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SupvtoManager English-Flp Training - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt ) or read online. Learn How Flp Works-Home base business-Best Opportunity. At Forever I believe we offer the best Marketing Plan within the Recommend Next Training/Book/CD. □ 7 Day Plan Forever Living Products (UK) Ltd. TRAINING. Find more Forever training videos at The Forever Marketing Plan. Share. Marketing Plan: Novus to Manager.

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Forever Living Training Pdf

be built on QUALITY consumable products. 9. Extensive Support Network. Your company should offer extensive support, from training seminars and materials, to. The name of the company is Forever Living Products, based in Two days' intensive personal, hands-on Sonya application and sales training. A Sonya. Forever Living Products where ordinary people achieve . Presentation Disc Jpegs - One to One Powerpoint - One to One PDF - One to One.

Were it not for the non-conform- Handling Objections. Congratulations on achieving Supervisor level! Through your determination and well-directed effort, you have separated yourself from the crowd at the bottom of the ladder and are well on your way to the top where the position of Manager waits for you! This Manual is specifically designed to help you develop the skills and attitudes you will need for this prestigious position. As you increase the volume of your group, the basic rewards of the business increase proportionately. There are four rewards that you can look forward to enjoying as a Forever Living Products Manager. Yes, there will be plenty of it; perhaps more than you ever dreamed possible. The marketing plan is designed to accommodate any level of ambition.

However, the Products being sold should be relevant to or be used in connection with the service provided. Where approved, such establishments will be allowed to display and sell Products only within the section of their premises where the service is supplied e.

Distributors have a duty of care not to make claims, suggest applications or dispense advice for which they are not competent or authorised to do. Company Products do not have a medicinal product licence.

It is illegal therefore to make any representation about Company Products that include medicinal claims. This means that Company Products must not be presented as being suitable for treating or preventing disease in human beings or animals for example: Nor should Company Products be presented as being capable of correcting or modifying normal physiological functions in human beings or animals for example: Distributors must act with integrity ensuring that they never use misleading, deceptive or unfair sales practices.

Any information given relating to prices or any aftersale service must be clear and accurate. Distributors must keep accurate records of monthly sales to their Customers; such records must be made available to the Company for inspection upon request and upon being given reasonable notice.

Distributors must be aware that products should only be used in ways recommended by the Company. If a Distributor recommends a product for use, not sanctioned by the Company, and this results in the Customer seeking redress through litigation, the Company would not indemnify that Distributor i.

I’ve Joined FLP, Now What?

Distributors are therefore advised against this practice. Before taking any of our Products please consult your doctor. Our Products are not medicines and do not carry medicinal licences. Building a Business Overseas7.

Distributors can supply Products to those countries only for their own use or that of family and friends. Distributors are responsible for any import duties, taxes or customs documentation required in such situations. You will be registered into a foreign country at your current sales level. Your original domestic Upline Sponsorship in your country of residence will remain intact except in the event a Sponsor in your Upline has been sponsored into another line prior to the Effective Date of this Procedure.

In that event, the original domestic Upline will remain intact up to and including such previously sponsored Distributor, and will, from that point on, follow the foreign sponsorship line. Distributors below the level of Manager in the UK or Ireland must achieve active status in the foreign country to receive bonus payments on the sales of their Downline in that country.

Any Managers who are sponsored into a foreign country are considered to be Transferred Managers of the Sponsor rather than Sponsored Managers.

Literatures | Forever Living Products Middle East

In the event that the Downlines of a Distributor sponsor into a foreign country and they have not previously been sponsored into that country, the Distributor will be automatically sponsored into that foreign country and agree to the prevailing policies and local laws of that foreign country and agree to be bound by the dispute resolution policies set forth herein. Any Distributor retailing Product or Literature overseas must do so in accordance with legislation relating to direct selling in that country and all codes of practice of the local DSA whether or not Forever Living Products is a member of that Association.

The procedures and policies for International Sponsoring are as follows: Any Distributor at Manager level who changes their domestic residence would automatically receive a volume waiver in the original home country in the process month the change takes place, provided they were active in that country the month prior. You must qualify for Volume and Leadership Bonus in your domestic country.

All Distributors are self employed Independent Distributors, they are not agents, representatives or employees of the Company. They are to conduct their business within their own time and by any means, method or manner of operation they may choose, provided the same are in conformity with the terms of the Distributor Application Form which includes the current Company Policies , English Law and any other applicable regulations or codes of practice.

