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Since our Kirby systems are made to last generations, we understand that over the years owner manuals can get lost or misplaced. Use our. use of your Kirby® Sentria® system will give you the type of This manual is written for use with both the Kirby® Sentria® home care system and the Kirby®. Our complete collection of Kirby Owner Manuals gives you access to every owner manual The Kirby Company has produced over our +.

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Kirby Sentria Manual Pdf

View and Download Kirby Sentria owner's manual online. Sentria Vacuum Cleaner pdf manual download. To ensure you continue getting optimal performance from your Kirby system, use this section to find out how to use your Kirby Avalir or other vacuum model. KIRBY SENTRIA VACUUM MANUAL PDF PDF Subject: KIRBY SENTRIA VACUUM MANUAL PDF Its strongly recommended to start read the.

Sentria is a trademark of The Scott Fetzer Company. Unplug from outlet when not in use and before servicing. Use only on dry surfaces or with the Kirby Carpet Shampoo System. Do not expose to rain. Store indoors. Page 4: About This Manual Sentria system and its many attachments and optional accessories. Please note: Illustrations and descriptions of each part of your new Sentria home care system can be found in the rear of the manual. Please refer to these illustrations and corresponding 's as you read the manual.

It can also be used to clean the floors of cars.

To do so, you must first remove the Power Nozzle When using your Sentria system as a blower, you may choose between the Upright Handle 17 or the Portable Handle Then lift it off.

The Portable Sprayer Exhaust Port Turn the Sentria system ON and squeeze the Portable Sprayer trigger, spraying your non-flammable solution onto the newspaper to check spray pattern.

Kirby Sentria Owner's Manual

A stream of suds will come out of the cap. Angle the Shampoo Tank outward from the unit until the arrows line up. Page 33 With the unit at its lowest height level, move the Shampooer over the foam until the foam is picked up.

Some moisture will accumulate in the front of the tray. Page 34 Turn the Accessory Lock 22 to the left counter- clockwise. Using a clean white cloth, rub Kirby Guard on Test for color fastness. However, buff immediately, avoiding any in 4. However, buff immediately, avoiding any 3. For best results, apply a very thin coat of Kirby 3.

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Page 40 Bottom Pedal 9 all the way down to raise the Buffer Nozzle all the way up. While holding onto the unit's handle, turn the Sentria system ON.

The instant the brush contacts the carpet, stop lowering the brush. Then press the ON button on the top of the Sander. While applying light pressure, move it over the surface slowly.

The Turbo Accessory now becomes a polisher. Use it for polishing hard waxed surfaces, such as table tops, paneling, and large flat surfaces.

It can be used to clean automotive interiors.

For optimum results, do not press down heavily on the Zippbrush. Always wear safety glasses or goggles when using the Handi- Butler tool. Wear a dust mask for dusty operations. Ensure the switch on the Sentria system and the air vents on the Handi-Butler tool are in the off position before plugging in. Plugging in tools that have the switch on invites accidents.

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This will ensure the safety of the Handi-Butler tool is maintained. It can be used as a hand-held tool or as a stationary, table-top tool. The Handi-Butler tool includes: Handi-Butler Tool Mounting Cradle Then, turn your Sentria system on. You are now ready to gently pol- ish and clean. Turn your Sentria system on. You are now ready to gently polish and clean. Allow the speed of the tool to do all the work. Avoid putting exces The polishing tips and brushes in the Handi-Butler tool have been designed for many hours of use.

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