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Spotting Error Pdf Free Download Now: Spotting Error Question Pdf for Banking, SSC, RRB, FCI, Railway, UPSC, State PCS, Insurance & other Competitive. Spotting Errors Most Important Questions PDF with Solutions for IBPS PO | Clerk and RRB Exams. Dear Students,. Spotting Errors is an important chapter for . Similar type of Spotting Errors are repeated in the examinations so today we are providing 50 most important Spotting Errors PDF with Answer Key asked in.

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Spotting Errors Pdf

Let us start with Error Spotting Capsule 13 which deals with the concept of ' Spelling Rules'. You can even download Error Spotting Capsule 13 as PDF. Error Spotting Workbook. In Present Indefinite Sentences, the number and person of the subject play very important role. If the subject is. - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

Consider the following sentences : Taking her basket she goes to the sea shore to collect shells. She is happy with what she earns. Set II Taking their baskets the women go to the sea shore to collect shells. They are happy with what they earn. Did you notice how the verbs change with the change in subject in the two sets? If we change the subject she into the women or she into they the verbs lose their s and es. She goes but they go, she is but they are and she earns but they earn. Notice what happens when we change these verbs into past : Taking her basket she went to the sea shore to collect shells.

Example He went to church. It means he went to church for saying his prayer He went to church and from there he took a bus.

Top 100 Spectacular Rules for Spotting Error – Part 1

When two or more descriptive adjectives qualify the same. Example This is a Hindi and English Dictionary.

Here dictionary is one If two nouns refer to the same person or thing, the article is used before the first noun only, but if they refer to different persons or things, the article must be used with each noun.

Examples a He is a better soldier than statesman.

Article is omitted after the possessive case. Article is omitted with professions.

IBPS PO Spotting Error Questions With Answer – Download FREE PDF

Article is omitted with years. Examples a was a wonderful year.

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No article is used before names of games, sports. Examples a I am playing cricket. No article is used before a noun when it is modified by either possessive adjective or a demonstrative adjective.

Examples a Do you like my shirt?

+ Spotting Error Questions with Short Tricks Pdf : Free Download Now | | GovernmentAdda

No article is used before a noun when it is preceded by a distributive adjective. Examples a Every student got prize. Examples a The train arrives at platform 7.

Examples a He is on his way to work. To be in office without the means to hold an official usually political position.

Error Spotting Capsule 13 in PDF: Spelling Rules – Part 1

Examples a We go to town sometimes to meet our mother. Here are some spelling rules and different cases which can help you become a good speller. Read these rules one by one and download them as PDF to revise and keep a track of your revision! We hope you find Error Spotting Capsule Subordinating Conjunctions Part 2, helpful. Go through some of the following articles to improve your spoken and written English:.

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