3 Description. The MAX device is a dual driver/receiver that includes a capacitive voltage generator to supply. TIA/EIAF voltage levels from a single 5-V. Available in quad flatpack package. For free samples & the latest literature: maroc-evasion.info, or phone For small orders, phone. description/ordering information. The MAX is a dual driver/receiver that includes a capacitive voltage generator to supply TIA/EIAF voltage levels from a.

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Max232 Ic Pdf

The MAX is a dual driver/receiver that includes a capacitive voltage generator to supply EIA voltage levels from a single 5-V supply. Each receiver. C VCC. Ordering Information and Selection Table appears at end of data sheet . MAX/MAX/MAXA Pin Configuration and Typical Operating Circuit. DIP16L. MAX is compatible with RS standard, and consists of dual transceiver. Each receiver converts TIA/EIAE levels into 5V TTL/CMOS levels.

The RS X is a serial communication protocol, commonly used for transferring and receiving the serial data between two devices. It supports both synchronous and asynchronous data transmissions. Many devices in the industrial environment are still using RS communication cable. Rs cable is used to identify the difference of two signal levels between logic 1 and logic 0. Both devices will send and receives the signals. The data terminal equipment is a computer terminal and data communication Equipment is modems, or controllers etc. These two types of ports are used for communicating with external devices and they work in different ways. The parallel port sends and receives the 8-bit data at a time over eight separate wires and this transfers the data very quickly, the parallel ports are typically used to connect a printer to a PC. A serial port sends and receives one-bit data at a time over one wire and it transfers data very slowly. The most commonly used type of serial cable connectors are 9-pin connectors DB9 and pin connector DB Each of them may be a male or female type. Nowadays most of the computers use the DB9 connector for asynchronous data exchange.

A decoupling cap is meant to provide a quick burst of energy if the power supply dips down - sort of like a UPS system for your IC. The further the decoupling cap is from the IC, the less ability it has to provide that quick burst long wires have intrinsic capacitance of their own. It's always good engineering practice to have at least one 0. Placing them within 0.

MAX232: Construction, Operation, Types and Application

Placing them all the way across your breadboard won't do harm, they just won't provide as much help. JP2 is a DB9 connector. It's called a 'DB9' connector because it contains 9 pins and is used universally for serial connections.

You'll need a male to female serial cable to connect your breadboard's DB9 connector to the computer. The 'male' end of the cable has the metal pins, the 'female' end has the black colored plastic that receives the pins. If you look very close at a DB9 connector in real life, you can just make out some small numbers next to the holes.

So what all does this do? Admittedly this can be a bit ugly to setup at first. Will you believe me that once setup, this will be your life-line to sanity?

The serial connection is everything!

You'll need one on almost every application you do. Breadboard with MAX and large loop-back jumper installed Once you have everything wired, you'll need to open up a terminal program.

Linux and Apple people, you probably know how to get a terminal program running sorry I can't be more help!

MAX232: Construction, Operation, Types and Application

All terminal programs have the same basic function: to do serial. All you need to specify is a few simple rules to get your micro playing successfully with your computer.

Let's just get through the Hyperterminal screens: Call it whatever you want More than likely, the serial port on your computer is COM1 You want bps 8-N-1 without flow control The main settings are bps and 8-N This means that the micro and the computer agree to talk at a rate of bits per second bps and that each byte will have 8 data bits, with no parity bit, and only 1 stop bit.

This '8-N-1' is very common and basic. If you like pain, go read about parity , 1. No one really uses it in the breadboarding world.

Mkay, you've got hyperterminal open and kicking. You've got your MAX or equivalent circuit built up and powered on. Before you connect it to your micro, you should test that the MAX circuit works.

It's called a 'loop-back' the big yellow wire pictured above. The 0s and 1s get asserted on the R1OUT pin. Upon hitting the computer, the computer 'sees' these 1s and 0s and says 'oh! The computer then displays the character 'A' in the hyperterminal screen. This is the essence of a loop-back test. If everything is kosher, you should be able to jam away on the keyboard and see those letters echoed back to the terminal window.

Pull the jumper out and the characters should stop echoing.

MAX232 PDF Datasheet浏览和下载

Got it? Use it! In the future, when you need to test a serial interface, short TX and RX together to make sure things are working correctly.

All right, you've got the MAX working correctly. ATmega8 with power supply and MAX circuit. This is a 0. Again, your board will more than likely run without decoupling caps but I just want to instill in you a habit of using 0. What is this 'SP'? It's a the Sipex generic of the MAX Notice the '3' in front of the ? Because circuits started to run on lower voltages 3.

Hence the 3V designation 'SP'.

MAX Construction, Operation, Types and Application

Trivia: In the picture above, which IC is the older sibling? These ICs have simple date codes: and means both ICs were manufactured in in the 41st and 25th weeks of the year.

You should now have the hardware in place to allow you to do printf statements. Let's mess with some code! This chip contains charge pumps which pumps the voltage to the Desired Level.

It can be used as a hardware layer convertor for 2 systems to communicate simultaneously. Max is one of the versatile IC to use in most of the signal voltage level conversion problems. It can only be powered by 5 volts to make it power supply compatible with most of the embedded systems. First block is the voltage doubler in this ic switched capacitor techniques is used to make the voltage double.

The third block consists of 2 transmitters and 2 receivers which actually convert the voltage levels. Max requires minimum 4 external capacitor. Their Value can range from 1uf to 10uf and16 volts or more rating. There are many different versions of this versatile ic available each of them Require different capacitor value for proper working. Premierly MAX is used in Serial communication. In TTL logic 0 is defined is by 0 volt and 1 is defined by 5 volt so in this scenario this is a very handy IC to be incorporated.

Also Read: Automatic Street Light Control system. Desktop and some old Laptops have Serial port which comes in DB9 package. In Most of the Circuits designer is concerned about the Tx and Rx pins only so the function of the rest of the pins are not used here mostly.

In the above circuit only one Driver is used and second driver can be used for other purpose.

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