Distributors shall not make claims as to the therapeutic, safety or curative properties of the products. No Distributor may make any claims that Forever Living Products are useful in the treatment, prevention, diagnosis or cure of any disease.

Medical claims regarding Forever Living Products are strictly prohibited.

Distributors should recommend to any Customer who is currently under a physician's care or any medical treatment, that they seek the advice of their healthcare provider before altering their nutritional regime. Only adult persons can contract with the Company to be Distributors.

Companies and organisations cannot be Distributors. Under no circumstances will the Company be responsible for any debt incurred or monies owed by an Independent Distributor to a supplier. Distributors who sponsor or attempt to sponsor persons who have been introduced to the Company and invited to join by another Distributor are poaching. These are regarded as serious violations of Company Policy see paragraph The Company also agrees to sell Literature to that Distributor.

Each Distributor, upon signing the Distributor Application Form, agrees to abide by the policy decisions of the Company. Joint Distributors shall accept joint and several liability for and shall be bound by any act or omission of either of them and any payment by the Company to one Joint Distributor shall be deemed as payment to both.

Any correspondence or notices served on the address given on the Distributor Application Form is deemed to be received by both Joint Distributors. If a Distributor has questions about or believes any errors have been made regarding bonuses, downline activity reports, charges, or changes, the Distributor must notify Forever Living Products within 60 days of the date of the purported error or incident in question.

Forever Living Products is not responsible for any errors, omissions or problems not reported within 60 days. A Distributor is an Independent Distributor and not an agent, legal representative or employee of the Company. The Distributor is responsible for the expense of engaging or employing those persons. In particular, that information may not be used to promote any other business of the Distributor or of any other person, company or organisation.

Company Policy does not allow a Distributor to sponsor and build an organisation in the name of another person. Unless Forever Living Product's prior written approval is obtained, projections of income earnings and potentially misleading income representations are strictly prohibited.

This information is being made available to you solely and exclusively for purposes of furthering the sale of Forever Living Products and prospecting, training and sponsorship of third parties who may desire to become Forever Living Products Independent Distributors and to further build and promote your Forever Living Products business. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, for the term of the Distributorship, Distributor agrees not to directly or indirectly, contact, solicit, persuade, enrol, sponsor or accept any Forever Living Products Distributor, Forever Living Products Customer or anyone who has been an Forever Living Products Distributor or Customer for the last twelve months, into, or to encourage any such person in any way to promote, opportunities in marketing programmes of any direct sales company other than Forever Living Products.

This insurance provides cover in the event of a member of staff or a visitor suffering an accident at a Company site.

Distributors should satisfy themselves and the Company strongly recommends, that they maintain adequate public liability insurance.

The Company does not market any Products, which are known to cause adverse side effects or reactions. Occasionally, an individual customer may unpredictably experience an adverse reaction to a particular Product, which is not faulty. A Distributor has a duty of care not to make claims, suggest applications or dispense advice medical or otherwise for which they are not competent or authorised to do. The Company cannot be held responsible for Distributors invalidating the conditions of their motor insurance policies by using their private vehicles to conduct their business.

A Distributorship cannot be sold to a third party. Any transfers of Distributorship to another person during the life of a Distributor are restricted. Such transfers are subject to the review of all the facts and circumstances by the Executive Committee and may only take effect after their approval is granted in writing and which they may, in their absolute discretion, withhold. Such transfers, if approved, can only be granted to adult persons. No changes can be considered without both original signatures and all requests are subject to the approval of the Executive Committee see also paragraphs 9.

It is against Company Policy for any Distributor to change Sponsor through any means, other than by 'Responsoring' see below. The remaining Distributor Application Forms will be disregarded. A Distributor cannot be sponsored under two different Distributor ID numbers. Any changes to a Distributorship such as change of name, bank details, address change etc.

An existing Distributor can re-sponsor under a different Sponsor provided that, during the preceding 24 months, they have: A re-sponsored Distributor begins again at the Distributor level and download at New Distributor Price under their new Sponsor.

However, they will count toward the sponsoring requirements under the Eagle Manager Incentive. The inheritable rights to a Distributorship are limited and are subject to the following conditions: Since the heir must be an adult individual, a trust or guardianship may have to be established for multiple heirs or minor children.

