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Crush. Series: Crush, Book 1. By Lacey Weatherford. Rated /5 based on 5 Download: epub mobi (Kindle) pdf more Online Reader. Rave Reviews for CRUSH. “Crush is my absolute favorite book that Lacey has written to date. She has weaved into the pages betrayal, deception, obsession. Read Other Books by Lacey Weatherford from the story Crush by TheQueensofRomance (The Queens of Romance) with reads. badboy, bestbookever.

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Crush Lacey Weatherford Pdf

Read Crush by Lacey Weatherford for free with a 30 day free trial. Read unlimited * books and audiobooks on the web, iPad, iPhone and. Maggie Stiefvater - The Dream last of Richelle Mead's Georgina Kincaid, book 6, also book in epub Crush - Lacey Weatherford (1).epub. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Lacey Weatherford is the bestselling author of the popular young adult paranormal romance series, Of Witches and.

Hunter is the new guy at school. He's a bad boy who likes to party and has no time for a girlfriend. He's only been there for a few weeks and already became very popular. Hunter can't seem to not stare at the beautiful red head Cami that's in most of his class. Hunter also has a secret that nobody can find out. Cami is very smart and pretty. The guys at school all notice that she's beautiful but they have he 3 Sweet Stars This is one that started off really good and then kind of fell flat for me. The guys at school all notice that she's beautiful but they have her labeled as unattainable. They also don't like her very nerdy best friend Clay. Cami can't help but to stare at the sexy new guy Hunter. He's so not her type though because he's defiantly not a nerdy guy. Hunter is in almost all of Cami's classes. One day when she drops her binder full of papers Hunter helps her pick them up and also starts joking around with her calling her goody goody two shoes. Somebody else notices Cami looking at Hunter all the time and doesn't like it.

Somebody else notices Cami looking at Hunter all the time and doesn't like it. When Hunter sees a newly made over Clay no glasses, no plaid, no slick hair, no longer nerdy looking and a stiff Cami at the movies he steps up and saves Cami by asking her out on a date. Everybody but Cami could see that Clay had feelings for Cami. Cami however only thought of Clay like a brother. She doesn't want to hurt Clay but she's so glad that Hunter gave her an out. Hunter and Cami start dating and pretty quickly start to develop feelings for each other.

I'd pretty much say it was insta. Hunter and Cami were both very likable. I thought they were both sweet and Clay was a creep. I don't know. The last half of the book had me rolling my eyes a lot. But I did finish it because I wanted to know if I was right. I was. When and after the secret came out I just didn't find things very believable and then I went and read the description of book 2 and thinking I'm going to pass.

Call an ambulance! Jordan suddenly gurgled and gagged then quit moving. The teacher, Mr. Get these kids out of here! Jordan Henley was already dead. Can someone please tell me the ruling for comma placements in this particular sentence?

Stuart tapped the board with her old-fashioned, stick pointer as she peered over the top of her small, gold wire-rimmed glasses. Her gaze floated around the classroom, looking for a volunteer as she absently reached up to pat her French twisted gray hair. I lowered my arm quickly, accidentally hitting the edge of my binder, which was hanging off my desk.

The action caused it to pop up and fall to the floor. The three rings burst open, and papers scattered everywhere. Laughter twittered through the previously silent classroom, and my face flushed in embarrassment as I slid to my knees, hurriedly trying to gather the mess. Wilder, please help Cami pick up her things.

My humiliation was complete. Despite the two of us being from entirely different social classes, him the king of stoners, me the queen of nerdy chic, I still managed to have a crush on him—a crush I did my absolute best to hide from everyone. That was a sleek move you did there, Cami, Hunter whispered as he knelt down next to me and began to gather papers.

Did you have to get special training? He glanced up at the board where Mrs. Stuart was continuing with the lesson. I sighed in exasperation, trying to figure out what he was talking about. He flashed a bright smile, and my gaze settled first on his perfect, white teeth, then on those deliciously plump lips of his. And here I thought you were trying to save the rest of the class from answering the question, he continued.

He leaned past me, reaching to grab some papers under a vacant desk, and I caught a whiff of his cool scented aftershave, mixed with the faint smell of cigarettes.

He chuckled quietly, and a lock of his black hair tumbled over his tanned forehead. He straightened and handed me the papers. I suddenly felt uncomfortable under his scrutiny.

I think. His smile widened. Is that so? It should be a sin for a guy in high school to have a body that good. Besides, I was pretty sure he was messing with me. You always pay attention and do your work like a good student should.

