

The pleasure was all I craved then. I wanted more. He held my gaze as he moved a finger inside the silk and lace, and I held my breath. The gentle touch was almost too much. When you were wanting something that badly and you finally got it, you lost your stuff.

I heard the cry of pleasure that ripped through me as I held on to his shoulders tighter. Not with his finger sliding over the heat pooled between my legs. So hungry for sex. Stingy and needy. Like this. Right here in my lap. If he told me to come one more time in that thick voice, I would scream the place down with what was building up inside me.

I was almost scared to let it go. To reach what he could give me. I knew I cried out his name. I remembered bucking my hips up to meet his hand as he pressed it harder into me. But other than that, it was all a blur. I wanted to live in this moment forever, even if it killed me. However, like all good orgasms do, this one faded slowly, and my eyes eventually fluttered back open. When my vision cleared, I could see that Gannon was watching me.

The hardness underneath me told me this had turned him on. Did I have the energy to help with that? He stood up and carried me to the bed. Major I fucking loved Vegas when I was here purely for fun. Not when I had work to do. In his eyes, he was testing me. I got the whole sibling thing, even if I was an only child.

But holy fuck, how was I supposed to find her here? All my tracking equipment was handled by Cope —who was also missing and more than likely here watching my every move, just like he was watching hers.

I got it. I had fucked up. I needed to give Nan more attention and take this seriously. Truth was, that was what I intended to do. That girl was not mixed up in the shit Cope thought she was. I knew from spending a little time with her that she was too self-absorbed to care about something like that. If I could figure out which one she was at, I would stalk the place until I found her. The cab driver pulled up outside the Bellagio.

The flash of the fountains reminded me of Nan. She liked attention. The driver looked from me to Cope. Airport now. You go back to Rosemary Beach. Go get this shit for hot tail out of your system, and prepare to focus only on Nan when she gets back. I know her every move, unlike you. I felt like I was giving in. Handing over what was mine, even if it was just a job. But you had your chance and fucked it up. He was so detached from the world; he had a coldness that seeped through him. Nan would see that.

I just tucked her into bed after giving her an orgasm that almost made her pass out. I hated what he was saying. One glance at that, and the driver pulled over at the end of the Strip. Cope climbed out without another word to me. When the door slammed behind him, I let out a frustrated growl. I would try to text her again. I hit Send. He was straight up using her for a job. She was better than that. Nan The smell of pizza broke into my dreams, and I opened my eyes and inhaled deeply.

I never ate pizza, but I was so hungry, and it smelled delicious. Looking around my dark room, I could only see the light from the cracked door leading to the living area of my suite. The pizza was in there. With Gannon. A smile pulled at my lips, and I stretched my body, feeling pleased and sated. It was his turn next, and I was looking forward to it. I wanted to touch his body and watch him as he came.

The idea was exciting. He was everything a man should be. Strong, fierce, sturdy, and ruggedly handsome. Nothing like the guys I normally dated. I rarely came into contact with men like Gannon. I realized now what I had been missing. I pulled back the covers and climbed out of bed. My hair was probably a mess, and I wanted to change into something more comfortable, since we were apparently staying in for the evening. Not that I had a problem with that. I liked the idea very much.

I took the brush from my Louis Vuitton toiletry bag, brushed through my hair, and quickly changed into a pair of pale blue pajama shorts that had a flirty ruffle on the hem and a matching camisole. I decided against a bra. The whole ensemble was sexy yet comfortable. When my reflection in the mirror was good enough, I headed to the door and slowly pulled it open to peek into the room.

Gannon was lounging on the sofa with his feet propped up on the ottoman and a book in his hands. His eyes immediately swung to me as I stepped into the room as quietly as I could. He either had amazing hearing or great peripheral vision.

Not sure what kind you liked, so I ordered a few. Waited for you to join me before I dove in. The glint in his eyes said he liked my choice in clothing. I knew I looked good in it. Heck, I knew I looked good naked. I used that as a superpower with men regularly. I found that my looks and my body only drew them in, though. I had nothing deeper to keep them. I was a hot fuck, but the next morning, they were usually done. But I had to get over it.

I was a toy. He had a concerned frown. The smell lured me from my dreams. What kind did you get? I glanced down at it as he stood up and walked over to the dining-room table. I looked at him standing where room service had left the pizzas covered with silver-domed lids. He picked up the first lid.

I loved feta cheese and olives on my pizza. Then he unveiled the last one. He reached for one of the plates, put a large slice of the Greek pizza on it, and walked over to me. He was waiting on me. No guy had ever done that before. I normally had someone wait on us, or I waited on them. He paid attention to details. Again, not something I had experienced before. Just as I expected, he picked up three slices of the buffalo chicken and put them on a plate before joining me on the sofa.

We began to eat in silence. I wanted to watch him eat and see if his jaw worked in that sexy way it did when he was angry. He was relaxed, and I liked that he felt at ease with me. When I finished my slice, I really wanted another, but I hated to eat one more piece in front of him. Besides, it would go to my hips. Did this man read minds? He took my plate and walked back to the pizza. He picked up another large slice and brought it back to me.

He was so confusing. And he was also slightly perfect. I quickly took a bite of my food, and he chuckled before looking back at the book he had put down. A smile tugged up the corners of my lips as I chewed. It was a happy smile. That idea made me sad. Had I ever had a relationship with a guy who actually made me happy? Even the one I had with Major hurt more than anything else. He could be married or engaged.

And he was making me happy.

Rush Too Far

Not one change in my expression. He grinned. I nodded and took another bite of pizza. I finished chewing, then took a sip of my drink. How was he in Vegas for business if he was a construction worker?

