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[PDF] ME Computer Aided Design (CAD) Books, Lecture Notes, 2marks with answers, Important Part B 16marks Questions, Question Bank & Syllabus. By. Students can download the Important Questions in the PDF format Regulation ME CAD Important Questions Part B Nov Dec For ME CAD Important Questions/Answer Key – Click here ME COMPUTER AIDED DESIGN question bank free download.

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Me6501 Cad Important Questions Pdf

For ME CAD Question Bank/2marks 16marks with answers – Click ME Answer Key, CAD Unit wise Important Questions- MECH 5th. Anna University regulation 13 important 16 mark Questions, Important 16 mark Computer Aided Design unit 2 Part B Important Questions for free download. November / December Exam Important Questions .pdf ME CAD Nov Dec Imp (Size: KB / Downloads: 7,).

Explain the basic requirements that a CAD software 2. Explain product development process a sequential approach b concurrent engineering approach 3. Discuss modes of the design process Vs models of designs. What are the advantages of Bezier curves over cubic spline. Explain how the curves are represented in parametric form. Explain the surface algorithms for surface hidden removal of an abject. Explain hidden line algorithms. Explain the area oriented algorithm and Priority algorithm for hidden line removal. Explain bottom up assembly approach with example 3. Explain Top down assembly with example 4. Explain assembly modelling with assembly tree and planning 5.

Explain about open and closed B spline curves with some characteristics 3. Discuss the matrix formulation in cubic Bezier curves and Rational curves.

Compare B-spline surface with Bezier surface. Explain the term B-Rep with Euler equations. Derive the matrix formulation in cubic Bezier curves. Problems on Hermite Curves 2.


Problems on Bezier Curves. Study about C0, C1, C2 continuity.

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TIPS: Second unit first half consist of curves and surfaces. If u study curves means surface is easier. For study solid modelling techniques formulae and diagram is very important. Describe any four visibility techniques in computer graphics 2.

Illustrate the hidden line removal algorithm with neat sketch. Summarise elaborately Ray tracing hidden solid removal algorithm. Discuss how subdivisions are made in area-coherence algorithm 5. List the different colour models and explain any three models 6. Explain Computer animation in detail 8. List the different shading technique and compare them in detail manner.


Study all the visibility techniques totally 10 techniques which was discussed initially in this unit. If hidden line removal algorithm is asked means explain any one of these- priority, painter, Area-oriented algorithms. If hidden solid removal algorithm is asked means explain Ray tracing algorithm. In animation topic study all the topics write them depend upon marks provided in the examination 6.

The design is the act of devising an original solution to a problem by a combination of principles,resources and product in design. The design process is the pattern of activities that is followed by the designer in arriving at the solution of technological problem.

Recognition of need Definition of problem Synthesis Analysis and optimization Evaluation Presentation. Fixed data Opinion surveys Historical records Personal observation Experimental data. Each segment of the product development team complete their tasks in isolation and passes over the documents to the next segment. There is no interaction among the product development groups. Concurrent Engineering is also called as parallel engineering.

Concurrent Engineering is an approach used in product development in which the function of design engineering, manufacturing engineering and other function are integrated to reduce the time required to bring a new product to the market. CAD is defined the use of digital computer for creation, modification, analysis and optimization of design.

What is load curve? The curve drawn between the variations of load on the power station with reference to time is […].

ME6501 Computer Aided Design Important Questions Nov Dec 2016 Exam

The important question with answer are provided What are metallic glasses? Metallic glasses are amorphous metals Glass metals.

It is a non-crystalline alloy with molten liquid state […]. Explain iterative waterfall and spiral model for software life cycle and various activities in each phase.

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