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It has a business letter format. ; Booklets, which are report of book lengths. They contain covers, title pages, sometimes. Business Communication and Report Writing introduces students to the basics of report writing in a CSW environment. Students learn to write objectively. Business and Report Writing Skills at CSU Version . Writing is essential to communicate your message clearly and . T. , Handbook for Business Writing, National Textbook Company, Lincolnwood, Illinois, pp.

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Business Communication And Report Writing Book

Report Writing for Business: Business Communication Books @ "Maybe You Should Talk to Someone" by Lori Gottlieb "This is a daring, delightful , and transformative book." ―Arianna Huffington, Founder, Huffington Post. Tata McGraw-Hill Education, Feb 1, - Business report writing - pages. 5 Reviews · Preview this book» Other Business Communications.

They should choose the appropriate level of detail and find good evidence to back up their words. Business letters follow a specific format, beginning with the heading. Writers should familiarize themselves with standard headings, including date and format of the recipient's name and address. Letters are generally not longer than a page or two. The first paragraph should clearly state the purpose of the letter. Letters should end with a request for what the writer wants, such as a follow-up phone call. A memorandum memo is the most common type of business writing.

The information confirms to the writer and his secretary the presence of enclosures when the letter is received. Some accepted enclosure notation styles are: Contact Enclosures: Carbon Copy CC Notation.

The following cc notation forms may be used: Norma Santos cc: Norma Santos Ms. Blind Carbon Copy bcc Notation. The writer should retain the copy with a cc or bcc notation for his files. Confidential and Mailing Notation. Such notations may be type below the date or below the reference initials.

Business Communication Report Writing

A note indicating the special postal service such as registered or certified mail should be indicated on all copies of the letter. When PS is used for afterthoughts, it indicates careless letter planning and can do more harm than good to your reputation. Thus, PS should function be treated like other paragraphs except it is preceded by the letters PS. It identifies the letter for filing purposes of both the writer and the reader. A two-page letter must include the firms name in capital letters in the signature block, even though letter head paper is used to the first page.

The address should be well centered. It takes the same form-blocked or indented as the inside address.

Report on Business Communication

The inside address, though, is always single spaced but on the envelope, a four line address is single spaced and a three line address is double spaced. Business writing style possesses the following qualities: A clear letter or report is, of course, one which the readers understand quickly.

What you read is clear if there is no doubt in your mind about what the writer means. Three factors actually contribute to the clearness of the writing: When words are erroneously arranged or when pronouns are incorrectly used, the meaning intended may be obscured, or the reader may be misled. It is being brief but understandable and forceful. It knows when to stop writing when the job is done.

Business Communication and Report Writing

Many people use words extravagantly, not knowing that their verbal extravagance often makes their expression less forceful and meaningful. In fact, a number of professional writers and speakers still need to convince that one carefully chosen word is usually more effective than four or five words taken at random.

A conciseness achieved by omitting unnecessary details, or by condensing unimportant ideas to their essentials, or by eliminating unnecessary words. To be perfect a business letter should: Remember that errors in letters can be costly because the image of the company will be greatly affected. The writer should therefore write carefully and have sufficient knowledge of the rules of grammar.

Report Writing in Business - 2nd Edition

Coherence within paragraphs in the letter is achieved by means of planning and outlining. Planning involves listing down the things you want say and making sure they are in the right order.

Avoid dangling modifiers. A dangling modifier refers to the wrong word or to no word in a sentence. Make a certain that a modifier refers clearly to the word or words modified. Place words like only and phrases like at least where they convey exactly what you mean. It means recognizing and having respect for the value and worth of other people. It further means consideration, friendliness, and willingness to serve others.

Makes other people feel important because he thinks highly of them. True friendship is one which is based on understanding, caring for others, and closeness to others. Using the correspondents name in natural, conversational way helps to produce a personal and pleasant atmosphere.

The topic sentence of a paragraph expresses the topic or central idea of the paragraph. It may be placed at the beginning, middle, or end of the paragraph. Series of question. The subject of the paragraph is defined and particulars are given. The paragraph begins by stating the problem, and then explains the circumstances which brought it about.

One way of giving the reader a clearer understanding of the subject is by showing the origin of the subject of the letter and then by tracing its development. The incident which led to the situation or problems is narrated. The writer must see to it that the facts are accurate.

Objective, factual reporting is necessary. Inasmuch as they deal with particular situations and specific purposes. They should be written in fresh, vivid, personal language.

Properly composed, they will have individuality and warmth which would make them effective instruments for building goodwill. They should be brief and straightforward; therefore, all relevant explanatory matters should be avoided. A good inquiry letter must state exactly and completely the required information.

It should brief and direct to the point. This is optional- you may explain the advantage of the request to the reader if granted. Close felicitously. Facilitate action by enclosing a stamped, self addressed enveloped or by giving your telephone number. Suggest that you are willing to return the favor if an opportunity arises.

Replies should be handled promptly, cheerfully, and competently. You may enclose folders, booklets or catalogs which might be of value to the reader. You must include necessary information about the merchandise, among which are the following. A complete description of the merchandise ordered: Credit reference, if open account is requested. Restatement of the order. Expression of pleasure and interest in serving the customer and in being of further service.

