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Moritz Matthies Ebook

Dickes Fell: Roman (Erdmännchen-Krimi 4) (German Edition) eBook: Moritz Matthies: Kindle Store. The NOOK Book (eBook) of the Ausgefressen: Roman by Moritz Matthies at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!. The NOOK Book (eBook) of the Dickes Fell: Roman by Moritz Matthies at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!.

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So this may not be the final book in the series? That's probably nice -- I say this without having read any of them. Please let us know if they are any good. They must be pretty good for Matthies to have written five of them.

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It seems weird that there are so many animal murder mysteries written in Germany, and apparently German furry fans haven't read any of them. So far I have only seen comments but no official note hinting at the end OR continuation of the series. I guess we will only know when a new book is out. As far as the many animal detective books are concerned, I believe this is still a hype created by Felidae.

That book was an incredible hit in Germany the fact that there was a movie created after it which broke with all conventions for animation is a telltale sign and like any hit immediately created a flood of successors. You may say it created a genre. I read one of those successor books that one with dogs and found it quite bad for several reasons. It looked, read, felt, and smelled like a quick money grab.

Not being a crime mystery fan, I dropped that genre altogether, and that was that. The problem with this kind of anthropomorphization pets or farm species living with their humans but at the same time having an independent, hidden life is that it takes a huge degree of suspension of disbelief to work.

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Lassie, Nop's Trials, or Call of the Wild are not anthropomorphized in the same way. Furry novels have anthros that are not realistic pets. Ferals like Lion King are working within their own world with its own set of issues already. That may work out fine, or it may fail horribly Home on the Range, Spirit: Riding Free. I found "detective animals" quite difficult to achieve this level of suspension of disbelief, novels much more than movies, as a novel needs and does flesh out the world more, gives more background, and goes into detail where a movie "only" needs to create convincing imagery and a broad story.

Say auf wiedersehen to the meerkat detectives

Felidae worked fine in that respect, since cats are "a mysterious animal" already, and many cats are roaming free anyway. That never worked for dogs, which are rarely on their own; it definitely does not work for cows or pet horses; perhaps it may work for that goose but geese don't hold much appeal for me.

Bottom line: I simply never warmed up to that genre. Personal opinion - other readers may have different experiences. My family had a mysterious "cat roaming free" when I was a child; a gray adult male whom we called Zoop.

He wandered in one day and was reasonably affectionate, but he only visited our house once every few days. He apparently roamed our neighborhood and had several homes that he visited regularly to get petted and fed, but he remained free of any of them.

He doubtlessly was called by a different name at each house. He visited us for several months or a year, and just stopped appearing eventually. We never learned what happened to him. Any cats roaming free around Los Angeles today quickly disappear, and are probably eaten by coyotes. Coyotes migrated into Southern California around thirty years ago, and have grown to become a problem. They are invisible by day although I did see one roaming through the luxury Beverly Hills district once but come out at night.

They have made it impossible to let cats or small dogs out at night. Several years ago some coyotes got into the Los Angeles Zoo one night and slaughtered all the flamingoes in an uncaged pool. About a year ago a coyote den unoccupied at the moment was found in downtown L. My sister Sherry, who lives in a small apartment house in North Hollywood, about ten miles from me, has become a "den mother" to the raccoons in her neighborhood. She leaves out food for them every night, and has gotten a small wading pool that she fills with water so they can wash the food before eating it.

The raccoons live in trees during the day, so they don't have to worry about non-climbing animals. We also have lots of squirrels and opossums also arboreal around here that can be semi-tamed to eat food left out for them, although they run away if approached by a human. I have occasionally smelled a skunk, although I don't know anyone who has seen one. So instead of "the butler was the murderer", it is "the coyote was the murderer" here I can imagine a cat detective novel playing in LA where the cat detective has to defend a coyote against suspicions, just to play against the type But Felidae takes place in Germany so no coyotes around, and dogs stay indoors for the most.

Recently, raccoons have spread here. I wish Akif Pirincci had stayed with plausible mysteries involving the local and imported fauna instead of burning his franchise in increasingly unbelievable tall tales. And then burning his reputation by slightly-more-than-right-wing speeches. If there are raccoons in Berlin now, and EuroFurence is there now, has the EuroFurence tried to attract any raccoons? Attract feral raccoons? The bums don't even pay the con fee!

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