And how could he afford the Bellagio? I own a construction company that builds casinos. He glanced over at the book, and a smile touched his lips. The layers on this man just got deeper and deeper. That was all she would do for me.

At least I knew Nan was here. Either that, or he was playing games with my head. Girls like her were why I was in this fucking mess in the first place. Focusing on one girl, especially one as shallow as Nan, was hard to do.

Rush Too Far (Rosemary Beach, #4; Too Far, #4) by Abbi Glines

That I was being a bastard? I was calling her shallow, but I was pretty damn shallow myself. The waitress walked over to me and slid a new napkin my way.

This one had writing on it. I saw a phone number and a name. She was making it pretty easy for me to fuck her. How was I supposed to work with shit like this? I glanced up at her and winked. She was sexy as hell but not the sexy I needed tonight. I had another girl to win back.

If I could find her first. By ten, she would be heading to a club, I figured. Only thirty minutes until ten. Not exactly food, but it would help. Yeah, she thought we were getting it on tonight. That was a shame. Please talk to me. I thought for a second before pressing Send, because she might find a way to avoid me now. But I knew Nan, and she wanted my attention. I sat back and munched on my bar mix while watching the elevator doors.

My phone finally vibrated in my hand. If you insist, I can meet you around noon tomorrow. I read the text twice before accepting that she was seriously blowing me off. What the hell was she busy doing if she was in her suite? Damn him. He was up there with her. Too busy to come have one drink with me? I texted back, refusing to believe she was choosing Cope over me. Yes, I am. Fuck me.

My chest tightened, and I grabbed my whiskey and downed it, hoping it would ease the anger and disbelief boiling up in me.

I knew she was cold, but this was worse than I had been warned. She glanced at the clock and nodded. Give me five minutes? I had five minutes. Then she was going to give me a good thirty somewhere in this casino. I had steam to blow off, and her perky tits needed to be in my mouth and hands soon.

When she walked back out, she looked at me with a grin that said she knew exactly what I wanted. God, I loved girls in Vegas. I needed to get a damn job here. Fix all my problems, and get far away from Nan. I followed her to a back room with a sign that said Employees Only and then into a closet that was stocked with linens.

Rush Too Far

I closed the door behind us, and she pulled the little halter top off and let those boobs bounce free. Easy access. I liked this one. I pulled a condom out of my pocket and ripped it open with my teeth before pulling my jeans down and covering myself. She gasped and pulled my hair, which only made me suck harder.

I liked pain when I was angry, and I was angry. I picked her up by the waist, she threw open her legs, and I slammed right into her, as she wrapped her legs around me and cried out. I liked loud ones. This would be good. Real good. And like a good girl, she did just that.

Nan I was going to kill Rush. This was his fault. No one knew where I had gone but my brother. The fact that Major was downstairs waiting on me to get off the elevator pissed me off more. He did. I would convince myself that this was a romantic gesture and hope that I was enough to hold his attention this time.

Who was it? I put my phone away and looked up at him. Nothing big.

Another plus for Gannon. He held out his hand. I moved closer to him, and he took my hand and tugged me until I was straddling his lap.

Been hard sitting here with you dressed so damn sexy too far away to touch. All girls wanted to hear them. He just said them like they were true and came naturally. Which, mixed with his looks and his voice and his muscles, was a lethal combination. Just when they slipped under the satin of my bottoms, I remembered that it was his turn.

I needed to be the one touching him. Not letting him do all the work for me again. That one word was so very hard to say, because I did not want to stop him from touching me. The orgasm he had given me earlier had been on an epic scale, and I wanted to do that again soon. It was already growing hard under my hand. He had been enjoying me in his lap. He might not keep score, but I believed in giving what you got, and he deserved the best blow job on the planet.

He was fully erect now, and I licked my lips in anticipation. I loved the power I got from this. I only did it if I was incredibly attracted to a man and he had earned it. But tonight I was impatient for it. He moved his hand up and down slowly, as I watched him and he watched me. Even that was sexy. I was beginning to think everything this man did was sexy. I leaned forward on my knees, slipping my hand above where his was.

I ran my thumb over the sensitive head of his cock, and his hand stilled and then moved away as he adjusted his hips and leaned back against the sofa cushions. His eyes were on me.

I could feel their heat burning through me. I wanted this to be so good for him. Lifting my gaze, I watched his face as I lowered my mouth until my tongue ran along the spot where my thumb had just been. Then, slowly, I drew the head into my mouth, wrapping my lips around it and gently sucking, while keeping my eyes lifted and directly on him.

He was breathing hard, and his hand slid into my hair, grabbing a large fistful of my thick locks. I eased his length into my mouth until the tip touched the back of my throat, before pulling it out again.

His hold on my hair tightened as I continued my assault on him, sucking and then stopping to lick up the length teasingly before continuing. I fought back my smile.

I wanted to know I was pleasing him, and this told me all I needed to know. I covered the base with one hand and began working him. I tasted him with pure enjoyment. Each sound he made and each curse he muttered drove me harder to give him more. I craved him. Deep down, I wanted to keep him. All me. Grabbing his upper thighs, I sucked harder and ran my breasts against him, moaning with him in my mouth. He was close, and all he needed was the visual to set him off.

That was followed by a roar. Major The alarm I had set on my phone went off at ten a. Job complete. It just fucking did. Cope annoyed me beyond reason. Working for Captain had been easy.

I liked the guy. Jul 20, Christy rated it really liked it I love Rush too much and wanted his pov. I loved getting inside his head and seeing what he was really thinking Note to readers- if you Eventually, someone did save me.

By a girl. My angel. A beautiful, strong, fierce, loyal angel who entered my life in a pickup truck, carrying a gun. We all know and love Rush Finlay. No matter how much he may want her.