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Capgemini. Download Capgemini placement papers, written test pattern & Interview Questions Placement Paper Of Capgemini. The list of Capgemini placement papers and interview questions with answers for your next interview and aptitude written test. Capgemini Placement Papers: Find Latest Placement papers of Capgemini with Technical, Verbal, Aptitude, Reasoning and Interview Questions.

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Capgemini Placement Papers Pdf

Capgemini Placement Papers in for more Capgemini Placement Papers to download in pdf format. The Capgemini Placement Papers generally have no negative marking, but to qualify Click here to download free pdf of Capgemini Previous Year Paper. This interview section questions contains a brief introduction to the Group Discussions,HR Interviews,IT company Interviews,Freshers questions.

Toggle navigation. Ashok Leyland. HCL Technologies. Hughes Systique. L and T infotech. Lion Bridge. Polaris Software. Punj Lloyd. Robert Bosch. Question Bank. Free Mock Capgemini Placement Paper Take a mock test which is much closer to the actual company test pattern. CPTPrep Portal. The Bulls Eye mock placement tests are created by an expert panel of faculty such that every aspect: We recommend that you go through all the company placement test pre provided by Bulls Eye before sitting for your dream job. Generally most company placement tests include a verbal section apart from a few , hence we have incorporated this section in all our Mock Tests.

If Jack and Sandy start race at same tym. X to pt Y and back. B will be i. In a race from pt. Miss H finds tobacco smoke allergic and consecutively the offices next to hers are occupied by non-smokers. D The three employees who are smokers should be seated in the offices i. Three wheels make D are all smokers. M iii. The ideal candidate to occupy office farthest from Mr.

What is the average of the nos. M and Mr. The sum of six consecutive odd nos.

Capgemini placement papers

Miss H ii. The offices are no. Miss H is a senior employee and his to be allotted the office no. Unless specifically stated all the employees maintain an atmosphere of silence during office hrs. It is aligned at the start of the qn.

When does it align again for the first tym? B need adjacent offices as they need to consult each other often while working. Mr M and Mr. Overall 24 students were selected after dis elimination round onto the Interviews.

Both of the above iv. B suffering from anemia Direction for Qn Elle is 3 times older than Zaheer. T taking over duties formally taken care of by Miss R iii. Myn was 2nd grp n our topic was "Should India be divided into smaller states" It was an easy topic where i had my fair share of views n opinions. Zaheer is 10 yrs old ii. In my gropu arnd made it 2 next round. Here v were divided in2 groups of arnd Yogesh is elder than Waheeda ii.

Elle is older than Waheeda iii. None of the above GD: Out of th only 37 cleard 2 da GD. Please try 2 be the part of GD as an active member as its an elimination round. None of the above Which one of the following statements can be inferred from the info above i. The ideal office for Mr.

Yogesh and Waheeda are both older than Zaheer by the same no of yrs. Mr D quitting smoking ii. Yogesh is elder than Zaheer. M would be i. Finally after giving so many apti's i made it 2 my maiden GD. How many 5 digit no. There is a rectangular Garden whose length and width are 60m X 20m.

Find width of walkway a 1 b 2 c 3 d 4 Answer. An employee has to allocate offices to 6 staff members. Find approx value of The min no. D requires silence in office next to his. The three employees who are smokers should be seated in the offices i. He distributes these in diff bags. Asish was given Rs. P and R together get at least 5 coins. In the event of what occurrence within a period of one month since the assignment of the offices would a request for a change in office be put forth by one or more employees?

R gets even no. Q gets more coins than P iii. R and S together get at least 5 coins iv. B suffering from anemia Among 4 people P. P gets more coins than S iv. It is known that Q gets more coins than P. S such that one of them gets a coin.

Placement Papers - Capgemini

If R gets at least two more coins than S which one of the following is necessarily true? R gets odd no. Q gets at least 2 more coins than S ii. If the no.

Q and S together get at least 4 coins iii. P and Q together get at least five coins c. S gets even no. To Q is twice the no. If Q gets fewer coins than R. S gets odd no. Ten coins are distr. P and Q together get at least 4 coins ii. The dealer had a stock of eggs at the beginning of day 2. Raman bought half as many as Gaurav ii. None of the above b.

What is the age of Ramprakash? How much time is reqd for downloading the software? How many eggs were bought by each of them i.

Capgemini Placement Papers

The size of the software is 4. Which one of the following statements can be inferred from the info above i. Raman and Gaurav Brought eggs from a vendor. The Data transfer rate is 6 kbps ii. Ramprakash was born when his father was 26 yrs old ii.

Elle is 3 times older than Zaheer.

A boat can ferry passengers across a river in 12 hrs. The boat can carry passengers at a time ii. Sanjay and Vijay started their journey from Mumbai to Pune.

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The product of m and n is 30 8. Who reached Pune first? Sundar Rating: Ambrish Doddamani Rating: Srabanti Rating: Prakhar Dubey Rating: Arnab Dutta Rating: Divya Rating: Vinayak Kedia Rating: Hinet Patil Rating: Prayagraj Parida Rating: Chaitanya Rating: Burhan Mullamithawala Rating: Yash Kohli Rating: Chandramani Rating: Anonymous Rating: Ravi Kumar Tummala Rating: Friend Rating: Ankit Kumar Rating: Kundan Rating: Indrashish Chakraborty Rating: Rebel Rating: Venky Rating: Swamy Sriharsha Rating: Hepziba Rating: Prashali Verma Rating: Deeksha Agarwal Rating: Praneeth Rating: Dilip Dubey Rating: Kalyan Rating: Ankita Kedia Rating: Kavita Rating: Suchi Rai Rating: Sid Rating: Miriyala Sai Suraj Rating: Taheer Shaik Rating:

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