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The Drama of the Gifted Child: The Search for the True Self, Third Edition by Alice Miller. Read online, or download in secure EPUB format. Almost ten years have passed since my first three books were published:The Drama of the Gifted Child, For Your Own. Good, and Thou Shalt Not Be Aware. The bestselling book on childhood trauma and the enduring effects of repressed anger and pain. Alice Miller writes, "When I used the word 'gifted' in the title, I had in mind neither children who receive high grades in school nor children talented in a special way.

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The Drama Of The Gifted Child Ebook

Get this from a library! The drama of the gifted child. [Alice Miller]. Alice Miller writes, "When I used the word 'gifted' in the title, I had in mind neither The Drama of the Gifted Child helps us to reclaim our life by. The Drama of the Gifted Child. Pages Similar Free eBooks No- No-Drama Discipline No-Drama Discipline.

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Vijaya, Nagesh among others. For nothing genuine that could have given strength and support later on had even been developed. Others are there to admire him, and he himself is constantly occupied, body and soul, with gaining that admiration.

This is how his torturing dependence shows itself. The grandiose person is never really free, first, because he is excessively dependent on admiration from the object, and second, because his self-respect is dependent on qualities, functions, and achievements that can suddenly fail. Depression as the Reverse of Grandiosity.

The so-called phallic, narcissistic men can experience their ageing in a similar way, even if a new love affair may seem to create the illusion of their youth for a time and in this way may introduce brief manic phases into the early stages of the depression caused by their ageing.

This combination of alternating phases of grandiosity and depression can be seen in many other people. Continuous performance of outstanding achievements may sometimes enable an individual to maintain the illusion of constant attention and availability of his self-object whose absence, in his early childhood, he must now deny just as much as his own emotional reactions.

Such a person is usually able to ward off threatening depression with increased displays of brilliance, thereby deceiving both himself and those around him. However, he quite often chooses a marriage partner who either already has strong depressive traits or at least, within their marriage, unconsciously takes over and enacts the depressive components of the grandiose partner.

This means that the depression is outside. Finally, depression can be experienced as a constant and overt dejection that appears to be unrelated to grandiosity. However, the repressed or split-off fantasies of grandiosity of the depressive are easily discovered, for example, in his moral masochism.

He has especially severe standards that apply only to himself. In other people he accepts without question thoughts and actions that, in himself, he would consider mean or bad when measured against his high ego ideal.

Although the outward picture of depression is quite the opposite of that of grandiosity and has a quality that expresses the tragedy of the loss of self to a great extent, they have the same roots in the narcissistic disturbance. The strong person who knows that he, too, carries this weakness within himself, because he has experienced it, does not need to demonstrate his strength through such contempt.

People who as children successfully repressed their intense feelings often try to regain—at least for a short time—their lost intensity of experience with the help of drugs or alcohol. Only if we become sensitive to the fine and subtle ways in which a child may suffer humiliation can we hope to develop the respect for him that a child needs from the very first day of his life onward, if he is to develop emotionally.

There are various ways to reach this sensitivity. We may, for instance, observe children who are strangers to us and attempt to feel empathy for them in their situation—or we might try to develop empathy for our own fate. For us as analysts, there is also the possibility of following our analysand into his past—if we accept that his feelings will tell us a true story that so far no one else knows.

It can either be more or less successfully resisted and covered up as in grandiosity and depression , or constantly torn open again in the compulsion to repeat. For this reason he feels compelled to do things that his circle and society disapprove of and despise. If society were suddenly to honour his form of perversion, he would have to change his compulsion, but it would not free him. What he needs is not permission to use one or another fetish, but the disgusted and horrified eyes.

The Drama of the Gifted Child

If he comes to analysis he will look for this in his analyst, too, and will have to use all possible means to provoke him to disgust, horror, and aversion. This provocation is of course a part of the transference, and from the incipient countertransference reactions one can surmise what happened at the beginning of this life. We then realise that all our lives we have feared and struggled to ward off something that really cannot happen any longer: it has already happened, happened at the very beginning of our lives while we were completely dependent.

He enjoyed the ride, got out at the top and, strange to say, there was colourful life all about him.

The Drama of the Gifted Child: The Search for the True Self, Third Edition

It was a plateau, and from it he had a view of the valleys. There was also a town up there, with a bazaar full of colourful wares; a school where children were practicing ballet and he could join in this had been a childhood wish ; and groups of people holding discussions with whom he sat and talked.

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The Drama of the Gifted Child - Alice Miller - Google книги

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