In this case, the Distributor may be a corporation, if acting as the trustee for such multiple heirs or minor children. In the event a guardian is appointed for minors, such a person must qualify as a Distributor. A violation of Company policies by any of the above individuals may result in termination of the Distributorship. The inheritable Distributorship position within the Company Marketing Plan is limited to recognition at no higher than that of Manager.

However, bonuses shall be paid at the same levels and requirements as held by the deceased. Distributorship positions below Manager shall be inherited at that level. Heirs who inherit a Manager position will be considered Inherited and would have to re-qualify to receive Gem Manager status. All heirs who qualify to inherit a Distributorship shall be required to maintain the status of an Active Distributor to qualify for bonuses, incentives, prizes and other respective programmes.

After six 6 months from the date of death, Forever may remove the deceased Distributor from the Distributorship. If based on valid reasons. Forever reserves the right to make payments to the joint survivor, trustee or legally authorized personal representative of the estate of a deceased Distributor pending the timely submission of appropriate legal documentation.

Couples, married or not shall be sponsored together on the same application form. Couples cannot sponsor each other. Distributors who marry another Distributor may maintain separate Distributorships which were in existence prior to their marriage. During a pending divorce or negotiation of a property settlement, Forever Living Products will continue to disburse payments to the registered Distributor as was done prior to the pending action.

In the event of divorce or a legal separation, a legally enforceable property settlement agreement may decree the Distributorship be granted to one spouse or the other. The Distributorship cannot, however, be partitioned. The other spouse may choose to establish their own Distributorship at the same level of the Marketing Plan as established with the ex-spouse. Such other spouse must use the same sponsor. Where Joint Distributors previously operated individual Distributorships and then relinquished one of the Downline Sponsored Groups to operate a Joint Distributorship, following the subsequent cessation of the Joint Distributorship, the second-named Distributor will only have the option to re-register under their original Sponsor.

Creating and then severing joint Distributorships is not permitted as a means of changing Sponsor.

The terminating Distributor forfeits the current sales level and all downlines, including those in foreign countries, established at the time. The Distributor would enter at the New Distributor level and will not have the previous Downline organisation restored.

The Company reserves the right to reclaim from Distributors who terminate their Distributorship, and all their affected Upline, all bonuses and Case Credits received for the products returned. If the Case Credits were used for any level move-ups of the Distributor or Upline, those move-ups may be re-calculated after deducting the Case Credits to determine if the move-ups should remain in force.

The Company reserves the right to terminate a Distributorship by giving 14 days written notice to the address detailed on the Distributor Application Form. In cases of gross misconduct or actions that seriously violate the interests of the Company or its Distributors, the Company reserves the right to terminate the Distributorship immediately without any prior warning or notice.

Grounds for termination by the Company include but are not restricted to: In order to ensure no inventory loading is occurring: Distributors should keep accurate records of monthly sales to their customers, which records can be subject to inspection by the Company upon reasonable notice. Falsely representing the amount of product sold or consumed in order to advance in the marketing plan shall be grounds for termination.

A Distributor is prohibited from downloading product in any other than their own name. Unless FLP's prior written approval is obtained, projections of income earnings and potentially misleading income representations are strictly prohibited. A Distributor is prohibited from selling products through auction sites, such as, but not limited to, site or site.

A Distributor is prohibited from making claims as to the therapeutic, safety or curative properties of the products. A Distributor is prohibited from making any claims that FLP products are useful in the treatment, prevention, diagnosis or cure of any disease.

Medical claims regarding FLP products are strictly prohibited. A Distributor should recommend to any customer who is currently under a physician's care or any medical treatment, that they seek the advice of their healthcare provider before altering their nutritional regime. Following termination, such terminated Distributor shall, upon demand by the Company, be liable to repay, return or compensate the Company for any prizes, inventories, or bonuses received from the Company from and after the date of the activities causing such termination.

Forfeited bonuses, caused by such termination, shall be paid to the next Distributor up the line who is not in violation of the contract terms unless such bonuses were payable in respect of goods returned to the Company in accordance with paragraphs If reinstated, the withheld payments shall be paid to the Distributor; otherwise they shall be disbursed in accordance to the Marketing Plan.

