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Book of Dowth · Suidakra. Type: Full-length; Release date: March 25th, ; Catalog ID: AFM Label: AFM Records; Format: CD. Book of Dowth is the tenth studio album by the German melodic death metal band Suidakra. It was released in on AFM Records. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Book Of Dowth on Discogs.

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Suidakra Book Of Dowth

A review of Suidakra - Book of Dowth which is out on the 25th of March via AFM Records in Europe and digitally in the USA. Let's say that someone listened to Suidakra's Book of Dowth without knowing anything about the band's history. Asked to guess where Suidakra were from, the . Suidakra - 'Book of Dowth' CD Reviewed on Bottom line: This is the stuff legends are made of - literally.

Websites: suidakra. Suidakra is unfortunately one of those bands, but regardless of the size of his fanbase, the name of Arkadius has been linked to fecundity, quality music and progress. Having started the band as a black metal project with folklore elements, he has continued to develop this sound further in order to forge out one of the most musically successful, yet not so widely-consumed folk melodeath bands out there. Now, however, they have a chance to compensate that downfall and strike back with a solid piece of work called Book of Dowth. This record is, well, German.

I have never followed Suidakra as closely as other power or folk acts, yet coming into their 10th album was a complete surprise and pleasure.

The balance between ferocity and accessible melodies made it one of the more memorable albums of the month. The contrast between aspects like this and fierce melodic black sections make it varied with few areas of uncertainty.

Often bands go easy on the harsh vocals and instrumentation and merely use the extreme nature as highlights rather than a base. Rather than trying to mix both elements and thus weakening them, Suidakra separates the two aspects strengthening them individually. This black power folk death concoction is stunning and delicious. There is something charming about Suidakra which I have yet to fully place.

Suidakra – Book of Dowth Review

Just the fact the band is comprised of one original member who shares no duties with any other side projects is worthy of note. Suidakra is a heartfelt project with its members devoting all of their time to it.

Thank you, Suidakra, all of your covers are wild and I love every one. I may not be able to pronounce or spell your name without a crib sheet but I am sure glad we ran across each other. So right about the first paragraph. They don't just play some gimmicky version of folk metal and call it a day.

SUIDAKRA – Book of Dowth

WHO is the female vocalist on Birog's Oath? She is fabulous and versatile, fits the music perfectly, and totally stole the show for me.

Troy Killjoy perfunctionist Posts: Written by Susan on She is fabulous and versatile, fits the music perfectly, and totally stole the show for me Tina Stabel. Enemy of Reality Posts: Dark Blood The Avenger Posts: Honestly I never got into these guys that much, I only heard a few songs. Really interesting stuff. Until the End Posts: Didn't really care much for the female vocal or clean vocal tracks stuck in the middle.

I really could like Folk Metal if it wasn't so cheesy. Eluveitie is the one Folk Metal band that I have found that stood out a little from the typical cheesy fiddles and flutes and happy hobit metal most folk metal is.

This album however, while it still has a little of that, is actually quite good. There are some really good moments and just a few of the hobit metal ones. I dont hear them for a long time. I think i should come back with them!

Daydream Nation Account deleted. Written by Until the End on I agree completely with you. The album itself was structured poorly-- with the last half of the album being fantastic and the first half being relatively poor, in my opinion.

I didn't think that the clean or female vocal tracks were bad-- I just thought they were poorly placed or could have been incorporated into some of the existing songs.

WorpeX Posts: This album is fantastic!

Suidakra - "Book of Dowth" CD Review - in Metal Reviews ( Metal )

I keep finding myself listening to this album even after having it for over a year now. Hits total: Are you sure?

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