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Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg. The Blue Book of Chess by Howard Staunton Download; Bibrec. Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Chess Strategy by Edward Lasker. No cover available. Download; Bibrec. As of today we have 78,, eBooks for you to download for free. No annoying ads, no Chess Tactics - The Definitive Book Of Chess: Discover Chess.

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Chess Book Epub

A great collection of free chess ebooks, either digitized or scanned by individuals almost 14, free chess book is veery help full book for us. On our site you can download chess pdf books. Here, you will be able to download the new chess books released in in PDF, CBV and PGN. A Game of Queens · A Spanish Rep. for Black · Advanced Chess Tactics · Alterman Gambit Guide - Black Gambits 1 · Alterman Gambit Guide - Black Gambits 2.

That is, I generally prefer to hold a physical book and turn its pages, just as I do a magazine or newspaper. Chess publication is no exception, obviously. We already have numerous chess news services and magazines online, for example. The simplest is a PDF copy of an existing book. Most of these PDFs are scanned from existing books by individuals. This might serve a useful role of historical preservation of out-of-print books, but raises ethical issues when copies of books in print are distributed on the internet. Authors are deprived of royalties thereby, and should this practice become the norm it will seriously damage the market for conventionally-produced chess books.

Grandmaster Preparation Polugaevsky This and the next book are my favorites on this list. They are more than chess books.

They are declarations of love for chess, testimonials of people who have dedicated their lives to the 64 squares. But that he was the author who used the best words to describe his career — this may still be unknown to many people. This work is chess book, literature, history, suffering, love of life, science and art.

"The Best Chess Books Ever" Reading List

And also a great source of inspiration, coming from one of the brightest minds who has lived through this world. I also recommend reading excerpts of the book before playing a tournament as a way of inspiration. Endgame Manual Dvoretsky This book is, in my opinion, the best book on endgame theory ever written, since it contains nearly all the necessary knowledge on the subject. It is a rather heavy work, like a compendium, which can be visited for many years.

The chess player who studies this manual with full concentration will have all the necessary knowledge on endgame theory, although obviously it is not a bad idea to work on other books as well — John Nunn and Karsten Muller, to name only two, have written great books.

The Test of Time Kasparov The test of time is a book that shows the rise of young Garry Kasparov until winning the Candidates Cycle, as the story ends just before the match against Karpov. In the book, we find the dreams that motivated Kasparov from the beginning of his career and we can get an idea of the aggressive and energetic style of play he has always shown, as well as the tireless work it took to reach the top.

A curiosity: the preface to the Brazilian edition of this book was written by the author of this article. I even wrote a separate review on ly old blog about it. This work is distinguished by its original format as the book depicts a conversation between a player of about rating Joel Sneed and a GM with a deep understanding of the game Boris Gulko , in which they talk about the decision-making process of a grandmaster, showing where it differs from the process of weaker chess player.

The work also contains many diagrams as exercises with the indication of the level of difficulty on each of them, which is another of its great attractions. For players who want to improve their positional play this is a great book.

Chess Gymnasium e-book – Chessgymnasium

Endgame Strategy Shereshevsky An essential book to improve our endgame technique — not to be confused with endgame theory. Technical positions are those with few pieces, but which are not theoretical — we do not need not need to know any of them from memory, but we should understand their principles. The work had a profound effect on my game — to this day I consider technical play my strength in chess.

More important than the positions and analysis in the book which need a thorough review with the computer , are the ideas: calculation as the greatest weakness of most chess players and the willingness to work hard to improve.

Many thanks to Wisconsin Votack for sharing this chess learning tool. Off the Wall Chess Trivia This chess e-book by Bill Wall is jammed with tons of little-known facts, historical gems, and amazing stories - all you could possibly think of that defines chess. Whether you are a chess enthusiast or just a dabbler, you will be delighted, amazed and amused by this valuable chess resource.

Our presentation of this classic has been enhanced in ways undreamt of by Edgar Allan Poe. For starters, the original magazine was strictly limited in space, offering only one or two crude drawings and a few truncated footnotes.

Here the reader will find many high-quality graphics tastefully inserted, along with articles, letters, and exhibits within the document to elaborate Poe's original citation. It's a book of philosophy about the nature of conflict. That's why there have been many versions published in the last decade or so which relate Sun Tzu's principles to all areas of interpersonal conflict: sports, finance, and even chess.

Almost 14,000 Free Chess Ebooks

If you want to be a winner, you have to know how to win - and it all starts inside of you. Click here for the full version of Art of War.

The Manual of Chess Here is a chess book directed at beginners, written in by Charles Kenny, containing "the elementary principles of the game; illustrated with numerous diagrams, recent games, and original problems.

A complete manual for new chess players almost years old! Recommended Chess E-Books The best way to learn about chess e-books is to simply try one, and a chess player can hardly do better than Henry Bird's Chess Masterpieces. This collection of chess games is superb, with just enough commentary to get the student thinking on his own. Another excellent starting place is the Capablanca - Lasker match of , with notes by Capablanca himself - a gem belonging in every chess library.

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