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Reference · Libraries · Tools The PDF library makes it possible to write PDF files directly from Processing. These vector The PDF library can flatten 3D data into a 2D vector file, but to export 3D data, use the DXF library. The source code is. Processing is a flexible software sketchbook and a language for learning how to code within the context of the visual arts. Since , Processing has promoted. My question might sound really weird since the Reference guide's available online for all to say and if I can download the guide, why not just.

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Processing Reference Pdf

This is the basic of any Processing sketch. void setup(){ In any Processing sketch, top left corner is the (0, 0) point. That axis .. O Some reference books. ParameterslibraryNamethe name of the library to load (e.g. "*") More information can be found in the PDF library reference. Syntax size(w, h). “Getting Started with Processing is not only a straightforward intro- duction to basic PDF) and OpenGL (a 3D graphics specification). Because of . The Processing Reference explains every code element with a description and examples.

GitHub is home to over 31 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Have a question about this project? Sign up for a free GitHub account to open an issue and contact its maintainers and the community. Already on GitHub? Sign in to your account. I'm sorry to have to bring up another one of these but the others I have seen just haven't answered the question, just keeps making me jump around GitHub.

Semantic processing, which happens when we encode the meaning of a word and relate it to similar words with similar meaning.

Deep processing involves elaboration rehearsal which involves a more meaningful analysis e. For example, giving words a meaning or linking them with previous knowledge.

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Summary Levels of processing: The idea that the way information is encoded affects how well it is remembered. The deeper the level of processing, the easier the information is to recall. Key Study: Craik and Tulving Aim To investigate how deep and shallow processing affects memory recall. Method Participants were presented with a series of 60 words about which they had to answer one of three questions. Some questions required the participants to process the word in a deep way e.

Participants were then given a long list of words into which the original words had been mixed.

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They were asked to pick out the original words. Results Participants recalled more words that were semantically processed compared to phonemically and visually processed words. Conclusion Semantically processed words involve elaboration rehearsal and deep processing which results in more accurate recall.

Phonemic and visually processed words involve shallow processing and less accurate recall. Real Life Applications This explanation of memory is useful in everyday life because it highlights the way in which elaboration, which requires deeper processing of information, can aid memory.

Three examples of this are. The above examples could all be used to revise psychology using semantic processing e.

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Consequently more information will be remembered and recalled and better exam results should be achieved. For example, elaboration rehearsal leads to recall of information than just maintenance rehearsal.

The levels of processing model changed the direction of memory research.

It showed that encoding was not a simple, straightforward process. This widened the focus from seeing long-term memory as a simple storage unit to seeing it as a complex processing system. Craik and Lockhart's ideas led to hundreds of experiments, most of which confirmed the superiority of 'deep' semantic processing for remembering information. It explains why we remember some things much better and for much longer than others.

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This explanation of memory is useful in everyday life because it highlights the way in which elaboration, which requires deeper processing of information, can aid memory. Therefore, it cannot be objectively measured.

Eysenck claims that the levels of processing theory describes rather than explains. Craik and Lockhart argued that deep processing leads to better long-term memory than shallow processing. However, they failed to provide a detailed account of why deep processing is so effective. However, recent studies have clarified this point - it appears that deeper coding produces better retention because it is more elaborate.

Elaborative encoding enriches the memory representation of an item by activating many aspects of its meaning and linking it into the pre-existing network of semantic associations. Later research indicated that processing is more complex and varied than the levels of processing theory suggests.

The createGraphics function can also be useful. See the examples below for different techniques.

Note that no display window will open; this helps when you're trying to create massive PDF images that are far larger than the screen size. This example creates a page document: import processing. This is slower, but is useful when you need to see what you're working on as it saves. Create a boolean variable to turn the PDF recording process on and off import processing.

Hitting the 'q' key will quit the sketch. The sketch calls exit , which is necessary to make sure that the file is properly written when complete. Pressing the 'q' key will quit the sketch. These commands will grab the shape data just before it is rendered to the screen. At this stage, your entire scene is nothing but a long list of lines and triangles.

This means that a shape created with sphere method will be made up of hundreds of triangles, rather than a single object.

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