The Executive Committee will consider such application. Any refund on terminations does not apply to literature. It is the responsibility of the terminating Distributor to return the products. A Distributorship, and any resulting downline, created or operated by proxy, either intentionally or inadvertently, is not allowed, and shall be adjusted for compliance with Company Policies by the Executive Committee.

Intentional acts of omission and disregard for the Company Policies by a Distributor shall be severely dealt with which may include termination and legal action for damages. In addition to their retail activities, Distributors may only sell product to their personally- sponsored Distributors, but at not less than wholesale price.

Resulting adjustments shall be made for this noncompliance. The Company uses a number of methods to disseminate information to its Distributors. Distributors are encouraged to make full use of each method.

Distributors with questions should initially address such queries to their Sponsor or Upline Manager. The information contained in the whole of this Section applies to all forms of advertising including advertisements on the Internet.

All advertisements must be legal, decent, honest, truthful and accurate. The Marks may only be used as authorised by the Distributor Agreement and the FLP's corresponding policies and procedures. The license granted herein shall be effective only as long as the Distributor is in good standing and in full compliance with the FLP's policies and procedures. Distributors agree not to use any written, printed, recorded or any other material in advertising, promoting or describing the product or FLP marketing program, or in any other manner, any material which has not been copyrighted and supplied by FLP, unless such material has been submitted to FLP and approved in writing by FLP before being disseminated, published or displayed.

Distributors are not to promote or endorse any of their own literature, sales tools or websites to any Distributors outside their own teams. Distributors should consider whether the time and effort of such methods is a worthwhile investment. Distributors who decide to advertise must use Company approved text and images.


This applies to all advertising media, including the Internet. If approval is given then a code will be issued; this must be included in the advertisement when it is published. Distributors must ensure that such material complies with these Advertising Guidelines before sending it to the Marketing Department. Five working days should be allowed for review. Approval will only be granted to the Distributor who applied for it.

A Forever Living Products Distributor may develop his or her own marketing techniques, so long as they are not in violation of any Company, state, federal or jurisdictional rules, regulations or statutes. Unless the Company's prior written approval is received, the use, production or sale of any sales aid or materials, other than those provided by or approved in writing by Forever Living Products to other Forever Living Products Distributors for use in promoting Forever Living Products, is prohibited.

Any Distributor using advertising that has not been approved in writing by the Company will bear sole liability for any prosecution arising from their advertising.

The Company has a number of approved advertisements that are available upon request for Distributors to use Ad Pack. The Company reserves the right to make approved advertisements available for all Distributors to use.

SupvtoManager English-Flp Training

Exterior signs or window displays advertising the Company or its Products will not be permitted at any location, excepting that window stickers in cars are permitted also see The Marketing Department only approves advertisements. Notice boards may display discreet adverts for business opportunity or products. Advertisements may include photographs of the Products.

Testimonials and newspaper quotations may not be used to advertise Company Products if they contain medicinal claims, even though they do not refer explicitly to Company Products. The content and suitability for publication of editorial articles are the sole responsibility of the editor of the publication in which they are to appear.

The Company does not vet or approve such items. The Company will endeavour, within the availability of its resources, to provide information about products when asked.

Distributors should be aware that if they offer any payment for the publication of editorials, they are effectively advertising and therefore the same rules apply as stated in this Section Distributors cannot use text from Company literature, without prior permission from the Marketing Department. Where an editorial article makes medicinal claims for substances contained in Company Products, provided the article has been instigated solely by the publication concerned, a Distributor may pay for the placement of an advertisement of Company Products using Company approved wording in the same publication.

Although it is permitted for Distributors to advertise for others to join their business, it is generally accepted that this is not the best way and Distributors should be aware that there are statutory controls on such advertising.

To this, also, you can look forward when it makes of you to you become a Manager. What it makes of you will always 3. Sure, you will you be recognized for becoming Manager, be the far greater value but that is just the tip of the iceberg! There will be cars, international and than what you get. When you receive your Manager pin, you will be recog- Keep away from people nized for your success in helping others enjoy better health and wealth.

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Why not take a few moments right now become great. This bonus is paid to you every month that you qualify with your 4 Active Case Credits.

Active Case Credits are the total of both your personal downloads and the downloads of your personally sponsored distributors who have not reached the level of Assistant Let us realize that the Supervisor. You must download at least 1cc of the 4cc yourself.