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Than Dong Dat Viet - Có Táºp - ChÆ°a Ä á»§ Bá»™ - Xem: Page 1 of 21, 1, 2 · 3 · 11 · > · Last». Than Dong Dat Viet [tap1] Views: . Thần Đồng Đất Việt Tập - Đứa con thừa tự Thần Đồng Đất Việt Tập - Khoai lang leo giàn Thần Đồng Đất Việt Tập - Cái ôm may m Thần Đồng. than dong dat viet tron bo pdf. Quote. Postby Just» Tue Jan 29, am. Looking for than dong dat viet tron bo pdf. Will be grateful for any help! Top.

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Doc truyen than dong dat viet tap Những chuyện đời thường: thực phẩm, thuốc men, thảy vòng bắt vịt, toa thuốc email, trả lời câu hỏi computer. Jaboatao. Than Dong Dat Viet 02_Part Uploaded by. leekenvil. Than Dong Dat Viet 02_Part Uploaded by. leekenvil. spdf. Uploaded by. 𝗣𝗗𝗙 | On Jan 1, , Bui Cong Que and others published NGUY HIỂM ĐỘNG ĐẤT VÀ SÓNG THẦN Ở VÙNG VEN BIỂN VIỆT NAM earthquake and Tsunami.

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The maximum observed magnitude in this zone has been 4. This zone is characterized by a system of deep-seated subparallel-trending faults.

Truyen tranh than dong dat viet tap 42

They belong to one of the two Fig. Seismotectonic regionalization scheme of Vietnam. The zone is also characterized by a 30 km Vietnam. The largest earth- seismic source zone.

This zone lies practical to apply one method to the whole terri- next to the Red river source zone in the west, and tory. The seismicity of the zone is related to the Data treatment activity of the Da river fault, and ancient NW- trending and subparallel-trending faults. The The data used in this paper are taken from the largest earthquake observed in this zone had a catalogues of earthquakes of the territory of magnitude less than 5.

Vietnam Nguyen Dinh Xuyen et al. The largest earth- For the computation, instrumental data for the quakes within the territory of Vietnam have oc- period are used, and the largest earth- curred in this zone. The zone contains a system of quake magnitudes within this period are analysed deep-seated faults, active during Recent times.

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The largest events Among these faults the most typical are the Ma from the historical data prior to are used for river fault with a NW-SE trend and the Dien correction purposes. The zone contains a thick ac- country have changed considerably since due tive layer, reaching almost to the Moho surface.

Thus, in order to correct data for incom- 6. This zone includes resent homogeneous data for the territory. At the the Ca river and the Rao nay thrust faults which same time, for an investigation of the results ob- bound two uplifted blocks.

The seismicity of the tained, four variants of data sets with different zone is high. The largest earthquake known from values of Ma are considered Table la.

Earthquakes in this Variants of data sets with different threshold magnitudes M,, region are of two origins, volcanic and tectonic. However, all the data sets are incomplete if we where Q is the maximum deviation between the consider them for every time interval of sampling; observed and the theoretical distributions, and n either no earthquakes occurred during some years, is the sample size.

A least- Discussion squares method may be used to estimate the parameters in this case Yegulalp and Kuo, The analysis of results obtained led to the fol- lowing remarks. For each source zone the abilistic approach for the assessment of seismic following results are obtained: Nevertheless, as shown in previous works, b The predicted return period T M and values from the third Gumbel distribution may yearly numbers N M of earthquakes with magni- not be reliable measures of the upper bound to tudes no smaller than a given M.

The coefficients H and 1y show that in most c The seismic risk R M calculated for the cases the third Gumbel distribution fits the data next D years 1 is equal to 25, 50 and years better than the first one. The comparison of these respectively. The precision coefficient H is of the form Schigolev, Northeast 1.

North Hanoi depression 0. Red river 1. Da river 1. Ma river 1. Ca river 1. South Viet- nam 1.

North Viet- nam 1. HONG PHUONG 90 opinion, the variation of b and p values is On the estimation of maximum magnitudes caused by differences in rock density, heterogene- ity and plasticity at different depths. In order to predict a reasonable M,,, value for The mean values of b and j3, calculated from each source zone, it is necessary to carry out all data variants used for each source zone of correction of the estimated values of U, presented Vietnam, are shown in Table 5.

It can be noticed in Table 2. In this paper, the correction of the w from Tables 2 and 5 that the 8 values range values is based upon the following principles: Thus, taking into account the fact that value is then chosen to be the upper bound of the all earthquakes of Vietnam are shallow, with focal magnitude. Otherwise the estimated w remains the depths of less than 35 km, one finds that the same as the predicted M,,,,, value for the source Gutenberg-Richter conclusion holds for source zone considered.

The p values show that they b Wherever the estimated value of w is un- are close to the j3 value of the Alpide belt 1. As far as the two M max is the unbiased estimate of the upper bound variants for South Vietnam are concerned, the of the distribution.

Northeast 0. Northeast 5. North Hanoi depression 6. Red river 0. Red river 5. Da river 0. Da river 5. Ma river 0. Ma river 7. Ca river 0. Ca river 6.

South Vietnam 1. South Vietnam 5. North Vietnam 0. North Vietnam 7. Principle b was used for source zones 5 with magnitude 8 in North Vietnam is very low, as and 8.

For South Vietnam we accept the result of it is for those with magnitude 7 in South Vietnam. There in Table 6.

On the seismic risk and predicted earthquake return In order to visualize the fit of these distributions, period in Tables 7a and b the number of shocks calcu- lated by both distributions are compared with the The seismic risks for the two main parts of the number of shocks observed in North and South territory of Vietnam, calculated for the next 25, 50 Vietnam, respectively. The results show that, in and years, are given in Tables 4a and b. The both cases, the occurrence of earthquakes defi- first and third Gumbel distributions are applied to nitely favors the third Gumbel distribution over all of the data variants.

From the results it is clear the first one. A model for the occurrence Conclusions of large earthquakes. Bases para la formulation de decisiones de diseno sismico. Mexico, Inst. Characteristics of earthquake activity such Nghien cuu vat ly nguon than tieu dong dat Tuan giao as a, b, j3 and M,,, were defined for each source The mean return periods and the probability quake of June 24, Gumbel, E.

Statistics of Extremes. Columbia Univer- for North and South Vietnam. Seismicity of the Earth mean value of parameter b fluctuates between and Associated Phenomena.

Princeton University Press. These values are Le Dzuy Bach, Center Sci. Press, Hanoi in Thuc and Kijko For the entire territory of Vietnamese. Phan vung dong dat mien Nam Viet source zone. Our value of maximum magnitude nam Seismic zoning of the South Vietnam. Editors , Seismic Risk and Engineering Decisions. Elsevier, Amsterdam, pp. Within a period Viet nam Earthquakes in the Territory of Vietnam. Press, Hanoi in Vietnamese.

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