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JSR Schedule. Kick-off: Feb Early draft 1: Aug Early draft 2: April Public draft: July Final draft: Dec Approved: Mar Size of specification. Required Files. File Description and Name, Size. JSR Portlet Specification schema, KB. JSR Portlet Specification JSR Portlet Specification for Portal and Portlet Developers. JSR Portlet serving non-markup resources .pdf,.doc, images etc.) ○ portlet filters. ○.

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Jsr 286 Specification Pdf

A short summary of JSR Portlet Specification JSR Enhancements and new features for serving non-html resources (pdf, doc, images etc.). Specification Leads. Martin Nicklous, IBM. Expert Group. Adobe Systems Inc.: Ed Solovey, Adobe Systems Inc.: James Ward, BEA Systems: Subbu Allamaraju. 1. Agenda. • JSR 2. • JSR – What Is Missing? • JSR • Portlet Events. 28 JSR defines a portlet specification with the following goals: – Simple . Portlet acts as a proxy to a resources, e.g. PDF documents. – Portlet.

Caching Common Web Frameworks Portlets cannot update their state during a render New 3rd life cycle phase before request: "event" handling rendering not really possible Supports Allow on the fly transformations of information in both the request to and the response Doesn't Support from the portlet Defined in portlet. Allow public cached content for multiple users Extended Cache support. Allow public cached content Servlet dispatching for multiple users. Requires coordination between portlet and servlet. Events Handling enabling a portlet to send and receive events and perform state changes or send further events as a result of processing an event. Public render parameters Shared Parameters allowing portlets to share parameters with other portlets. Portlet filter allowing on -the -fly transformations of information in both the request to and the response from a portlet. Minor Improvemetns :- getNamespace this method gives unique value for the portlet window getWindowsID - this method returns portlet window ID Portlet Cookies- Can beset on particular phase and retrieved on the subsequest phase Additions to PortletRequestDispatcher Portlet container runtime options Related Interests.

Note that CSS styles are used as defined in the portlet specification.

Java Portlet Specification

This ensures that the portlet will render well within the theme and across portal vendors. What's yours?

This is required. Comment 2 The first method showed here is the simplest one.

A parameter is also added directly to the URL. Comment 3 In this method the var attribute is used. This avoids having one XML tag within another. Comment 5 The third method mixes form submission and action request.

Java Portlet (JSR ) Specification

Again, a temporary variable is used to put the created URL into. To be determined by the expert group, initial target is to have a working EG by December , a early public draft beginning of , a public draft by mid and a final version by end of We will provide early public drafts in order to get public feedback as early as possible.

The RI will be implemented inside the open source project Pluto at Apache. If this specification, or a future version of this specification, is included in a future version of a Java platform specification, this specification will remain available for use outside the platform specification, and will continue to be evolved outside the platform specification.

Portlet Specification, Version 1.

Jsr 168 vs Jsr 286

As an incremental upgrade to the technology, we will be building on the last revision, version 1. The other mentioned materials will be taken into account to create a version 2. We will define some public render parameter such a way it will available to other portlet to get the data from that. Another State in Portlet Lifecycle New lifecycle phase added in portlet lifecycle. Before transition from Action Phase to Render Phase portlet can send events to other portlet in Events phase.

This is one of the good features.

Generally if any portlet is have in action page other portlet need to render the portlet within the page. With the help of Ajax we can avoid render all portlets in page. We simply send Ajax call from portlet so that we can communicate with server then get the response. In JSR was added another feature called serving resources with help of this we can serve the images, pdf and other content types to client.

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