He shook his head, as he stared. Do you have a life outside of class? He was baiting me—and it was working. Of course I have, I snapped under my breath, not knowing why I cared whether or not he thought I was cool. My mom throws the most amazing parties, and I hang out with my best friend, Clay, all the time. And Clay? Someone told me he has a girlfriend. He snorted a little too loudly. I find that hard to believe.

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I snapped my binder back together. Thanks for your help, even if it was required of you. I got into my seat feeling irritated. He slid into his beside me, slouching and stretching his long frame into the aisle.

I could tell he was still looking at me, so I stared straight ahead, determined to ignore him. He was such a punk.

Lacey Weatherford

You need a partner for the next part of this lesson, so buddy up please, Mrs. Stuart said as she started passing out a worksheet.

There was a bunch of noise as everyone hurried to find whom they wanted to work with. Hunter promptly slid his desk over next to mine before I had a chance to move. Telling me what a nerd I am and how I have no social life? Is that what you thought? He leaned forward, placing his arms on his desk and turned to stare at me. He was so close he seemed intimidating, like he noticed everything about me with just one glance.

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It made me feel self-conscious. Stuart paused at our desks and handed us a piece of paper before she returned to the front of the room. As you can see, there are several paragraphs on this. All but one are punctuated incorrectly. In the space below each paragraph, rewrite it the way you think it should be. When you find the correct one, circle it.

Put both your names in the top corner, and turn it in before the bell please. You may begin. Hunter grabbed the paper and penciled his name in before sliding it over.

I hissed. I knew guys like him. They sucked up to you until they got what they wanted and then acted like you were no one the next time you were around. Never mind. I picked up the paper to begin reading, but he placed his hand on it, flattening it against the desk. Can we do this please? I gestured to the assignment. Okay, where do you think the punctuation goes? I asked, not wanting to share my knowledge all of a sudden.

You have a musical quality to your voice. I fumbled, trying to find words. Where did you hear that? I narrowed my eyes. Have you been talking to people about me? He laughed. Of course. Guys always talk to each other about the pretty girls at school. He bumped his shoulder into mine in a friendly gesture. My mouth popped open, and I was reduced to the facial movements of a fish.

You know how it is, he added. Social status and all that. He lifted an eyebrow in question, and I noticed the color of his eyes again for the second time today. He appeared unfazed by my objection. I laughed in spite of myself. I kind of like it. He grinned. Pretty much, yeah. He grabbed the paper, read the next paragraph, and we took turns marking the punctuation together.

He got a couple wrong, and I had to explain the rules to him. I chewed lightly on the tip of my pencil eraser as I quickly skimmed through the next paragraph. I think this is the correct one.

Crush Series by Lacey Weatherford

Do you want to read it before I circle it? I stiffened, suddenly worried about where this conversation might be headed. My dad has a fundraiser concert and dinner on Saturday for his Jazz band. Yeah, my mom is the choir director at New Mexico West University, and my dad is the band director. It was their dream jobs to find two positions together like they did here. He looked shocked for a second before he laughed.

What a small world. So you know how painful it is to move from there to a middle-of-nowhere place like Copper City then. I nodded. We moved when I was five. I let my sentence dwindle off at his horrified look. Yeah, Copper City is definitely not your kind of thing. I believe your life can be whatever you want to make of it. I lifted my chin defiantly, daring him to challenge me. He squinted his gorgeous eyes.

Just some worthless partier? He grinned and sat up, grabbing the paper on the desk in front of me. I like you, Goody.

Crush Series

No one mentioned you were so snarky. He started reading the next paragraph out loud before I could respond.

Now he was suddenly Mr. He would probably forget all about me by tomorrow. I cast another glance over her form—slender, yet round in all the right places.

Her curly, red hair bounced with every shake of her head as she talked animatedly to her best friend, Clay. He was almost the classic nerd stereotype. Slick hair combed with a rigid part, plaid shirts, with pens in his pocket protector. He wore glasses, but they were decent looking ones—not the typical thick coke bottle glasses that were taped in the middle that most people associated with the type.

My attention returned to the beautiful girl at his side. What a pair. She was considered nerdy by association, which was a shame seeing how she was drop-dead gorgeous. Even though Clay claimed to have a girlfriend in another town, there was still some speculation on whether or not these two might actually be an item. I released a frustrated sigh. I liked her instantly. It was fun to push her buttons and mess with her for a bit.

She was unsure of me.

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