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Good Night, Mr. Tom. Michelle Magorian. Meeting. "Yes," said Tom bluntly, on opening the front door. "What d'you want?" A harassed middle-aged woman in a . know 'All right, she said, 'It is a story about six people in a call center as one night. ' Esha said One Nig The Language of Music - Tom Brooks Music. Opening extract from. Goodnight. Mister Tom. Written by. Michelle Magorian. Published by. Penguin Books Ltd. All text is copyright of the author and illustrator.

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Goodnight Mister Tom Pdf

Goodnight Mister Tom traces the growth of William Beech from a sad, lonely and deprived child to a confident, assured and well-adjusted. 1 16 May Study Notes 7b English Goodnight Mister Tom English Notes 7B 1. 2 CONTENTS Book Review Goodnight Mister Tom. 3 A favourite section. Goodnight Mister Tom. 2 children. Many of them were filthy and very poorly clad. Only a handful had a blazer or coat. They all looked.

Goodnight Mister Tom traces the growth of William Beech from a sad, lonely and deprived child to a confident, assured and well-adjusted young boy. To begin with, William is described as being "thin and sickly looking, pale with limp, sandy hair and dull grey eyes. William's mother has abused him to such an extent that he is unable to write, is terrified of authority and has a distorted understanding of morality. Slowly, William's physical condition begins to improve. Good food, a warm bed and adequate clothing see William return to health: "Run," roared Tom, And he and William tore down the pathway to the cottage. To begin with, William is painfully shy, he finds it difficult to make friends and is acutely aware of his own inability to write. In one memorable key moment in the novel, when William is asked to write,: "His face had turned quite pale and beads of perspiration had broken out across his forehead.

Willie paled and pulled the sock up quickly. Tom noticed another bruise on the boy s thigh, but said nothing. Willie heard him slam the front door and listened to the sound of his footsteps gradually fading. He hugged himself tightly and rocked backwards and forwards on the stool.

I must be good, he whispered urgently, I must be good, and he rubbed a sore spot on his arm.

He was such a bad boy, he knew that. Mum said she was kinder to him than most mothers.

Goodnight Mr Tom by Michelle Magorian

She only gave him soft beatings. He shuddered. He was dreading the moment when Mr Oakley would discover how wicked he was. He was stronger-looking than Mum. Page 16 with the squirrel: He was terrified and remained frozen in a crouched position. Page 17 Them poisonous dogs, he heard his mother s voice saying inside him. One bite from them muts and you re dead. They got orrible diseases in em. E never thought No Surely not!

Oh, Thomas Oakley, where ave you landed yerself? Page 20 Well, Sam, Tom whispered, I don t know nothin about children, but I do know enuff not to beat em and make em that scared.

He stared up at the gruff old man who was so kind to him. The note from Willie s Mum page 27 28 Like most boys he s full of sin but he s promised to be good I ve put the belt in for when he s bad Tom was angr y. While you re in my house, he said in a choked voice, you ll live by my rules. I ent ever hit a child and if I ever do it ll be with the skin of me hand.

You got that? Willie cries tears of joy and relief after this moment but after Tom has left the house. Chapter Three: Saturday Morning Tom continues to show Willie patience and kindness; he discover s Willie cannot read or write so writes his postcard home for him; Willie fails to understand the importance of it being his 9 th birthday on Thursday 7 th September and Tom is surprised; Tom takes Willie to the shops where he sees Zach for the first time.

Chapter Four: Equipped Tom takes Willie into town and downloads him a sweet, a comic, clothes and pyjamas. We learn from the librarian that Tom is known for being emotionally distant and cold towards people and has kept to himself for years.

In this chapter we see her surprise at how much Tom is looking out for this evacuee but we also see Tom s surprise at the same thing. English Notes 7B 11 12 Chapter Five: Chamberlain announces Building the Anderson shelter Tom protects Willie from embarrassing questions as to why, on a hot day, he won t remove all his warm clothes. Willie is ashamed of the marks of his sins his bruises and sores and Tom steps in to save him by making up an excuse.

It excited and frightened him. He had always been good at keeping still. It was wicked not to, he knew that, but now he felt a desperate desire to leap and jump. Chapter Eight: School After being put down a class Tom offer s to help Willie read and write Page Willie s eyes stung as the ground moved in a gentle haze beneath him. He beamed. Aw, mister, was all he could manage to say.

Tom was sur pr ised to find a lump in his own throat. Willie copies what Tom shows him and writes his own name, he also draws two almost perfectly straight lines free-hand Page That s very good, remarked Tom. Is it? Don t you know? Willie shook his head.

Goodnight Mister Tom | Samuel French

English Notes 7B 12 13 Page Willie looked lovingly at the paints and brushes and swallowed a pain that had risen at the back of his throat. I take it you like them, murmured Tom. I chose them meself, like.