It should be straightforward, brief, and accurate. When you write a letter of application, you are attempting to sell your skills and services. When you invite your neighbors to a birthday party in your place, you are actually trying to sell goodwill. What happens is that the seller presents the advantages of his offer of goods or services in a manner that will motivate the prospective downloader to accept the offer.

Strictly speaking, selling is a mental process involving four steps: Mechanical details. Instead of using the traditional white envelope, the sales letter writer may choose one with color and with a picture or a phrase. When the letter has been taken out of the envelope, it can continue to attract attention through one or more of the following devices: Headlines and subheadings. To attract attention, a provocative headline is placed in the same position as the inside address or run across the page.

Note the following examples: Opening sentences. While graduation ceremonies may take place in a school only once or twice a year applications for jobs occur every day of year. In fact, the application letter may be the most important letter you will have to write in your lifetime.

On it may depend much of your success in getting a highly-rewarding job or being misemployed or unemployed. To present as attractively as possible your peculiar fitness for a particular job and the benefit of benefits the prospective employer will get if he employs someone who possess special qualities, a positive personality, and a capacity to grow. If your letter is convincing, your qualifications being attractively presented, you may be granted an interview after which you may go through a series pf recruitment procedures and eventually fill the hob you have applied for.

It is not expected to include information that has no relevance to the position you are applying for. When writing a solicited letter, you should keep in mind that there are probably many other letters written to answer the same advertisement.

You should, therefore, make sure that the letter you write appears better than the other letters if you wish it to read closely or considered favorably.

The replies to this advertisement are, of course, properly celled solicited application letters. An applicant sends an unsolicited because he believes some opening exists or is expected to exist or because someone has told him am opening does exist.

Its chief advantage is the likelihood that there are fewer applicants or no other applicant with whom one competes. The advantages are, of course, that there is no assurance of an opening and that the written must determine for him the qualification is which the employer will be very interested. Esperanza Ortiz of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines has suggested that I apply to you for the position of telephone operator-receptionist which you will need starting July If your application letter has many erasures or smudges, or if it is poorly arranged, you create the impression of sloppiness or carelessness.

It is important, therefore, that your letter appear as impressive as possible. A challenging introduction may inspire the employer to finish reading your letter and to grant you a personal interview. Will you please consider me for the position? It will, therefore, do you good if you avoid any of the following expressions: The Body.

You may also mention your reason for wanting to be employed in the company to which you are applying and give tow or three names as references. If there is not enough space foe references, you may include them in the personal data sheet but you must indicate this in the letter. In listing the references, you must also secure their permission before including them on the list.

The Conclusion. This is true of the application letter: As in introductory paragraph, you must avoid any weak, unoriginal, or anxious expression in the concluding paragraph. Right after graduation, I was hired as sales counselor by V. Soliven and Company where I received some training in real estate brokerage. While working for V. Soliven, I took special courses in computer programming and business communication at the Executive Development Academy.

I was also a recipient of three gold medals and two silver medals for winning oratorical, debate, extemporaneous speaking and writing contests. In my last year of college, I received a plaque foe academic excellence and a medallion for student leadership. On the enclosed data sheet, you will find references as well as further data about me. You can reach me by telephone, ; I have also served as lecturer in Business Education at St.

Paul College of Quezon City where I was once a coordinator for the practicum on office Administration. I am now enrolled in a doctoral program in business education at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines.

Last semester, I completed a special course in advanced computer programming at the Institute of Advanced Computer Technology. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings, I am also free to handle part-time classes. Of you wish to call me, my telephone number is , and you can reach me between 12 noon and 1: Being a part of the application letter, the data sheet should not carry an inside address salutation, and a complimentary close.

The facts under each of the four parts may include the following: Myers, Hardcover: pages, Publisher: South-Western College This textbook presents balanced treatment of both the theory and applications of managerial communication. Content includes strong coverage of ethics, cross-cultural communication and the newest technological influences in communication.

Unique, practical chapters on visual support of written and oral presentations are provided in addition to coverage on how to write and deliver a case analysis, meeting management, and report writing. Strong integrated coverage of technology continues throughout this edition. While communication concepts remain largely the same -- the technology that is used to communicate has changed and these changes are reflected in the fifth edition.

Coverage of listening skills, intercultural communication, e-plagiarism, developing PowerPoint presentations, and writing instructions has been extensively enhanced. Provides instruction on establishing a strategy on how to present what you want to say and techniques on how to speak or write more efficiently and effectively to communicate what you want to say. Communicating for Managerial Effectiveness by Phillip G. Clampitt, Paperback: pages, Publisher: SAGE Publications Enables managers and students to clearly view their communication abilities and organizational dilemmas and challenges.

They should choose the appropriate level of detail and find good evidence to back up their words.

Business letters follow a specific format, beginning with the heading. Writers should familiarize themselves with standard headings, including date and format of the recipient's name and address. Letters are generally not longer than a page or two. The first paragraph should clearly state the purpose of the letter.

Letters should end with a request for what the writer wants, such as a follow-up phone call. A memorandum memo is the most common type of business writing. A memorandum is internal, and it is used to communicate to co-workers.

Memos can assign responsibilities, request information, instruct employees or announce plans and decisions. The title of a memorandum is important as it orients the reader and determines how the memo will be filed.

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