He glanced out of the window at the oak tree where Rachel and his son were buried. She used to hug and kiss him when he gave her presents. She loved painting, wild flowers and pretty lace, sweet jams, freshly brewed beer. Since her death he had never wanted to touch anything that might remind him of her. Trust a strange boy to soften him up. The odd thing was that, after he had entered the paint shop, he had felt as if a heavy wave of sadness had suddenly been lifted from out of him.

Memories of her didn t seem as painful as he had imagined. It took love for William for Tom to move out of his years of grieving for his wife and back into living! After lunch Tom takes Willie to visit all the people who gave him gifts As for Tom, ever yone was ver y sur pr ised to see him, for he r arely visited anyone.

Willie has only been there for six days and already Tom is much changed and so is Willie although his transition will take longer due to his abuse. Yes, he went on, I almost fancy he s grown a bit. It won t do him no harm to be out of his mother s apron-strings fer a bit longer. She puts the fear of the divvil into him anyways. Do you know, Mrs Fletcher, last week he laughed. By the end of the chapter it is March and Willie has lived with Tom for seven months Page Willie sang as he walked down the lane.

He was still bursting with energy. I don t care if there s even an air-raid drill tonight, he said, grinning and twirling around. He ran into the cottage, flinging the back door open, his cheeks flushed with both pleasure and the cold wind.

He tore off his coat, balaclava and scarf and burst into the front room. Tom was standing by the range. He glanced at Willie and listened quietly to his chatter. The chapter ends with the letter from Willie s mum telling him to come home.

Chapter Fifteen: Home His mum sees him for the first time in seven months page Here stood an upright, well-fleshed boy in sturdy ankle boots, thick woollen socks, a green rolled-top jersey, and a navy blue coat and balaclava.

His hair stuck out in a shiny mass above his forehead and his cheeks were round and pink. It was a great shock to her. She had expected him to be more subservient but even his voice sounded louder. Page Suddenly, now, when his Mother referred to him as Willie it was as though she was talking to someone else. He felt like two people. He knew she English Notes 7B 14 15 wouldn t accept the Will side of him, only the Willie, and he didn t feel real when she called him that.

After accusing him of stealing, lying, befriending girls and Jews, his mother beats him page Something heavy hit him across the head and he sank into a cold darkness.

He could still hear her screaming and he knew that she was hitting him but he felt numb and separated from himself. He had become two people and one of his selves was hovering above him watching what was happening to his body He felt as though he was a different person lying there in the dark. He was no longer Willie.

It was as if he had said good-bye to an old part of himself.

Good Night, Mr. Tom

Neither was he two separate people. He was Will inside and out. For an instant he wished he had never gone to Little Weirwold. Then he would have thought his Mum was kind and loving.

He wouldn t have known any different. He hadn t been used to this pain for a long time. He had softened. Mister Tom, he whispered in the darkness. Mister Tom. A thin emaciated boy with matted hair and skin like parchment was tied to a length of copper piping. He held a small bundle in his arms.

His scrawny limbs covered with sores and bruises and he sat in his own excrement. Page The warden, realizing that the boy looked calmer when the old man was by him, left him to it and watched. Page I ent Willie Page in the hospital The boy ent had a lot of lovin! I d like him back with me, said Tom firmly. English Notes 7B 15 16 I m fond of the boy. Page I kidnapped you, he said over his shoulder and then he suddenly realized the enormity of what he had done and he burst into laughter.

Yes, that s what I done boy. I kidnapped you! I knew you d bring him back, Zach said fiercely, tears in his eyes. Chapter Eighteen: Recovery Page One night he was so feverish Tom stayed by his bed keeping watch. Page They ll git stronger. Remember but Will finished the sentence for him.

Everythin has its own time, and he laughed. This quote shows how united Will and Tom have become that they can finish each other s sentences, and how strong Tom s voice is in Will s mind It was good to see Will smile again. It made Tom feel lively, rejuvenated As Tom broke an egg into the frying pan he started singing.

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Tom by Michelle Magorian. Britain is on the brink of war when young William Beech is sent to live with Tom Oakley in the village of Little Weirwold.

Tom Oakley is a sad, reclusive widower who slowly accepts the idea of having the boy live with him. Tom soon discovers William has been a victim of child abuse and greatly needs his love and care. Tom takes William under his wing and provides him with warm clothes and plenty of food.

William begins to thrive and he soon begins school. There he meets caring teachers and develops a close-knit group of friends: George Fletcher, sisters Carrie and Ginnie, and Zach, a fellow evacuee. During this time, William begins to realize he has a talent for drawing and acting.

World War II is in full swing and has become a grim reality for the village. When William receives word his mother is ill and he must return to London, his heart sinks. In London, William finds his mother has given birth. Tom awakens in the night with a premonition that William is in trouble.

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